By Claudia jewelry with PET Meneguello Cut the plastic bottles, paint them and m ount chains and

earrings. The charm and finishes are on your own! Note the mater ials ... Approximate cost to make this piece: $ 7.00 Suggested price for sale: $ 22.00 Materials - a PET bottle (transparent) - a pair of scissors - a brush (wi th soft bristles and small) - Pliers (costume jewelry) - 1 pyrography - Varnish stained glass in colors: yellow and red - nylon yarn - rings, clasps, tips and s crew - a lighter - Frame for earrings - stones (gravel) Home Tip 1) Before starting this technique, clean PET bottles. Cut the base of t he PET bottle. 2) Measure rectangles 2.5 cm x 3 cm and cut five shares to make up the collar. 3 ) Dip the paint brush in red and yellow stained glass, drip and sprinkle over th e rectangles cut above. First soak the brush with yellow, then to red. Note a mo ttled effect and wait for total drying. 4) Use the pyrography low temperature to make four holes in rectangles at a distance of 1 / 2 inches from tips. 5) Cut 2 pieces of nylon string 50cm each. Then enter in a tip, give a simple kn ot, burn the tip with the help of lighter and close the tip with the pliers tip. 6) Start assembling the collar. First, insert the bits of gravel in 15 cm doubl e cord. 7) Separate now, wires and mount a "v" with bits of gravel in 2 more inches of n ylon. 8) Enter, then the rectangles painted on the PET yarn of nylon. 9) Continue with the wires separated and go inserting cuttings and rectangles painted. When you arrive at the other end, add the lines again and form another "v" 2cm. 10) Close the collar, making a knot, pasting over, burning the tip, placing the tip and t urning it with pliers round tip, which must be used to attach the ring and clasp . Across the collar, attach the hoop and chain with tip pliers. Exclusive Variat ion 1) Cut two rectangles of 2.00 cm x 2.5 cm each. 2) Paint them with the same colors of paint stained suggested above. 3) Stick the rectangles painted on the ends with pyrography. 4) Cut 20 cm of nylon frame and insert your earrings. 5) Enter January 1 cm of gravel in double thread. Then separate the wires and pu t more gravel 1 cm at each end, forming a "v". 6) Insert the rectangles of PET, providing the separate wires under them. 7) Separate the wires, place three pieces of gravel on each side, tie the knot, cut it and burn it. Thus, a whole will be terminated. WHAT YOU NEED Peg Tape velvet paragraph 03 (1 m hanger simple and 2.10 m for hanger double) Gl ue fabric ribbons colored satin No. 2001 Shears Flowers fabric to decorate howto Step 1 Cut two pieces of velvet ribbon and paste them at the ends of the hanger . Let it dry completely. The trick is to spread a drop of glue with your finger, will dry quickly. Step 2 Hold the tip in the ribbon and wrap it around the hanger. Finally, glue t he edge of the tape. Step 3 To color your hanger, make a knot in satin ribbon and wrap it around him until the end, making another knot to finish.

Step 4 In addition to this, use other colors of ribbon. To make a charming, sepa rate and hang a bauble on the sides of the hanger. VERY FASHION To give a new mood of your room, hang the hanger on the wall or cus tom cabinet door. You can also use ribbons that wraps the hanger to attach buckl es, bracelets and other trinkets that have no closure. Superprático, right? Place your hands on not to go crazy with the bracelets and necklaces embarrassed ! Bracelets PVC Pipe To make this beautiful bracelet, you will need fewer materials. The principal is the PVC pipe that, in addition to being resistant, has a very low cost. With th e tips of the artisan Alessandra Spazzapan Aguirre, you will learn to cook this and other jewelry that surely will make a lot of success among his friends and c lients. In this edition of Hands Create Collection - Jewelry, you still give hints Vanes sa Broch, explaining step by step how to produce sophisticated necklaces with pe ndants. Do not miss the magazine and increase your profit! Collaboration: TANIAMARIA NITERà I-RJ ht tp:// ph/t aniamaria11/my_photos http://fotos.t Files removed from the group Art in the trash, Yahoo.