DIET OF PROTEINS This system puts an end to the dictatorship of hunger.

Dramatically reduces the complex carbohydrates are just fruit and vegetables - but frees the meat and som e types of fat. Without carbohydrates as energy source, glucose stock decreases. This causes the body that needs the substance to feed the cells, throw up their fat reserves to produce them with the energy it needs. Weight loss is rapid, wh ich encourages to continue the diet. Another good result is that after the first few days, your metabolism adjusts and hunger naturally decreases. This is becau se without carbohydrates there are more variations in the levels of glucose or i nsulin, which are stabilized at levels very low. Decreased appetite with weight loss is the trend even more. As the meats are released, there is an increase in protein intake. They are the raw material for renewal of muscle mass and therefo re combining diet with increased physical activity, instead of sagging by weight loss will have exactly the opposite: to make easier the defined muscles. Consid erations 1 - The time limit is 30 days of the diet are two fortnights in the spa ce of three days between them. You can continue it later, but is recommended for most people who give a time span of one week. 2 - Eat constantly, whenever you feel hungry and take plenty of fluids. 3 - Some people during the first few week s may feel some kind of weakness. 4 - Eat plenty of vegetables, meats, fish, etc ... 5 - You can lose an average of 9 pounds per month. Food Facilities Zucchini green Chard Watercress Water with Natural Gas Water Diet Tonic Water Le ttuce Asparagus Tuna Birds Olive Oil Cod with seasoning Bacon Broccoli Eggplant Café Shrimp Crab Meat in general as seasoning Onion Caviar Carrot (1 per day) C arrot (1 per day) Tea (lemon, mate, etc ...) Chayote Chicory - Club Soda - Cucumber - Diet Coke - Pepsi Light - Mushroom - Pepper - Cabbage Chili - Cauliflower - Ham - Spinach - Cheese (only - Chicken industrialized) Diet Gelatin (Sweet-Minor - Okra Açucryl, Adocyl, only) - Radish - Strawberry J am Diet - Cabbage (Sweet-and Adocyl Lower) - Salt - Gin - Green salad - Guarana diet - salami - Jiló - Salpicão (homemade mayonnaise - Lobster salad, chili) Lemon - Parsley - Sausage - Sashimi - Butter - Diet Soda - Margarine - Vegetabl e soup - Mussels - Clight juice (apple green - Grapefruit Turnip Rose, TEA Mace) - Omelette - Sukiaki without noodles - Oyster - Tomato (up 3 per day) - (Eggs f ried, boiled, - Trident scrambled) - Pod - Baked Eggs - Bread Diet - Fish Prohibited Pumpkin Sugar Sweeteners with Fructose Sweeteners Lactose Tonic Water Meatballs with Peanut Rice Starch Balas Balas diet Banana Potato Biscuits Sugar Cookie Cak es Cashew Yam Carb Ketchup Catupiry Sweet Peas Grains Chiclets Diet Fanta Bean Flour Figs Fruit Dried Fruit Gelatin (Oatker Diet) Gelatin (Royal Diet) Jelly Milk Skim Milk Pasta Pasta Cassava Gene ral Honey Corn Pancakes Mortadella Raisin Bread Snacks Pomarolo Pomodoro Fresh Cheese and Sausage Miner Salsarette Seven'up Soy Ice Cream Diet Sprite Diet Fruit Juice Dates Wheat Yogurt

Suggestions for Menu Options for BREAKFAST - Scrambled Eggs, Bacon and Eggs with Boiled Eggs - Single or Omelet with Cheese and Ham - Ice Tea - Coffee or Tea Mate - Juice or Tea Cli ght Clight - Bread Diet (after 15 days) - or Margarine Butter - Ham - Cheese - s alami lunch options: - Salad General - Salpicão (homemade mayonnaise, salad, ch ili, chicken, boiled eggs, carrot, cabbage and tomato) - Beef, Pork, Chicken (if sauce, tomatoes with homemade only) - Fish, Shrimp, Tuna, Lobster, Crab and Mus sels - Sausages - Scrambled Eggs, Bacon and Eggs with Boiled Eggs - Single or Om elet with Cheese and Ham - Diet Soda or Juice Clight Options for DESSERT: - Gela tin Diet - Diet Strawberry Jelly (Adocyl and Sweet-Minor) Options for the AFTERN OON SNACK: - Hot or Ice Tea / Coffee - Cheese - Salami options for the DINNER Food "light" Note: In this diet, Eggplant is essential in the general menu due t o its ability to regulate cholesterol.