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February 2017

Courses and Transition
EMREDE Asesores
!GHS rules have Changed in Mexico and LATAM Countries!
Do You have business with Overseas Companies?, Do you Need GHS
Training (HazCom 2012, GHS-MX-BR and UN-GHS or another)
Do You Need To Classify Substances, Mixtures, Ar2cles in GHS, EU, MX,
BR, JP, TR...etc?

This will be the GHS Classification Triangle:

We are representa2ves of So:ware CHEMDOX, the most

advanced of its kind and complies with na2onal and interna2onal standards in a
Legal Basis related to GHS, REACH, CLP and more.

Do you have Parent or Twin Companies in Mexico or Latin America?

How are you insure their Compliance?
If you are a company that manufactures, Since 2002 we have delivered more than 203 public
and private courses and have made over 40 transi-
synthesizes, transports or Mixed Chemi-
tions to GHS
cals and needs To Classify and prepare
SDS and labels, we inform you that we The Main Benefits of GHS-SGA are:
are representatives of Software Improve safety of workers through a
CHEMDOX, the most advanced of its coherent and streamlined communication
kind and complies with national and inter- of chemical hazards and practices to be
national standards in a Legal Basis. taken in handling and use;

Currently our services are:

Greater awareness of the hazards, resul-
1. Special Mass Courses to Workers/Students
ting in safer use of chemicals in the
2. Basic Course: 8 hours
3. Advanced Course: 16 hours
4. Course Classiers in GHS: 4 days Contact Informa on:
Aurelio Salomon Valdivia Alzaga
5. Course for Trainers GHS: 3 Days EMREDE Asesores-CHEMDOX Partner
6. Transi2on to GHS-SGA for Business US-CAN-La n Amrica
7. Training Workshop for HazMat, HazWoper Paseo Encinos Pte. 497-1, L. de San Isidro
45130 Zapopan, Jalisco. Mxico
8. Design Training Plans Phone: 33-3833-4822; 33-1981-5155
9. Classica2on Systems Development Cellular: 33-1281-6566, 33-3377-7227
10. Sales/Support for CHEMDOX in America/ Email1:
LATAM for GHS Classica2on So:ware