Extras Twilight Saga 10/15 Index 1. Badminton - Twilight Extras (Chapter 11) Stephenie Meyer 10/15 EXTRAS 2.

Emmett and the Bear "Twilight Extras (Chapter 14) 3. Shopping with Alice-Twil ight Extras (Chapter 20) 4. Extras prom-Twilight (Epilogue) 5. Narcotics-Extras New Moon (Chapter 2) 6. Extras Scholarship-New Moon (Several chapters) 7. The Ca ll-Extras New Moon (Chapter 18) / As Edward 8. -Extras miscalculation New Moon ( Chapter 19) / As Rosalie 9. Jacob-Extras Summary of the Saga / Narrated by Jacob 10. Characters - The Swan 11. Characters - The Cullens 12. Characters - The Ind ians of La Push 13. Characters - Friends of the Institute 14. Characters - Enemi es 15. Other Characters Characters - The Swan Bella Swan Name: Isabella Marie Swan - Bell Species: Human 2 Stephenie Meyer 10/15 EXTRAS Physical Appearance: Brown Eyes Chocolate / dark brown hair, long wavy / 1.65 cm / Slim / Pale Skin Born: September 13, 1988 / Forks, Washington Family: Father: Charlie Swan Mother: Renee Dwyer / Stepfather: Phil Dwyer Personality: Extremel y awkward / They can not read your mind / Somewhat headstrong Activities: Studie s at the Institute Forks / Careers in the sports shop Newton family / It has a C hevy truck, 1953 red Personal History: When she just was six months old, her mot her and father separated. She spent most of his life in California and then in P hoenix, Arizona where it was not very popular and never felt comfortable. When h is mother remarried, Bella decided to return to his father in Forks, and she fel t guilty when her mother was not able to spend much time traveling with her new husband. His father as a welcome gift, he bought a secondhand van. At school, Be lla was welcomed and made friends right away. The first time I saw Edward and hi s family was at lunch the first day. After a first encounter something strange, Bella falls for Edward. After a while, guess his secret and accepts him as a vam pire. The two fall in love despite the differences and difficulties between them . He saves her life several times since then and is responsible to keep it alive . His great desire, at first, is to become a vampire to be eternally with her fi rst love. Charlie Swan Name: Charlie Swan Species: Human Physical Appearance: - Birth: 1964 / Forks, Wa shington Family: Daughter: Bella Swan / Ex-wife: Renee Dwyer Personality: Very p rotective of his daughter / do not know how to cook: Forks Police Chief / Fishin g / watch sports on TV Personal history: Charlie and Renee were not married long . His daughter Bella was born in 1988 and divorced in 1989. Although he has been divorced for seventeen years, has not really reached beyond the divorce. When I was little, Bella went to visit a month in summer. When he was fourteen years o ld, stood and demanded a holiday with her father elsewhere. They used to go to C alifornia. When Renee remarried, Bella went to live with Charlie. He did everyth ing he could to make Bella feel at home. Renee Dwyer Name: Renee Higginbotham Dwyer 3

Stephenie Meyer 10/15 EXTRAS Species: Human Physical Appearance: Brown Eyes Chocolate / dark brown hair, shor t and wavy / Slim / Pale Birth: 1968 / Phoenix, Arizona Family: Married to Phil Dwyer / Daughter: Bella Swan / Ex husband Charlie Swan Personality: Free Spirit , crazy and sometimes very forgetful Activities: Professor alternate personal hi story: After divorcing Charlie, Bella moved to Riverside, California and shortly after Phoenix, Arizona. In 2004, he met and fell in love with a player's minor league baseball, Phil Dwyer with whom later married. It was difficult for them t o spend time together, and he was always traveling and she stayed home with Bell a. Bella decided to move in with his father, clearing Renée to travel with her new husband. Phil Dwyer Name: Philip Dwyer Species: Human Physical Appearance / Birth / Personality: - F amily: Married to Phil Dwyer / Step-Daughter: Bella Swan Activities: professiona l baseball player in history minor league staff: Phil, though some years older t han Renee, married Bella's mother. He travels constantly playing in minor league baseball and spends most of his time away from his new family. Therefore, Bella chooses to move to Forks to give the newlyweds time to be together. Finally, Ph il signs a contract with the Suns, a team in Jacksonville, Florida, and he and R enée up residence. 4