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mobilising the not for profit sector

it’s tough to keep up with the options …

…so let’s take a step back

all happening alongside the arrival of personal media

here’s some standard advice followed by some deeper advice let’s start with the standard stuff

the new rules (that are actually old)

the new ideals (yup, these are old too)

if you want people to engage
•  it has to mainly be about people •  it has to make sense to people •  it has to add value to peoples lives

if you want companies to engage
•  it has to be integrated with their wider objectives •  it has to be integrated with their comms plans •  it has to be integrated with their customers behaviour

and now the deeper stuff… 5 pieces of advice for the not for profit sector

1. you have an army of fanatics… and now it’s time to mobilise them

Real Madrid – 100,000 fans at €12/month

2. productive collaboration will advance your cause exponentially


3. don’t get confused with technology it’s largely irrelevant

…but it’s worth thinking about

4. many will come saying they can help in social/digital/ mobile don’t confuse tactics with strategy

Plan BEE channel agnostic award winners

5. this is the ultimate business model for not for profit organisations

“friendly support and cooperation has made it possible to carry our message of hope”

“centralization of decision and decentralization of execution”

"being a collection of communities with similar spirit, not a single monolithic entity"

there are two ways of spreading light - to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it
Edith Wharton

jonathan macdonald

liri andersson