HACKER TVA / NET 1 - INTRODUCTION: In this text file, will learn how to capture the TV channels of the TVA

/ NET without having to be a subscriber, that is, you will learn how to have pay TV absolutely free! If you are already a subscriber of the TVA and the package does not pay up, learn how to "unlock" the other chan nels. TVA is a provider of pay TV channel that broadcasts its radio frequency in the range of SHF. The other cable operators use (NET and Multichannel), dish (N ET-SAT and Digisat) and mini-dish (DirecTV, SKY-NET and Tec-SAT). The signal tra nsmitted from the transmission towers of the TVA is "coded" so we do not have ac cess to their channels. I put the word "encrypted" in quotes deliberately becaus e in fact, none of the channels broadcast by TVA is really protected. In this as pect the TVA has a tremendous "ball out" and any Joe Bloggs can watch for free. Actually you need not build any electronic decoder to release the signal of the TVA, just do a little trick that will be taught in this text. For this reason, I do not consider illegal to view channels TVA already themselves did not bother to protect him. Furthermore, any information contained in this text is secretive . Any employee of TVA know these techniques in this release. 2 - CAPTURING THE S IGN OF TVA TVA transmits its channels for radio-frequency (in some cities it use s cable). In Rio de Janeiro, TVA distributes its channels by SHF (2500-2686 MHz) and anyone with an antenna SHF (MMDS) can pick the channels just fine. Besides the SHF, you'll also find the channels of the TVA present in UHF and VHF channel s high / CATV channel 14 through 128 (220-470 MHz). I do not know exactly why th e TVA transmits these frequencies. The staff of the TVA was unable to answer me why, but I suspect that these harmonic signals are generated by transmission in the SHF. 2.1 - Method SHF antenna (MMDS): By this method the image quality will be perfec t, but you will spend money buying a nice one antenna / converter compatible wit h that TVA uses. In this method, we will pick up TV signals present in the SHF. To do this you must purchase the following equipment: • an antenna MMDS, also know n as SHF antenna. She must have a gain 18-24 dB. A proper antenna is the model T -2206 manufactured by TecSat. • The antennas also serve proeletronic.modelos PQAS. See site antennas http / /: proeletronic.com.br / antennas / A converter • antshf .htm SHF - reduces the frequency of the SHF band (2500-2686 MHz) w / the band 22 2-408 MHz (channels 14 at 128 VHF / CATV), letting you tune channels by the VCR. This conversion should be generated in a gain of about 30dB signal. An appropri ate model is the converter SHF model T-6000 manufactured by Tec-Sat. MMDS Antenn a (SHF) resembles a small satellite dish. It should be pointed in the exact dire ction of the transmitting station. In Rio, there are multiple transmitters and r elay stations. Here are a few: • transmission tower in Sumaré (the Tijuca neighborho od) • retransmitting Botafogo (hill of the cemetery behind St. John the Baptist) • r elay Barra da Tijuca (located in the hills of Itanhangá) • retransmitting Campo Gran de (located in the hills of Medanha). If you are still in doubt in which directi on is the transmitting station / relay closest to your residence, just look w / the roof of his neighbors. See p / where the antennas of TVA are pointed. Point your antenna in the same direction. Between the transmitting antenna of TVA and its antenna may not be any obstacle in the path (tree, wall, building, etc.). Th e signal SHF walk straight and there can be nothing in the way blocking the signal. Look put your SHF antenna in a location where you have a broad view of the transmitting a ntenna. MMDS antennas (SHF) as well as satellite dishes are also adjusting the p olarization of the dipole. If you're pointing out w / a transmitter (Sumaré for ex ample) the polarization should be upright (vertical dipole). If you point your a ntenna w / a relay (all others) should be horizontal polarization (horizontal di pole). Drawing below shows the appearance of an MMDS antenna (SHF) used by the T VA. TVA buys their antennas with TEC-SAT (domestic) or California (model importe d from the USA). The California is the leading supplier of antennas w / TVA. . D rawing below shows how an MMDS antenna should be directed p / a transmitting ant enna / relay. MMDS antenna aimed correctly MMDS antenna aimed the wrong way afte r installation of the antenna. It's time we set up the converter SHF.€The antenna

cable should be connected in the connection "entry" of the converter. In connect ion "exit" the converter will call a coaxial cable that will carry the signal re ceived by the antenna input (antenna in) on your VCR. The video cassette is used w / the tuning of the channels. Just set it up w / a full line of cable TV (CAT V). NOTE: Where it says "tuner" perceive it as being "VCR." The antenna and the converter can be found in electronics shops that sell antenn as. 2.2 - Improvised Method: If you're a tough guy like me can try to tune the c hannels q are present in the VHF / CATV (channels 14-128) and UHF (14-83). As I said earlier, do not know why the channels of the TVA are present in these frequ ency bands. According to a friend of mine, these signals can be transmitted chan nel signal harmonics in the range of SHF by TVA. The harmonic signal is much low er in intensity than the original signal, so you should have a very good antenna and high gain. Test all you have available antennas (VHF and UHF). If you have a signal booster (booster) use it. Living near a transmitting antenna helps a lo t. Using a common VHF antenna and without aid of any booster, could capture all the channels distributed by TVA but with the sign pretty puny. Found in these tw o channels and 20 UHF channels in the present VHF / CATV (between channels 14 an d 128). Use your VCR to scan the full range of VHF and UHF. To peruse the full r ange of VHF (channels 2 through 128), just set your video w / a full cable TV (C ATV). 3 - HOW TO UNLOCK THE CHANNELS OF TVA Unlock (decode) channels is the easi est thing there is. The signal is transmitted from the TVA with the video signal reversed. That's why the picture is all "in-shuffled." To "reset" again the sig n, just "desenverter" the video signal. Was a breeze? No? Then read the followin g item. 3.1 - Denvertendo the sign: As mentioned earlier, the tuning of the chan nels should be made by the video cassette and television. The signal transmissio n w / TV will be made by input A / V (audio and video). If your TV has no A / V input, read the item 3.1.1. The back has two video outputs, audio (audio out) and another video (vide o out). The audio output should be played for any amplifier (serves an auxiliary sound system). The video output should be played to your TV (video in) with the sign inverted. " To make the "desinversão" you need a cable with two male RCA con nectors at each end. The figure below tells you how to build such a cable that t ransmits the video signal properly "desenvertido" video coming out of the VCR w / video-in televisão.Obs: Ideally it and mount inverter circuit video to desenvert er signs of tva. One end of this cable should be connected to the VCR (video out ) and the other end should be connected to the TV (video in). The old coaxial ca ble connected the q "out to tv" video-cassette with "antenna in" on TV, should b e removed and the TV should be selective in A / V (audio and video) 3.1.1 - Tele vision without input audio and video: Note: If your TV is old and has no input a udio and video. You can make use of a video-link w / pass the picture for televi sion. For it will simply replace one of RCA's figure up by a female RCA connecto r and connect the RCA video-link on that female. The video-link will transmit ra dio frequency video signal properly "desenvertido" w / television. A video link is easily found in stores transcoding videos, electronics shops and video clubs. The diagram below illustrates an ideal mounting an antenna using MMDS and SHF c onverter w / signal reception and a TV that has audio and video input. The tunin g of the channels should be done by video-tape. The TV should be set w / audio i nput is video. If you do not have an MMDS antenna and converter, replace them wi th a VHF or UHF antenna common as already described in Section 2.2 and use the video in the same way to tune the channels. Well that's all. I hope you can succeed in assembling p / TVA receive for free. Good luck! TOCOMA OF 2 ENTRI ES (1 CABLE AND OTHER ANTENNA MMDS) OPEN STEP BY STEP WITH ALL THAT MAKE TAKE OF F UNIT: This method is used only to old version because the new is not as small plate that ... (eg the river the board has little ...). Initial step: remove the small plate suspended without any wire break, loosen the screws and let loose t

urning back, let almost upside baixo.Sabe back ... (easily Phillips screw ...) S tep 1 - disconnect the pin 16 of integrated circuit sharp @ tocome the printed c ircuit board. note: in some models the pin already has a 1k resistor and a diode connected, just off the diode terminal and let loose those who do not have the 1k resistor will have to put it in series with the pin board (the resistor is co nnected to the pin board to pin 16 of integrated circuit) Step 2 - put a welded wire from pin 16 + the resistor to one side of a push-botton (push-button bell) normally open the other side ... push-botton goes to pin 20 of the other 40-pin integrated circuit that is not the harp ... @ tocome (135 ......) Step 3 - finis hed the welds, this done now and put everything to isolate small plate in place and close the unit, (finish) now connect the machine to the socket (note: do not connect the device with the button (pushbotton) tight). Step 4 - two traits wil l light, press the power button of the device (to call) is still locked ... ok ( still) ... Unplug the appliance power in front of the unit, now press the push-b otton we put (for 1 second) then release the button. Step 5 - now simply connect the device again in power and see that the unit is n ow open and changing channels perfectly. note: while the unit is connected to th e mains and the operator does not have the bullet lock will open if everything h appens by chance to catch just repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 to open again ... obs imp ortant: if by chance did not turn unlock the printed circuit board pins 7 and 8 of the ci 136-424-000, get a key 3-pole (type means hh) connect the central key in the pin 7 of the ci 136-424-000 recently removed from one side of the card wi ll switch to ground (eg piece of iron or tin unit chassis) the other side of the key 17 goes to the ci 136-424-000 (and this key to switch channels open and clo sed). Note important: if by chance some channel be muted just cut the jump w325 Note IMPORTANT: This scheme has the defect of exchange chroma works without prob lems, especially for Curitiba because almost all channels have exchange chroma . .. Note importantly, never press the push-botton with the device plugged into po wer because it will hang ... Note important: if the digital switch channels and appear just the same channel, it will appear to enter the channel and passes Jan uary 2 and has the same channel. Place a 1K2 resistor on pin 39 of integrated 40 -pin without being sharp tocome @ ... 39 pin to ground (chassis casting iron ... ...) If you find it difficult to find a qualified technician to do to you copy the text and delivered to him because this is a find ... RELEASE OF AN ENTRY TOC OMA 5507 (CAPE) Footsteps. Opening the tocome of an entry (cable) in eight steps: Step 1 disconnect the pin 16 of the ci tocome @ sharp plate; Step 2 pin plug in the ci 16 removed from th e board to pin 21 of C.I. 135-136-007 through a 1k resistor; Step 3 connect on p in 23 of the ci 135-136-007 through a 3k3 resistor to ground; Step 4 w304 jump c ut close to the regulator 7809 note: is between the battery and controller 7809; 5th step off the printed circuit board pins 7 and 8 of the ci 136-424-000; Step 6 get a key 3-pole (type means hh) connect the central key in the pin 7 of the ci 136-424-000 recently removed from the plate; Step 7 a side of the key is goin g to land (eg piece of iron or tin unit chassis) 8 while the other side of the k ey 17 goes to the ci 136-424-000 (and this key to switch channels open and close d) ready just connect the cable and turn on tv and all ... closed channels to se e only turn the key to access the channel ... note: be careful not to break the pins of the cis, much attention in what you do ... find it difficult to copy the text and get someone qualified to do the job ... HOW DESBROQUEAR NET These sche mes below make you release the device netEA871 or 9805 for receiving channels or tva Net .. This scheme was developed by technicians of vision, the company that provides equipment to advance net-net. All the knowledge described in this arti cle and confidential to third parties. Follow the instructions in this manual, the entire project has been tested and approved in the laboratory's own vision and several customers. In the case of the unlocked channels will change o n the appliance, but caught it will be necessary to place a cable box joint (eg, the antenna goes into the converter common converter common to the antenna inpu

t and output in advance of advance to the tv) sometimes you need to move the mod ulator converter common to tune the channels perfectly ... put the voltage regul ator to tune intermediary channels 3 or 4 stirring tune and improve the tuning o f the modulator converter common. Enjoy it .. ok ...this project has been tested and approved! BASIC QUESTIONS What is a Video converter? It is an electronic de vice capable of desenverter invert the video signal from cable TV operators. not e: the cable television operators typically transmit their encrypted signals or inverted (scrambled) that you can not see it. What is a video converter? is an e lectronic device capable of desenverter inverted video signals from cable televi sion operators. note: the cable television operators typically transmit their en crypted signals or inverted (scrambled) that you can not see it. What is a decod er? It is a device that allows the viewing of previously encoded signals. As ope rators of cable TV decoders control? Each decoder has an internal electronic ser ial etched on chips. when the client cancels the subscription is sent a signal l ocking (bullet) all or part of decodificador.este chips for the signal is sent c onstantemente.os serial locking electronics that are not recognized by the opera tors are regarded as pirates and decodes are sent several lock codes, but what c an prevent the entry of such signals with changes in the circuit locking the dev ice eg connection of a diode (anti-bullet). What types of encodings of the signals f rom cable TV? We find the following types of systems, video inversion, inversion of colors, ssavi, filtered signals, baseband systems and others. What is a Desc rambler? It is an electronic device that has the same function as a decoder: dec ode the encoded signals from a cable television company. (Note: much is sold on websites of USA, Europe and other countries). What is U-Video? It is the method most used by cable television operators to encode their signals. Depending on th e type of encryption system. the dark parts of the original image become white a nd the parts that were white are dark (like a photo negative of a photograph) an d other systems is already made just reversing video dc (polarity from positive to negative) together with the sincronismovertical. What is MMDS? mmds "multicha nnel multipoint distribution service (servirço of multichannel multipoint distribu tion of signals) is a special mode of service that uses the microwave to transmi t signals to be received at certain points within the area of service delivery. What is a downconverter? It is a device that is coupled with the MMDS antenna th at performs the conversion of high frequencies of 2500-2686 MHz captured by the antenna and converts to 222-408 MHZ which is the range of CATV. What equipment i s needed to capture the MMDS signals? MMDS antenna or SHF + converter (downconve rter) + + source converter coaxial cable 75 Ohm + decodoficador (may be an inver ter for video). How the cable companies to transmit TV signals? Can be transmitt ed through different coaxial cable, fiber optics, mmds system, DSS (digital sate llite system, etc.). What is the difference between decoders and decoders built originals? usually build a decoder. just do the step of decoding circuit video. which is somewhat inconvenient because it has the step of tuning the channels, f orcing the use VCR tuner as an example: (+ vcr video decoder complete system (tuner, power and step decoding) + tv) since the original decoder eg (zenith, Jerrold, etc.) comes with is illegal to pick up signals from cable TV ? It is illegal yes, but we ar e not obliged to receive the signals that are transmitted via air (MMDS) or the wiring that go down together with the threads of the antennas of the building. t here is nothing that can prevent us from seeing or decode it their signals that are sent into our homes without our permission. ex: my whole building is wired f or tva / net along with the antenna wire conference, some of its signs appear on my TV with the scrambled images with sound that I'm no subscriber. not the law that prevents you decode these signals that you receive without your consent. Ho w some pirate decoders or even companies are able to capture or activate all cha nnels including the channels premiere. These devices are activated in different ways: (1) add a circuit where the components change requiring the equipment to d o all channels. 2) rewrite the eprom, it is necessary to have an eprom burner eg

12C508, 24Cxx, 26cxx, 27xx 3) card cloning,€known as smartcard (rewrites the info rmation in the electronic cards tarjeta the sky or directv) is necessary to have the binary codes and a smartcard reader suitable for this function (sold in som e foreign sites). 4) through decoders built ex: (drives, video descramblers sold on site) 5) installation of an anti-bullet (ask for the full package of channel s changes the + circuit + decoder asks the company's basic package of channels b ack) then the company sends the bullet lock some channels but your player will c ontinue taking all channels freely. <Back program guide and much easier to choose what to watch and fun to plan with your family at SKY! Press button (PROGRAM GUIDE) and see their own TV dates and times of our attractions. RESERVE PROGRAM Get on your screen with a warning tha t your favorite attraction is about to begin! 1) Press (Programming Guide) 2) Se lect the pull and press CONFIRM (O), 3) Indicate how far in advance you want to be warned. We told you when the program starts. ELECTRONIC MESSAGES You receive messages about Direct TV programming, promotions and news. 1) Press the CONFIRM (O) on any channel to access the Menu SKY, 2) Select the envelope icon and press CONFIRM (O) 3) Choose the message you want to read and press CONFIRM (O), 4) To return and read the other press RETURNS. WARNING: If the icon of an envelope ap pears on your screen, this means that SKY has an urgent message for you. Press ( ?) To read it. TARJA INFORMATION Press (?) And find out everything about the pro gram you're watching: channel, start time and end of attraction beyond its indic ative classification. If you want to read the synopsis of attraction, press the (+) with Tarja Information still on screen. Using the navigation keys you can st ill check the programming of other channels without leaving the attraction is wa tching. DURATION OF TARJA Set how long you want the Tarja Information remains vi sible on the screen of your TV. Just press the button CONFIRMS (O), select the l ock icon in the navigation keys and item length Tarja choose how long you want. SYNOPSIS Learn details about the attraction that's on your TV! 1) Press (?) 2) Press (+) with Tarja Information on the screen and still see the full synopsis of attracti on on display. LEGEND AUDIO & Some channels allow you to choose the language and legends of the program you're watching. 1) Press the (+) without Tarja Informat ion visible on your TV, 2) Use the navigation keys to choose your option. PASSWO RD Create your own password to ensure that only people you authorize have access to adult channels, PPV purchases and more. 1) SKY Menu, select the lock icon, 2 ) Choose Create Password, 3) Press the CONFIRM (O) and enter 0000 - the default password of SKY, 4) Use the number keys to create your password and press CONFIR MS (O). Self-Censorship You can block certain programs according to ranking: Fre e, Youth and Adults (12-16 years) Adults Only (18 years) and Programming Erotica (18 years with explicit sex). 1) SKY Menu, select the lock icon and choose self -censorship, 2) Follow the instructions on the screen using the navigation keys and CONFIRM (O) 3) Use the default password (0000) or your password is already t o change, 4) Set the rating level you want to block and press CONFIRM (O). Your receiver will automatically block access to programs within the criteria you sel ected. To unlock the attractions, enter your password when prompted. WARNING: Wh en entering your password all programming is free for up to three minutes. Then just tune your password to any attraction within the block level that you set.