SECOND LIFE The historical foundation of Second Life.

There are some stages that marked the historic route of the Net Now we are in the developmental stage of the Internet is called Internet 2.0. 2.0 could not exist without the Internet Second Life. In ternet 2.0 is the phase of the network in which each of us can make a contributi on for the improvement of the network for the development of its content. The fi rst embryo of the Internet 2.0 we see the development of Linux, the operating sy stem that Linus Torwalds prepared to compete with Windows. Torwalds was soon pro ved a winning choice: open the development of the operating system to all those who thought making an open source to improve it. Legions of programmers are driv en by the Linux mania is exercised to improve the system by facilitating the use by all and making it progressively better. Linux was able to undermine Windows because its development involved many people, for free, gave their contribution to improve it. The concept of open source has moved quickly on the Internet wher e it became user-generated. Navigators through simpler interfaces were able to c reate their personal websites, blogs and virtual communities based on shared con tent that they themselves put on the Net is therefore the creation of social net works based on sharing content visible all (YouTube, Flickr, etc..), the birth o f My Space true Internet space where communities segmented by preferences, socia l trends and affiliations come together exchanging views, music, documents and v ideo. eSecond Life is a mix of social networks, communities and role play. A pla ce where we create a virtual identity and interact with our fellow man. 1. What is Second Life A world between reality and imagination. Second Life ( is a world 3-D virtual environment created in the Internet where anyone can live a longer l ife or 'parallel' than real, working within a free environment and built by the users that they belong. Everyone registering on the site of Second Life (SL) creates a 'dou ble', the avatar that represents and through which it interacts with other avata rs. In this virtual world everyone can build an environment more relevant to the ir imagination. History. Second Life was founded in 2003 on the initiative of Li nden Lab, a company founded in 1999 by Philip Rosedale with the aim of creating an innovative way to share experiences. This project was implemented in Second Life, which four years after its creation can count on a community of over 4.1 million users worldwide, incl uding over 60 000 are Italian. Linden Lab are working in a group of professional s with significant experience in physics, 3D graphics and networking. Many profe ssionals Linden Lab come from other leading companies in dell'enterteiment: Elec tronic Arts, Disney, THQ, Acclaim, Hasbro, and Mattel. Philip Rosedale, before s tarting his adventure with Linden Lab, he was CTO, chief technical officer at Re alNetworks, where he worked on pioneering projects related to the development an d use of streaming media technologies. 2. Life on Second Life More than a chat over a role play. Some define a role-playing game Second Life, is really something that goes far beyond. Second Life is mix together the elemen ts of a chat, or come into contact with thousands of people located in different parts of the world, both the elements of an RPG, which can move in a virtual wo rld through a character, Avatar, which represents us in this world and that has a working and social life. The combined effect of these factors determines somet hing beyond the mere sum of two elements in Second Life everyone can bring into play your imagination and build their businesses, their homes and their image an d enter into a relationship with avatar second socialization patterns typical of the real world. A real economic system. There are different ways of interacting in SL. It can operate on a basic level is free but also on a more 'evolved', wh

ich provides the opportunity to buy virtual goods (houses, cars, clothes, etc .. .), which serve to interact more fully with other View this virtual world. This second formula, however, provides the required interaction with real dollars to buy a local currency, the Linden Dollar, you can spend in the virtual world. The re is a real change, whose current dollar prices see 'real' approximately 260/28 0 Linden Dollar.€So who sells goods or services in Second Life (SL) receives a virtual currency (Linden Dollars), which can be converted through a credit card in real dollars. Second Life, everyone is free to choose their activities or cre ate a new one: real estate agent, journalist, advertising, engineer, artist, des igner, etc ... These services, offered to other avatars, to earn Linden Dollars, to be spent in SL or change in real dollars. The change: Linden Dollars to real dollars a Date 02/28/2007 27/02/2007 26/02/20 07 25/02/2007 02/24/2007 02/23/2007 02/22/2007 02/21/2007 02/20/2007 Open Rate 268 267 266 269 267 277 276 274 267 Close Rate 277 268 277 266 269 277 267 267 266 Volume (Linden Dollar) 62,005,226 56,830,352 59,245,713 64,381,319 60,866,152 58,596,631 54,221,525 48, 136,793 55,287,130 The monthly expenditure of the 'inhabitants' of SL (Linden Dollar) Monthly expenditure to January 2007 spending 86,710 residents range 1-500 L $ 28 ,700 501-2000 L $ 20,655 2001-5000 $ 14,610 L 5001-10000 L $ 25,609 10,001 to 50 ,000 L $ 5622 from 50,001 to 100,000 L $ 4,880 100,001 to 500,000 L $ 569 500,00 1 to 1,000,000 L $ 505 Over 1,000,000 L $ 187,860 Total number of users that hav e made expenditure on SL Economic data: transactions between avatars, Linden Dollar detainees and economi c multiplier A successful case histories. It jumped the headlines worldwide in the case of a company from its activities in Second Life has managed to gain millions of real dollars. This is the Anshe Chung Studios ( which has been operational since 2004, has become a leader in the development and sale of virtual property. Everything begins to play, with an investment of $ 9.95 to buy an account on Second Life, just two years after the Anshe Chung has become a co mpany able to charge millions of dollars working in the field of graphic design properties and other virtual goods, with growth rates of around 10% per month. Residents with an inscription 'premium' 'Land' live in km2 Hours of use 3. Who's on Second Life Many companies and celebrities who have chosen to be on Second Life and replicat e their business even in the virtual world, giving him a double opportunity: to gain through the provision of goods and / or virtual services and promote themse lves in a community four million people around the world. The news agency Reuter s, for example, has opened its own virtual world office. U2 are also present on Second Life and their avatars have even held a concert. Toyota sells its cars (n ot necessarily corresponding to reality) in this virtual world and has recently made a presentation of a new model. But the list of companies in Second Life is not closed here, also working in SL

Mercedes Benz, Pontiac, Nissan, AOL, Leo Burnett, MTV, IBM, Dell, Vodafone, Cisc o, Reebok, Adidas, Coca Cola, etc. ... Some Italian political parties have reali zed the potential of this virtual world and you have landed buying an island on which was planted the flag of the party. This is Italy of Values Minister Antoni o Di Pietro Finally, it must signal its intention to open a Swedish Embassy's of fice in SL, for purposes of tourism promotion. 4) Second Life Marketing Being seen by a community of more than 4 million of avatars is a great opportuni ty for businesses. Who's going on SL shows his mark on persons in all countries of the world. Therefore if a company chooses to internationalize may be known by running an SL that makes it visible within that world. Second Life is also a hu ge focus group. Avatars (behind which people hide, do not forget) can respond to polls, be consulted, cast votes just like the real world. That's why some compa nies are beginning to use Second Life as a "thermometer" of the validity of thei r products. The latest example is the Mazda has developed a machine exclusively for submitting them to the SL avatar. The opinions collected will be the input f or the realization of a machine sold in the real world. Some other companies imp lement policies for customer loyalty in SL with obvious benefits on brand awaren ess in those communities culturally advanced and big spending power. It 's the c ase of American Apparel, a leading retailer of apparel in the U.S., for every pu rchase of any leader in his store, offers a discount for the purchase of an arti cle of clothing in his store in SL.