PIC Microcontrollers Introduction The PIC, based on RISC architecture, provide most of the features of this archit ecture

. We can highlight, homogeneous set of instructions, few high-speed instru ctions. For its low cost, wide range and number of informacioón available have opened up a very important market for microcontrollers, Microchip being a leader with Motorola or Intel. The purpose of this website is not judge that microcont roller is the best, but to show how to start working with PIC microcontrollers . We will use the basic model PIC16F84A and different tools of work from internet free of charge. The PIC16F876A is mid-range, ie not all domestic remedies have other more advanced models, but otherwise its size, price and ease of use make i t ideal to enter the scene. Index 1. Introduction 2. Development Environment 3. Picmin Project 4. PIC uC and Linux 5. Download 6. Links 7. Acknowledgments 8. News Development Environment Microchip The company also manufacture and distribute the PIC microcontrollers o ffers a development environment semigratuito for them, it is the MPLABIDE. With 9. Authors can schedule this application, compile, simulate, and a number of ext ra tools even record. It is clear that these tools (PicMaster, ICD, ICE ,...) ar e those that are not free and have that prevent the complete development environ ment. But this should not worry us, as elsewhere, people have sought other PIC w ays to record and have developed their own boots and recorders. Our region searc h has provided a development environment for Windows, although we hope to have t he list of linux tools shortly, comprising: l l l MPLAB (v5.6) to edit, compile and simulate applications. Icprog (v1.0.4) to save the file compiled into the PIC. TE20 recorder to record the PIC. All of them are free and available online. The MPLAB Microchip has developed the company and its web can always find the latest version. The icprog Bonny Gijzen has developed and on their website can see the latest news on their state. Fina lly TE20 recorder I bought in an electronics store, cost me about 18 Euros, but the internet are the same specifications to build one. PICMIN Project PIC microcontrollers have been a novelty for me, but had heard much of them unti l now had no need for any project on them. Now, thanks to the Computer Architect ure course, I feel the need to learn technology and start making applications. F ollowing the method used to design the CT6811 (based on Motorola's 68HC11 microc ontroller), we have made a minimum plate that allows us to get to know the minim um hardware for running and have a PIC to develop a coach. To start we have a pl aque mounted on a PIC16F84 points with an external clock, reset circuit, an LED and a button. For us this is the minimum scheme, although the characteristics of these buses, we could even save the clock. We named to the first schematic with the name of Picmin, which can be obtained from the downloads section. The circu its shown in the diagram are independent of the PIC, so if someone wants to take the plate with the PIC16F877 circuit remains valid . The way to develop applica tions using the tools is described in the section of the Development Environment . In the coming months we want to develop the charger circuit from the PC, thus avoid the external charger. This board has allowed us to develop some sample pro grams found in the download section, which will be the PCB will not find the pla te because he has not done. We believe it is too simple and that until they have the recorder circuit should not make your PCB.We will keep you informed of prog ress

PIC Microcontroller and Linux Little by little in this section and will manage Pics from Linux, for now we mad e a series of links Portal Portal reference PIC PIC on Linux http://www.gnupic.org GPUTILS Development Tools http://gputils.sourceforge.net Gpsim PICS Simulator http://www.dattalo.com/gnupic/gpsim.html Download MPLABIDE development environment for PIC development environment (editor, compil er and simulator) Manual.tgz icprog Upload Program for PIC and other devices suc h as serial Eprom Manual that describes how to use the TE20 with reference manua ls icprog PIC 16F84 Manual Serial Prog Manual Microchip PIC 16F84 PICMIN plate u sed in the Manual that describes how to record a PIC16F84 EEPROM through a seria l line link to the page where Microchip has all the manuals Design Related Hardw are PIC Name Picmin schematic description of the Badge Picmin PDF Version v1.0 S CH picmin.sch picmin.pdf 16F84 PCB Components Manuals MPLAB icprog serial_prog.p df 16F87x chips ManualTE20 Manual Manual PIC 16F87x chips 16F87x chips used in the plate Picupsam Not available picmin.bom Schematic of Plate Picupsam Picupsam v1.0 picupsam.pdf picupsam.sch picupsam.bom Not available 16F84 demo programs and 16F87x chips Led_on Button Name Description Program Ledp pled Ledpi lighting a low intensity LED lights a program that led to the push o f a button program that blinks an LED blinks program that breaks an LED with a p rogram that blinks LED while not push the ASM file HEX file led_on.asm ledp.asm ledpi.asm pled.asm led_on.hex ledp.hex ledpi.hex pled.hex skyro1.hex pulsador.as m pulsador.hex Series SKYRobot program that controls a robot through the serial port using keys O, P, Q skyro1.asm Links Microchip PIC icprog Piclite docs Microsystems engineering company that manufact ures and maintains PIC Microcontrollers MPLAB environment IDE http://www.microch ip.com Upload Program the PIC and other devices such as serial Eprom company tha t distributes products related to Spain Free PIC C Compiler for PIC 16F84. Linux and Windows Platform Notes from the PIC for the subject Computer Architecture A uthor: Professor Alfonso Alejandre http://www.icprog.com http://www.microcontrol adores.com http://www .htsoft.com / products / piclite / piclite.html www.elalej andre.net Sg16F877.pdf Authors l PrietoMoreno Andres Torres (andres@iearobotics.com)

Acknowledgements l l l l A Carlos Soria and Eric for the initial documentation of the PIC, and test first development. A Alfonso Alejandre for having me in the preparation of the practi ces of microcontrollers. A Juan Gonzalez to get involved in the search for tools for linux. A Eduardo Boemo for allowing me to give a seminar on Microchip tools . News l l l l l l l l 30102003 Introduced PICUPSAM the schematic of the motherboard for practices with micros 29102003 Changed links to point to official download sites 19112002 Upda ted and added links to such interruptions. 29102002 Added documentation programm ing series. 24102002 Added LINKS 16F84 C Compiler. PicLite. 21,102,002 updated o ur site with links and updated documentation v1.0 PicMin 13,082,002 in 13,082,00 2 Documentation WEB WEB

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