MANUAL OF GOOGLE SITES Creating collaborative Web sites and pages MANUEL LOPEZ CAPARRA OCTOBER 2008 Google

Sites-Manual Index INTRODUCTION ................................................. ................. ... 3 1. PRE-REGISTRATION ................................................ ..... ....... 4 2. HOME PAGE .............................................. .......... 5 3. Edit the page ............................................... ....... 6 4. Add new page ...................................... 14 5. SETTING THE SITE TO M EASURE ....................... 21 6. SPECIAL FEATURES .......................... ......... 26 7. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS ......................................... 2 8 Page 2 Google Sites-Manual INTRODUCTION This document is intended as a guide to use of "Google sites" to build websites. After practicing with Google sites I am able to say that we have a tool that br ings many qualities, among which are:. Its ease of use allows anyone to approach and see how with a few clicks you can build a website for you. This is possible, and where its power, we can create si tes to collaborate in groups, maintain updated information, share documents and files of all kinds. The websites created using this tool can be adapted to many situations and needs that can claim, and what most struck me from the beginning is that in themselve s serve as a "wiki". In addition if we can add a simple ad system with the struc ture of a blog. Ultimately no shortage of virtues to be consecrated as a good al ternative for web design to take into account. I have written this book attracte d by all these peculiarities, excited by the project work that occurred to me wh ile I was experiencing its capabilities. Through screenshots explain all that we can find menus, adding in some cases some ideas and real examples. Hopefully it will be useful to many people. The Author Manuel Lopez Caparros Page 3 Google Sites-Manual Previous 1.Registro 1.1-Welcome screen to access the service at the following address: http://sites. We must have a Google Account to proceed as it asks us to identify wi th your username and password. If not we would have to create it. Once you have entered is just click on: 1.2-Key facts must fill in a quick and simple form, as shown here with my sample data: 1. Write the name by which we call our site: Tests with Google sites, Manolo's W eb, Class 1 ESO, Alpujarra Project ,.... This name appears in the top frame of t he web. 2. Write the name you want to contain the URL or location to find the si

te. With this in mind, our web address is: ongooglesite Following are some options to select, but to expedite the creation default prefer to leave them as is and later configure the measure. They relate to: Content only for adults who can see the site's theme webdesign Finally we note the code that presents and Create a website to complete. Page 4 Google Sites-Manual 2. Home page The site created after the previous record, looks like this: The structure presents until the change is: Top frame: Site Name: Testing with G oogle sites lateral Marco: Marco Main Navigation Menu: Home (now empty) Marco Bo ttom: Attachments - Comments This is the page is called "Home", it is the first that appear to enter the site. We will take special care in its design and conte nt by importance, as it may be the point of entry and departure of the entire si te. Also, place of welcome or presentation, content that may be of more use to t he visitor when he enters it. To build this and any other page that we add, we u se the editing tools that appear when you click on Edit page to configure proper ly, we click More Actions. All this will be discussed in detail later. Page 5 Google Sites-Manual 3. Editing this page To do this click Edit Page. . 1.-The first thing we see is a quick edit bar, wit h which we can write: the font and size, format and font color, links, numbers, bullets, indents and justification, remove formatting or edit the HTML (if we ar e experts) We started writing some text as a greeting or presentation€mark it with the mous e and apply some formatting. The result could look like this: 2 .- We also have four drop-down menus that provide us with many items to includ e, and configuration options, some already on the previous bar. Choose Insert: To insert any format menu item: Change sizes and put some special text formats Menu table: To insert tables Menu Design: A choice of pages to 1 o r 2 columns Any changes we make must be accepted with Save. We canceled by click ing Cancel. Page 6 Google Sites-Manual Let's look at all the possibilities of these menus. 3.1-Choose Insert is fairly complete by the number of elements integrated. Are grouped together for greater ease. 1. Simple elements: Table of Contents Links Images Horizontal Line

2. Google Services: Calendar Text Documents Picasa Web Albums Presentations Spre adsheets Forms Videos (Youtube, Google Video) 3. Google Gadgets: Latest posts Latest posts or updated files updated lists Gadg ets More Text Boxes Page 7 Google Sites-Manual 3.1.1-Inserting an Image Insert> Image If the image you want to include this in locate and add. On occasion we may wish ase we ask for your route (URL). To find e over the image and right mouse button, nu. In the following example has added a our team, we just have to click Browse, to place an image on the web. In this c out should only have to hover your mous point to "copy link" in the dropdown me photo:

Clicking on the image, we can see is accompanied by an editing menu to suit our needs: Align L: Align left Align C: R Align center Align: Align to the right siz e S: Small Size M: Size Size Medium L: Large Original: Set of original size: Con tour Adjust text off: No Outline text Delete: Deletes the image P. 8 Google Sites-Manual 3.1.2 "We insert a link marked with the mouse where we will put the link then: I nsert> Link The window that opens, offers three possibilities: 1 Link to a page that already have on our site (page attached): We just have to point out that interest us am ong those that have (are listed below) 2 Link to another website (Web address): write the address of the web 3 º Create a new page on the site and link to it (C reating new page): I would put the title and choose the type of page. This ease of page creation links section reminds us of a wiki. Page 9 Google Sites-Manual 3.1.3-Insert other important elements Table of contents Insert> Insert Table of Contents As an example, a table of contents is an index that corresponds to the different paragraphs or sections containing a letter or text within a page. Some times it may be useful to insert to navigate faster. This table will be created only if the different paragraphs or sections of the letter are heading style. Go ogle Calendar services, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, Picasa photos, f orms, videos can be added to the page quickly. When it comes to a document, spre adsheet or presentation, we show the files you have stored in Google Docs. We ju st have to select Select the document to add In other cases we paste the web address or URL of the item and also fill in some sections to configure the measure. Write the web address Select size Include edge and Title

Page 10 Google Sites-Manual Gadgets are gadgets, utilities that we are very practical and with more reason i f you put them on a website. On the menu we have access to the following: Recent Entries: Latest posts, ads, or tickets Recently Updated Files: Latest update fi les Recent List Items: Latest listings Text Box: Text Box or box We will conside r that to insert either the first three gadgets, we have previously created the relevant pages, ie pages should be those on the site and also contain informatio n or records. So for example if we try to add the gadget: Recent Entries. show r espect to what are the latest posts or advertisements, we get a window like this that tells us we can only display a list of files that exist. Also do not let g o. . But if the page we have created and would only have to complete a degree and ind icate the number of entries to be submitted. Page 11 Google Sites-Manual The end result would be like this example: This gadget and others refer to updates are suitable for insertion into the home page to be informed. When it comes to insert a text box, we will have no proble m because it does not depend on any page created. It is a device that can give u s enough game as it allows you to include not only text but also: links, tables, lines, images, ... Insert any gadget Insert> See'd have to select or seek interests us thousands of Google advertising. 3.2-The Text Format menu To establish the size and details: Strikethrough Subscript Superscript Align (Left, Center, Right) We can also delete format Page 12 Google Sites-Manual Table 3.3-The menu lets you insert a table directly and graphically by placing t he mouse the number of rows and columns Once created, this menu will insert rows and columns when you want and the same way we can eliminate. 3.4-The Menu Design We can only choose to submit each page in one or two columns . Depending on the purpose and content of the pages so elijirá one or another de sign. Page 13 Google Sites-Manual

4. Adding new pages We put names to the page that we create and choose one of five types available. The content of what we put in it we chose one or another style. Finally choose the hierarchy of the page. We offer two possibilities: 1 Put it i n the highest level: This is the default. Assumes a page but with the Home or Ho me. 2 º Put it below: It would be a sub. The difference can be seen in the navigation map below: We can see how the web p age called page 2 is the only one who is under Home. All others are created in t he high level. Unless you want a very special provision and need to sub, the nor mal level would not change the default presented. When creating sub-pages, his n ame appears with the link at the very end (bottom) of the page on which they dep end. Page 14 Google Sites-Manual 4.1 - We added a simple web page is the Web Page option. It presents a blank pag e to structure and fill it with content you want. Do not forget that we have a q uick edit menu and apart four pull-down menus that we make things easier. It's t he kind of page that fits any need and we can set combining and including all ty pes of items. 4.2 - We added a page board is structured such option two columns. 4 modules app ear empty like this on the page. We appreciate that anyone clicking on the Inser t menu unfolds we already know. Therefore we can quickly assemble the page by ad ding any element: photo, document, gadgets, .. to each module, resulting in perf ectly structured. But this can alter the initial bias, adding more modules (only check one and copy-paste where we are interested in). In this way we could have for example on the same page 8 insert spaces 8 photos. We could also eliminate those that would like (check with your mouse and Delete). This page type may be useful when thinking about a photo gallery, or in any situation where you want t o include modules or information boards and we do not want to complicate to line up, including a calendar, post recent updated files, an text document to see .. . An example of a page set up with three modules: A calendar, news and list of r ecent files that have been updated. The fourth module was deleted. Page 15 Google Sites-Manual 4.3-We added a blog page is the option type ads. This page is constructed by add ing entries that will become public service announcements Title Edit window appears where the first thing we will be headlining at the ent rance and then write the contents of the news or reported. We edit the menus to format text, include images and other elements. Content When we were done and save a post appears as in this example: Here are the different parts of that: Title Date and time published author publishing content If we have multiple entries or posts we can see that are arranged in reverse ord er, and the most recent first appear. This structure, configuration and another

provision is not itself of any blog. We could think with these characteristics t o use these pages as a blog or blog, to periodically communicate something.€They are therefore appropriate to report news, updates, important news, announcement s and press releases, announcements, appointments ,.... When you insert the modu le last posts on a page, you can choose the number of posts we want to display. It is suitable for a home page. Page 16 Google Sites-Manual We add a 4.4-containing page file is the File is a page ready to store and displ ay the files we want to have on our site. 1 We name the page (in the example "Fi les") and then add one .. 2 Find the file with "Browse." We can even put a complete description of the fil e. We click on Top 3 The file is uploaded to the site and appears with the following information: N ame - Description - Size - Version - Date and time of climb - Author Actions related to the files listed: Clicking on the name, you can download it and open it by clicking on the version , historical access a different saved versions of the document. Page 17 Google Sites-Manual Let's see what happens when we click on the version 3 of file: It shows all the modifications made to the relevant issue date. If we only have to recover any download. To highlight this potential, which reminds us of wikis, as it can store the evolution that has seen a document in its various editions and at any time return to what interests us. Sometimes it is a guarantee of safe ty. Organizing files into folders When this page is required climbed many files of a certain order to keep them organized. It is time to create folders and plac e them where you are interested. First selection marks the square that is left of file name and then choose betwe en creating a new folder or move an existing one. Deleting files and folders To delete a file, select as mentioned in the previous section, and we click Delete. To delete a folder just have to click on Delete i n parentheses to the right of the name. We note that also deleted the files it c ontains. Subscribing to change if we want to be informed of the changes undergon e by this page, we just have to subscribe to the Subscribe button to change page . If there is anything new or amended, we will email to our account where we war n you of the changes that have taken place. Such sites are very useful to upload files and have them in a safe, yet that they can be shared with the world or wi th a small group. The best, we are abreast of changes and updates. I remember th at web space is 100MB. There can be many files .... Pag 18 Google Sites-Manual 4.5-We added a page type list is the option list. This is a page that contains l

istings tailored to our size. As in previous cases the first step is to put the name to the page. Then he opens a window with four options. If we click on any of the three first see how we have a template with lists and structured. Surely no fits what we want to translate, so I recommend the last op tion (Create your own list), where we can create from start to define our own co lumns listed. It has to name or label to the spine and at the same time choose the type of con tent you will have. So we may choose to: Check Box: If you want to place a squar e of option to select or deselect Date: Drop Down To put dates: drop-down menu t o select different options Text: To add text URL: To put hyperlinks Playing with all these possibilities could make any listing that suits our needs by presenti ng the information as we wish. Page 19 Google Sites-Manual In the following example, we ns: Name: Name of a student. ntrol of three topics. Check option: We put a valuation. l-Well. collect information, and define for this five colum I use the Text option Item 1-Item 2-Item 3: Take co the box if it is passed. I use the Global check box I use the dropdown option: a choice between Mal-Wel

This case, I can think might be useful in a group class to keep track of the top ics or lessons and show a final assessment. At other times we may be of interest to reflect dates, links, contact details, ... On this last example that has three records, see how: 1.Añadimos a new record to the list by clicking on Add item should fill in the form that appears with the data we required.€When you save the new record is added. Data 2.Ordenamos Sort B y clicking on, located just below the label of each column. It gives us the abil ity to sort alphabetically in ascending or descending. 3.Modificamos the structu re of the list by clicking the Customize this list at any moment we can customiz e the listing by changing, adding or removing columns. We have seen therefore a page model that can pick up and ordered custom lists that we can use to present information of interest. Page 20 Google Sites-Manual 5. Setting our site 5.1-Access or shared with other Site Settings> Share this site A site can be sha red with everyone (public) or users you specify. We must first explain that ther e are three possibilities to interact: 1 As the owner 2nd 3rd As a partner As a simple user or reader The "owner" who has full privileges to manage the site. Th e "contributor" can: Create, edit, move and delete pages Add attachments to add comments Add and dele te pages from the navigation sidebar Subscribe to changes occurring at the site The simple user or "reader" can only view the pages. The site created allows us to invite others as owners, collaborators and readers using the form where you write the email, which can be removed without any prob lem of our contacts from gmail. If the site is "public" so that everyone can see

, the advanced permissions section should have checked the box below. If you want to be "private", only for a few, we remove the check mark. I remembe r that this option was also available during the process of creation and registr ation of the site, and we leave the default and public. Looking to the right wil l be informed of all users involved. Page 21 Google Sites-Manual 5.2 fault free .. We th if Configure the appearance Site Settings> Change aspect-5.2.1 changed the de site design, took our page the entire screen width: 100 If we want to be a space on both sides and not fill the screen change the width at 90,80,70 . tried to make it to our liking. If we have an underlying theme to this wid we enjoy it thoroughly and will be perfectly visible. We can also:

Unchecking the "head", remove the top frame that contains the title and logo. Th e default height is the size of the logo. We can also change the height.

Unchecking the Sidebar, remove the sidebar. In this case we have an entire web p age and without side frames. We choose the frame to the right or left, and if we want, also change the defaul t width is 150. In the example I changed the size of the site at 80% and the wid th of the sidebar to 140 pixels. 5.2.2-changed the default logo is top left in the head and not support another p osition. If we put another logo that is not Google's sites, we will click on "ch ange the logo." In the window that opens: Selecting "no logo" without it. If we choose to add on e, we want to look for the "Browse". We note that the logo should be dimensioned before uploading it, if we set a height. Press "OK" and save: "Save changes" In this example I placed a picture of a bouquet of flowers as a logo, the dimensio ns are 46x60 pixels. The height of the frame is determined by the size of the lo go. Page 22 Google Sites-Manual 5.2.3-configure the sidebar. The framework that we see has a width of 150 pixels , is formed at first by two tables or modules: Navigation: Navigation Menu Recen t site activity: Information on the recent activity on the site. With options: e dit, delete or add a new module (Add an element of the sidebar) Let's see in mor e detail each of the options and how we adapt to our needs. In the navigation me nu hyperlinks to pages that exist within the site. Configure it by clicking "edi t." We may change the title "Navigation" by another. In the example I've named "Menu ". With two little arrows that appear on the right will change the order of list ing of the pages included. And if there is created and want to add to appear her e we click on "add page to navigation in the sidebar, selecting the navigation m ap that shows us.€We add new modules: To appear in the sidebar. Clicking the "+ Add an element of the sidebar." We see five options are displayed. 1st-navigatio

n: links to individual pages of the site. As explained above. 2-Text: To add tex t. 3 º "Recent site activity: A list of recent site activity 4 º" My recent acti vity: A list of the recent activity as a site user 5th-Countdown: A countdown of days to a date to be specified Page 23 Google Sites-Manual Add the module text can be helpful to insert links to external sites, including icons and pictures, logos and advertising .... Add a countdown, you may have for information purposes only to highlight an event or date of an event. We may inv olve, in some cases the addition of several modules. Thus several navigation men us with links to other sites, more than one meter upcoming dates ... Once these modules, we can arrange them in the sidebar. Clicking and dragging will be place d wherever we want. Another way, perhaps faster to set the side frame, would be accessed from "Edit Sidebar", we spotted him right at the end of the frame. 5.2. 4 "We changed the colors and fonts Appearance> Colors and Fonts With the slider, select an item to change the title color, background, side fram e, ... We can put a header background image, page, sidebar. By selecting the ite m, we must find the picture "review." We may change some elements also the font or font. There are 6 available. Any changes we make shows him at the bottom of t he screen, making it quick and easy task. 5.2.5-changed the site theme Appearance> Theme We have a number of items to choo se from, each with its particular combination of colors and fonts. To try and se e how it would only have to click "preview" Pag 24 Google Sites-Manual 5.3-Other adjustments to settings tab is further from here we can: Show the site naming the site name at the top of the page. The default is to sho w. Otherwise uncheck Briefly describe the site indicates whether the content is for adults only. Mark this option if you want. Change the login page when access ing the site: the "landing page." The default is the Home page but can switch to another with "change." On statistics through Google Analytics. Clicking "More" we have instructions for how to do it. We will go into Google An alytics, giving us high and following all the steps, there will come a time when we show a code like the one I've stuck to my site. To check if it works we have to wait about 24 hours. Whenever we want to see statistics from Google Analytic s. An important detail to consider relates to the space occupied at the site of the 100 MB available. We found it in a box to the right. Page Settings Once we open another page actions> Settings page. From here we can among other things, display, or not at the end of the page "comments" and allow "attachments." Pag 25 Google Sites-Manual 6. Special Features What is special about any site created? 1 Search within the site. Located at the top right. You can not delete.

2nd Blog Site as pages can be made to the structure and philosophy of any blog: publications, entries or posts as well known, to advertise or inform. Insert a m odule with the latest posts to choose how many to display. 3rd site as a wiki en ables collaboration. Save different versions or modifications to the site, we ca n see or recover at any time. 4 Store always updated files Any file that is up here, informs us of the changes and presents the different versions for what happened. Allows storage of 100MB. 5 Immediate information of any changes to the employees with the subscription " to the site or any page," we are always abreast of the changes taking place. The partner will automatically receive an email notice. 6th Integration "Google Analytics" to display statistics of visits via Google An alytics can view and control access to our site through the varied and comprehen sive reports are generated. Pag 26 Google Sites-Manual 7th attach files into pages allows only available for employees of a site,€the b ottom of each page you can attach files that are deemed necessary to leave them there. This manual during its preparation is often attached to the home page, to keep safe and not just on the desktop of my computer. With the added advantage that is always updated and keeps the different versions. 8 We can comment only available for employees of a site, the bottom of each page you can add comments. Shown here not only the message but details of who made i t. 9th subpages under the page on which they depend sub-pages are located just belo w the page. To access any just click. Some utilities 10th footnotes If we descend and look just at the bottom of any p age, find some utilities that we can not set or deleted. Highlights: Sitemap: It shows a site map consists of all the pages created and a re presented in the form of a tree. Recent Site Activity: Displays all the chang es that have occurred on the site and the partner he has done. Pag 27 Google Sites-Manual 7. Concluding remarks With this document I have tried to present a tool which can take much advantage as I said. Adaptable and applicable for any purpose on a personal, family, work, group, and of course the teaching field. Quickly and easily create and configur e individual Web, class, group, work ... With the restrictions and access permis sions that we can establish the public, private, collaborative. To Conclude I co llect a sample of some that I could find on the net. For guidance, we can set an example to see the different approaches that could be given. A team of Volleyball In a kindergarten class A http://sites web. g / a / / intranet / Home Intranet of a company expects will soon become a popular tool and paste other links that we are not foreigner

s .... October 26, 2008 MANUEL LOPEZ *** CAPARRA ICT Coordinator CPR Poqueira Ravine This document has been created in its entirety using free software and free. *** **** Pag 28