Formation of the Fire Brigade Team No.

1 Work Period 07:00 pm to 15:00 Hrs 5 Objective: Measures of fire protection, including preventing and combating Preventing and combating The fire department aims to assist the company in fire protection. Employees wer e trained to a correct action. It is dedicated to those interested in the worthy work of preventing and combating fires, whose purpose is the protection of live s since evitandose catóstrofes, avoid losses were often inesperáveis. Responsibilities The prevention of fire or combat it is the responsibility of all employees, espe cially the components of structured teams advance to the end, including guards a nd watchmen, who must be trained to use firefighting equipment in existing locat ions work. To fight the fire, immediately raise the alarm even when it seems tha t the fire can be easily mastered General Precautions Corridors and exit corridors and exits shall always be desempedidos for easy esc ape in case of fire.

Ports in working hours, the gates of entry or exit should not be locked or bolte d. Equipment for initial fire fighting As the term implies, is intended to be readily at hand to serve as the immediate termination of the initial effort incipient fires. The early discovery of a fir e more rapid and accurate application of extinguishing agents, means ready contr ol and extinction. Most fires start small blaze, but grows rapidly until it is c ontrolled. The small fire can be put under control by some jets, is directed to a portable extinguisher. Equipment for initial fire fighting If you are given time to grow, the same fire may require a short time, equipment and much greater efforts to extinction. The destruction, loss and disruption of production increase rapidly until the fires are brought under control. Training goal With this work, we intend to convey to all, in summary, the essential theoretica l lessons, hoping to build a practical way for better and more homogeneous prepa ration of teams for the prevention and firefighting in Cement Factory Votoran. Instructions for the fire brigade

In case of fire ... Observed fire brigade communicate any element of the Central Panel and the Ordin ance. The central panel is entrusted to trigger the radio, the elements of the b rigade informing the local fire so that they begin the process of combat. After having the Central Panel, this element of the brigade should report it to the Fi re Department. Instructions for the fire brigade

After receiving a statement of Factory fire, the brigade is scheduled to meet at a point determined according to the location of fire, telling the Central Panel .

This site can be: Sector Tower Cyclone packer palletising Cement Mills CKP, etc ... Instructions for the fire brigade

Each element of the brigade with its specific function, will perform its task as follows: Item A - Leader of the brigade (Luciano / Mec.) Instructions Instructi ons for fire fighting tasks

Element B (Gilmar / Mec.) Ensure that the Fire Department was called Communicati ng the industry to cut the electrical power supply at the fire scene Instructions for the fire brigade Element C (Hudson) Prevent unqualified people to combat the fire to hinder the s ame.

Implementation of other elements fire fighting Composition of the fire brigade Currently Cement Factory Votoran Unit II, has three fire brigades.

We have one brigade per shift composed of 12 elements each. In case of accident It Is You It It In case of accident ... Make use of common sense Stay calm Be quick to act, but

with caution Do not omit information, know where the fire risk the less enlighte ned East ¶ ¶ Always have recorded emergency telephone numbers if possible decorate them Keep fire extinguishers clear In case of accident ¶ ¶ ¶ Passages of doors and corridors free workplaces always neat and clean Keep the s ignposts ¶ ¶ Know the factory where you do not risk working in doubt, ask Phones Internal and External Emergency Internal Phone Number 105 Sector Panel Central Ordinance 136 / 139 121 / 9 106 1 16 100 109 119 Operator Electrical Mechanical Security Management Jobs Foreign Local Phone Number 190 193 243 3511 245 1212 C Military Police. Fire Hosp. S. Antonio FCV Unit I