Fotoman: E-COMMERCE PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY Academics: Artur Miyashiro Bolzan Leandro Rodrigo Custodio de Rezende de Mello PLAN OF MARKETING

- E-COMMERCE SERVICES PHOTOGRAPHIC Overview 1. Company Presentation 2. Analysis Environment Socio-economic factors, cultural factors Political, Legal and Technological Comp etition Analysis of Opportunities and Threats Strengths and Weaknesses 3. Definition of Target Audience 4. Definition of Market Positioning 5. Brand De finition 6. Setting Goals and Objectives 7. Definition of Marketing Strategies Product Price Place Promotion People 8. Implementation of Marketing Plan 9. Evaluation and Control PLAN OF MARKETING - E-COMMERCE SERVICES PHOTOGRAPHIC 1. Company Presentation Company: Fotoman • Headquartered in Campo Grande, MS, 5 years, providing solutions in photographic services. Scenario: • Photographic equipment and internet available • Entering the market for mobile phones with cameras of high quality • Brazilians discover the advanta ges of e-commerce • New competition: Internet service providers What to do? Sign in or not in that niche? ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 2.1 Economic Factors • Reduce costs of services of photographic • Growth of e-commerce: 45% per year, R $ 6.4 billion * • Sector not developed i n the state: only one service provider • Digital cameras more accessible • Adolescents and young people with monthly fees ranging from $ 200.00 ** * - EBIT. Build ** - Journal of Commerce / RJ - Sonilda an d Vinicius Lima Neder ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 2.2 Factors Socio-Cultural • Shooting and sharing photos has become common socia l behaviors (Orkut, Fotolog, cellular) • People began to record moments earlier and earlier (capitation for younger gue sts) • Women are more likely to record moments (without market specific products ) • Public responsible for a higher profit share: between 25 and 50 years and av erage income between $ 1,000.00 and $ 5,000.00 month. ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 2.3 Factors Political, Legal and Technology • political and legal factors have little or no influence • Opening electronics store taps existence of the Internet * • Emergence of advances in Internet technology: ADSL2 and 3G • Digital cameras i nvade the market (shops, street vendors, Paraguay) *** • Provision of cell phone s with cameras **** • Accessibility: computer internet x x • Knowledge of photog raphic apparatus use of technology by users ***** * - ETForecasts: 30 million Brazilians have Internet access (16%). Profile e-com merce: 54% with income between $ 1,000.00 and $ 5,000.00 and 85% aged between 18 and 50 years. ** - InfoOnline: ADSL2 + users in 2006 more than 6 million. Growt h of 93%. *** - Marktest: consumer 2002-2006 - 55% of people living in homes wit

h this technology. GfK: 2007 - 1.3 million machines sold. **** - Informal consul tation: 90% of handsets sold have cameras. ***** - EBIT: quantity of e-consumers in 2007 - 9.5 million people (average 36% growth) ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 2.4 Competition • Scenario Mato Grosso do Sul stagnant when it comes to photogra phic services via internet * • Major competitors: specialized sites • • l * Greater visibility of electronic competitors: Google Strategy focused on price • Using the delivery system of Post: Price / regiona identity • Competition of non-photographic - Only one shop providing such services.

ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 2.5 Internal Factors • Infrastructure idle: 30% - 3000 • Features photos and snug enough space for de ployment of a marketing plan • Bank customer data incomplete (also historic, pro file purchase) • Do not develop marketing campaigns, besides the point • Without policy endomarketing • Staff lack skills in sales, customer management and e-co mmerce • The company has the capital needed for implanting the marketing plan • Management without stipulation of individual and collective goals ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 2.6 Analysis of Opportunities, Threats, Strengths and weakness DOMESTIC HELP (ORGANIZATION) disrupted Forces • Has expertise in photographic services; • Structure includes growth • Company established in the market sulmatogrossense (make known) • Has an established net work of suppliers, • Offers resources to implement changes. Weaknesses • Staff not trained to manage e-commerce; • Database Limited (inability to imple ment marketing direct mail) • Product Mix little diversified. Opportunities • Market entry of younger customers (immediate possibility and guarantee of the future) • Accessibility of technologies (internet, computer and digital photogra phy) • Change habits (the habit of shooting and sharing photos on websites and p ersonal relationship - Orkut photoblog, blogs, etc.) • Market underdeveloped in the state (revelation by the internet) • Increase in per-capita income couple (a llowance). Threats • Competition for sites already established at the national level (brand awarene ss and dispute on prices) • Possibility of reaction in other consolidated compan ies in the City (Kodak franchisees are capable of immediate reaction); "Focus on strengths, recognizing weaknesses, seize opportunities and protect you rself against threats" (Sun Tzu, 500 BC) External (environmental) ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 2.6 Analysis of Opportunities, Threats, Strengths and weakness

There are more opportunities in the external environment than threats, and the c ompany has more strengths than weaknesses. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT Prevalence of Weak Forces Threat EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT Prevalence of Survival Maintenance Opportunities Growth Development Outlook for the company DEFINITION OF TARGET 3. Definition of target audience: Individual Customers located in Mato Grosso do Sul as a whole, but especially those domicil ed in the capital, Campo Grande, Geographical MS. Based on the national average of users of e-commerce can be said that the projection for the intended market i s approximately 115,000 people. Persons aged 18-50 years (85% of consumers and s econd-ebit) Both sexes; Demographic belonging to social classes from medium to h igh; (67% of second econsumidores EBITDA in addition to greater access to funds needed for development activities, ie computer, internet and camera). People who like to record the various moments of their lives through photographs and psych ographic seek to share those records with friends, customers focused on cost-ben efit ratio that they accept, if necessary, pay a little more for better services . Often use social networking sites (photoblog, blog, Orkut, etc.) to exchange B ehavioral photographs. Showing at least 20 exposures per month. Looking at these anniversaries more focused on the sentimental value than the practical benefit (eg photo album). FACTORS DEFINITION OF TARGET 3. Definition of target audience: Legal Customers located in Mato Grosso do Sul as a whole, but especially those domicil ed in the capital, Campo Grande, MS. Based on the guide advertisers from Campo G rande, MS, the number of companies providing services is approximately 20 events and the number of professional photographers, according to informal estimates o f the branch is 100. Companies sponsoring events (graduations, receptions, photo graphic coverage, etc.) with staff ranging 1-5 photographers. All companies, reg ardless of time of playing the market is suffering Fotoman, with the increment o f the benefits achieved due to the rise time of the partnership and the amount o f developed photographs. They look for companies and private persons with good r eputation in the market, and those who do not have such performance may not disc lose the partnership. Companies that show photographs and often seek to increase their profits by reducing expenses photographic (search for the best value for money - money - operational efficiency). Geographical FACTORS

General Characteristics Behavior DEFINITION OF MARKET POSITIONING 4. Definition of Market Positioning People from the middle and upper classes, as well as businesses and freelancers who work in the field of promotion and event coverage. CLAN COLOR Campo Grande / MS COLORZOOM Campo Grande July 14, 2710 COLORTEC Campo Grande July 14, 2208 REVELAWEB Brazil PERFORMANCE Rui Barbosa, 2823 September 7, 514 Baron of Rio Branco, 1473

Medium to high class business and local self-promotion and event coverage

Medium to high class business and local self-promotion and event coverage

Medium to high class business and local self-promotion and event coverage

Medium to high class business and autonomous promotion and coverage of events, l ocated in Brazil TARGET DEFINITION OF MARKET POSITIONING 4. Definition of Market Positioning CLAN COLOR Optical location, three discount stores in the city consolidated volume mark G ood variety of products * Provides service development by Internet Support Netwo rk Kodak COLORZOOM Good location Good Brand consolidated range of products * ** Median Prices

COLORTEC Good location Good Brand consolidated range of products * Restoration of old pho tographs Revelation of photos via MMS ** Median Prices REVELAWEB Good visibility (first link via the Google site) Good variety of products * Offe rs free virtual album Median Price ** Volume discounts Option role 2nd line (che aper) Recovery of lost photos (cards)


* - Product Range: Low - only basic services print; Boa - basic services, custom ized products and accessories (albums, accessories and cables): Large - basic se rvices, customized products, accessories and additional services (image processi ng, album virtual, multimedia services, etc.).. DEFINITION OF MARKET POSITIONING 4. Definition of Market Positioning CLAN COLOR Internet site aimed at disseminating institutional development only through the system Kodak Reduction in price depending on the volume of disclosures COLORZOOM It has no site on the Internet COLORTEC Internet website weak - or offering to sell ing them does not appear There promotion of products, but click

REVELAWEB Cost does not sell equipment for freight by mail (except above 100 photos) WEAKNESSES There

Reduction in price as the volume of revelations Free Shipping for customers who reveal more than 100 photos revealing Credit 5 photos when the register STRATEGIES USED DEFINITION OF MARKET POSITIONING 4. Definition of Market Positioning EXCELLENT GREAT CONCEPT SCORE 5 4 GOOD BAD 1 2 3 REGULAR HAS NO 0 COMPETITORS Fotoman COLORZOOM CLAN COLOR COMPETITIVE (main stimulus for customer s) REVELAWEB 4 5 5 4 4 0 5 3 30 COLORTEC 3 5 4 4 4 0 1 5 26 RATES ATTRACTIONS ACCESSIBILITY PRINT QUALITY GOOD SERVICE DIVERSITY OF PRODUCTS FIX IMAGE PRODUCTS OFFER E-COMMERCE THROUGH SPEED SERVICES TOTAL 4 5 4 5 5 3 5 5 36 4 5 5 5 4 0 2 5 30 3 5 3 4 4 0 0 5 24 DEFINITION OF MARKET POSITIONING 4. Definition of Market Positioning Consequences: • Use spare capacity to achieve economies of scale • Visibility through website • Need to improve product mix • Diversification thr ough partnerships with specialist shops specializing • Service: Basic image corr ection and via PhotoShop • Competitor RevelaWeb provides for the state with disadvantage of the freight. Possibility of delivery in Field Through large motorcycle (speed) DEFINITION OF MARKET POSITIONING 5. Defining Brand Brand and logo were redesigned by changing just the design of the letters. Name: Fotoman Fotoman • The name was kept in view the need to retain existing custome rs as well as using the prestige already reached to transfer it to the virtual s ervices. The addition of the words "photo" reduction of the word "photography" a nd "mania", characteristic of euphoric exaltation or exaggerated taste for somet hing, aims to generate identification with the customer who enjoys the act of sh ooting Slogan: "Revealing the best moments of your life. " • The proposed slogan is not intended to become a catch phrase that people repeat in their day to day , but has an emotional appeal to convey the idea that the company Fotoman is pre sent in the lives of people showing their best moments. The word "revealing" the phrase conveys the idea of service, or printing photos, but is also employed to convey the idea of presence, for it is through the company that people will tak e these best moments transmitted (through photographs). DEFINITION OF MARKET POSITIONING 5. Defining Brand Identification with individual customer: roll of photographic film identificatio n with client legal entity: Shutter and tables RGB and CMYK: Cyan Margeta Yellow Black Red Green Blue

Sensitivity to colors: Red = Power = Mania DEFINITION OF GOALS AND OBJECTIVES 6. Setting Goals and Targets TIME: ONE YEAR 1. Being a reference in the provision of photographic services vi a ecommerce, 2. Providing a full line of products and services to customers 3. E nsure customer satisfaction 4. Increase the net profitability of the company 5. Use existing equipment more effectively. 1. Capturing 5,000 customers by electro nic means, 2. Increase the average per-print captures 50%, or 300 shots annually , 3. Increase market share in the company's 20%;€4. Increase the availability of products to fit 95% of customer demand; 5. Lower the rate of idle equipment to 10%, 6. Increasing the degree of customer satisfaction with the care and service provided to 95%. OBJECTIVES GOALS DEFINITION OF GOALS AND OBJECTIVES 6. Setting Goals and Targets INDICATOR Market share. Rate of idleness. Customers in the database. Percentage of customers who find the product you are looking for. Average per-capita reveal ing photos. Satisfaction with the service. Satisfaction with the service provide d. CURRENT MEASUREMENT 20% 30% 80% 10 000 200 units 85% 90% DEFINITION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES 7.1 Price The pricing strategy should allow for an affordable price to the customer, consi stent with the quality of products and services offered. This will offer the fol lowing benefits: • Discount for volume in photographic prints; • Packed in custom dates seasonal (Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, fathers, etc.). • Provision of free virtual album. DEFINITION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES Product 07/02 The company's product mix will be reformulated to offer a wider range of service s and objects to be composed of the following products: PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SUGGESTED PRICE 50-100 3.20 3.20 0.60 1.15 1.30 2.10 2.55 7.10 Over 100 3.20 3.20 0.50 1.10 1.25 2.00 2 50 7.00 Photo printing on matte paper, with Up to 49 brightness with edg e or services and basic image processing 6 photos 3 photos 5x7cm 3x4cm 3.20 3.20 0.65 10x15cm 13x18cm 15x21cm 1.20 1.40 20x25cm 20x30cm 30x40cm 2.20 2.60 7.20 DISCLOSURE OF PHOTOGRAPHY DEFINITION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES Product 07/02 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SUGGESTED PRICE As model Batteries, cases, memory cards, portaSUPRIMENTOS pictures, albums and all other supplies already offered in the physical store. Amateur cameras that are offered in MACHINE physical store will be available on the website virtual PICTURE. Whi

te shirts imprinted T-Shirts centered on front, size 15 x 21 cm CUSTOMIZE ADAS. 100% cotton fabric, thread 30.1 hairstyle. Sizes: S, M, G, GG and Child. Printed image into digital offset, applied on a mouse pad and laminate. For MOUSEPAD co nventional or optical mice. Size: 22,6 x18, 2cm. Image and text printed using di gital offset technology on coated paper 250 g/m2, with a fold CARD, varnished. C OMMEMORATIVE accompanying white envelope. Sizes: 10x15cm 15x21cm As model 29.90 19.90 7.90 15.90 DEFINITION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES Product 07/02 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SUGGESTED PRICE M (A5) G (A4) product offered through the site Fotoman P that allows the custome r through one (A6) special program, diagram a book of his photographs, may submi t the following variations: A4, A5 and A6 format landscape, portrait or square, printed on coated paper 170g/m2. 100.00 Fotolivro Fotolivro Classic Plus * * * * Basic Fotolivro 20 pages 68 pages ** Agenda ** Comic Magazine * * * 29.90 Fotol ivreto additional page FOTOLIVRO 64.90 49.90 99.00 39.90 1.90 99.90 84.90 74.90 149.90 59.90 2.90 DEFINITION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES Product 07/02 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SUGGESTED PRICE Printed image into digital offset, laminated, mounted on cardboard and cut with a knife unique. The puzzle is delivered in a box, dismounted and with an entire image to be used like puzzle pieces in the assembly reference. Sizes: 15 pieces (10x15 cm) 117 pieces (20x30cm) 216 pieces (30x45cm) Schedule-poster: A single p age, printed in offset and digital varnished, with all months of the year. Size 42x29, 7cm. Wall Calendar: Pages printed duplex offset digital and fastened with wire-o, with an image CALENDARS for each month of the year. Size: 29,7 x21cm. D esk calendar: Pages printed duplex offset digital wire stuck with it in a foldin g cardboard (to make it stand up) with an image for each month of the year. Size : 10,5 x24cm. 18.90 24.90 29.90 19.90 39.90 29.90 DEFINITION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES Product 07/02 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Prints large format, high quality, made in offset and digital color plotter 12. Sizes: 29.7 x42cm 40x60cm 45x60cm 60x80cm 60x90cm 75x100cm 80x120cm. Turns VHS t

apes to DVD. Personalized mugs with pictures or messages from clients. SUGGESTED PRICE POSTER 14.90 34.90 39.90 74.90 79.90 109.90 149.90 19.90 15.90 49.90 (10x15cm) Conversion VHS / DVD PHOTO MUG RECOVERY Recovery of old photos by software PICTURE imaging. ANCIENT DEFINITION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES Product 07/02 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SUGGESTED PRICE 49.90 RECOVERY Recovery of deleted digital photos or photos that for some reason disap peared.€DIGITAL CARDS Transforming photos in slide presentations types. The form at is for SLIDE SHOW-view in any DVD player. The customer can select photos, the mes and songs. PROCESSING OF IMAGE Personalized Photo by PhotoShop software. Ser vice available on the website that allows customers to upload photos, virtual al bum limited to the total size of 100mb, so you can share with friends and family . 49.90 4.90 After the first free 100mb, R $ 9.90 annual DEFINITION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES 7.3 Square The Fotoman is installed in Campo Grande / MS. He is currently installed in the city center, covering the whole region and being visible to clients of all socia l classes, given that the trade center welcomes people from all neighborhoods, o ther cities and tourists from other states and countries. The creation of the we bsite to e-commerce plan to project the company for the entire state of Mato Gro sso do Sul as a strategy for attracting clients based on the square, the company will offer the service delivery and removal at home, so those customers that on ly perform services on the Internet but who do not like paying for shipping char ged elsewhere, will have the option to receive their products at home in a short er amount of time and cheaper. The same service is applied to ordinary customers of the store who opt for this service. DEFINITION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES 7.4 Promotion Sales Promotion: • Discounts on volume of revelations contractors; • Photo Conte st with regional themes; • Promotions at point of sale of products and services for a specified period. Eg: 4 hours (set a time for the customer seeking the pho tos). • Drawings of products, mainly photoproducts and services made in the stor e (lowest price to customer). • Bundling of albums, magazines, CDs and DVDs, etc .. • Gifts that make the customer remember the company (pens, keychains, calenda rs, etc.) Marketing Sponsorship • Sponsorship of events involving the company's target customers, especially the legal and professional experts (journalism, adv ertising, marketing, etc.). DEFINITION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES 7.4 Promotion

Communication: • Signaling already usual through displays, posters and shirts of employees • Improving institutional and selling through ads on billboards, news papers and radio spots. Telemarketing: telemarketing • Use to open a channel of communication with the client to publish promotions and receiving feedback. Prom otions should be disclosed through messages by phone and by authorization of the client. Internet: • Use of Internet as a tool for disseminating institutional p romotions exclusive rates for internet purchases. DEFINITION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES 7.4 Promote Customer Loyalty: • Use bonus loyalty through shopping. With each pu rchase the customer receives points that can be exchanged for other products in the store; • Sending cards, messages and thanks to customer VIPs in anniversarie s. Partnerships: • Partner with businesses and professionals involved in coverin g events (proms, birthdays, etc.) • Discount for different photographers; • Part nership with sites covering the nightlife campograndense, to allow the user to p rint by Fotoman a photograph held by the staff of coverage. DEFINITION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES 7.5 People Training: The activities should aim at developing the competence of customer ser vice, offering solutions posture, approaches, sales strategy, among others. Anot her area that needs training is the team responsible for managing the electronic site, or the receipt of applications, verification of payments, update entries, electronic communication and all activities necessary to manage a virtual site. Compensation: With the development of products with higher value added product m ix, it should provide a goal that encourages the employee to sell such products in order to receive a bonus for the results obtained. IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PLAN OF MARKETING 8. Implementation of Marketing Plan Activity Responsible Cost £ Period Search Marketing Redesign of the brand Verification partnerships Acquisition of equipment address register development of virtual environment training staff Manufacture of test signals of the virtual platform Disclosure: outdoor Disclosure: Radio Broadcast: Promotion newspaper Fathers Day Owner Prof. Esp. Owner Owner Tec. Infor. Tec. Infor. Tec. Infor.€Manager Tech. Infor. Owner Owner Owner Manager 1000.00 10000.00 350.00 100.00 200.00 500.00 800.00 200.00 2000.00 2400.00 1000.00 1000. 00 400.00 Jan Jan-Nov Jan Feb Feb Feb-Mar Apr Apr May Apr May Jun Jul-Aug Mothers Day Promotion Manager 400.00 May

IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PLAN OF MARKETING 8. Implementation of Marketing Plan Activity Responsible Cost £ Period Valentine's Day Promotion Promoting Children's Day Christmas Promotion Promotion of New Year's Eve Photogr aphy Contest Sponsorship week journalism Sponsorship week advertising customer s atisfaction survey Friendship Year-End Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Owner Owner Owner Owner 400.00 400.00 400.00 400.00 500.00 500.00 300.00 1500.00 2000.00 Jun Oct Nov Dec Jan May Sep Oct Nov IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PLAN OF MARKETING 8. Implementation of Marketing Plan R $ 21,250.00 R $ 22,950.00 Drawdown curve $ 30,000.00 R $ 15,550.00 R $ 25,000.00 R $ 20,000.00 R $ 6,150.00 R $ 12,350.00 R $ 17,350. 00 R $ 18,750.00 R $ 15,000.00 R $ 4,150.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 5,000.00 R $ 1,950.00 R $ 8,650.00 R $ 24,350.00 R $ 26,750.00 Monthly Accumulated $ 0.00 EVALUATION AND CONTROL 9. Evaluation and Control INDICATOR MEASUREMENT CURRENT PROJECTION 1. Market share. 2. Rate of idleness. 3. Customers in the database. 4. Percentage of customers who find the product you are looking for. 5. Average per-capita revealing photos. 6. Satisfaction with the service. 7. Satisfaction w ith the service provided. 20% 30% 10 000 200 units 80% 85% 90% 24% 10% 15 000 300 units 95% 95% 95%

EVALUATION AND CONTROL 9. Evaluation and Control ACTIVITY Verification increasing the number of purchases over the same period la st year, shot down the organic growth of the sector. Verification of monthly pro duction capacity x months of the equipment. Checking the number of customers wit h complete records in the archive of the company. Registration for customers who search the store and found the desired product. Information obtained by the con sultants or feedback in the communication channel of the site. Checking the numb er of disclosures made x number of clients contractors. Survey of satisfaction w ith services and care. CONTROLLED INDICATOR January 2 3 4 5 6e7 FREQUENCY Weekly Monthly Quarterly Monthly Monthly Monthly Quarterly for composition Fotoman: E-COMMERCE PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY Academics: Artur Miyashiro Bolzan Leandro Rodrigo Custodio de Rezende de Mello