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C heesecake Tarte Tatin (Apples Sweet Greens) GERMAN APPLE PIE PIE LEMON Zuppa ING LESE GOIABA DUE COLLOR Stagioni ENGLISH CREAM PIE SOFFIATA DI ALBICOCCA Crostata di mele ALMOND COOKIE PIE PIE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CHOCOLATE CAKE SOUZA LEO passion fruit mousse MOUSSE DI CACHE ALLA FIGS MINT TO PORT WINE Crostata Fragole ALLA DE MINT COOKIES candied fruit BISCUITS LEMON COOKIES FROM GRANDMA COOKIES CHOCOL ATE BROWNIES EDITH Tareco SIGH ALFARUFA BAVARESE CREAM CHOCOLATE MILK ALMOND Cre me Brulee Canudinho OF COCONUT MILK CREAM CREMA CATALANA passion fruit Carameliz ed Delight PINEAPPLE GELATIN OF COCONUT MOUSSE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE BICOLOR LEMON RASPBERRY SAUCE Quindao Tiramisu Pig Heaven Cheesecake INGREDIENTS (8 PERSONS) 1 40 520 3 150 150 1 disc sponge cake gr gr b utter, melted cheese, like Pennsylvania, at room temperature sugar eggs small gr gr sour cream (incorporating some the lemon cream) spoon (soup) of sugar raspbe rry jelly jelly Place the sponge cake in a loose form of rim and brush with melted butter. Beat the cheese with a wooden spoon, until a very creamy texture. Reserve. Beat eggs and sugar in mixer on low speed, and go adding cheese. Increase the speed of the mixer and continue beating until the ingredients to mix thoroughly. Place the d ough on the sponge cake and bake in preheated oven for approx, 30 minutes. Witho ut opening the oven hit the lid of the cooker, where the center of cheesecake is soggy middle is good, because it will become firm as it cools. Let cool. Mix so ur cream with sugar and pass on any surface. Let cool and refrigerate. Melt the jelly with a little jelly and spread on the cheesecake. When firm remove the jel ly ring shape. Serve chilled. Tarte Tatin (Apples Sweet Greens) INGREDIENTS (6 PERSONS) 250 150 1 1 / 3 75 150 gr 10 gr flour butter egg cup wat er salt butter gr gr sugar green apples, peeled, cut into 8 Add the flour, egg, salt and butter 150gr. Mix well with hands and go adding slo wly to water. Knead well until smooth. Open a disc diameter in order to be used. Let rest in refrigerator. Grease a form of copper with 50gr of butter and sprin kle with 100g of sugar. Arrange the apples and top with the remaining sugar and butter in small pieces. Place over low heat until the sugar starts to change col or. Put the dough, setting the edges down and covers all the apples. Bake in mod erate oven until the dough is lightly browned. Turn the cake on a plate, careful ly, making sure it was not anything stuck to the bottom. Serve warm. GERMAN APPL E PIE DOUGH INGREDIENTS: 300 gr flour 200 gr butter 100 gr sugar January 1 gem spoon (soup) of red wine FILLING: 6 red apples acid (1kg) 1 spoon (soup) of red wine 100 gr of white seed less raisins Mix the butter and sugar, add egg yolk and add the wine. Add flour and knead until dough is smooth, but greasy and sticky. Divide the dough into tw o portions in the ratio 2 / 3 and 1 / 3. Refrigerate for ½ hour. FILLING: Peel a pples and cut into medium slices. Mix the apples, wine and raisins. Steam until soft. Line the bottom and sides of a form with detachable 2 / 3 of the dough. Pl ace the stuffing. With the remaining dough, make dumplings and mount a very fine grid over the filling. Bake in moderate oven until batter is golden. LEMON PIE INGREDIENTS (SMALL FORM) DOUGH: 1 package (200gr.) biscuit cornstarch 1 / 2 cup butter, melted FILLING: 300 ml. 6 tablespoons milk (soup) of sugar 40 gr. butter 2 egg yolks 3 tablespoons (soup) cornstarch grated rind of 2 lemons juice of 1 lemon ½ SIGH: 2 egg whites 6 tablespoons (soup) of sugar juice of ½ lemon Mix th e ingredients of the dough. Line a detachable form and bake on medium heat. Let cool and reserve. FILLING: Beat egg yolks, sugar, milk and cornstarch in blender

. Cook over low heat. Remove from heat and add the butter and the juice and lemo n peel. Let cool and pour over the batter. SIGH: Beat the egg whites, add sugar and lemon juice. Beat well until you get a breath tight. With a pastry bag, get the sigh of the lemon cream. Take the salamander to brown. Zuppa INGLESE (1 unit - 12 servings) sponge cake: 6 tablespoons (soup) sugar 5 tablespoons (soup) of sifted flour,€with 1 tablespoon (coffee) yeast 6 eggs FILLING: 1 1 / 4 cup sugar 6 egg yolks 400 ml. milk 2 tablespoons (desser t) cornstarch 150 gr. into squares of candied fruit (papaya, apricot and fig) 12 0 ml. alchermes liquor (or another herb), diluted with 3 spoons (soup) water 40 ml. rum, diluted in 1 1 / 2 spoon (soup) water 2 egg whites 4 tablespoons (soup) of powdered sugar nutmeg and lemon rind butter and flour to form slices of cand ied fruit to decorate cake-loaf Beat the egg whites until very stiff, add yolks, one by one and continue to beat adding sugar slowly. Remove from mixer and add the flour without knocking. Place in a round shape (diam - 30 cm.) Greased and d usted with flour. Bake in moderate oven, remove the form after 5 minutes and let cool on a rack. Stuffing Mix sugar with egg yolks and cornstarch and add slowly the boiling milk. Remove to a saucepan and cook over low heat, without boiling. Remove from heat and add the lemon peel and nutmeg. Cool over ice water, stirri ng constantly to prevent lumps from forming. Add the candied fruit. Reserve. Cut the sponge cake into 3 discs of the same thickness. Arrange a disc of sponge ca ke on a plate, moisten with half the liqueur and top with half the cream fruit. Arrange it on the second disc of sponge cake, moisten with rum and cover with th e other half of the cream. Place the third disc and drizzle with the remaining l iquor. Beat the egg whites, add the confectioners' sugar and continue beating un til firm and a sigh. Spread over pie and bake in hot oven until lightly browned. Let cool. Garnish with slices of candied fruit. Refrigerate. Serve on a mirror of English cream. GOIABA DUE Collor - 1.porção a red guava, frozen shelled a whi te guava, sugar shelled frozen lemon drops a ball of orange sorbet 1 tablespoon of Grand Marnier candied orange peel Beat guavas, separately, with sugar and a l ittle ice in the blender, add drops of lemon juice and Grand Marnier. Pass throu gh a sieve to remove seeds. Put the two creams, alternately, in a bowl. Arrange the orange sorbet in the middle and garnish with orange peel. Serve with Grand M arnier. Stagioni - SAUCE 1 glass of orange marmalade 1 cup water 2 tablespoons ( soup) of Grand Marnier Dissolve jelly in water and bring to a boil. Add the Grand Marnier. Let cool and reserve. ENGLISH CREAM 1 1 / 4 cup sugar 6 egg yolks 400 ml. boiling milk 2 tab lespoons (dessert) cornstarch nutmeg and lemon peel Mix the sugar with the yolks and add milk slowly. Remove to a saucepan and cook over low heat, without boili ng. Remove from heat and add the lemon peel and nutmeg. Cool over ice water, sti rring constantly to avoid forming lumps. PIE SOFFIATA DI ALBICOCCA (1 unit - 8 s ervings) 2 packages of biscuits maria 200 gr. butter 1 3 / 4 cup sugar 2 egg yol ks 2 cans cream without serum 2 spoons (soup) of port wine, diluted in serum cre am APRICOT SAUCE 125 gr. 25 grams of dried apricot. apricot jelly 50 gr. sugar F arore ALMOND 100 gr. sugar 15 gr. 6 g of butter. almonds Beat the sugar with the butter, add the egg yolks and beat until creamy clear. Remove from mixer and ad d the cream. Line a tin with a plastic sheet and spread a layer of cream on it, leaving it wrinkled. Place a layer of biscuits, soaked in serum, the bottom and sides of the form. Cover the bottom of the biscuits with cream and put another l ayer of crackers. Continue the process until the end of the ingredients. Close t he plastic, place a weight on the cake and place in the freezer for at least 24 hours. Let cool, cover with apricot sauce and sprinkle with a side dish of almon ds. Serve on a mirror of English cream decorated with apricot sauce. Crostata di mele (1 unit - 8 servings) Weight: 200 gr. flour 1 egg 2 egg yolks 100 gr. suga r 120 gr. butter 1 teaspoon (tsp) vanilla extract Filling: 4 apples (Argentina) medium peeled and cut into thin slices Syrup: 100 gr. sugar 100 ml. red wine sweet juice 1 / 2 lemon Combine all ingred ients and work the dough until dough is smooth and homogeneous. Let stand in ref

rigerator for half hour. Grease a way with butter and dust with flour. Divide th e dough into two equal parts and two open discs the size of the form. Place a di sc of dough in order, arrange the apple and top with another pasta. Close the bo rders. Bake in moderate oven. Caramel: Caramelize the sugar. Add wine and lemon juice. Keep on low heat until it reaches the desired thickness. Serve the pie wa rm dusted with icing sugar on a mirror of the syrup.€Follow with two Nuts ice cr eam garnished with a date date drought. ALMOND BISCUIT 100 gr. of chopped almond s 100 gr. glaçucar of 50 gr. flour 80 gr. butter orange zest Mix all forming a p aste. Let rest a little. Bake in moderate oven on baking sheets or lattice in re lief. CHOCOLATE PIE (1 unit) Cake: 1 cup butter 2 cups sugar 3 egg yolks 3 egg w hites 1 cup cocoa powder 3 cups flour, sifted with: 2 spoons (soup) shallow baki ng powder 1 cup Milk Filling and Cover: 3 eggs 1 / 2 cup sugar 2 tablets of dark chocolate, melted in water bath three spoons (tablespoons) butter 1 / 2 cup ora nge juice 1 can of cream and ice cream without serum Beat butter with sugar unti l a light cream, add yolks, one by one and then the chocolate and continue beati ng. Mix flour and milk gradually, alternately. Add the egg whites. Divide the do ugh into three forms, greased with butter and sprinkled with flour and bake in m oderate oven. Beat eggs with sugar and bring to simmer. Add the chocolate and st ir until smooth and creamy and smooth. Let cool. Add butter mixture to cool and add orange juice and cream. Return to low heat until thickened. Be careful not t o curdle. Let cool. CHOCOLATE MOUSSE PIE (1 unit - 12 servings) Make overnight 250 gr. butter at roo m temperature 250 gr. sugar 250 gr. of powdered chocolate 7 egg yolks 7 egg whit es very stiff 1 1 / 2 tbsp (tablespoons) of wheat flour chocolate chips Beat but ter with sugar until a light cream, add yolks, one by one, and Then the chocolat e and continue beating. Add the flour and egg whites. A baking tray greased, pla ce about 0.5 cm. of dough and bake in moderate oven until they harden and loosen the sides. Let cool. Place the remaining dough to 2cm. the edge and place in th e freezer covered with plastic film. Turn out 1 / 2 hour before using, and garni sh with the grated chocolate. LION CAKE SOUZA (1 unit - 12 servings) 1 / 2 kg. m ass cassava coconut 8 egg yolks 2 medium size 1 cup boiling water 1 / 2 kg. suga r 1 cup water 225 gr. butter 1 / 2 tablespoon (dessert) salt Grate the coconuts and heat the oven to make better milk. Add boiling water and remove the milk by squeezing in a cloth. Cook the sugar with water and make a syrup to the wire. Re move from heat and add butter and salt. Let cool. Add the egg yolks, one by one, the mass of cassava and add coconut milk gradually, knead well. Add the sugar s yrup, stir and pass three times through a fine sieve. Bake in a greased-bath. Pa ssion fruit mousse (8 servings) Gelatin: 1 / 2 cup warm water (100ml.) 1 / 2 cup passion fruit juice (100ml.) 2 1 / 2 sheets of gelatin 1 tablespoon white (soup ) of sugar a passion fruit mousse 1 cup hot water (200ml.) 1 1 / 2 cup passion f ruit juice (300ml.) 6 sheets gelatin 3 egg whites 5 tablespoons white (soup) of sugar Gelatin: Soften gelatin in cold water, drain and dissolve in hot water. Let cool. Mix the passion fruit juice, passion fruit and sugar and add the gelatin. Place in a we t form and refrigerate until hardened. Mousse: Soften gelatin in cold water, dra in and dissolve in hot water. Let cool. Add the passion fruit juice. Beat the eg g whites and add sugar. Mix the passion fruit. Put in order on gelatin and refri gerate. Let cool before serving. MINT MOUSSE ALLA DI CACHE (4 people) 2 persimmo ns (aprx. 300gr.), Peeled and seeded Juice of ½ orange Juice of ½ lemon 150 gr. of whipping cream, whipped 2 tbsp (tablespoons) sugar 10 gr. Gelatine leaves of mint with the buds of persimmon peel and seedless Sauce: 2 persimmons (aprx. 300 gr.) orange juice ½ lemon juice ½ Place the gelatin in cold water to soften, dra in. Dismiss at 2 spoons (soup) of hot water and let cool until it acquires the c onsist6encia egg white. Add the persimmon pulp, lemon juice and orange juice and sugar. Add gelatin, mix well and add the whipped cream. Refrigerate. To serve: Beat in blender persimmon pulp and juices of lemon and orange. If necessary, add a little sugar. Put the sauce on the plate and arrange three walnut mousse. Gar nish with a little vanilla sauce and garnish with mint and leaves of persimmon b

ud. FIGS TO PORT WINE PORTUGUESE TRADITIONAL RECIPE INGREDIENTS - 4 Person 8 fre sh figs, washed and dried 1 cup + 2 tablespoons (soup) water 2 / 3 cup sugar 1 o range peel,€sliced very thin ½ cup dry white port wine For the meringue: 3 egg w hites 3 tablespoons (soup) of sugar grated orange peel Boil water and sugar and cook the figs for 5 minutes, basting them with the syrup. Line a serving dish wi th orange slices and arrange on them, figs. Reduce the syrup to 1 cup, add the p ort wine figs and drizzle. Let cool. At serving time: Beat the egg whites, add sugar and continue beating until it is tight. Add the o range zest. Place the meringue in a bag-pull, so a big sigh at the center of 4 i ndividual dishes and the stove to light brown. Cut the figs in range and arrange two on each plate, leaving the stalk up. Drizzle with the syrup and garnish wit h orange slices. Serve immediately. Crostata Fragole ALLA DE MINT (8 servings) C rust: 1 cup flour (130gr.) 1 spoon (soup) of sugar 40 gr. butter 1 egg, lightly beaten Filling: 3 tablespoons (soup) of orange marmalade 1 / 2 kg of halved stra wberries mint leaves Mix all ingredients in the dough. Line a form of approx. 25 cm in diameter and bake until it is lightly browned. Let the dough cool. Spread the jelly on the bottom of the dough and arrange the strawberries on top. Garnis h with mint. Serve with jelly and orange vanilla sauce. BISCUITS INGREDIENTS can died fruit (2 dozen) 100 250 250 200 100 400 gr. butter ml. of cream gr. gr suga r, candied fruit, diced gr. gr flour. almonds in blades Add butter, cream and sugar and cook until boiling. Remove from heat, add the fl our and then the candied fruit and almonds. With a spoon, place portions of doug h on a greased baking sheet, forming circles of about 7cm. Bake in moderate oven until they are golden brown with a dark border. LEMON COOKIES INGREDIENTS (doze ns) 75,300,160 1 / 2 gr. butter (room temperature) gr. flour gr. sugar spoon (co ffee) baking powder zest of lemon sugar for sprinkling Sift all dry ingredients and add the butter. Knead enough. Perfume with lemon ze st. Make small balls and arrange them on baking sheet greased and sprinkled with flour. With a fork, squeeze a little crackers to mark the teeth. Bake in prehea ted oven. Sprinkle with sugar. COOKIES FROM GRANDMA EDITH INGREDIENTS (4 dozen) 3 / 4 2 1120 1 1 1 cup sugar cups flour tablespoon (coffee ) gr baking powder, butter egg yolk tablespoon (coffee) vanilla extract salt sof tened with a little guava water sugar for dusting Sift all dry ingredients and add the butter. Incorporate well. Add the egg and y olk, not beaten, and knead until dough is smooth and homogeneous. Perfume with v anilla. Roll out the dough and cut into circles about 5cm. Arrange on a tray gre ased and sprinkled with flour. Put a little guava on each cookie and sprinkle wi th sugar. Bake in moderate oven. BROWNIES INGREDIENTS (dozens) 2 1 1 / 2 1 / 2 1 1 / 2 1 / 2 1 2 tablets of dark chocolate cup flour, sifted with: spoon (tsp) b aking powder and teaspoon (tsp) salt cup chopped walnuts cup butter (room temper ature) teaspoon (tsp) vanilla extract cup sugar eggs Melt the chocolate and set aside. Add the nuts to dry ingredients and set aside. Cream the butter and vanilla until creamy, add sugar and beat well to make it g o adding the eggs one by one. Add the chocolate and, finally, the dry ingredient s. Place in a greased and dusted with flour. Bake in moderate oven. Cut into squ ares while still hot and let cool in pan. CHOCOLATE COOKIES INGREDIENTS (2 dozen ) 150 200 3125 70 125 January 1 gr. coverage of dark chocolate in squares of 0.5 cm. gr. flour grs. sodium bicarbonate gr. brown sugar gr. refined sugar gr. but ter egg spoon (tablespoon) of vanilla extract butter for greasing the pan Sift flour with baking soda and salt. Separately, sift together the sugars. Beat the egg in mixer, gradually add the butter and mix until dough is light and loo se. Add the

sugars and beat until it forms a grainy paste. Add the flour and beat until batt er is uniform. Add the vanilla. Remove from mixer and add the chocolate. Stir un til well blended. Pour small portions of dough into greased trays, leaving a spa ce of 5cm. between them. Bake at low, pre-heated. Let the pan cool for a few min utes out of the oven because the cookies are still in liquid form. Remove with a metal spatula. Tareco INGREDIENTS (dozens) 30,280,125 3 gr. butter (room temper ature) gr. flour gr.€sugar yolks vanilla extract Sift flour and add all other ingredients, kneading until the dough is thin. Roll out the dough and cut the cookies in desired format. Arrange on a baking tray g reased and dusted with flour. Bake in preheated oven. SIGH INGREDIENTS (30 ounde d) 125 6250 ½ cup sugar clear gr water gr sugar grated rind of 1 lemon Beat egg whites in mixer until very stiff. While beating the egg whites, light t he fire with water 250gr of sugar until a very thick syrup. The clear and grout should be ready at the same time. Join to clear the lemon rind, and on a beating , go pouring, the syrup slowly over egg whites. Add the remaining sugar and beat until mixture is well consistent. Line with greased baking paper, a well grease d baking sheet. Place the meringue in a piping bag to spout off and make the sig hs leaving a good space between them. Bake very soft. Whispers can not blush too much, as should be slightly creamy inside. CHOCOLATE CREAM INGREDIENTS 1 1 1 50 bar of chocolate powder egg spoon (soup) of sugar gr butter Grate the chocolate and place in a saucepan with the egg and sugar. Take the fir e in a water bath until the chocolate is well broken up. Let cool. Beat in the b utter until creamy and consistent. Divide into three forms greased and sprinkled with flour and bake in moderate oven. Mix first 4 ingredients of the filling an d cook until soft obtain a brigadier. Perfume with the cocoa liquor. Turn out th e cakes and mount them interspersed with the stuffing. Coverage: Beat the sugar and butter until creamy light and fluffy. Add the egg yolks and c hocolate powder. Perfume with liquor. Garnish with whole walnuts and chocolate c hips. ALFARUFA INGREDIENTS (6 PERSONS) DOUGH: ½ kg. 5 carrots cooked egg yolks 2 cups sugar 50 gr dense. butter 3 egg whites 2 tablespoons firm (soup) of wheat flour, FILLING AND TOPPING: 3 egg yolks passed through a sieve 1 cup sugar 1 gla ss of coconut milk (200ml) Beat in blender carrot, egg yolks, sugar and butter. Mix together thoroughly the egg and flour. Line baking sheet with greased parchm ent paper and bake in moderate oven. FILLING: Combine all ingredients and cook u ntil thickened. Let cool. Turn out the dough on a cloth sprinkled with sugar. Sp read over her half of the filling and roll. Top with remaining stuffing. BAVARES E THE ALMOND MILK INGREDIENTS (4 PERSONS) Bavarese: 300 ml milk 300 ml milk 12 g r almond powder unflavored gelatine 600 ml whipping cream whipped coffee cream: 500 ml milk 8 egg yolks 8 tablespoons (soup) of sugar 20 coffee beans, roasted D issolve the gelatin in a little hot water. Boil the milk and add the two cups. I ncorporate the cream. Pour into molds and refrigerate. Turn out and serve accomp anied by the cream of coffee. Coffee cream: Boil the milk with the coffee beans. Not cool. Remove the beans and reserve some for garnish. Beat the egg yolks wit h sugar and add gradually the hot milk. Bring to a simmer and cook until thicken ed. Let cool and refrigerate. Canudinho OF COCONUT INGREDIENTS (60 UNITS) MASS: 170 gr flour, sifted 1 egg small 5 ml of rum ½ spoon (tablespoon) of veget able fat salt FILLING: 1 coconut 4 egg yolks 300 gr sugar 450 ml water 1 teaspoo n (tsp) vanilla Make a hole in center of the flour and egg, rum and vegetable fa t. Mix everything and go kneading with cold brine a uniform mass not too hard. M ake a ball, cover with a damp cloth and let rest for 1 hour. Roll out the dough and cut into strips 2cm wide. Wrap the strips around the way, previously greased with the fat, tightening the seams. Fry in very hot fat, stirring the pot to br own evenly. Place in a colander until well dried. Just before serving, fill in t he straws. FILLING: Make a syrup with water and sugar to the point of soft wire. Let cool. Add the yolks one by one. Add the coconut and cook until the pan drop

. Just fill in the straws when the candy is cold. Creme Brulee - FRENCH RECIPE I NGREDIENTS (4 PERSONS) spoon (tablespoon) of butter spoon (soup) of wheat flour cups milk cup cream cup brandy beaten egg yolks teaspoon (tsp) vanilla extract M elt butter salt in a water bath, mix the flour and add milk, vanilla and cream, slowly so that it is velvety. Cook, stirring, for 10 minutes. Add the salt and s ugar and continue stirring. Remove from heat and slowly incorporate the egg yolk s. Place in bowls, passing through a sieve. Reserve in refrigerator. At serving time, sprinkle with sugar and caramelize.€Serve immediately. Crema Catalana - CA TALAN RECIPE INGREDIENTS (4 PEOPLE) February 1 8200 lt of milk rind of 1 lemon c innamon sticks gems gr sugar 1 1 2 1 1 / 3 6 1 Boil the milk with lemon peel and cinnamon. Cool then pass through a sieve. Beat the egg yolks with sugar and add a little milk. Add the yolks to the remaining milk and cook over bland. When the milk to boil again remove from heat and stir vigorously until it thickens. Place in bowl and set aside in the refrigerator. At serving time, spr inkle with sugar and caramelize. Serve immediately. MILK CREAM - PORTUGUESE RECI PE INGREDIENTS (4 PERSONS) 500 5 5 1 1 1 ml of milk spoons (soup) of sugar gems spoon (soup) of wheat flour, cinnamon stick lemon peel 1 cup port wine Salt Boil the milk with lemon peel and cinnamon. Move away from fire whilst cool and remove the lemon and cinnamon. Beat the egg yolks with sugar, add flour and cont inue beating. Add the port wine and blend until smooth. Add slowly the hot milk. Bring to a simmer and cook until thickened. Place in bowl and set aside in the refrigerator before serving, sprinkle with sugar and caramelize. Serve immediate ly. Passion fruit Caramelized INGREDIENTS (4 PERSONS) 7 170 150 200 750 gems gr gr sugar passion fruit pulp ml ml milk cream brown sugar to caramelize Beat in blender, passion fruit with milk. Pass through a fine sieve. Beat the eg g yolks with sugar and add the passion fruit. Boil the cream and add the yolks, stirring until the mixture is homogeneous. Boil in water-bath, and cook until th ickened. Place in bowl and set aside in the refrigerator before serving, sprinkl e with sugar and caramelize. Serve immediately. PINEAPPLE Delight INGREDIENTS (8 PERSONS) OF SWEET PINEAPPLE: 1 large pineapple, diced 3 tablespoons (soup) of s ugar CREAM: 1 can sweetened condensed milk 4 egg yolks zest of lemon peel COVERA GE: 4 egg whites 4 tablespoons (soup) of sugar 1 can of cream, ice and without s erum Place the pineapple and sugar over high heat and when boiling lower. Cook until a candy relatively thick. Reserve. Beat the ingredients in the blender cream. Ta ke the fire to thicken. Beat the egg whites very stiff, add sugar (1 tablespoon at a time), and continue to beat until the point of breath. Remove from mixer an d add the cream. MOUNTING: In a deep serving, place the sweet pineapple, then cr eam and finally, the sigh. Soft, covered with PVA film, refrigerate for at least 12 hours. GELATIN OF COCONUT INGREDIENTS (8 PERSONS) 2 3 1 1 1 ½ cups red leaf gelatin sheets white can of condensed milk tin milk glass of coconut milk (200ml ) package shredded coconut Soften gelatin in cold water, drain and dissolve in 1 cup hot water. Blend the c ondensed milk, milk and coconut milk. Add the gelatin cold (consistency of egg w hites). Place in a deep dish, soaked in cold water, and light, covered with PVA film, refrigerate for at least 12 hours. At serving time, sprinkle with coconut. CHOCOLATE MOUSSE INGREDIENTS BICOLOR (8 PERSONS) 8 eggs 100 gr glaçucar 90 gr w hite chocolate bar 90 g dark chocolate bar in 50 gr. English Butter Cream: 500 m l milk 6 egg yolks 100 gr sugar Beat the egg yolks with sugar until light and cr eamy smooth. Chop the chocolate and melt separately in a water bath with butter. Divide the cream egg yolks and mix to each part of the chocolates. Beat the egg whites until very stiff and add the two mixtures of chocolate. Place the two mo usses, alternately, in a glass and light, covered with PVA film, refrigerate for

at least 12 hours. English Cream: Combine milk, egg yolks, lightly beaten, and sugar. Cook until thickened and remove from heat. CHOCOLATE MOUSSE INGREDIENTS ( 8 PERSONS) 6 6250 eggs spoons (soup) of sugar gr. of dark chocolate 50 gr. butter Beat the egg yolks with sugar until light and creamy smooth. Chop the chocolate and melt in double boiler with butter, and add to creamed egg yolks. Beat the eg g whites until very stiff and add the chocolate mixture. Soft, covered with PVA film, refrigerate for at least 12 hours. LEMON MOUSSE INGREDIENTS (8 PERSONS) 6 6 6 eggs tablespoons sugar Juice of 2 lemons grated rind of 2 lemons gelatin she ets white RASPBERRY SAUCE (OPTIONAL): 1 / 2 kg. fresh raspberry or frozen spoons (soup) of sugar Blend the raspberries and sugar in blender and pass through a very fine sieve. R eserve in refrigerator. MOUSSE: Whisk egg yolks with sugar until light and cream y smooth. Add the lemon rind and continue beating. Soften gelatin in cold water and drain.€Warm slightly lemon juice and melt the gelatin. Let cool. Add the gel atin to the cream of egg yolks and mix well. Beat the egg whites until very stif f and add the lemon mixture. Soft, covered with PVA film, refrigerate for at lea st 12 hours. February 15 Quindao INGREDIENTS 1 ½ tablespoons grated coconut SMAL L (soup) of butter buds kg of sugar Combine all ingredients and mix well with whisk until mixture is smooth and homo geneous. Let stand, covered, for 1 hour. Grease a pudding form, with butter and sprinkle with sugar. Put the dough, cover and let rest for 2 hours. Preheat the oven. Bake covered in a water bath. Remove from oven and let cool. Unmold. Tiram isu INGREDIENTS (= 1 kg) 400 3 75 1 40 2.5 gr gr mascarpone gems glaçucar cup of hot espresso cups hot strong coffee ml cognac 240 20 gr biscuit champagne (1caixa +1 / 3) gr of bitter cocoa powder Beat the egg yolks and sugar, until foamy. Add the mascarpone and continue beati ng until creamy with soft peaks. Mix coffee and brandy. Assemble the Tiramisu in a dish of medium height. Cover the bottom of the dish with the biscuits soaked in coffee, put half of the mascarpone cream and sprinkle with cocoa. Repeat, rev ersing the meaning of wafers. Sprinkle with plenty of cocoa. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Pig Heaven INGREDIENTS 200 500 16 3250 25 ml of water to sugar gem s gr gr ground almonds clear drops of almond extract Bring sugar and water to fire for 7 minutes until it point. Let cool. Mix the yo lks and whites with the kernel and essence, beating a little. Add the syrup and bring to simmer to thicken. Line a tin with buttered greaseproof paper. Bake in moderate oven in a water bath, until golden. Turn out and sprinkle with powdered sugar. All rights reserved s. R can be copied from the source is cited.