Dining Plan of Operation School.

CEIP "Cardenal Cisneros" de Villanueva Mesia (G ranada) PLAN OF ORGANIZATION AND OPERATION OF SCHOOL ROOM CEIP "Cardenal Cisneros" de Vi llanueva Mesia (Granada). YEAR 2008/09 Index 1. Introduction. 2. Legislative Base. 3. Objectives of the School Dining Room. 4 . Operating Plan. 5. Adoption and updating of this plan of organization and oper ation. 1 Dining Plan of Operation School. CEIP "Cardenal Cisneros" de Villanueva Mesia (G ranada) 1. Introduction: The Ministry of Education of the Andalusian, has developed a Plan of Support for Families Andalusian as contemplated in Decree 137/2002 of April 30 of Andalusia n Family Support (4-5 BOJA - 2002) and Decree 64/2008 of 26 February, amending D ecree 137/2002 of 30 April, to support the families of Andalusia. (BOJA 03/03/20 08) In support of that plan describes three core activities that impact directly with schools and are Morning Classroom activities, school meals and school acti vities, all aimed at facilitating access the women in the workplace and understo od as a social service that they will provide. Approval for our center of a Plan of Support for Families of Villanueva Mesia, to develop from 2008/09, is certai nly a profound novelty of great social importance, especially in the sections of the population most in need. Moreover, this novelty is said to raise the need t o develop concrete action plans to define organizational and operational aspects that help maximize profitability and effectiveness in the management of human, material and economic, therefore, made available to the center and we are sure w ill come to make an important contribution to improving the quality of public ed ucation and enable both an improvement in educational outcomes. The quality of t he services provided at our center, will depend on the realization that the rele vant regulations do, adapting to our situation and the socio-economic environmen t in which we find ourselves locked. In this line of improvement, efficiency and optimum performance, this regulation raises the organization and operation of t he Dining Room of the College of Education School and Primary Child "Cardenal Ci sneros" de Villanueva Mesia, with the hope that although based on current legisl ation which generally regulates all support services and specifically the school 's cafeteria, will lead the development of a regulatory body that serves to effe ctively achieve planned objectives. 2 Dining Plan of Operation School. CEIP "Cardenal Cisneros" de Villanueva Mesia (G ranada) 2. Legislative: We emphasize the following legislation for the importance, interest and importan ce in the functioning of the cafeteria. • Decree 192/1997 of 29 July, regulating the Dining Services Public Centres (BOJA 08/09/1997) Order of 27/03/2003, which regulates the organization, operation and management the school meal service in the public schools dependent on the Minis try of Education and Science of the Junta de Andalucía (BOJA 04/04/2003) 04/23/2 003 Instructions of the Department of Educational and Solidarity to organization , operation and management of school canteens for 2003/04 Instruction 3 / 2003 o f 16 May, the Directorate General of Human Resources Management on dining Order

of 07/10/2008, laying fixes the price of school meals for the academic year 2008 /2009. (BOJA 08/08/2008) • • • • 3. Objectives of the School Dining: In accordance with the provisions of our Educational Center, room service is off ered as a complimentary service the school, responding to social demand between families in this regard. Therefore, this service will have the following objecti ves: a) Educating on healthy eating using the meal plan offered by the center. b ) To promote the adaptation of students to a variety of menus and discipline in the act of eating that includes civility, tolerance, solidarity and education fo r coexistence. c) Provide an additional service necessary for many families plan ning center allowing food to provide nutrients that students and the students ne ed for their normal development. d) Complete the work of families in relation to the acquisition of social habits, hygiene, standards of civility and courtesy a nd proper use and maintenance of supplies of the room.€e) Contribute to the inte gration of the family to the extent it easier for fathers and mothers exercising their labor and social functions. f) Facilitate Andalusian women and men can ch oose freely to his draft personal and professional development. 3 Dining Plan of Operation School. CEIP "Cardenal Cisneros" de Villanueva Mesia (G ranada) g) Involve the family in the benefits to be gained from a joint collaboration wi th the heads of school meals, both with regard to health and in their nutrition education. h) Inform all families of the monthly menus, so they can supplement t he diet of children in the foods they make at home. i) To nurture collaboration, solidarity and living together, raising awareness in the family patterns of beh avior acquired in the school canteen. 4. Plan of Operation: 4.1. General features: 4.1.1. Organization of services: This service will be arr anged so that power is made compatible with the rest and recreational activity. In general, you are entitled to use the dining service of all students who want to use it and the rest of people working at the site and request it. You can als o use active faculty residing in Villanueva Mesia and justifiable documentary, p aying 100% of list price. 4.2. Service Features: The School Dining is operated by a catering service hired by the education authorities. This academic year 2008/09 has been appointed for this purpose the company "Ibague Catering." This service includes the presence of monitors / as / carers employed by the company, which will address the studen ts on both the lunch period and in the anterior and posterior to it. They may al so perform these functions center volunteer teachers, who have the same obligati ons. The number of caregivers will be determined by the regulations in force and subject in such a way to provide the number of guests. The School Dining is loc ated in a building next to the center about 20 meters distant, assigned for this purpose by the municipality of Villanueva Mesia, so that students from Kinderga rten, Primary and ESO must cross the street, always under the tutelage of the Mo nitors, always seeking maximum control and safety measures. It has a capacity of 60 beds, distributed in nine tables for four diners Infant and Primary 1st cycl e (36 seats) and 6 tables of 4 guests from other primary and second cycles (24 p eople). There is a possibility within the expected time of operation, which is 1

4 to 16 hours, to organize two shifts, so that the maximum capacity of 120 peopl e would be (72 Infant diners and junior primary and 40 people from the rest of c ycles Primary and ESO). 4 Dining Plan of Operation School. CEIP "Cardenal Cisneros" de Villanueva Mesia (G ranada) 4.2.1. Staff during the academic year 2008/09: Assistant Chef: Maria Luisa Cabel lo Vargas. School Monitors: Esperanza Garcia and Ana Maria Yeste Revelles Pedreg osa. Faculty Collaborator: Lázaro García Esperanza (Children) and Luis Diaz Gonz alez (Director and ESO). School Dining Coordinator and responsible for the admin istration of the Plan of Opening: Jaime Cabello Vargas (Secretary) 4.2.2. Hours and schedule: The hours of operation will be 14 to 16 hours. The ro om began to operate on first school day of September and end on the last school day of June. In order to make a forecast on its operation each year will include a question about their use in documents of reservation / registration of each s tudent and will ask the rest of the students enrolled on their needs for the nex t course. The dining time will be organized into three periods of approximately three quarters of an hour each: o The first period will last approximately fifte en minutes. In it the children are asearán to eat. o The second term is the food . o The third period will be for the toilet after meals and games, indoors or ou tdoors performed under the supervision of monitors / as / carers. 4.2.3. Prices and Payment: The cover charge will be determined by the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía. In the period of execution of license plates shall info rm all families can obtain bonus payment for this service and that the deadline for doing so is the same as enrollment. The payment of the meals are made at the end of each month by direct debit, for those students who attend the dining roo m on a continuous basis.€For assistance to the dining room will be prescriptive complete an application for registration in the bear at least the student's cont act telephone number in case of need, data from the bank account for which payme nt will be made and medical data it is necessary to take into account lunch. App lications shall be submitted along with the rest of the documentation of enrollm ent. 5 Dining Plan of Operation School. CEIP "Cardenal Cisneros" de Villanueva Mesia (G ranada) Not be returned amounts of food not consumed by absence of the student, if no pr ior notification to the management of the school, families, the company and it h as taken them. Non-payment of contributions by guests will cause loss of the rig ht to use this service. This will be decided by the School Board of the Centre. 4.2.4. Attendance: If the number of applications exceeds the places available, w

e will seek ways of establishing two shifts of dining. In the event that follow a demand exceeds supply apply selection criteria to check the regulations in for ce. The students attending the dining room from the building E. Children walking movement made under the supervision of monitors and where appropriate, teacher aide, who would collect a few minutes before the start of class. To make this tr ansfer possible, request the beginning of each year the authorization for famili es. 4.3. General rules: All the students tested food from each of the dishes every d ay, unable to leave the table without having had enough of each one of them. No child will go home without eating anything. The food will run in a climate of or der and tranquility. The conversations that develop during it will be in a norma l tone without screaming. All the students eat properly seated. The time between the end of the meal and return home or school activities must pass peacefully a nd quietly, under the supervision of the monitor / a. In the event that any of t he children show signs of being sick or some accident may have happened that mad e it necessary, be called his parents to pick-up. Any incident that occurred in the room with the students will be sent to the address of school as soon as poss ible. The company accounts: Distribute to all diners meals monthly plan, so that paren ts are informed about what their children eat and can schedule their dinner. Car ing for the maintenance of daily cleaning of facilities, appliances and other ut ensils. Training for Monitors. 6 Dining Plan of Operation School. CEIP "Cardenal Cisneros" de Villanueva Mesia (G ranada) It is for the Monitors: The role of caregiver is essential in controlling and mo nitoring of food intake, as well as aspects related to incorrect eating habits, hygiene and table manners. The Monitors may be either employed by the company pr oviding the canteen service center or volunteer faculty. In either case, as in t he other functions to develop and then relate, are identical. The control of the student and the supervision of intake. Care and attention to students during th e provision of meal service and in the periods to be between the end of meals an d the collection of the students by their parents or their incorporation into th e afternoon activities. Support and monitor the intake: Collaborate with the chi ld on what is necessary to facilitate their feeding on the basis of age or perso nal circumstances (peel the fruit, from meat, remove fish bones, etc.) Without t herefore lose sight of the need to promote autonomy in their diet. Teaching corr ection function with the table, properly handle cutlery and napkins, to maintain proper posture ... Seat the children age, whenever possible. Emphasize the need to eat everything that is served as well get a balanced diet will contribute to their health. Control the use of adequate time for meals. No consent to any chi ld end of the service without having eaten anything. Well organized so that the food will not be long in coming to the table once guests are ready to eat. It is also important that there is not much time between courses so that children do not get up from the table. If this occurs it is advisable to have provided some activity that entertains seated.€Ensure that the students perform the following hygienic practices: Wash hands before sitting at the table. Do not play with foo d to avoid contamination. To carry out good hygiene when you finish eating. Pay special attention to children who: Systematically not eat. Chopped and spread th e food around the plate with little try.

7 Dining Plan of Operation School. CEIP "Cardenal Cisneros" de Villanueva Mesia (G ranada) Exchange their food with others. They reject the same type of food. Isolated to eat. Gobble food and always end the first. Always finish last. Have some type of disease the person in charge previously declared the dining room and require a special diet. Resolving at the time, problems and discussions that arise. An exa mple to the children, caring for the language and habits of behavior. Inform par ents in the case of continuing loss of appetite. Inform parents on any matter of interest relating to their children. This will be done either directly or throu gh the Management Team. Organize your time of rest and fun by scheduling activit ies to avoid exhaustion of the students, shouting and disorder. To do this, and if necessary, may provide a suitable space with TV and video. Provide materials that will be needed for leisure time. In no case may administer medication to ch ildren, unless the family has so indicated in writing. Moving to the dining room for students who have E. Child and from the track. Move to address any issues t hat exceed its liability. Informing families and managers on behaviors observed the students in his view must be corrected. It is for the students: Behave in a polite, respecting the facilities, the right s of others and the recommendations of the monitors. When it's time to enter the room, neatly grouped to go to the bathroom to wash their hands before taking hi s post at the tables. Respect the basic rules of coexistence and good conduct, n ot leaving the table without permission, not to speak loudly and eat correctly. Practicing the basic rules of personal hygiene: hand washing and teeth, using a napkin. Eat the food in the dining room. 8 Dining Plan of Operation School. CEIP "Cardenal Cisneros" de Villanueva Mesia (G ranada) Responsible for collecting all the utensils they have used for food. If deemed n ecessary and educational, the students will collaborate over setting the table a nd bringing their services to the office. Adapting to the minutes provided and c onsumed, the set menu for each day, the amount they are served. Respected labor personnel (cooks / os and Monitors). In case you can not eat something it must b ring a medical certificate stating so. Before and after dinner, make use of down town areas that are earmarked for students of room, but in no case enter into th e rest of the units and classrooms. Do not leave the school premises during the period dining room, unless express written permission of their parents. The outp uts without authorization will be considered a serious offense and may be subjec t to expulsion. The repeated breach of these rules will, temporary or permanent expulsion from the dining room. Isolated failures to attend to the provisions of the Internal Regulations. It is for families: Communicating the Centre, in writing, any allergies, medicat ion regime and their children a. Communicate to the Director / the most notable

incidents occurring in the service. Exchange information with Blue Monitors when needs require. Communicate in advance assists the dining room, in the case of s poradic attendance and absences to it, in the case of regular attendance. Provid e a change of clothes for students of Ed Child. Visit the dining room and to use it in order to verify the quality of service, prior notice thereof to the Direc tor of the Centre. Be aware of the payment of dues, if any. Cooperate in the pro per implementation of the rules. 9 Dining Plan of Operation School. CEIP "Cardenal Cisneros" de Villanueva Mesia (G ranada) The school management: the responsibility of the Director: Develop, with the man agement team, the annual operating plan of the school canteen, as part of the An nual General Schedule. Direct and coordinate the service. Exercising leadership of all staff attached to it, without prejudice to the employment relationships b etween the staff and the concessionaire.€Ensure compliance with health rules, sa fety and hygiene. It is for the Secretary: exercise, in accordance with the guidelines of principa l, partner functions to the Provincial Directorate, service users and the compan y. Develop an inventory of goods, assigned to the dining room, used in the servi ce. Perform financial management of the service, as part of the economic managem ent of the center. School for the Council: To develop guidelines for the planning and development o f the service. Approve and evaluate the plan of operation, as part of the Annual General Programming Center. Collaborate with the Director of the Centre and the Provincial Office of Education in the proceedings concerning the organization o f food service, including assessing the applications received in the center for the total or partly free provision of this service and its introduction in Senec a application within the time indicated in each course. Overseeing administrativ e and functional aspects of the service. Apply disciplinary measures, if necessa ry. 4.4. Activities: 4.4.1. To develop habits of good nutrition and hygiene: Hands s hould be washed before eating. It covered every possible use, performing specifi c activities to teach children to take the knife and fork. All materials are arr anged within the reach of children, to encourage 10 Dining Plan of Operation School. CEIP "Cardenal Cisneros" de Villanueva Mesia (G ranada) autonomously a coma. It will teach proper use of cutlery and napkin. It will tea ch children not to waste food and try everything offered. 4.4.2. To encourage attitudes of support and collaboration among colleagues: The students will collaborate over the withdrawal of the dishes and silverware, tak ing them to the office and leaving them on the stack or place to be determined. In each of the tables shall undertake, which will have the duties of maintaining order and performing the monitor job demands requiring diners. The students inc reased assistance to smaller tasks that are within their reach, such as washing hands, putting the smock or bib off and put the coats ... 4.4.3. Leisure, at the end of the meal: At the end of the meal and after washing hands and teeth, and when time permits, the students may go outside for recreat ional activities and sports under the supervision of the monitor / a. In the cas

e of choosing to stay at home, will be proposed to the students carry out activi ties of artistic expression (drawing, plasticine ....), board games (ludo, build ings ...) or viewing some children's film, for which will be provided the necess ary material. 4.4.4. Defining activities: Educational activities scheduled during the turn of dining that reflect the educational dimension of this service and encourage the development of food-related habits and hygiene. Educational activities planned f or development in the periods immediately before and after the use of the servic e, planned to promote the integration of all pupils. 11 Dining Plan of Operation School. CEIP "Cardenal Cisneros" de Villanueva Mesia (G ranada) PLANNING GUIDANCE HOURS OF ACTIVITIES TO DEVELOP 14.00-14.10 H. ACTIVITIES * per sonal hygiene habits Services Fitness Center * Lunch: - healthy eating habits-Di ning Hall 14.10-14.45 H. - Conduct on the table and on the Dining Room Gym - Use proper utensils Dining Services - Division of responsibilities * Board games * Games * Educational Center Classrooms Outdoor games (twice a week) 15.45-16.00 P atio H. Reading Sessions * SUM * video * Workshops * Rest PLACE Dining Services 5. Adoption and updating of this plan of organization and operation. 1. This program will be included in the Annual Plan in Central and approved by the School Board of the Centre. May be amended at the suggestion of the Management T eam who will be collecting contributions or needs for change displayed by users and staff responsible for school meals. Villanueva Mesia, September 22, 2008 2. * This Plan of Operation School Dinning was approved by the School Board at its meeting on October 22, 2008. 12