HOW TO 1 The CUT THE BOTTLE ! With the stylus, make an opening of 13 by 20 cm in the three bottles.

Two of the m, to serve as a bib, must be drilled at the bottom to allow water to drain (pho to). The third bottle will have the function of storing excess water from irriga tion. Lesson from nature with the suspended garden The vases AWAKENING THE RESPONSIBILITY BY NATURE AND ALLOW TO OBSERVE THE PROCESS OF GERMINATION 56 SCHOOL FA Zer, CA APRENDEREBRIN R s students can bring home the PET bottles used in making the garden "pedagogical ". They can also participate in enough activity during assembly, preparing the g round or helping the teacher to choose the best place to hang the vases. From th en and until the harvest of plants, there are many opportunities to study biolog y and reflect on the importance of cultivating healthy eating habits. The big ad vantage is that the suspended garden, unlike the conventional orchards, the scho ol does not need to have big free space. Any sunny corner serves to shelter plan tings of flowers, medicinal and aromatic herbs - all with little root. And the m ost fun: kids can consume these foods, taking the opportunity to enrich the scho ol lunches, for example. Prefer the seeds to seedlings for kids up with the proc ess of germination. Teach the class for lush plants need five hours of sun daily , and it is essential to dose the amount of water - the heat, two irrigations, o ne early morning and another late in the afternoon. At harvest, care to prevent the roots die: the ideal is to cut the grass three fingers above the ground. Mar celo Mattiuci Alexander, coordinator of environmental education Ituana Associati on of Environmental Protection, in Itu (SP), teaches that the most important thi ng is not to cultivate a garden for her to be showy, but to enable the student t o create liability on the nature and the place where he lives, like school or ho me. 2 Use the tip of scissors to make holes in PET bottles, which will be planted the seeds PREPARE THE SOIL Mix three parts of the earth with two well-tanned cattle manure (fertilizer), wh ich has no strong smell like chicken. Put the land into two bottles, plant seeds and water. Put sand on the third bottle, which will act as the dish. Thus, you prevent outb reaks of water appear on the dengue mosquito. April 3 AVOID WATER STOP Hang the HORTA Choose a wall that hits plenty of sunshine and cool media, leaving 20 inches of

space between them. Hang the brace at a height that allows children to see the p lants. MATERIALS NEEDED ANOTHER OPTION If you prefer, you can mount the Hortinhas using other models of support. In sto res, there are several types. A beautiful and inexpensive option is to hang the bottles with thin ropes. Children can also decorate the pots with paint based on acrylic paint, like the picture beside. ◗ ◗ ◗ ◗ ◗ ◗ ◗ ◗ ◗ ◗ ◗ 3 empty PET bottles three planter supports for 1.2 pound of ground 800 grams of compost a pound of sand seeds of parsley and chives Water Stylus Scissors bushin g 12 screws with Shovel and rake EXCLUSIVE ON-LINE A lesson plan on school garden. Visit the site /162_mai03/html/faca.htm SCHOOL FA Zer, CA APRENDEREBRIN R SCHOOL