May 23, 1935. My finger traced the date on one of Carlisle s calendars. It wasn t as if the date mattered any more, though. I d be trapped as this for the rest of eternity. Carlisle, assuming that he was saving my life, turned me to a vampire two years ago. And I would be stuck as my eighteen year-old self forever. I turned away from the calendar hastily and walked to Carlisle s office. I m leaving to hunt. I said quietly, putting my head through the door of his small room. Please see if your brother would care to accompany you. He murmured, never removing his eyes from the book he was reading. I groaned softly. I would never refer to Edward as my brother. Taking the stairs two at a time, I found Edward in his usual spot, at his piano. No thank you, Rosalie. He said, reading my mind before I could ask aloud. It doesn t seem as you would like me to come along anyway. Goodbye, Edward. I said, rolling my eyes. Pushing my way out the front door of our large home, I began my run into the woods. Black Bear, my nose told me as I retreated further into the forest. I sprinted toward the scent, but stopped short. Human blood. I listened further, trying to understand why there was human blood in such deep parts of the woodlands. A male was shouting, and a black bear was snarling. The sound of flesh tearing caused me to flinch. I ran to the sounds and hid behind a tree, examining the scene. The man was on top of bear, but the bear was clearly stronger and had already torn a chunk of the man s shoulder. The man he seemed so familiar. His brown eyes caught mine and pleaded for help. I pursed my lips, attempting to figure out how to handle the situation. It was obvious that if I didn t end it soon, the man would be dead in a matter of minutes. Ah, that was why he seemed familiar. The dark, curly locks and dimpled face, he reminded me of my dear friend s son, Henry. Henry was but a toddler the last time I saw him. Henry. My mind whispered, as I lunged toward the bear. I swiftly snapped its neck, causing it to drop the man on top of a boulder. I listened for the man s heart beat, it was there, but it was very faint. I jumped from atop the bear and pulled the man into my arms. He opened his eyes for a mere second before the lolled to the back of his head. Henry, was all I could think as I ran the man back to the house. As I approached the house I could hear Edward stand up from his piano and leave the house, unprepared to deal with the blood. The blood. It hadn t occurred to me until now that I was soaked in a human s blood. My throat burned with desire, but my heart told me that this man was more than a meal. I pushed open the door and ran up the stairs. Carlisle! Please, help! I shouted, frantic.

Rosalie, come and set him down. Carlisle murmured calmly from his office. I kicked the door aside and placed the man down on the table in the corner of the office. Carlisle hesitated, searching my eyes. What? I asked impatiently. I m aware that you resent me for making you one of us, Rosalie. Do you want me to do the same for this man? I searched my mind for an answer, but I was unsure. Carlisle, I only resent this, because I wanted to die. He was fighting for his life. He wants to live. I gestured toward the man s handsome, scratched face. Carlisle nodded solemnly. I exited the room, not wanting to watch this man writhe in unforgettable pain. I shuddered at the thought of my change and ran to find Edward. He was sitting on a log, on the shore of a nearby lake. Are you alright? I asked, sitting beside him. Whether or not I enjoyed Edward s presence, we were family. I don t understand how you can stand the blood. I have been like this for so much longer then you have, and yet I am so much weaker. I believe it is my tolerance that helps me, not my strength. I murmured, watching the water. Remember that I ve never tasted human blood, Edward. I do not hold it against you because you have tasted it, but it makes it easier for me. The man s name is Emmett McCarty. He was a passionate hunter. He mostly did it to impress his father. He felt as though he had to prove himself. He was unappreciated. Edward said, resting his face in his palms. He s thinking about you and the pain. Edward smiled and ran his hand through his hair. Really? I fidgeted with my fingers, a smile creeping across my face. He thought you were an angel. I hope you realize that you did the right thing, by saving his life. He really did want to live. Edward stood and offered his hand to me. I stood up beside him and noticed something. Oh, Edward I am so sorry. I mumbled, looking down at my bloodstained clothes. Do not worry about me. It s only helping. He forced a grin onto his face, but I knew that he was struggling. Go hunt, Edward. I said softly. He nodded quickly and ran along the shore until he disappeared from my sight. I retreated back to the house. As I neared I heard deep, throaty screams coming from the upper level. He was changing. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, feeling the smallest bit guilty for putting him through the pain that I had once felt. I removed my bloody clothes and threw them into the lit fireplace for Edward s sake, replacing them with a dress. I drew my hair from its bun and allowed it to flow freely down my back.

I heard another scream and walked slowly to the door of Carlisle s office. I pushed it open to see Carlisle watching Emmett. I smiled at his name and went to sit beside Carlisle. All of the wounds on Emmett were completely healed and his clothes had been removed, leaving him covered in a white sheet. I heard two sets of footsteps coming up the stairs and Edward and Esme entered the room. He only has about twelve hours left. Edward said, sitting beside me. Esme took a seat beside Carlisle and grabbed his hand. Care to go hunting? Carlisle asked Esme, kissing her hand. I d love to. She said sweetly. Rosalie, Edward, leave him be. Carlisle said, watching Emmett s face. The two exited the room, leaving Edward and I on the sofa. Why him? Edward asked, full curiosity filling his voice. Henry I simply whispered, giving Edward the full story in my mind. So, he is special to you? Edward examined Emmett s face. Yes, I believe so. Every couple minutes Emmett would blink, but never fully open his eyes. He can hear us. He has connected your voice to the face that he saw in the woods. What does he think about me? I asked in total innocence. He thinks you re beautiful. Edward said nonchalantly, shrugging. I scoffed, knowing that it wasn t out of the ordinary for men to think that I was beautiful. I was hoping for something deeper to be going on inside this Emmett s head. I stood and walked to his body. Why isn t he making any noise? I ran my index finger along the ridge of Emmett s strong nose. He finally realized that shouting doesn t make a difference. I nodded, knowing that we all had come upon realizing this during our change. Emmett jerked and I pulled my hand from his face, locking my fingers together nervously. His torso pushed above the table, then dropped back down with a thud. I looked back at Edward, guilt obviously clouding my face. Have I made the wrong decision? I asked in a whisper. No, Rose. Edward said reassuringly. Not once in our two years together had he called me Rose. Thank you. I said, almost in-audibly. I still had my back turned to Edward as he stood and left the room. I m Rosalie. I whispered to Emmett. I felt foolish for talking to someone who wouldn t respond, but it didn t seem to stop me. I I am so sorry. I slid my pale hand over his and traced circles on the top of his palm with my pinky. His fingers twitched under mine and I smiled. I know it hurts. You are basically in Hell. But it gets better. Soon enough, the pain will begin to fade. Each word I said came out stronger then the last. His nose crinkled and he relaxed once again. I backed away and returned to the couch.

I stretched out along the couch and watched Emmett. I paid no attention to the time. All my focus was on Emmett. I didn t notice as the sun fell and rose. I didn t notice as Edward, Esme, and Carlisle entered and exited the room. All that mattered was Emmett. It ll be soon. When Edward spoke the words, I was released from my trance. I stood up and went to Emmett s bedside. Carlisle and Edward took my place on the couch, waiting. I wrapped my fingers through Emmett s and waited, growing more and more impatient by the second. Forty two seconds passed and I knew that Emmett was beginning to awake. His eyes flitted open and his crimson irises took me by surprise. He looked at my face and then his eyes went to our hands. I felt as though I would have blushed if I could ve. Holding a strangers hand was not exactly normal for me. I pursed my lips, waiting. He slowly sat up and looked around. His free hand immediately flew to his throat and he swallowed. But, he didn t release me hand. You say that I m in Hell? He asked. It mostly depends on how you look at the situation. I mumbled, nervously. Son, do you understand what you are? Carlisle asked. Emmett took deep breath and nodded. Carlisle went ahead and explained again anyway. To all of our surprises, Emmett was genuinely happy. Happy wasn t event the correct word. He was ecstatic. Ecstatic to be a monster what a strange man. Even after our hour-long chat, Emmett still had not let go of my hand. Rosalie? Carlisle asked, sliding a book into one of his shelves. I looked at him curiously. Would you and Edward mind taking Emmett hunting? I m sure he s thirsty. Edward and I nodded and I glanced at Emmett s attractive face. He licked his lips, probably at the thought of hunting, and squeezed on my hand. Carlisle made hunting sound easy. I said, smiling. Emmett slid off the table and grinned. Well, I m ready for anything. Emmett said confidently.

2. The Hunter
We three exited the house together and stood before the forest. Emmett, follow me. Edward said, excitedly dashing into the forest. Emmett gawked at Edward s ridiculous speed and looked at me curiously. Can I do that? He asked, looking at our hands for the one hundredth time. We all can. I smiled at how excited he looked. Like a child witnessing a carnival for the first time. He tightened his fingers through mine and grinned. Okay, then let s go, together. Emmett s eyes gleamed with anticipation. Just to throw him a surprise, I began running before he expected. He quickly caught up with me and we ran together at an impossible speed. Slow down. I said quietly. We came to a stop and Emmett gave me a look of confusion. Can you smell that? I asked, testing his senses. I m unsure of what I m looking for Emmett s dark eyebrows scrunched together as he gazed around. Find Edward with your senses. I watched his face relax in comprehension and then he went completely still. I made sure not to make a sound as Emmett attempted to locate Edward. All of a sudden, Emmett shot through the trees at run, practically dragging me along. I eventually found my feet and ran beside him. As he began slowing down, he mumbled, I m sorry. Edward appeared from behind a tree with a small smile stretched across his face. I did it! Emmett shouted in victory. I laughed lightly and released his hand for the first time since he had awoken. He looked at me, obviously unsure of my action. I threw him a small smile and nodded, letting him know that I wasn t leaving him. When do I get to hunt? Emmett asked, rubbing his throat. In a minute or so, first, we have something to share with you. Edward looked at me unsurely and I nodded for him to continue. We don t feed on humans, although some vampires do. You may do as you please, but Carlisle, as our father, encourages us to feed on animals as an alternative. That s the reason for our eye color. Emmett studied Edward and nodded. I d like to try your lifestyle, Emmett said, glancing at me, most likely searching for approval. I nodded slightly and began searching for food. There are some deer nearby. Should I search for something larger? I asked Edward, wanting Emmett to experience a real hunting trip. The deer are fine for now. Edward ran ahead of us and Emmett quickly dashed after him. I laughed at them and ran to catch up. We all stopped at a clearing where twenty deer were sipping water. They don t smell good. Emmett commented, looking at Edward in concern. Ah, brother, they taste better then they smell. Trust me. Edward chuckled and peeked back at the deer. I watched Emmett s solid expression turn to a full smile when Edward mentioned brother.

Alright, choose about two or three that please you. On my count, run and snap their necks. All the rest will disperse in fear. Once your three are dead, you may feed. I said curtly. Emmett nodded in comprehension. After five seconds, I began counting. As soon as my mouth formed the word three, we rushed out and each of us caught three, aside from Emmett, who caught five. I smiled at him and shook my head in amusement. I quickly drained my first two. Just as I went to bite into my third, I heard a rustle and Emmett was nowhere to be seen. I looked to Edward for an answer, but my nose had already told me. There was a human nearby. Edward threw his deer aside and raced after Emmett. I followed close behind, hoping that we would make it in time. Edward stopped short, causing me to slam into his back. I caught sight of the back of Emmett s gray t-shirt. He was in a crouching position. I looked past Emmett and saw an elderly man, strolling through the woods. Emmett, no! I shouted just as his muscles coiled and he sprung at the man. I began to run to Emmett, but Edward shot his arm in front of. Move, Edward! I yelled, pushing his arm out of my way. Rosalie, we told him that he had the choice. If this is his choice, then we have no right to stop him. Edward was obviously disappointed, despite his wise words. I ignored him and ran to Emmett. Listen, Emmett, you must evaluate the situation that you re in. You re killing this innocent human who probably has a life and family and people who love him. You have to stop. I said it very quickly, but Emmett acted as if he hadn t heard. Maybe he hadn t. I chose to try one last time. Please, Emmett. I whispered, crouching beside him. Emmett pulled his lips from the man s neck and looked at me. Please. I murmured one last time, placing my hand on his shoulder. Emmett all of a sudden looked confused. He turned his eyes back to the lifeless man and then dropped him. I stood up beside Emmett and grabbed his hand. I I don t know what happened. His eyes continuously returned to the dead man s body on the ground. It s okay. It s instinct. I don t blame you. I watched Emmett s blood-covered face quickly go through a series of emotions. Thank you, Rosalie. My full name sounded so strange coming from his lips. You can call me Rose, I murmured, half smiling. He chuckled once and began pulling me back toward Edward. How do you feel? Edward asked Emmett. Bad. I feel bad. Emmett clearly wasn t interested in discussing what happened no more than three minutes ago. I rested my forehead on Emmett s shoulder for a minute and then looked up to his bright red eyes. Let s go home. I said quietly, beginning a slow jog. When we returned home I directed Emmett to some of Edward s clothes so that he didn t have to sit covered in human blood. While he was upstairs, Edward quickly told Carlisle of the situation. How did he stop? Carlisle asked, completely immersed in the story. Edward s eyes flashed towards me and Carlisle nodded in understanding. Just as Edward finished the story, Emmett came from upstairs, guilt written across his face.

I took his hand and announced that we were going out. Carlisle and Edward went about as if I had said nothing and I appreciated it, considering that Emmett felt guilty enough, he didn t need two extra sets of eyes watching over him. Emmett allowed me to lead him out of the house at a walking speed. We began on a path through the woods by the east side of house. Where are we going? Emmett asked, watching my face. We re going to a beautiful lake. I assume that the clouds will disperse just as sunset rolls around and there s something you have to see. I could tell that he wanted to ask more questions, but he followed me in silence. We reached the same log that Edward and I had been sitting on a little more than twenty four hours ago. I pulled Emmett down to sit beside me and we faced each other. You saved me, didn t you? He asked, stroking my hair with his free hand. I m surprise you remembered that much. You were so distraught. The bear tore you apart. I looked up to see his eyes wandering into the distance. Yeah, I remember that. It hurt pretty bad, hard to forget. I m sorry, I murmured, running my index finger across his palm. For what? You saved my life, Rose. You have nothing to apologize for. Emmett, I ve made you into a monster. No one can be thankful for such a thing. My face scrunched in disgust. Better a monster, then dead. He said quietly. My eyes snapped up to meet his. You re wrong. I hissed. I wish I were dead, Emmett. Much rather dead than trapped as this forever. I made a quick gesture toward myself and stood. I think this is beautiful. He made the same gesture toward my body. I tried not to smile in such a serious conversation, but I couldn t stop myself. Emmett s silly grin was beyond irresistible. Rose, what happened to you that made you hate life so much? He asked, intensely curious. Abuse. I breathed out the word and turned to the lake. Emmett s strong hands landed on my shoulders and I could feel his cool breath against my ear. I m so sorry. He whispered. It was no less than two years ago. My fiancé, Royce King, seemed like a dream. I was a beautiful, young bachelorette and I had convinced myself that I was in love with a man that I had only known for two months. After leaving a friend s house late one night, Royce was on a nearby street corner with some of his friends, drunk. He had always told me that he bragged to his friends about how beautiful I was. As it turns out, they wanted to know for themselves. I stopped short, checking to see if Emmett understood what I meant. His eyes met mine, intense pain filling them. So, they left me there, believing I was dead. And believe me Emmett, I was ready to die. But it wouldn t happen. I kept on expecting the world to just turn black so that the pain would wash away. It started snowing and I was so sure that hypothermia would set in and I would pass, but nothing. Eventually, Carlisle found me. He smelled all the blood. So, he changed me. I took a deep, shaky breath. Emmett s hand s traveled up and down my shoulders in comfort. I am so sorry that you had to through that. Emmett sounded enraged. I turned to face him and his crimson eyes were boiling with anger. Where is that lowlife? He growled.

I...I already took care of him. I said quietly, unsure whether Emmett would be pleased or disgusted. His face relaxed in comprehension. Good. He pulled me into a tight hug and I locked my hands together behind his back. I felt his cool lips against my hair. I nuzzled myself further into his broad chest, just wanting to stay there forever.