Self-Esteem Inventory Name: Sex: Age: Level of instruction: Occupation: Date: Many people do not consc iously

look at how we feel about ourselves. One way to determine this is to obse rve our self-esteem, ie, evaluating how we perceive. In this sense, try to asses s the prayers of this inventory according to how they fit the way you are percei ved, using the following scale. Terms scale is not true 0 is more or less true 1 2 It is quite true quite true 3 Instructions UD. must choose an answer and put the corresponding number in the space to the l eft of each sentence. Respond as quickly as possible, without thinking too much about any particular prayer. Usually the first idea that comes to the "mind" app ears to be the most correct. Try to be honest (a) with itself, all responses are valid. Now you can initiate the development of the inventory: Items Scale 1 I u sually feel inferior to others. 2 I usually feel warm and happy about myself. 3 I often feel unable to handle new situations. 4 I usually feel jovial and friend ly to all people with whom I have contact. 5 I usually criticize myself for my m istakes and shortcomings. 6 I am free of shame, blame, guilt and remorse. 7 I ha ve an idea too to test my courage and excellence 8 I have great enjoyment and ze st for life. 9 I am very worried about what others think of me. 10 I I can let o thers make mistakes without trying to correct them. 11 I have a strong need for recognition and approval. 12 I'm usually free of disruption, conflict and frustr ation. 13 The lost cause resentment and morally I feel "less than others." I usu ally advance 14 new tasks with some confidence. 15 I am prone to condemn others and often wish that 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 punished. I usually think for myself and make my own decisions. I usually give i n to others because of their ability, wealth or prestige. I am willing to accept responsibility for the consequences of my actions. I am inclined to exaggerate and feel to maintain an image that belongs to me. I am free to prioritize my own needs and desires I have the tendency to perceive that my own talents, possessi ons and accomplishments are diminished. I normally defend the opinions and convi ctions that I pose to others. I routinely deny, excuse and justify or rationaliz e my mistakes and defeats. I'm usually calm and comfortable with other people wh o do not know. I am often very critical and decreased the capacity of others. I freely express love, anger, hostility, joy, etc.. To others. I am very sensitive to the views, comments and attitudes of others. I rarely experience jealousy, e nvy or distrust what others fail. I will please others. I have no prejudices aga inst racial, ethnic or religious. I am afraid to expose my true image. I'm usual ly friendly, considerate and generous to others. I often blame others for my han dicaps and mistakes. I rarely feel uncomfortable, alone. I am a compulsive prote ctionist. I accept compliments and gifts without shame or obligation. I am often compulsive about eating, smoking, talking or drinking. I am appreciative of the achievements and ideas of others. I often prevents new tasks for fear of making mistakes or failures. I make and keep friends without requiring myself. I often feel ashamed by the actions of my family or friends. I quickly admit my mistake s, shortcomings and failures. I admit a strong need to defend my actions, opinio ns or beliefs. I take the negative disagreements without feeling "down" or rejec ted. 45 46 47 48 49 50 I have an intense need for approval. I am willing to open up quickly to new idea s and proposals. I usually judge my self-worth by comparison with the other pers onal. I am free to think whatever thoughts come to mind. I often bragging about myself. I accept my own direction / authority and do things as I consider most a ppropriate.