Architecture designs represent luxur y and utility. Drawing skills are needed. Few projects are developed each year. Civil Engineering is a complete career. FIERA DI MILANO Milan, Italy DONG HAI BRIDGE Shanghai, China Allianz Arena Munich, Germany PAVILION CHRIST Thüringen, Germany MS FREEDOM OF THE SEAS Architecture is responsible for all usable space that is to be used by man for a particular purpose. FUNCTIONAL should be distributed as a useful and productive space. ECONOMIC should make maximum use of resources according to needs that ar ise. AESTHETIC must be maintained so pleasant image to convey the spirit of the designed structure and function. PLANNING Creation, development, reform and progress of the villages in order to the needs of urban life. Thought macro, role of other structures and the space around the m. FINANCIAL CENTER Santiago, Chile SAMPLES OF PLANNING Frankfurt, Germany Malecón de la Reserva - Miraflores Lima, Peru SKILLS NEEDED • • • • • • • ABSTRACTION CAPACITY CAPACITY CAPACITY OF OBSERVATION AND ANALYSIS OF EXPRESSION FACILITY SUMMARY SKILLS TEAMWORK Predisposition LEARNING PROJECTS HAND DRAWING AND SENSE OF SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FIELD WORK • • • • • • • • • ARCHITECTS STUDY PUBLIC SECTOR REAL ESTATE CONSULTING PROJECT INDEPENDENT SOCIAL TEACHING AND RESEARCH EXERCISE CRITIQUE ARCHITECTURAL RESTORA TIONS SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN PLANNING OVERALL ACADEMIC CONCEPTS CULTURE Strong and diverse cultural base, extensive and versatile experience regarding t he arts, literature, science and current reality. TECHNOLOGY Knowledge of environmental tools in order to translate the designs into reality. SOCIETY Constant search for improvement of living conditions of society and the environm ent. CURRICULAR STRUCTURE Initial level. FIRST YEAR General and basic knowledge.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL or format. THREE YEARS Training on various models and architectural techniques and the development of s kills specific to the race. Divided into five themes. ADVANCED LEVEL. LAST YEAR Development of the final draft and final phase of training. THEMATIC AREAS At the intermediate level structure is divided into five areas, corresponding to the types of knowledge deemed essential for the formation of a modern architect . HUMANITIES HISTORY AND THEORY URBAN LAND AND TECHNOLOGY PROJECT. Design Workshop s INITIAL WORKSHOP 1 First approximation. The measure, proportion, scale, size, space, matter, and co nstruction. INITIAL WORKSHOP 2 Understanding the human dimension, status, balance with the land and building ma terials. VERTICAL WORKSHOP A WORKSHOP 3 Development omprometidos architectural design issues with the environment in whi ch they are raised work. Deciphering of the architectural, environmental, socioeconomic and occupat ional site and its buildings. A VERTICAL WORKSHOP propose the area to the WORKSHOP 4 Chance to experience the process of building an architectural concept. Close the process for the preparation of a draft stating in its development and ultimate resolution, continuity and consistency with the initial premises. VERTICAL WORKSHOP A WORKSHOP 5 VERTICAL WORKSHOP A WORKSHOP 6 Leads to understanding that a work is always in a place (position) and therefore this work comes to terms with it, creating, in turn, a place (possession). It t akes a business trip where you choose two different sites, one urban and one rur al. VERTICAL WORKSHOP A Construction of the l, and the building stages of Vertical WORKSHOP 7 project relative to different scales: global, regional, loca itself. It brings together the skills developed in the other A Workshop

VERTICAL WORKSHOP WORKSHOP 3 B They develop the architectural concepts of space, volume, internal / external, c irculation, scale, orientation, topography and materiality. WORKSHOP 4 WORKSHOP VERTICAL B The workshop will mainly develop the concept of environment (urban and natural),

understanding this as the immediate environment in which lies an architectural project. WORKSHOP 5 WORKSHOP VERTICAL B The objective is the study and knowledge of a specific locality, located in the Peruvian territory, on which there will be a research and architectural projects for a long time. B VERTICAL WORKSHOP WORKSHOP 6 Emphasis will be placed on the concept of context, covering all aspects of their reality, and linking research and architectural design. B VERTICAL WORKSHOP WORKSHOP 7 The workshop will encourage speculative proposals in depth on the relationship b etween architecture and the reality of our country. EVENTS AND PUBLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CONVENTIONS INTERNATIONAL CONVENTIONS INTERNATIONAL CONVENTIONS Universidad Nacional del Litoral Santa Fe, Argentina Universidad Diego Portales Santiago, Chile Florida UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, U.S. UNIVERSITY OF ALICANTE Alica nte, Spain STATE AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY OF MEXICO Mexico State, Mexico EXCHANGE P ROGRAM SMILE - NETWORK OF UNIVERSITIES UNIVERSITY OF STUTTGART Stuttgart MAGALLA NES Germany Catholic University of Leuven (1 / 76) Leuven, Belgium FEATURED TEACHERS FREDERICK COOPER LLOSA President of the Commission of Government. Ledgard REYNAL DO PARR Member of the Commission of Government. Director of Studies of the FAU-P UCP. PEDRO MARTINEZ BELAUNDE Member of the Committee on Government Head of Depar tment of Architecture FAUA PUCP. MAXIMUM VEGA CENTENO Member of the Commission o f Government. ELIAS LUIS RODRIGUEZ RIVERO Academic Secretary of the FAU PUCP. Architectonic wonder Dubai, United Arab Emirates London, England, New York, Unit ed States Pennsylvania, United States Thüringen, Germany Munich, Germany Islamab ad, Pakistan Milan, Italy Rome, Italy Tel Aviv, Israel Shanghai, China Yangshan, China Tokyo, Japan Jukkasjarvi Sweden Genting, Malaysia Millau, France New Song do City, South Korea Taipei, Taiwan SACRED HEART CHURCH Munich, Germany Architects: Allmann, Saattler, Wappner Beth Sholom Synagogue Elkins Park Pennsylvania, U.S. Architect: Frank Lloyd Wrig ht BUILDING Hearst New York, U.S. Foster & Partners WEMBLEY STADIUM London, England HOK Sport and Foster & Partners BURJ AL ARAB Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jukkasjarvi Icehotel, Sweden Hydropolis Dubai, United Arab Emirates Millau Viaduct Millau, France

THE PALMS ISLANDS Dubai, United Arab Emirates TAIPEI Taipei 101, Taiwan CY Lee & Partners SKI DUBAI Dubai, United Arab Emirates F + A Architects OLYMPICS STADIUM PROJECT 2012 London, England Aquatics Center PROJECT LONDON 2012 London, England MILLENNIUM BRIDGE London, England Fallingwater House Pennsylvania, U.S. Bayside District 21 Minatomirai Yokohama, Japan HOUSE DANCING Prada, Czech Republic WEISMAN ART MUSEUM Minnesota, U.S. OUTSTANDING ARCHITECTURAL SAMPLES Lima, Peru ESTADIO MONUMENTAL GREMCO Ate Lima, Peru INTERBANK TORRE Lima, Peru DRY PASTA PLANT - PERU LUCCHETTI Chorrillos Lima, Peru Main Phone HEADQUARTERS OF PERU Esq Av Benavides and Grimaldo Del Solar, Miraflo res Lima, Peru WIESE OLD TOWER Esq Miguel Dionisio Derteano and Seminar, San Isidro Lima, Peru BUILDING CHOCAVENTO Esq Av Republic of Panama and Canaval and Moreyra, San Isidr o Lima, Peru IMPSAT HEADQUARTERS Esq Av Av Manuel Olguin and Orion, Surco Lima, Peru REAL BUSINESS CENTER San Isidro Lima, Peru PERU Catholic University Relations Office of School Education Centres Seminar Ma rita Caillaux Abad Victor Araujo