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te. -Month-and growing Download the new (2008) PDF editing program, eWriter Pro, which lets you edit al l your work in PDF format includes complete manual in Spanish! Compiler program Download Easy Ebook Creator ebooks to build your HTML manual in Spanish and prog rams exclusive publishing and reading electronic books.€Access our Idea Bank, w here we reveal our own secrets regular edition, publication and sale. Access our tools section, where we put at the disposal the same tools we use for our own i ssues. Accessing the resources section, where we recommend leading edge products can be purchased at the best price. We investigated the network and to recommen d to our users always the last resource. Access Counseling Center, where members of the Club can contact us to clarify any doubts about editing, promotion and s ale of electronic books. EXCLUSIVE ATTENTION. Access to our series of tutorials. Participate in our Affiliate Program. Members Only. As a Club member, you'll go to a special membership program will allow you to recommend our membership and take every time ... 50% of your sales! State-of-the-Art Ciberautores Club / updated constantly. More than 10 sections of content including tools, resources, programs, ebooks, d ownloads, tutorials, tips, ideas bank. Site constantly updated. New PDF Editor eWriterPro 100% Professional! "Finally there is the simple way Post Quality PDF eBooks, wit hout spending excessive time, effort and money" This new comprehensive program i s in English but comes with a complete manual for installation and use in Spanis h that will make it very simple to use . "Now you can create PDFs amazing almost immediately without spending much money!" In just five minutes from now, you ca n start transforming any of your documents - text, images, websites, or any othe r document you want-in the universal PDF format. EWriterPro Introducing ... This program is extremely simple to use, probably not need to read the complete manual in Spanish that we prepare for use. Yes, because due to their timeliness, this program is in its original language, English. But with the manual, or even without, "you can be taking advantage of this sensational tool before anyone el se in the Hispanic market. If you can write an email, then you can start publish ing your own PDF Ebooks in just minutes. But do not let this simplicity fool you ... The PDF files made with professional eWriterPro be as safe as any other PDF file produced with another costly program. And also ... EBooks Compiler from HTML pages Maybe you've seen this program once on the Inter net. We will deliver it with a complete visual manual in Spanish, you get the mo st benefit. Taskbar completely configurable to the convenience of its users. Choice of diffe rent screen sizes, to facilitate reading your ebook. You decide which / is / opt ion is better suited for your product and your customer demands. Possibility of establishing a trial period for your ebook after which it ceases to be accessed by the reader. This allows for example to offer your customers demo version expi red between alternatives. Key protection for the ebook. You can completely prote ct your ebook from prying eyes by providing personalized password to your client so that only your ebook can be accessed by typing the key in each opening. Date expiration. You can set a deadline after which the ebook will cease to be able t o be opened. Configurable buttons. You can select the default buttons, change th e text of the same or even use your own buttons! This option is great for those seeking to publish electronic books in different languages. Logo configurable. Y ou can set your own logo so that your ebook is easily recognized on any PC throu ghout the world. Dragging of files that allows you to import and compile files f rom anywhere on your Windows and different folders on your hard drive. You need

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