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We put at your disposal a practical and easy to train your team and self develop ment. There are 12 CDs with themes applied to training and developing your team. • • • • • • • Contents editable so you can fit in your company; Each CD has seve ral studies on the topic; items for you to print and distribute to your team tes ts and tools so you can use in your business Resources Tables Notices of Images in PowerPoint Excel Spreadsheets on Your Use R $: 1190.00 Collection Check out the topics below: CD 1 Customer Care & Sales Investing in Customer Care is important because this is a differentiator for you r company. On this CD you will find materials, studies and workshops on the subj ect. Sales is not a natural process, technical needs and that you find on this C D. Also find tips on the attitudes that successful professional needs for the ne w market. What to do and what do you find also in attendance. The professional who knows how to communicate more sells, serves better and make s the client returns. Internal conflicts are reduced and improves customer perce ption of your company. Studies on the Verbal and Nonverbal Communication. These materials are useful for changing the behavior of professionals. Know that the p erception that the other has it's worth. Investment R $: 90.00 CD 2 Communication £: 90.00 CD 3 High Performance Teams Applied Pharmacology 4 CD Retail In your company there are just people working together? The result does not appe ar as it should? Some do more than others. On this CD, there are tools and train ing to bring people together in a single purpose. How is the expertise of your t eam? With this material, you have more than 15 classes, with editable content to study pharmacology. This material is ideal for pharmacists to train the rest of the team. (Diabetes, Hypertension, Antibiotics, reading recipes, Dermatology .. . Also set a study of emergencies in the Pharmacy Strategy, market knowledge, ho w to assemble an action plan, financial spreadsheets, tax at the pharmacy, train ing on ST, the pharmacy legislation , Simulators, Compensation team, spreadsheet s in Excel! These are some tools you will find this CD. Develop your leadership and your leadership team! Dozens of articles, more than 40 materials, studies an d tools for the training of their managers and leaders . Studies on how to motiv ate, how to structure the team and the goals of Leadership. Need to increase sal es of their perfume, their MKT is still limited? Through this CD you will find t ips on layout, photos to expand sales of its perfume, tips for pricing, MKT oppo rtunities in retail and working with the newspaper offers. All this in Video, pr esentations and documents! You still have a check list to assess how good their fragrance. £: 90.00 U.S. $: 160.00 CD 5 - Management U.S. $: 160.00

CD 6 Leadership U.S. $: 160.00 CD 7 Turn the buyout by MKT U.S. $: 160.00 CD 8 Tools for HR Work more professional with the theme RH. In this CD you will find several tools related to the development of people. - Training and handouts ready on people m anagement, recruitment and selection, assessment tips, forms ready, Collection o f group dynamics. Ideal for those who like to run training courses. You still ha ve models Operational Manuals (SOP) for you to Implement in your company. How is your company's phone service? And the supplies? Sell more and reduce conflicts by phone, train their couriers so that participants feel the construction of the excellence of care. Implant yourself to a quality tool that revolutionized the economy of Japan. With training, files for reading and graphics ready for you to print. Your company will be organized with the five principles proposed in 5S. This CD contains over 50 videos compiled from the internet and other sources who se aim is to improve their training. Videos are used by trainers and lecturers. U.S. $: 160.00 9 CD "Call Center and Delivery" £: 90.00 CD Quality Tool 10 5S 11 CD Compilation Video £: 90.00 £: 90.00 12 DVD Videos for Training With this DVD you will receive training in video on Motivation, Customer Service , Sales and Support phone £: 90.00 Contact: