Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Content 3. The iso patcher 4. Installation 5.

Windo ws Installer Trust 6. Windows Windows Trust & Trust ASO Update 7. FAQ 8. Maintai n Windows Trust 9. Recommended software 10. The command line utilities 11. Softw are to avoid! 12. Contacts 1 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 1. Introduction: Three months ago we announced that there would be no future for Windows Tr ust . .. Fortunately that politics is not our field of choice or you could call us lia rs. In late summer, after gallons of coca Ingur cottages, after having faced ove rwhelming temperatures, Windows Trust signed its brand back in a third and final version. Both Tr ust Windows 2.5 was a minor evolution of previous games, as we say today that Windows Tr ust third name is quite another. In effe t, the chang es are significant and should not offend our users and our detractors. But still? Initially, we focused on the weak points of the distribution by giving special a ttention to its compatibility with various purposes. Admittedly, the distributio n has gained weight, but it will benefit a much wider audience. Thereafter, all software solutions in Windows Trust have been reworked or completely recoded to give you more ergonomic and setting possibilities. Windows Trust is now backed u p and down through simple and effective software solutions that will save you co nsiderable time during a reinstallation. Everything has been designed to simplif y your task and unfortunately if you had removed a negative opinion on one of ou r previous versions, we sincerely invite you to challenge it by trying our new b aby. Finally, and probably what will keep your attention, our distribution moves to a structure multiboot. The time of the two versions is now gone Start new ge r, since we offer an ISO image two in one. Meanwhile, we have j uge oppor tun to add solutions to restore, by partitions and stability test our start menu. Prob ably best you view things through the screenshots. We pride ourselves not to be the best, we were able to learn from our mistakes a nd make real drivers into the quintessence of what we can do with a distr ibutio n Windows XP. In this version 3.0, we have invested our free time, our social li fe, our money, but also our heart to give you a perfect pr oduct. We wish you a rich discovery of our project. 2 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 2. Content Core: Windows XP SP3 Corporate Mult iBoot: o Windows Trust 3. o Windows Trust 3 with DriverPacks. o Windows Trust 3 with Recovery Console. Acronis True Image o o o Memtest86 + Parted Magic Fundamentals: o Internet Explorer 7. o DirectX 9.0c (August 2008). o Windows Med ia Player 11. o NetFramew ork 2.0 SP1. o Setting the registry. Interface: o Basi c icons theme vista adapted to Trust. o A theme sound halfway between Vista and Mac OSX. o A ten different visual styles. o complete Themes Mac OSX, Ubuntu, Vis ta, Fedora Software ... t nat IERS in if: o CPU-Z 1.46 o Codecs Xvid / Divx Damn NFO Viewer 2.10.0032 o o o GPU-Z 0.27 HWMonitor 1.10 HashTab 2.00 o o o iColorFo lder JKDefrag 3.34 o Macromedia Flash Player 9.0.124 Microsoft Calculator Plus o o o Netw ork Scanner 3.8 Nirsoft CurrPor ts 1.47 1.70 o Nirsoft RegScanner Note

pad + + 5.3 o o o PServer 3.35 2.7 o 2.0 o Quicksys RegDefrag Unhook R ootkit 3.7 3 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 oooooooo StripMyRights (alter natively DropMyRights) Sysinternals Autoruns 9.32 Sysinternals Process Explorer Sysinternals Process Monitor 11.21 1.37 2.32 Sysin ternals PageDefrag Unlocker 1.8.7 UPX Many command line tools Software offered through WTIS o Faststone Screen Capture 5.3 Izarc 3.81 o o o Ge ekBox Ext2Ifs Winrar 3.71 o o o Firefox 3.0.1 Irfanview 4.20 uTorrent 1.8 o o o Java Runtime Environment 7zip 4.60 o 0.90 o SumatraPDF CCleaner 2.10 01. 02 o XTremSplit o 5.4 o VirtualCloneDrive Taskkix WinRoll o o o VistaDriveIcon L Clock o RocketDock Windows Trust v3, although it is accompanied by many utilities, wants to belong into the category of light unattended. Cer tain ser vices and components of Wind ows XP were simply deleted in order to ensure greater flexibility while maintain ing compatibility. But€if you do not take care of your envir onment do not expec t miracles .... 4 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 3. The patcher ISO: This new variation includes, as you probably noticed an iso patcher much more su ccessful than it was before. Its intuitive interface allows you to go deeper int o the preset of your iso image. It should be noted that it is not necessary to u se the patcher, but it is nevertheless a step for ment recommended if you want t o save your time. Browse your hard to find the ISO image: 5 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 Fill the different fields of infor mat ion: MD5: The MD5 algorithm is a commonly used QC yptage on the Internet that helps m ake sure that the iso you downloaded matches in every way that we distributed. A ttention will be automatically altered the md5 after patching your iso! Key: The registration key of Windows XP must correspond to the Corporate Edition. For yo ur peace of mind, do not change unless you are sure to have such a license (not common). Clav ist: This option allows you to define a specific keyboard layout. Resolved ion: The first time, the launch of WT IS, your resolution will be autom atically applied. You can opt for the detection of the maximum resolution in cas e you wish to use the same cdrom on multiple configurations. If you define a wro ng resolution, the WT IS apply a default resolution of 800 * 600. 6 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 Define your accounts: You can add users to the patcher to create the accounts after the first opening session ture administrator. You may well hear of, set your preferences autologon (password cr ypt) and rename the Administrator account and Guest.

7 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 Set parameters: Change associations scr IPTS: Assign script files (vbs, jvs, wsh, ...) to notepa d rather than run with Windows Script Host. Basic Services: The minimum to be ab le to communicate two machines within a network. Network Logon: Allows you to au thenticate your machine in an enterprise domain. NLA: Allows you to dynamically evaluate the status of your connections. It is better to leave it enabled. Hardw are support: Enable only the suppor t of devices you're likely to use. Ion autom atic fixtures: Enables unattended install software that you have selected via th e patcher. Very useful for rapid deployment. Ter minal Server: Services essentia l for the proper functioning of the Remote Desktop. Com + Services: The t plupar users do have to do, disable them, leads to errors in the observed vative event s. 8 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 Browse your disk for updates: If you bothered to activate the option in WT Update 'Conser worm updates, it is possible to integrate with the new patcher. Updated versions of WT IS will also be available over the months. 9 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 Integrate Dr. iverPacks: Trust with Windows 3.0, it is now possible to automate the Driv erPacks distribu tion (we'll come back later). You can easily integrate the driver packs availabl e on 10 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 Select ionnez software to install: If "automatic installation" has been activated, the software you select via the patcher will be installed without requiring your assistance during the first con nection. Otherwise, they will simply be shortlisted. 11 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 4. Installation: First, we'll have to burn the ISO so and burn the contents. It does rn (freeware), UltraISO, PowerISO sary to burn the ISO image to the or burning. Do not rely on cd-rom ANY ERROR COPY FILES TO CONTINUE image, plain should be avoided to unpack the i not work, the cd is not bootable. Prefer ImgBu or Alcohol 120 and Nero. It is therefore neces lowest speed possible to avoid the risk of err of poor quality. IF DURING THE INSTALLATION OF MY NIFESTE DO NOT LATER! S THE ETCHING IS awry

AND INSTALLATION OF RISK LEADS TO PROBLEMS BY CENTA INES! Then start the cd-rom (yes after having engraved of course), and change the prio rities of booting from the bios. Your CD-ROM must be in pole position ahead of y our hard drive. 12 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 The menu mult iBoot: 1 - Install Windows Trust 3 (recommended): Install the recommended version of Wi ndows Trust. It should fit as many people as it contains exactly the same driver s that a version of Windows XP conventional. 2 - Install Windows Trust 3 with Dr . iverPacks: Install version including DriverPacks. We do not recommend its use unless it is indispensable to you. The DriverPacks are not a source of reliabili ty. 3 - Run Acronis Tr ue Image: Launch Software Restore Acronis True Image. Thr ough this software, you can make images tial or complete by partitions and resto ring them if necessary. 4 - Memtest86 +: Memtest86 +, as its name implies used t o evaluate the reliability of your memory modules. 6 - Windows Trust 3 with reco very: Gives you the ability to simply access the Recovery Console. Beware of som e parameters patcher will not walk is en account in case of fixtures by ion link in the menu. 13 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 7 - Run Parted Magic: Parted Magic LiveCD Linux for the party tioning of the dis k. It contains many utilities such as G-Parted and TestDisk. You will be able to access the internet and browse with Firefox. The screening of ion Dr. iverPacks : If you opted for the version with the DriverPacks, you will be able to choose yo ur e ffectuer shortly before the second part of the installation of Windows XP ( after copying files). 14 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 The fixtures ion itself: Take your evil with patience, the installation should not ask you e still long ( from 5-15 minutes depending on configurations). You may have noticed the appeara nce of a bar launches. It is present to occupy the power user who wants to make a ff i summary of the fixtures ion. 15 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 5. Trust Windows Installer: The main function of WT IS is able to finalize the installation of Windows Trust your taste. Nothing is imposed upon you, you are spoiled for choice. However, b e sure to take a turn in the section settings to enable or disable the ser vices you j ugez necessary / unnecessary. The configuration of Windows Trust requires a minimum investment, but when everything is set, you can appreciate more the f inal result.

16 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 6. ASO & Windows Windows Trust Trust Update: If there were nerves in the central distribution, I think these two programs wou ld fall under. The ASO is a tweaker type program that aims to simplify your conf iguration of Windows Trust. A wealth of opportunity awaits you ... Windows Updat e Trust for its support to keep you updated both in embedded software natively a s security updates by microsoft pr oposed. Windows Update Trust is an alternativ e to Windows Update. The main advantage lies in the selection of updates, the co mponents deleted will not be covered and the WGA will not be imposed. If you pre fer to use Windows Update ... c'e st at your own risk! Note: These programs must run as root! 17 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 7. FAQ: Do I need a corporate key to patch the iso? No, we did not play the hypocrisy. A key is offered in the patcher. However if you have a corporate key you can, of course, define it. How to see again the most used software in the start menu? St art the ASO and uncheck "Disable Start Menu MRU. My connection is still "frozen" during the reading of network addresses: This is a small problem caused by disa bling the service "NLA". Start the Aso, go in the "ser vice" and activate the se rvice NLA (A reboot will be necessary obablement dr). An error message actions r elating RPC occurs when the fixture ion my impr Imants: Start the Aso and then r e-opening port 135 (RPC DCOM). Restart. I do emrp inks not access my workgroup c omputers or my network (j'ut Ilise netbios names): Start the Aso and go to "Serv ices" to activate the "NetBIOS Resolution Services .€After installing my broadco m network card I get the following error message at boot: "The not any required dll was not reg ion ite, the program will not work properly": Start the Aso go t o "Services" to activate the "COM + services. Will I be able to count on WTupdat e my updates automatically?: Unfortunately not, Office is not present by default on Trust and are declined in many versions (2000 2003 2007) I find it technical ly impossible to charge me his "interview". You will have to go through Windows Update for the latest Of fice I emrp inks more surfing on certain sites: This ma y be due to the Hosts file, uninstall it via the addition of removal pr. My impr Imants does not funct ionne: Launch aso in Section ser vices make sure to selec t "Printers". The applicat ion v ia WTIS installed will they be kept up to date WTUpdate: Impossible, we are only poor by ticular Infrastr ucture would require a suitable network. In other words, we can not afford to overload our ftp. How t o connect a network drive, access is no longer present: Run the ASO in the Setti ngs section you should be able to enable "Network Drive". 18 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 8. Maintain Windows Trust: It is no secret Windows XP aged very badly, the Registry becomes clogged with un necessary entries that were there before or not. However, you can reduce the rat e of aging of the installation of Windows Trust with the software is furnished. The ASO will initially allow you to remove startup entries from dozens of useles s software. The excellent Quicksys RegDefrag compress your registry, see this ra ther as a sor you defrag. Punctuate everything with a session JKDefrag and norma lly you will massively increase the life expectancy of your installation. I woul d strongly advise you to use CCleaner is an excellent cleaner temporary files an

d registry entry. Windows Trust is delivered in an optimum state, it is yours to keep afloat! 19 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 9. Recommended software: Even if they do not unanimously, the following software no longer have to demons trate their quality and have all been tested under Trust. A good antivirus is an investment udicieux j! * Free * Free toolbar but to refuse Fee * Antivirus: NOD 32 Kaspersky Antivir Firewall: Comodo Firewall Pro Jetico PCTools Firewall HIPS : System Safety Monitor EQSecure Compression: Winrar 7zip PowerArchiver FTP clients: CuteFTP FileZilla Audio Chat: Skype TeamSpeak Defragmenter: O & O D efrag JKDefrag Publisher: Notepad + + PSPad Notepad2 Tiny Hexer 20 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 HTML editors: Dreamweaver NVU Burning: InfraRecorder ImgBurn Nero Lite / Micro A udio Player: Winamp Foobar XMPlay Video Player: KMPlayer VLC Messenger Gomplayer iel I run Thunderbird Instant Messenger ie: Miranda IM Pidgin Windows Live Mess enger igateur Nav: Firefox Opera K-Meleon Flock Cleaner: CCleaner Photo Editing: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Gimp Sniffer: Wireshark office suite: Microsoft O ffice 2007 Open Office 21 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 Virtualization: VirtualBox PowerShadow Shadow Defender PDF viewer: Foxit PDF Rea der Sumatra PDF Reader Viewer Images: Irfanview XNView I almost forgot to mention that we are followers of software por accrual loans, of skrappi Skebe is a good example). 22 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 10. Utilities command line: Under Windows, the possibilities offered by the batch are all too often neglecte d. But they can save you considerable time to perform operations repeatedly. 7za: Allows you to compress and decompress the 7z format, zip, gzip, bzip, Z and tar. Cabarc: You allow to create an archive format of Microsoft Office, it also supports decompression. Cat: As its name implies, allows cat to concatenate two text files. CDImage: generate an iso 9660. CDRecord: Allows you to burn files / iso images. Chknic: Chknic displays information about physical addresses (MAC) of your network interfaces. Choice: Gives you the ability to make menus in the b atch summary. Cmp: Comparing two files. Delprof: Deletes the profile of a Window s user. Deltree: For those nostalgic for Windows 98, deltree can perform a recur sive deletion of files / folders.€Devcon: Device Management command line. Dhcplo c: Dhcploc inform you about various dhcp servers on your network. Use Dir: Will display space occupied by a directory tree. Fat32for mat: Utility to format the fat32 partitions over 32GB. Gsar: a search and replace strings. GORC: Useful for programmers, Gorce compiles resource files (*. RC) in *. res. Head: To visualiz

e the front lines of an ASCII file. Ifmember: To determine if the current user i s in part a gr oup given. Indent: Indents source files automatically. Inimod: In imod is a small utility based on Windows API, allowing you to edit an ini file f ormat. Instsrv: Allows you to install / remove Windows XP ser vice. Blade: mp3 e ncoder open source. LinkSpeed: Displays the actual throughput between two client s. Ls: Lists the contents of a directory. Ltree: Details the tree of a directory . Macshift: It is for the mac address that is netsh ip addresses. In other words , it will be possible to set a mac address for a given network interface. MCAST: Allows you to listen or to send multicast packets. Md5sum: As its name suggests md5sum calculates MD5 hashes of one or several files in a directory tory. Mkiso fs: generate an ISO image. MoveFile and pendmoves: Used to perform operations on files during startup. Mv: Order adopting the Linux world, it allows the movemen t of files. Mvdir: Very close to the previous command, it will however be limite d to moving directories. Diff and Patch: Allow to evaluate the differences betwe en files and create patches updates for executables. 23 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 Pclip: Displays the contents of clipboar d. Per mcopy: Copy permissions of a fil e or folder. Pwd: Displays the current directory. ResChange: Allows you to chang e the resolution through the command line. Robocopy: Utility to copy files to pr eserve the rights of access ntfs. Rpl: Rpl look for a string in a file and give you the opportunity to change it. SDelete: Distributed by the renowned Sysintern als, it can delete and overwrite multiple times a given file. Setx: Near the com mand set that allows to define any variable in your batch setx allow you to chan ge or define a variable envir onment (example:% ProgramFiles%). Showacls: Showac ls display the ntfs permissions of a folder or specific file. Sleep: Put your ba tch sleep:). Split: Allows you to split a file into several par ties. StripReloc : StripReloc function is to remove unnecessary relocations are in an executable. Tail: Displays last 10 lines of a file. Touch: Touch, like Linux, you can creat e a file and change the dates of creation. Uni2ansi: Allows firing a file conver sion unicode ansi. UnRAR: unRAR serves to decompress rar format archives. Upx: u px is part of the family of compressors executables. Wget: wget is a widely used Linux command that allows you to repatriate the files on your network or on int er net. Whoami: Will display the user name and domain on which you are connected . Whois: Whois provides various information con cerning the owner of a domain na me. Xcacls: Like chmod Linux xacls can define access permissions for ntfs file o r a directory. For a small syntactic information /? -help, or you will be more than enough:). 24 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 11. Software to avoid: It might seem pretentious to you discourage the use of certain software. However , far from our intention to play the police, you remain completely in charge of your boat, but do not come crying on our shoulders if you ignore the advice we'v e provided. We have listed various software widely available that you may encoun ter problems (not related to Windows Trust) or would a see a negative impact on the stability of the operating system and its performance.

Bitdefender: Although popular with the beginners and we could even see it in adv ertising campaigns for private channels, whose cultural value is no longer requi red to demonstrate: TF1 (irony: x). BitDefender is a crass,€a gulf in resources and incompatible with the plupar t distributions unattend integrating Internet E xplorer 7. We can only advise you to turn to another alter-native. Spyware Docto r: He is known by its diffusion through the Google Pack. PCTools offers pollucie l having a huge impact on memory and detecting threats that are not in order to sell you a product unsatisfactory. Norton Antiva irus: Flee symantec products li ke the plague. Panda Antiva irus: Major negative impact on the performance of yo ur machine in addition to being a colander in virus detection. Nero Burning Rom: If all components are installed Nero third without any discernment, you are lik ely to end up with many unnecessary processes and sources of instability. Opting for the lite version of Nero or microwave is a good solution. Google Pack: Clic k click, Google Pack or advertising dollars against an unspeakable filth that yo u will find a multitude of software to avoid. iTunes: Unless it is essential to your Ipod, Itunes avoid that, lately, comes with ser vices such as Bonjour netwo rk that does not guarantee the respect of your privacy. Safari: Same comment as for Itune. IncrediMail: dirty, useless, horrible, do not respect your privacy .. . RealPlayer: RealPlayer is now a gas plant as many programs of this type. Windo ws Defender: Install Windows Defender is comparable to putting on a condom for h oles. ViStart: Certainly, the start menu of Windows Vista could be more comforta ble and ergonomic for some. But this does not justify the resources monopolized by ViStart. Ati Control Center: God created man and created Microsoft Net Framew or k. Ati Control Center is of Lour, very heavy. Former user of Ati Tray Tools, I can only advise you. Viruscan McAfee: McAfee Vir uscan is your normal power 10 . Windows Genuine advantage: It is quite useless to try to reinstall Windows Gen uine Advantage Windows Trust. Windows Trust incorporating as much a means of con tour ner protection. BSPlayer: Initially a freeware, it now includes a spyware t o justify his mercy. It ... Deplorable. 25 Windows Trust 3.0 Manual 2008-2009 12. Contacts: Your best friend: Thank you for taking the time to read t his booklet. Thank you to Mr. El-cherub for his ser vices rendered to Windows Tr ust! Thank you to the staff of unattended-News for their support and the support they have been carrying out the first versions: Bigfx, MALHERBE, toolman, Erazo r laplo, Sameth, Skebe, ZTK, THE_MAD2, PAdu92, Owned Thank Solidsnake, Spaawn, A nakin, toolman, and zt k for their contribution to the development of the multib oot screen. Thank you to walk instead if having different testers for version 3 (if I forget, sorry): Dj Devil leyouki, Chephren, Fenriz, Christopher, maxor1980 , Myth0logy, xtremtiti, barbouille13, Nikal12, amphibious, wolvery, jason2005, r ichnou, anakin, djoel62, faquir, n gf84, kenshin-mika, Osi, CHOPIN83, sp ir ou31, PGH, Soulfate, Farfa. A big thank you to Houdsan which helped put the v arious logos Trust applications for every day. It is the same for djresal which suggested a magnificent vista logo type used in system properties. 26