The Essence of the Prophetic Guide 2009 Apostle Dr.

Rony Chaves For each end of the year, for several years now, the Lor d led me to give some guidelines of His prophetic part to help in decisions and plans for the months ahead. A divine guidelines that emerged most strongly in th is new millennium we have called The Prophetic Guide. Sending each year of this "prophetic letter" has been turning to various prophets and apostles to pray and also write a guide for his congregation Prophetic, Red or nation, expanding the horizon of present and future prophetic people of God. Hebrew Studies have made us interesting details about numbers and biblical years have served to better u nderstand the "prophetic plan" of the Lord for this time. Other prophets have do ne a thorough analysis of the Scriptures and contemporary world events to give u s a much clearer picture of what might happen to the world to Israel and the Chu rch each year. This has only enriched the prophetic flow, affirming the importan ce of the actions of the prophets and apostles today in the Body of Christ. Prop hetic Guide I have sent my children and friends in the Ministry has its essence in my relationship with the Holy Spirit and not in the analysis of economic and political circumstances of today or Jewish customs, the essence of the Guide is based almost fully in what God tells me to write for His people. Yes, wonder and amazement I have watched every year how prophetic guidance will be published in line with what other prophets scholars of Hebrew culture or world events writte n. God unites His Spirit and His Prophets and Prophetic we have a map for the pr esent time. Hallelujah. 1. The year 2009 is the YEAR OF THE PROPHETIC ACTIVATION a. The nations prophetic move initiates the process of its peak. What started a few ago as a process of restoration of the Holy Spirit to establish and raise G od's prophets in the church again, take an extraordinary force in 2009 to establ ish a prophetic flow surprising in the House of God. b. This "prophetic move-up" of the Spirit will raise a young generation with great force to produce a break through in the Arts, Music, Politics and in Business. They will use the prophecy to conquer territories conquered. c. We will see recognition for emerging proph ets and disparaged in the past. This openness to genuine prophets also result in the birth of many prophets in the nations schools. Schools and Company of Proph ets Prophets will appear with great force from 2009. Its influence will be felt in every city. d. God will increase the flow prophetic TV channels and networks. It will use radio and Christian radio stations, the air will receive a propheti c rain impressive. e. A fresh move of the Spirit will start in the children of t he Church of the Lord, this is a great sign of the giant wave Prophetic envelop us in 2009. 2. The year 2009 is the YEAR OF BACK TO THE BEGINNING a. In 2009 we must return to the origins of our ministry. This according to the vision and cal l of God to everyone. b. Ministers, churches and ministries should return to the "beginning of everything" in his call, God will support only those we focused p roperly on the "Vision of principle." c. New things can be destructive if we dep art from the original vision. We will have to stop and analyze the present and the future based on "principles or origins of the vision of God given to each one. "We must return to walk the ways of the beginning ....". 3. The year 2009 is the YEAR OF BACK TO BASICS a. T he Church must return urgently to the Old Paths. The people of God and His minis ters should return to fasting, it is imperative to prepare the way to the Final Revival. b. The Church must return to the path of Prayer. Ministries and ministe rs who neglect the prayer will be in big financial trouble, moral, family and if they neglect the intercession ministry. Prayer must be returned in all its form s to the House of God. c. The Church must return his heart to the Scriptures. Th e study of the Word should be increased as much as possible, this will set the b asis for glorious times of Revival. 4. The year 2009 is the YEAR OF THE ACTIVATI ON OF GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Compliance Joel 2:28,29 take much force. The Chur ch will experience a "new awakening" of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.€Cults aga in to find the fullness of the Spirit with passion and an extraordinary search f or the gifts of the Spirit will return to the house of the Lord. We will be surp rised by the flow of gifts in children and young people. God will make His new g eneration. There's more .... Expect the complete Guide. 5. The year 2009 will be

a YEAR OF POSITIONING THE PEOPLE OF GOD IN EVERY NATION God's names, positions, places and cities to place their children in key positions to own areas of soci ety and bring the government of the Kingdom among the people. 6. The year 2009 w ill be a year to give birth to what is hidden a. Amid the current crisis will no t tremble, and many answers. b. But God will unleash a "huge wave and creativity " among His people and businesses will emerge, companies and projects of United dramatically. c. Will be a time of financial creativity, God will give strategie s and innovative ideas to own areas of social and economic life of nations where before we had success. 7. The year 2009 will be the YEAR OF THE YOUNG ENTREPREN EURS a. The process started in 2007-2008 and will take great strength in 2009. b . Young entrepreneurs will be used to influence their cities and municipalities in a very obvious way. 8. The year 2009 will be a YEAR OF DIVINE SUPERNATURAL a. God will be displayed with glory and they will show powerful. b. A wave of mira cles is over the nations: salvation, healing and wonders purpose will be unleash ed from the end of this year. c. It will be a year to see fulfill the dreams for twenty years were not realized. d. Will be a year where many will open temples, buildings, houses, apartments, etc.. 9. The year 2009 will be a GREAT YEAR FOR YOUTH IN COVENANT WITH GOD The Lord will give them personal experiences that the y will raise their level of faith to win where other generations have had no vic tory. 10.The year 2009 will be a YEAR FOR THE BLESSING OF MARRIAGE IN THE COVENA NT a. God will give full support to couples and families who have remained firm throughout the years of attacks from satan. b. It will be a year of joy and vict ory for them for their faithfulness to the Lord. c. Many enjoy from 2009 to his own house or apartment for the hand of the Lord w ill intervene miraculously to honor them for their loyalty to Him 11.The year 20 09 will be a great year EVANGELIST a. God will emerge many young evangelists who will take great power squares, streets, parks, stadiums, etc to preach the Gosp el. b. The statistics in Latin America and positive change dramatically in 2009, God save millions by His infinite grace. c. Ministers of many years of experien ce (apostles, pastors, etc) again as in the early years of ministry to do the jo b of the Evangelist. YEAR 2009 12.En God will give us a great sign a. A POWERFUL REVIVAL CHILD In our churches will start a flow of the Spirit in children. b. T housands of children will be baptized with the Holy Spirit's power and many prop hesy c. In every house and family of parents and grandparents will notice very c learly, a big change happen in children and grandchildren. Hallelujah. 13.The ye ar 2009 will be THE YEAR OF THE JUSTICE OF GOD Hebrew scholars tell us that the number 9 is related to the delivery of justice for God to bless his people and r estore what was stolen by his enemies and to bring judgments about those who hav e taken or stolen anything to the people of the Lord. We expect that in 2009 has an extraordinary return for family and a lot of miracles stolen goods back to t he church by satan. Many will be prosecuted for their discipline and others will benefit from the justice of the Eternal God.