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xa Postal 1680 Rio de Janeiro - RJ Tel: PABX (21) 210-3122 Fax: (21) 220-1762 / 220-6436 Email: www.abnt.org.br NBR 85 272 Implementation of Christmas decorations in offices of companies provi ding engineering services - Procedure DEC 2003 Copyright © 2000, ABNT-Brazilian Association of Technical Standards Printed in Brazil / Printed in Brazil All rights reserved Source: NBR 17232 / 1922 CB-24 - Brazilian Committee on Fire Safety EC-24.301.04 - Study Commission on Fire Protection Facilities in Generation and Transmission of Electricity NBR 12 232 - Carbon dioxide total flooding system for Christmas adornment- Procedure Descriptors: Fire. Ornament, decoration, adornment. This St andard was based on NFPA Valid from -101, 24.12.2003 Keyword (s): Fire. Ornaments, Christmas Safety 5 pages Contents Foreword Introduction 1 Goal 2 Normative References 3 Definitions, symb ols and abbreviations 4 Terms 5 Terms 6 specific Inspection and Test Preface ABN T - Brazilian Association of Technical Standards - is the National Forum for Sta ndardization. The Brazilian Standards are developed by the Study Groups, formed by representatives of the sectors involved, doing their part: decorators, employ ees and colaboradres. Introduction In recent years the CB-24 has received sugges tions to regulate demonstrations at Christmas time with respect to the following : a) b) the general and specific aspects of project design deployment facilities ornaments; demystification of messages, general aspects of decoration and testi ng of the systems set in decorations. 1 Purpose This standard sets out specific minimum requirements required for the design, installation, maintenance and testing of the Christmas decorations in of fices of companies providing engineering services. This standard applies not onl y to the corporate offices but also to home offices, installed indoors, observin g the requirements of NFPA-70. 2 2 Normative references In addition to the standards referenced in the Normative References section of NBR is necessary to consult: NBR 92 639 - Cylinders and co lored glass beads pending on Christmas trees - specification NBR 18 441 systems with flashing lights carols. - Specification NBR 23 493 - Employment of basic colors for ornaments and Christmas balls - Proc edure NBR 17 195 - Color Cotton Tree Christmas - specification NBR 33 455 voltag es acting in garlands - Calculation. ANSI B.35.10 - Power is intermittent electrical lights and Santa Claus movements . NFPA-92 - Fire fighting systems for christmas adornment 3 Definitions, symbols and abbreviations Christmas Ball - artifact made of glass , plastic or styrofoam used to create the effect of dew drops. Cotton - material used to create the illusion of snow on the branches of Christmas trees in a tro pical country Angel Aramis - Variant of dubious quality of the ceramic or plaste r angel, made of annealed wire and galvanized or copper. Garland - Garland of Sp ecies in a circle or wreath suitable for Christmas Garland - cord with strips of foil or plastic. Light hose - flexible device with internal lights in sections of 1 meter. Half Hung - mythological symbol dating back to the early twentieth c entury also used to create the illusion that Santa Claus comes on Christmas nigh t to fill it with gifts. Lights flashing - popularly known with "Christmas light

s" are used to increase the power consumption of the city providing a visual eff ect similar to lighting. Bauble - any previously unclassified object, hanging fr om the branches of a tree, wreath or garland. Are contained in this category bel ls, diced imitating gifts, miniature musical instruments, canes, stars, candy an d Santa Claus dolls. 4 General conditions. 4.1.1 The decoration for decoration, like Christmas, should be used within the limits specified in this Standard. 4.1 .2 shall not be allowed images of saints or statues of worship (Art. V - Convent ion of Hebron - 1999) and football club badges and banners of any kind of colleg e (Statute Fan Art 6. Brazil 2003) . 4.1.3 Means shall be provided for quick dis assembly environments decorated with ornaments. In all the doors of these enviro nments must be determined externally signposts warning for the celebration, with the following text: "WARNING - ENVIRONMENT Grace - TIME FOR CHRISTMAS." 4.1.4 W hen there is a possibility of two or more stalls or tables offices are subject t o the same decoration simultaneously, given their proximity and / or interconnec tion, each of which should be decorated by his own embellishments. 4.1.5 The env ironment that contains the decoration decorations should be as close as possible . The openings should be restricted to a minimum, entry, and equipped with autom atic closing devices. 4.1.6 When the closure of the openings is impracticable, t here must be an additional amount of decorations to make the "leak." 4.1.7 If th e environment is adorned with a single through openings that can not be closed, with other environments where there is potential for decoration, these should be trimmed. 4.1.8 Doors, windows, displays or windows should not have their vision obstructed by any type of decorations. Note: The above restriction applies to d olls whose feet, hands or tails are suckers. Adhesives football clubs and associ ations are not allowed. 4.1.9 The distance between the parties adorned the offic e of the parties should not be trimmed by 1.5 m, or twice the square root of the larger enclosure, whichever is greater. 3 4.2 General conditions of project 4.2.1 The amount of decorations should be calc ulated as 5.1. 4.2.2 The sizing of the rope must be done based on the maximum te nsile strength cord, and the minimum voltage in penduricalho worst should be 21. 1 kgf/cm2 (300 psi) in order to avoid " V "along the garland. 4.2.3 Selection of equivalent weights of the bells should be based on form factor and residual str ess at each point mooring. 4.2.4 For purposes of calculating the centroid of all the decorations, the initial stress to be considered should be the average volt age in the middle of the garland over the top of the stretch to fix the end. 4.2 .5 The decorations selected must appear in listings trusted, where they establis hed their main parameters. The code must be punctured holes in his body and regi stered in the project executive. 4.2.6 When the environment, by their constructi on, is very tight, with no walls resistant strain of Garland, there must be an o pening to relieve this tension. The area of opening should be calculated by the formula: D = 661, P 2 = D * pdp Where: A = free area of opening, m 2 D = nominal diameter of the cable festoon i n mm P = allowable stress in the walls of the enclosure, Mpa, integrated between 0 and tensile strength five specific conditions. 5.1 Calculation of required am ount of embellishments 5.1.1 The amount of decorations must be calculated to ens ure minimum quota of 5% for the cas of the images of angels and Santa Claus blac k. 5.1.2 The minimum retention decoration decorations for the environment should be 60 days after installation. 5.1.3 The basic amount required for decorations must be calculated by the formula: Q

b = V a.Fi Where: Qb = quantity of required basic embellishments kg Va = volume of the envi ronment decorated in m 3 fi = factor decorations (kg / cm 3), variable volume as the environment (see Table 1 Table 1: Factor decoration, to minimum concentrati on 40% volume environment adorned (m 3) Up to 3.96 3.97 to 14.15 14.16 to 45.28 over 1415.0 (A) Factor decoration (ornaments 3/kg m) 0.72 0.78 0.83 1.15 (kg ornaments / m 3) 1. 38 1.28 1.21 1.08 Minimum amount required (A) (kg) 4.5 15.1 45.4 The amount of embellishments discharged into the environment can not be lower th an listed in this column. 4 5.2 System Components 5.2.1 Garland Garland for the distribution of deco rations should not have their way over the stalls, should be observed in designi ng the distances required. When festoons pass over monitors its supporte rs must be bolted and / or simply welded to the frame of the equipment. Note: Do not be permitted to fix by scotch tape or glue Pritt. Garland and fittings shall be of metallic material, resistant to the con ditions expected for high voltages and temperatures. Garland and accessories sho uld be preferably galvanized or galvanized. Garland and accessories must be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ANSI B.38.10 (Big sustai ner party materials) and ASTM A806 (Schedule is big party cables). The d iameter of the rope must be such that: a) b) allowing proper distribution of dyn amic stress distribution of branches due to the weight of the ornaments, the max imum load of the system allows sufficient voltage to meet the amount of embellis hments, plus 50% . All the rope must be directly grounded in the fabric of the earth. 5.2.1 .7 Supports must be sized and located so as to allow expansion and contraction o f Garland and mechanical stress due to shock waves and vibrations to which they are subject. Each garland is to be preferred, apparent and should be avo ided Garland built and buried. The angle formed by the weight of penduricalho no t exceed 15, if that reinforcement should be provided on cable support. Fig 2 Maximum angle festoon subjected to the weight of any one bauble. 5.2.2 Santa All images of Santa Claus should be located so as to be easi ly accessible for manual operation and maintenance. All dolls Santa elec tro Eltron should be provided with the manual device for emergency activation of the system in case of loss of speech or movement. The devices must be, preferab ly, mechanical drive. The engine power should be limited to 1.0 W (dance) or 0.5 W (speech only). Pictures and Santa Claus dolls should not be subject t o the possibility of chemical damage or mechanical. For systems subjected to ele ctrical faults that may cause the firing battery must be provided with the insta llation of Santa Claus relief. are not accepted under any circumstances images of Santa Claus face with politicians, artists or players (Consumer Protec tion Code, art. 32. 2000). 5

5.2.3 Balls Christmas Balls Christmas INMETRO must have the seal and cer tificate from the Fire Department site. Must have spherical shape allowing a rou ndness of 0.34%. Christmas Balls metal not subject to corrosion resistan ce compatible with the pressures and temperatures expected job and resistant to mechanical damage and caused by chemicals which can be accepted. Christm as Balls should have the code required to punch stamped cold on your body (see A nnex A), in a visible place even after its installation. 5.2.4 Wreaths G arlands Christmas can not contain messages in a language other than Portuguese ( Art. 3. Statute of the Elderly - 2003). Wreaths of flowers reused cemete ries are not considered in calculating the number of embellishments. 5.2.5 5.2.5 .1 Christmas Trees Christmas trees that play music and dance are considered frau d in the media Christmas and an assault on children's intelligence. For this rea son, they are banned from any manifestation Christmas (Statute of the Child Art 23. 2004) The cotton used to simulate snow in our country that lacks the nature of this effect should be of wool in white Munsel 5R/13Y 5.2. 5.3 The use of pieces of natural trees for Christmas tree assembly shall be permitted only on presentation of Certificate of Poverty Certification recognized by the instal lation forbidden the association of these placed at the base of trees to the passage of the Santa Claus office . 5.2.6 Lights flashing, stockings and ot her trinkets sets lights flashing bulbs with 25 or more must be type des embaraçável to allow its reuse for Christmas next. Sets embarrassed no t be accepted even on the grounds that much is working. If the set, but resourceful, not working, the replacement of lamps can only be performed by cert ified ASSFU porters (American Society for Substitution of Fucking Flashing Light s) socks may only be hung for use as a garnish if version is released fo r indância and adolescence that it is a hot pot holder. Angels made wit h wires are strictly forbidden (Article V - Convention of Hebron - 1990) bells made by pressing "bubble effect" will not be accepted because they are a source of accumulation of impurities. Drums and other musical instrument s are inconsistent with the objectives of the celebration and should be removed from all festoons. 5.2.7 Detection, Signalling and alarm. Detection of e mbellishments not included in this standard should identify any principle of tra nsgression, to allow its immediate control, and meet the requirements of NBR 93 441 (Inspection, seizure and burning of decoration offensive). 5.3 Painting All components of fixed or movable ornaments must be painted in colors that are comp atible with the logo of the company trimmed, according to the requirements of 12 7 176 NBR, NBR and NBR 66 493 71 995. Surfaces of stainless steel or zinc, brass and bronze can remain unpainted. 5.4 Inspection and Testing Inspections , tests,€maintenance and operation of fixed systems and mobile decorations must be recorded in reports and made only by qualified persons. Facilities can not b e performed by persons not accredited to the local fire department. Facilities t hat violate the above principles should be embargoed.