12 Thursday, October 30, 2008 HELLO LAUNCHES BLINK, THE SOCIAL NETWORK FOR MOBILE Hello, a company specializing in solutions

for digital entertainment, presented blinko, the social network designed for use by mobile (www.blinko.it). The platf orm allows users to send instant messages and chat, but also look for old friend s (as for example on Facebook) using their telephone number automatically import ed from contacts of the phone. Soon will be available for the automatic recognit ion of the telephone number to access the platform without having to enter usern ame and password. The service is free, but data travels via the web is therefore advisable to have a flat fee for mobile navigation. CONSUMPTION And IF the phone is connected, travel FREE SMS One of the blink function is to s end free messages via mobile phone. Users can send text messages directly from t he platform: the real recipient received a message with the real sender and can respond directly, as with an ordinary SMS. Walking on the Internet It is now also available in the Google Street View Italy: with the PC you walk t o Milan, Rome, Florence and along the Lake Como ï ® ï € Now for a walk in Milan, Rome, Florence and along the shores of Lake Como no longer necessary to leave the house. With just a computer connected to the Inte rnet for walking on the edge of Co losseo in Rome, enter the park of the Castell o Sforzesco in Milan, walking on Ponte Vecchio in Florence or close to George Cl ooney's villa overlooking Lake Como. Italy in a PC. Google has today announced t he launch in Italy ated Street view of the service (available at: http:// maps.g oogle.it / Streetview). It is a new feature of Google maps that allow your users to navigate at 360 degrees for city streets. For now the service will be availa ble for the metropolitan areas of Milan, Rome and Florence and the area of Lake Como. "We are excited to extend the coverage of Street View in Italy explains Gi orgia Longoni, Google's director of marketing Italy. This is just the beginning I am applying for a service that will allow us to know even better Italy not onl y to those living abroad, but to anyone who wants Cammi Nare the streets of our cities finest remaining comfortably seated on sofa. As the United States. With t oday's launch Cities go online 1 2 3 4 Italy became the third country in Europe, where Google has enabled Google Street View maps, along with France and Spain. Overall, the city covered by the servic e are over 50 around the world do: Most are concentrated in United States, Australia and Japan. Even on the phone. The service is also avail opment to be used by mobile. It can be reached by connecting to the mobile vers ion of Google maps. Antonio Carlo Larizza a.larizza @ ilsole24ore.com Highlights. From today, just a few touches of the mouse to walk through the stre ets of Milan (1), Florence (3), Rome (4) and along the shore of Lake Como (2). T

he Google Street View is available at: http://maps.google.it/streetview Ten tips for using the new instrument 1. Explore parts of the world you've always wanted to visit and review sites you've already seen. 2. Watch the hotel in advance or the house of your vacation. 3. Show your friends the place where you live, where you work, where you from last weekend. 4. Retrace the path you did and found that you've seen but do not remember the address (restaurants , shops, etc...) 5. He studied geography, vegetation and landscape tion of the w orld will seem different. 6. Show the guests where b Ra's your birthday, do you see your teammates on the field you do is play the game. Organizes excursions. 7 . If you're looking for a house, take a virtual tour of IM in the mobile you wan t. 8. See what the neighborhood offers parks, roads, public transport, shopping malls and parking lots. 9. Avoid barriers architect niche looking buildings in a dvance. 10. Your children go to school by foot? Plan the trip together with them , showing the landmarks along the road. Identikit Street view is an evolution of online mapping service Google Maps. Unlike two-di mensional version, however, to explore the streets of a city through panoramic p hotographs taken at that street level. To access the pictures, just click on "St reet View" on Google Maps, click the camera icon appears above city, and zoom.€ At this point you can abide spo back and forth along the streets, but also chang e the view by rotating the image 360 degrees. As if you were physically in the s elected location.