v 1.1 How resolve Rubik Cube Álvaro Ibáñez Speedcuber alvy@microsiervos.com Weblog: Trivial Days www.

microsie rvos.com KasLab / hacklab Vallecas - 2004.12.18 kaslab.sinroot.net / jornadastri viales / Licensed as Creative Commons Some Rights Reserved See http://creativecommons.org /licenses/by-sa/2.0/ 1 The basic method (and necessary) • • • • • • 2 Demonte any layer rotating the cube 45 degrees and carefully lift an edge by pry ing with a screwdriver. The rest of the parts come easy. Understanding the mecha nism and pieces: there are corners, edges and centers colors of a piece can neve r be "move" (are stuck!) Focal always occupy the same position relative to each other, so that "give a name to each face "(face red, blue, white, etc.). Returni ng to mount the bucket, it always in the position of" solved "Fit as the last pi ece any edge but also turning 45 degrees that face and squeezing gently. Conventions • • • • • • • • • • 3 Cube refers to the cube as a whole The component parts of the Cube are cubes can be of three types: centers, edges or corners (there is also an axis) One face o f the cube is one of its six faces of a cube A coat color are the nine cubes of the same face Turn a face / layer refers to rotate a face / layer 90 degrees Rot ate a piece (edge, corner) is about changing the orientation of the part or cube , but without changing the position in which Place a piece is referred to reposi tion upside One piece is well placed but poorly rotated opposite edges on the sa me side are those across the center hub Flip refers to moving the whole cube, wi thout turning their faces Standard Notation English Spanish A B D F I T Front Back Left Right Up Down Front Back Left Right Up Down F B U R L D (In perspective drawings, the face F is on the left) Money always 90 ° X X clockwise 'double reverse spin X2 (180 °) (XY) n repeating group, eg: 4

RUR'U 'F2 (RD) 2 R' U2 R2 D2 L2 F2 B2 Names corners: UFR ^, ^ LFU ... Names edges: ^ FU ^ FR ... Image: Gaetan Guimond www.rubikscuberecord.com Notation: Examples • R F R ' • F2 D 'F' • D R2 F (R F) 2 5 A five-step solution • First layer - 1. A face (edges + corners) - 2. "Corona" • Second layer (Intermediate) - 3. Place (and rotate) edges • Third layer - 4. "Cross" (turn + post edge) - 5. Corners (set + turning corners) • A total of six algorithms are used only between 8 and 18 moves, easily memoriz ed. • Optimized Solution to "remember", not for speed • With some improvement ca n achieve sub-60 times " 6 Undercoat • • Choose a color (a center) to "up" and find all the cubes that have that colo r for placing push them around. Place the edges (cross) of that color - Ensuring that besides the above colors coindican also the colors of the sides • • • • 7 Place the corners is more or less indifferent (easy or difficult) to place befor e edges or corners in this layer have to think about the pieces as cubes, not on ly as a face color. Thus the movement to place edges and corners in place in the first layer are almost trivial and easily discover must be set at the cube orig in, not in what is in the target position (is indifferent) First layer: 10 examples 1 R'D'R = = 2 DFF 'alt. RF'R'F R'D2R and making D = 3 = Case 1 (D + R'D'R R'D2R) 4

R'D'R and by D = = Case 1 (R'D'R + R'D'R) 5 8 R'D'R to undo, and replace First layer: 10 examples (cont.) 6 L'RF'R'L 7 F'LR'DRL ' 8 symmetric previous RFB'D'BF ' 9 L'RF2R'L 10 9 L'RF2R'L (case 9) and D = = Case 6 Second layer • Turn the cube (top = bottom) • Locate edges are on top they need to go in the second layer (sandwich) and place in position o ^ ^ FU UK to coincide with the c enter of the faces. • Apply [1a] if in ^ FU, [1b] in ^ RU • If edges reversed (^ FR), undo [1a] or [1b] • Repeat to locate the four corners of the second layer [1a] URU'R'U'F'UF [1b] U'F'UFURU'R ' 10 Third layer: the cross (sharp turn) • The goal is to turn the edges of the face from top to form a cross, whose colo r must match the center of the face from above • If the edges form a "letter" V "implement [2] • If the edges are a "letter" I "implement [3] • With all the edg es reversed (in this case only the center is fine), apply [2], U, [3] [2] FURU'R 'F '[3] B 'R'U'RUB 11 Third layer: the cross (place) • The goal is to place the edges of the face up (which are already properly rota ted) • U Turn until you see two edges either ^ ^ UF and UR and apply [4] to exch ange the other two edges • If two opposite edges are well, put them in ^ ^ UF an d UB, undo using [3] and solved with U and [2] [4] UR'U2RUR'UR ok ok [3] U [2] ok ok ok

ok ok 12 Third layer: corner (place) • The goal is to place the corners of the face up (although not well drawn.) Ind ividuals should not be in the guidance now. Choose a well-placed corner (even if badly rotated), located on the corner and apply FUR ^ [5a] or symmetric [5b] If there is no corner in place, implement [5a] and [5b] to undo and repeat the pla cement again • • [5a] L'URU'LUR'U ' [5B] BU'F'UB'U'FU 13 Third layer: corners (turn) • Turn the cube (corners turned down) • Choose two horse to turn and put in F • The powerful algorithm [6] turns two corners in the same direction (FD ^ colors are equal to D) without affecting the rest of the cube • Repeat [6] if it is nec essary to turn over two corners, turning the cube appropriately [6] (RU'R'U) 2D (U'RUR ') 2D' 14 down Third layer: corners (turn) (examples) F • Examples of positions of the last phase (view from below, D, F being above) L B R [6] (RU'R'U) 2D (U'RUR ') 2D' (base case) [6] = [6] = Turn 90 degrees and [6] ag ain Turn 90 and [6] again ( also a slightly shortened [6] by changing D D2) [6] and [6] 15 References and links • Rubiks.com, the official website www.rubiks.com • Rubik's Cube (Wikipedia) en.wikipedia.org / wiki / Rubiks_Cube • Rubik's Cube from A to Z usuarios.lycos.es / rubikaz / • Rubik's Cube Solution (Nerd Paradise) www.nerdparadise.com/puzzles/333/solution/

• Speedcubing www.speedcubing.com • TwistyPuzzles www.twistypuzzles.com • My collection of puzzles www.microsiervos.com / rompeacabezas.html • Rubik Spanish Club (Yahoo Groups) http://es.groups.yahoo.com/group/spanishrubiksclub 16 + • Number of positions of the cube 8! • 12! • 37 • 210 = 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 = 4.3 • 43 trillion positions 1 019 • Some World Records 3x3x3 Speed Average Speed 5x5x5 4x4x4 3x3x3 Speed Blindly 3x3x3 3x3x3 With one h and under the water * Record Champion Spain Spain Shotaro Shotaro Makisumi Makis umi Lars Lars Vandenbergh Vandenbergh Shotaro Makisumi U.S. Dan Harris Chris Har dwick U.S. Belgium Belgium U.S. U.S. U.S. 12.11 15.58 1:09,11 2:08,45 3:36,85 25 .95 4:10,00 sec. sec. sec. (6 cubes) Ernesto Fernández José Manuel Peralta 31.43 sec. (10 cubes) 25.04 sec. 17 * Unofficial