About Us The BgmRodotec is a business and technology solutions for business management of the transportation of cargo.

BgmRodotec's expertise focuses on the development, deployment, training and consulting s Globus ®. Mission To act proactively, always evolving our core product and develop new solutions m onitor the environment of change and transformation of society, bringing custome rs a competitive advantage and welfare of our employees, partners and the commun ity where we operate. Vision Strive for excellence to be the best solution provider of integrated business an d information technology in the transport of passengers and cargo. MISSION, VISION AND VALUES: Why, What and How? As we saw in a previous Weekly Electronic Bulletin, the entire leadership is sha red, what varies is the degree of sharing. One of the most important aspects, bu t the more directive and more guidance for the full exercise of shared leadershi p is the establishment of Mission, Vision and Values of your company. If you hav e questions about this, so read carefully! This is an aspect of leadership, much talked about, little understood, and worse, rarely applied properly. Whenever s omeone in your company are in doubt of what to do, how to act, or what or how to decide, which support a decision that must resort to this set: Mission, Vision and Values. This is the main role in this set. What are, after all, Mission, Vis ion and Values (or beliefs or principles), you asking me? What are Mission, Visi on and Values, anyway? How to write each of these components? Is there any crite rion? These are questions to which we give our answers, from the perspective of our vision, below. Mission The mission should answer what the company or organization intends to do, and to whom. The mission statement is a concise statement of the purpose and responsib ilities of your company towards its customers: - Why does the company exist? - W hat does the company do? - To whom? The purpose is something far more meaningful than a simple description of what is done internally, the mission reflects the fact that the result of the company is greater than the sum of the parts is done . Vision The vision statement is a description of the desired future for the company. Thi s statement reflects the target to be searched - by individual efforts - the eff orts of teams and - for the allocation of resources. The vision statement should contain both the aspiration, as inspiration. The aspiration to become "somethin g", and the inspiration for this "something" should be worth and deserve to be r ealized, must feel proud to participate in building that vision. That is, must h ave enough light (inspiration) to point the path to achieving the aspiration, as the guru Alan Weiss. The vision needs to be practical, realistic and visible (w e did not achieve what we do not see) as nothing more than a mere hallucination, if it results suggest or propose unattainable. Vision also has nothing to do wi th projects or systems that should, or you dream to see implemented, the vision should not point any "hows", or statements of intent or good will, but yes, the profile that the company must become when all the good will and intentions and d esigns, which has the head and heart, passed through the hands to become reality . The vision statement, besides the problems of aspiration and inspiration, to b e practical, realistic and visible should facilitate the following questions: In

what the company wants to become? What direction is pointed? Where we be? What the company will be? In what direction should I point my efforts? I'm helping to build what? The resources invested are leading the company to where? Values You ask me: - "And the values?" Values are principles or beliefs that serve as a guide, or criterion, for behaviors, attitudes and decisions of any and all persons who in exercising thei r responsibilities, and in pursuing its objectives, the Mission are running towa rd the Vision. The values can also be viewed as a set of beliefs or principles t hat: - define and facilitate the participation of people in the development of t he Mission, Vision and Values of their own - define and facilitate the articulat ion of the Mission, Vision and Values - facilitate the commitment among employee s - facilitate employee commitment to the market, and - facilitate employee comm itment to the community and society. The wording of each value should be short. The values are nonnegotiable, and the most perennial of a company. The set of va lues must define the rules of the game in terms of behaviors and attitudes,€must contain a subset of responses to the following questions: How employees should behave, individually? How employees relate to each other? How employees relate t o customers? How the company treats its customers? As the company does business? How we interact with the community? What is our responsibility to society? What values, beliefs or principles are important for the company? Briefly, the values: - Define the basic rules that guide the behaviors and attit udes of all employees. - Are the rules for running the mission, we achieve the V ision. - They are the support, the stuff of moral and ethical company. And last but not ending: the construction of a set of Mission, Vision and Values, is only useful if the practice of everyday life, from president to janitor, shows and p roves to be the set of rules governing the conduct of staff your company. Otherw ise it is sheer waste of time because if what is said and what is preached is di fferent from what is done, the Mission, Vision and Values only become a bundle o f letters, falling into the void of routine. Finally, the whole Mission, Vision and Values also serves to facilitate and promote the convergence of human effort , material and financial. Mission, Vision and Values is a way for you to be ther e, present in each Moment of Truth in your company, without having to go there. So why not start to build, build, build the Mission, Vision and Values of your c ompany, even if YOU SA Vision Client to client, show, demonstrate and build our reputation: we are the best pa rtnership to promote the success of our customers. Mission Helping our clients to attract more and better customers. Our clients are consul tants, professionals, independent professionals, professional service and market ing, and entrepreneurs, owners and managers of small and medium enterprises in t he service area. Values We have the values described below, the result of the design life of each one of us. Lined these values drive all our actions, even in the most adverse. These v alues represent our way of being and guide our conduct and professional staff, b oth individually and collectively. Dedication to helping customers We truly care for each customer. We build lastin

g relationships supported by both the understanding and anticipating the needs o f our customers, and by serving them better each time. Our dedication and commit ment to our values that make our customers know they can count on us to provide superior services to help them achieve their business goals. Focus on results Ou r dedication to customers makes us the commitment to exceed the desired results and worked out with clients. For both our work starts only after we agreed and h elped, when appropriate, to determine the outcome, or set them, what the custome r wants. The establishment of a protocol of results is the beginning of our work . Unconditional Guarantee We guarantee customer satisfaction. Our confidence in consistent and consistently exceed the agreed upon results is such that we guara ntee, unconditionally, the full refund of amounts paid for our services, if any customer is not satisfied with our achievements. No questions, no questions aske d. Period. High Standard of Integrity We believe in an ethical consultancy that promotes the care needs and goals of clients. Our consultation exercise aims to promote the satisfaction of our customers and we know that this is generating pe rpetuity. We are honest and ethical in all our dealings, getting in the way we t reat ourselves. We fulfill our promises and admit our mistakes. Our personal con duct ensures that we are worthy of trust. Confidentiality Guarantee We guarantee total confidentiality of our customers and our potential customers. We also gua rantee that not giving advice to any competitors of our customers, to act in the same segment and in the same geographic area, during six months after the end o f our consultants. In case of doubt in the framework of the above our client wil l be consulted. Social Responsibility We come together freely to other colleague s and organizations to promote the interests of society. Our sense of community responsibility leads us to ensure that reserve 5% of our gross income for donati ons to charitable or public activities for the betterment of society, chosen ann ually.€We use this mechanism to promote and care for the community where we live and work. Each of us, and the team as a whole, leaves a legacy of our work in b uilding a better world for future generations. Respect We treat all people with respect and dignity, recognizing differences in individual values and cultural b ackgrounds. We communicate with candor, listening to each level and regardless o f education, gender, race, rank, financial or social. We recognize that quality begins with people, and between them, with each of us individually. Our organizational environment fosters diversity of ideas, views and thoughts, k nowing that it generates innovation and conflict, but that, properly treated, pr omotes personal growth and continuous learning. Our culture seeks different pers pectives and risks in search of new opportunities. We create and convert our lea rning services, researching new ways to make communication more efficient and fr iendly, making it a tool for growth and optimization for our clients to attract more and better customers. AJAX-NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY "Our mission is to pr ovide protection solutions, with promptness and excellence, drawing on the exper tise and the constant improvement of our human resources in order to ensure heri tage, values and responsibilities." PETROBRAS-Petróleo Brasileiro SA "To supply the domestic market for oil, natural gas and derivatives, through the activities defined in the Act 2004, so profitable and less cost to society, contributing t o the development of the country." SYSTEM SENAI "Providing services to the indus trial communities, government, education and other areas of preparation of Human Resources at different levels, technical / technological, quality assurance and certification, generation and dissemination of technologies and information dis semination, contributing to strengthening the industry and the socio-economic de velopment of the country. " Ruralminas - RURAL FOUNDATION MINEIRA "Contributing to the promotion of man, by planning and implementing actions of nature land, ag riculture, hydro-agricultural, settlement and socio-economic infrastructure, aim ed at integrated development of the State of Minas Gerais." CEPECS - STUDIES AND RESEARCH CENTER CLOVIS SALGADO "Promoting health, family planning and maternal and child protection, reporting, enabling access and benefit mainly the poor peo ple of Ontario." HOSPITAL S. FELDMAN "Participating in health promotion, materna l and child care through the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, aimed at soc ial welfare."

It is the mission following the guideline for the functioning of the system TELE BRÁS: "Providing telecommunications services to society appropriate to their pol itical and economic development and social welfare." Vision Vision is a long-term dream, which is essentially a dream that will never be reached. It may seem unusual, but the goal here is exactly what the Vision i s always a little out of reach. The pursuit of this dream is what you should kee p your business alive and must be well expressed in the business plan. Examples of 3M Vision "To be recognized as an innovator and premier provider of products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations." Itaú "Being the leading bank in performance, robust and reliable recognition, es pecially by using aggressive marketing, advanced technology and trained staff, c ommitted to total quality and customer satisfaction Mission The Mission is what you want your company to be. It should be challengin g, but attainable. A mission statement should be clear and made you understand w hat's the deal, has a defined strategy and knows how to achieve your goals. Many companies have written statements of Mission and Vision, a trend that began to spread in Brazil in the early 90s, with the total quality programs. However, man y companies make their statements in a very poor, hurried and often, it might be better not to do. Some mistakes to avoid this task are: Do not pour description s of their business on a sheet of paper, not write in order to annoy the reader. Use simple language, without jargon; Do not write a thesis. In just a few lines , do not pretend that there is no emotion. If the statement seems artificial, th e reader will think the same of your company; not lie, either for yourself or fo r others. Do not confuse the term "vision" with "illusion" Do not forget to coll ect subsidies for many employees as needed,€but do not forget that the party lea der's vision of the company, being quite the task delegated. There are also many companies that confuse vision with mission, but there are several differences b etween these two statements: The Vision is what you dream for the business, whil e the mission is to identify the business; Vision tells where to go, where as th e Mission says we; Vision is the "passport" for the future while the mission is the "identity card" of the company; Vision energizes the company, while the miss ion gives way to it; The vision is inspiring, while the mission is motivating . Vision and Mission statements are not to be read only as part of its business pl an. They must exist independently of him and are true guides for your business. Must show passion. Therefore, should not be hastily written, uncompromisingly, o r just because it is something that "everybody does" and that "investors would l ike to see." Examples of Citibank Mission "To offer any financial service in any country where you can do it legally and profitably." McDonald's "Serving qualit y food quickly and sympathetically, in a clean and pleasant." National Finds "Pr oviding transport solutions through the rental car, striving for excellence." (1 989) Pepsi Co. "Beating the Coca-Cola" Honda "crush, squeeze and slaughter Yamaha" VISION, MISSION AND VALUES We work progress of a company specializing in systems management databases to Co nnix Computers and Consulting Ltda. The Dynamic Pages is more than one system, i s a concept capable of handling material published on websites, intranets and co rporate information in a simple and efficient, supporting both a large volume of data, as a large volume of simultaneous accesses. Vision Being the best company to supply software for content management for WEB environ ment.

vision Being an international steel company, world-class. MISSION theGroup Gerdau is a business organization focused on steel, with a mission to meet the needs of cust omers and create value for shareholders, committed to the achievement of the peo ple and the sustainable development of society. CORPORATE VALUES corporate values followed the advice to attend all public Group Gerdau: customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and community. Can be adap ted to the reality of the country where its operations are located, and thus hav e the inclusion of specific practices and valued in each region. Mission "To promote quality of life and productivity growth in companies through the adaptation of the work environment and occupational health standards" Visio n "To be a benchmark of quality, efficiency and professionalism in occupational health" Mission To always be ahead of market opportunities by offering products and serv ices with maximum quality and speed, exceeding expectations of its clients, crea ting innovative and profitable business for your organization, your customers an d employees. Overview In 2009, a reference point in the development and deployme nt of innovative solutions in industrial cleaning and property in order to keep us grounded in the preservation of man and the environment in domestic and inter national markets. Values • • • • The main profile of Green Process from the outset, is to keep aligned with envir onmental preservation and safety of human beings. Our team consists of people wh o excel integrity and ethics. Our greatest asset is our people that integrate cu stomers, suppliers and employees. Our training is based on high standards Mission: Being a customer oriented graphical Vision: To be the best graphics of Santa Catarina, in terms of results and quality of services, valuing and meeting the expectations of customers, suppliers, employees and partners. Values: Integ rity, ethics and honesty. Health and safety at work. Preservation of the environ ment. Quality of products and services. Respect for customers, suppliers, employ ees and community. Quality and objectives desired by the customer. MISSION - To develop and enhance skills through training and qualification of pe ople - Ensure proper supervision of health workers, depending on the risks to wh ich they are exposed in the workplace - Plan to prevent the company, a coherent system that is based the technical, work organization and social relations - Pla nning for prevention in the workplace, with the identification of potential haza rds to food safety assessment and control,€ensuring the production and distribut ion of safe food - Contribute to the enrichment of individuals and organizations VISION - to achieve excellence in their areas of action VALUES - Accuracy - Professionalism - Responsibility - Reliability - Flexibility - Transparency - Teamwork - Speed responses MISSION, VISION AND VALUES MISSION Market footwear and accessories, on trend, with quality and competitive prices, always seeking excellence in service and business profitability. VISION To be the best and biggest retailer of footwear and accessories in the country, being a reference in fashion, striving for excellence in their relationship with suppliers, employees and customers. VALUES - Commitment to product quality, see

king partnerships with reputable suppliers that meet the standards of health and safety and environmental laws, and who do not use child labor. - Excellence in care through the development of its employees with fair compensation and opportu nity for growth and development. - Social Responsibility through actions that pr omote partnerships with reputable charities. - Respect for the law through the e nforcement of environmental legislation, legal, tax and labor. - Ethics, respect and transparency in relations with customers, suppliers, employees and governme nt institutions. Vision MSG will be in two years, the benchmark in excellence in the practice of teachin g and research focused on the Total Quality Management, Safety and Environment a nd Social Responsibility and Sustainability, making individuals aware of their c ivic duties, technical and ethical / humanities with the Brazilian society. M i s s ã the Our mission is to train qualified personnel for research, teaching and managemen t development in the productive system. Using values of Ethics and Social Respon sibility, Focus on People, Quality, Commitment to stakeholders, Continuous Impro vement, Community Involvement, Integrity and Leadership. V a l o r e s To substantiate all pertinent actions and realize its vision of the future, the MSG is based on the following core values:

Ethics and transparency, sustainable development, Indiciossiabilidade between Te aching and Research, Human Development, Respect for human diversity. GUIDING THE BUSINESS ACTION Vision CPFL "Being recognized as a corporate benchmark in the energy sector for the quality of their products and services, the competence of its staff and values held." Mission CPFL "Acting in a competitive national energy market, promoting the continuous satisf action of customers, shareholders, employees and partners, contributing to the d evelopment and welfare of society." Values CPFL • • • • • • • Promptness and courtesy with customers Treatment dignity and respe ct for all people security and quality of work life permanent search of excellen ce and business growth ethical behavior and professional pride transparent socia l responsibility and respect for the environment Quality Policy "To promote the continued satisfaction of our customers, shareholders, employees and partners by improving the quality of our products and services." Environmental policy "Providing services to society in the energy area with full respect for the envi ronment, complying with environmental laws, preventing pollution and promoting c ontinuous improvement in environmental performance in our activities." Health Policy, Security and Quality of Life CPFL "Continuously seeking the welfare of employees, providing a healthy environment and safe working conditions in accordance with the rules of safety and occupatio nal medicine in force, identifying, preventing, managing and mitigating risks th

at could lead to incidents and accidents, property and personal seeking continuo us improvement of all work processes and promoting the quality of life. " MISSION To promote safety in all activities of leisure and tourism in Brazil, to ensure that citizens can enjoy the entertainment without worrying about the ris k of mental and bodily harm. VISION Encouraging citizens, users of the tourist a nd leisure activities, to require conditions of security, so this attitude mobil ize the government to create regulatory standards that applied to companies in t he sector, safeguard the integrity of consumers. VALUES Respect for Life Social Responsibility Commitment Ethics Attitude Vision Being the No. 1 company in foreign trade, with the greatest ability to provide i ntelligent solutions with innovation and ethics,€providing better working condit ions through ongoing challenges and commitment of employees. Mission Viable business in international trade and national agility and accountability, the best market conditions, exceeding customer expectations. Our values Respect for life Safety and health promotion Commitment Social Responsibility and Ethics seriousn ess and discipline attitude and quality