Booklet Handcrafted Soaps Step by step Step 1: Weigh the amount of glycerin base needed for the recipe

, cut into small pieces and put everything inside an enameled saucepan (agate) or stainless steel and place in water bath to melt. Tip: Never use aluminum containers. Do not let heat up more than 70 º C, not to "burn" the base, this can cause problems such as unpleasant aroma soap or soaps that are constantly wet or sweat. If the quant ity is small enough for 1 or 2 small soaps, you can melt them in the microwave b y placing pot in a plastic suitable for microwave. (Start by placing at interval s of 15 seconds (varies by unit.) Melt the glycerin in full. Step 2: While melti ng the glycerin or even earlier, separate ingredients that are used and everythi ng at hand: the additives, dyes, essences and molds. Step 3: let cool a little, but not enough to start to harden over time you will practice catching, because, this point varies with the base and the manufacturer. Add any additives such as liquid extracts and vegetable oils, also the cocoa butter or beeswax previously melted in a separate container. Step 4: Add the liquid dye, which can be food ( these tend to fade faster) or suitable for water-based soaps. Hint: remember som e extracts give color and as the dye that is used can give a different result fr om that expected. Step 5: Add essence to own soap, the proportion is usually 25 ml for each kilo of Base, this ratio varies more or less as the substance chosen , the manufacturer and your taste. Stir slowly so as not to form large amounts o f foam. Tip: Do not use candles for essence essences because they are not approv ed for use on skin. Do not place the essence with glycerin very hot, because wit h the heat the substance tends to evaporate and dissipate, because they contain high alcohol content, the same happens with the extracts glycol. Step 6: Pour in to molds, where bubbles form, you can dispel them by spraying a bit of alcohol. Wait hardening. (about 20 minutes for small pans). Tip: Avoid a place with plent y of airflow to make your soap, do not place in refrigerator to accelerate the h ardening, soaps are not like that harden gelatin in the cold they harden the pro cess of the same mass. What you can do is put them in the refrigerator after its hardening for about 20 min. or half an hour to facilitate its removal from the mold, if this is not happening easily. Step 7: Pack in the PVC film. Tip: If it is some form of air bubbles between the film and soap, committing its finish, pi erce plastic wrap with the tip of a needle and wipe expelling the bubble, carefu l not to force and mark the soap. Step 8: Place all utensils in hot sauce of cho ice. Keep Always clean your utensils. Keep the base and always wrapped in plastic so it do es not dehydrate. To market your products always put the date of manufacture and expiry date, plus the elements that compose them. Tips and Tricks To facilitate the removal of soap from the mold and retain ... The acetate forms last longer, if you will, before removing the mold, place them in the freezer f or about 30 min, (so small), the soaps are desenformarão more easily without hav ing to be squeezing and bending the kilns, keeping them longer. To use flax seed s and almonds sweet crude on the soap you should dehydrate. Do as follows: Turn the oven on high heat and let heating for 10 minutes. Spread on a baking seeds a nd almonds, place the tray in the oven and turn off, leave them until the oven t o cool completely. That done, place them in a blender and process until they are in granulating you want, keep in airtight jars and store in cool place. Measure s and Equivalents 1 tablespoon = 15 ml 1 teaspoon = 5 ml 1 / 2 tsp = 2.5 ml 1 / 4 teaspoon = 1.25 ml 3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon = 88 drops 1 tsp (varies as the substance) What you should observe before purchasing the glycerin base: There ar e several varieties on the market bases of glycerin, many of them have greatly i mproved in quality compared to a market of increasingly demanding consumers, yet is very choosy and try to observe: •

A good basic glycerin is one that produces no unpleasant odor, many in their com position containing animal fat and other ingredients of poor quality, prone to t his drawback.€Another thing to watch on the bases is transparent if the database shows frosted flakes or tufts or whitish, these bases tend not to give good tra nsparency in the soap, so choose those streaks. Take also the ones that are mois t and have even wet spots on the label that is usually paper or, you know it the y are too damp to the touch, they will produce a soap soft. • • Also those with a strong smell of alcohol, if that occurs complain and ask for e xchange. Over time you will know the markings and characteristics of each one, u ntil it can elect one of their preference. Mixture of Colours Properties CLAY Clay is very suitable for cosmetics due to its structure and its high content of minerals. They are naturally healing, absorbent, stimulating and activating the immune functions. The different colors are availa ble due to the variation of mineral compounds. EXTRACTS The extracts are substances that are produced by maceration, infusion, decoction or more frequently, the percolation (through a device called a percola tor) of the plant by a solvent (water, alcohol and ether) and subsequent partial or total evaporation of the solvent itself. Glycol extracts are frequently used for use in soaps and perfumery. ESSENTIAL OILS Essential oils are fatty substances that concentrate vitamins, ho rmones, antiseptics and a complex of plant compounds, or resins and play a important role in the biochemistry of the plant. Besides smelling substances are highly volatile with more watery consistency than conventional oil, very sensit ive to air, light, heat and moisture and to preserve their therapeutic qualities , should be kept in amber glass, tightly closed. Are extracted from flowers, lea ves, roots, bark, fruits and seeds, through various processes and their use for therapeutic purposes is known as Aromatherapy. Currently its therapeutic propert ies have been widespread although many of them have prohibitive prices. I advise you not to have knowledge about essential oils, which seeks a good book to lear n about the characteristics and effects of each oil that you intend to use, beca use many can be dangerous for some types of people, such as cardiac or pregnant. Essential oils are extremely strong. You can make use of some of them in soaps, provided that it meets its indications and contraindications, being very carefu l. Its use in skin should be done only after dilution in carrier oil of good pro venance. ESSENCES Essences are composed of essential oils and other synthetic es sences produced in laboratories that are seeking to replicate some of the cheape st spices, due to the high cost of pure essential oils, also seeking re-create s ophisticated flavors for the fragrance industry. Unlike those of pure essential oils are not therapeutic properties. Its function is only the flavoring. Do not use candles for essence, flavored or cleaning products, because there are essenc es designed for use on skin. REVENUE Homemade Soap - Basic Recipe Ingredients: 1 kg of glycerin for soap base (white or transparent) to soaps Essence - 30 ml dye food grain alcohol 1KG FOR USE OF G LYCERIN 30 ML OF ESSENCE Note: Some scents are stronger than others depending on quality. Look dose to your liking, it is not necessary to follow strictly the a mount specified above. Place the amount of dye needed to achieve the color of yo ur choice. Material: Forms of silicone, plastic or any material that is malleabl e. Cups (for use in microwave) Spoons Disposable plastic or glass rod. Agate pot

(if melting in a water bath) NEVER USE METAL OR ALUMINIUM Spray for grain alcohol Instructions: Chop the glyc erin into small pieces. In the microwave: Place the measuring cup and microwave on high power. Time will be determined by the amount that you are using. For exa mple, for every 100 grams of glycerine, place 15 / 2, open the microwave and see if you are already liquid. If necessary, go put another 10 seconds at a time, u ntil you reach the point. Important: Do not boil because the glycerin loses tran sparency. Or leave in water bath at agate pot until melted glycerin. Do not let the hot water temperature to prevent boil the glycerin. Remove from oven, place the dye gradually until it reaches the desired color. Let cool a bit, to form a thin cream on top of glycerin.€If you do not do it the essence and extract (if u sing) will evaporate and your soap will not be fragrant. Add essence and mix wit h glass rod. Avoid stirring as much foam can do. Sprinkle with grain alcohol to remove it (if necessary). Hold the glass rod with the film that forms and pour t he liquid in the form chosen. Let it dry for about 30 minutes (depending on amou nt used) and unmold. If necessary, remove burrs with a knife without hills. For decoration, in the case of soap-shaped candy, melt 10 g of glycerin, allow to co ol somewhat and play slowly on the soap already desenformados, giving the form o f syrup drained. Wait two hours before wrapping soaps. Put in baskets, boxes or cellophane bags. Tips: 1 - Try to match the colors with the essences, making it easier to identify in time. For example: Blue: Jaborandi or Seaweed Red: Rose or Ylang-Ylang Yellow: Chamomile or Passion Orange: Orange Blossom Peach or Green: Green Apple or Lemon Balm Herb Rose: Baby Mamy or Purple: Jasmine 2 - Do not put the soap to dry in the refrigerator or the wind, because the base will transpire. 3 - Avoid dropping the cream that was formed in the melting, ho lding a spoon. So the soap will be smoother. 4 - The Vacuum Forming soaps, spray a little of alcohol to remove the foam that formed and prevent the formation of bubbles. If the foam does not come out, remove them with the aid of a knife. Th e film that is formed is not required to take, because soon there will be anothe r. 5 - foam or whitish layer that forms should not be reused. Already burrs or s oaps that were not to their liking, they can be manipulated again. 6 - Do not us e aluminum or teflon material, since it can oxidize and change the color of soap , and cause allergies. 7 - Do not rush to unmold the soap. If they are not very hard, your work may be compromised. But if something goes wrong, do not worry an d start reusing the piece again compromised. 8 - Use your creativity in choosing the forms. To the bottom of a bottle of soda will give a nice disposable soap m assage. Look in the middle of children's toys or cooking supply stores that you will surely find many different ideas. 9 - You can use acetate forms (those used for chocolate) that are much cheaper than silicon. But they have a short usage time (maximum eight times) and silicone are of indeterminate use and much easier to unmold. Soaps made from the bottom of plastic bottles SIMPLE RECIPES Facial Soap This so ap is ideal for the hygiene of the face, suitable for delicate and sensitive ski ns. For 1 kg of white glycerin base 10 ml jojoba oil 20 ml extract of marigold 5 ml of marigold essence 1 teaspoon of honey soap with goat's milk to 1 Kg of Wh ite glycerin soap base to 80 ml of milk from goats 25 ml of essence of your favo rite Soap Shea Butter For 1 kg Base glycerin soap white 4 tablespoons of shea bu tter 20 drops of essential oil of your choice (we suggest the orange) exfoliatin g soap with loofah - 1 / 2 kg of glycerin - 15 ml of essence, you choose - a mol d for soap that fits the piece of bushing - Bushing crop mode to cut the loofah on the size of the mold. Chop the bar of glycerin. Boil in water-bath to melt. R emove the seeds and plug the plugs in the mold. When glycerin is all melted, rem ove from heat. Pour the glycerin in the mold. Use a wooden spoon to hold the buc hinha in place. Let dry for 1 hour. Then slice the leftover of the bushings and smooth the surface with a spatula. You can avail itself glycerine is left in the corners. REVENUE MORE ELABORATE Soap Honey and White Clay To 1 kg of clear base

3 tablespoons Honey 15 ml Sweet Almond Oil 2 tablespoons of White Clay Essence 25 ml of orange or orange suggest 20 ml + 5 ml vanilla. Mix honey, clay, oil and make a paste. After melting the glycerin, add this folder, add the essence and place in baking dish. If desired, add coloring to your liking. Soap cucumber ext ract and rosemary is recommended for maintaining the brightness of the skin as w ell as toning and prevent wrinkles. Material 1kg of white or colorless glycerin 30 ml of extract of cucumber 30 ml of rosemary extract 30 ml of essence of lavender or rosemary herb rosemary (optional) How to make Melt the glycerin in a water bath and let cool for 8 min utes (until it forms a cream on top) Mix the extracts with the essence ,€mix wel l before adding glycerin to Put the glycerin and mix well. Add the rosemary and stir in glycerin Place in shape, let dry thoroughly (about 2 hours). Goat milk s oap with almonds or apricot is suitable for all skin types because it is moistur izing, moisturizing, exfoliating and has a neutral Ph. Material 1 kg of white gl ycerin 50 ml of extract of goat milk 30 ml of essence of your choice (the statem ent are the most sweet, like algae, to "cover up" the smell of goat milk, which is very strong and unpleasant) 300 grams of roasted almonds or apricot (dried) c rushed How to make Melt the glycerin and let cool for 5 minutes in a container m ix the extract and essence. Put glycerin. Place the almonds and apricots and sti r slowly Put in the form (preferably silicone, because it takes longer to dry). Turn out after two hours. Soap Chocolate Great for softening the skin Material: 300 g of glycerin base milky, 9 ml of essence of chocolate, 2 tablespoons of cho colate powder, 2 tablespoons of powdered milk, food coloring in water-based brow n Preparation: Chop the glycerin base, by the pan with half the base bite-bath w hen the water is already boiling, remove from heat when the base is totally melt ed without much swing the pan, Sprinkle alcohol grain to lower the foam and acce lerate the drying procedure, Place drops of the dye in a disposable cup (when le ss dye will be more clear soap) Mix the cocoa powder, then by just a tablespoon of milk powder and mix Take the melted base, if any cream to remove it with a gl ass rod, and add half of this base to the chocolate mixture, milk and coloring S tir with glass rod, if there is more foam spray a bit of grain alcohol Measuring in Becker, 5 ml of essence (reserve the remainder for the second part of the so ap) Add other ingredients and mix with glass rod, Pour in the forms of silicone, not completely full, because the soap will be completed with the second part. Wait to dry, to the point of gelatin, repeat the process (the bath) to melt the other half of the already chopped Add the essence to milk powder that has been reserv ed, Soon after, moisturize the milk powder at the base almost Cold Spray with al cohol and stir, Complete forms (remove the cream with the tip of a knife) that w ere filled with chocolate based and air-dry until completely hardened. Soap made with tangerine mixed Material: 200 g of glycerin transparent base, 20 g glyceri n base green, 3 ml of essence of tangerine, a silicone-shaped tangerine, grain a lcohol, meters, spatula, and Enamelware knife Preparation: In different pots mel t the glycerin in a water bath, place the melted glycerin into separate cups and add the essence of tangerine mix well. Pour the glycerin into the mold silicone orange, then slowly pour the glycerin green with a circular motion, allow to dr y for 3 hours and remove the form. Soap comfrey and witch hazel is ideal for oil y and combination skin or acne. It is astringent and refreshing. Cleans and remo ves dead cells, and remove the oil. Material 1 kg of colorless glycerin 20 ml 20 ml extract of comfrey extract Hammel 20 ml of essence of your choice (ideally a re citrus, like, lemon, lemongrass, holy grass, orange blossom) How to make Melt glycerin. Let cool for 5 minutes Combine the extracts. Put glycerin. Stir well. Finally, add the essence and mix well. Let dry for two hours. Soap green clay w ith extract of witch hazel Material 1 kg of glycerin colorless or white 50 grams of green clay 40 ml of witch hazel extract, 15 ml of essence of your preferred mode of doing Melt the glycerin. Let cool for three minutes Mix the extract and essence. Stir well and add the glycerin. Mix well to combine

ingredients. Separately, in a plastic or ceramic container, dissolve in a littl e glycerin to add clay and glycerin. Mix well and place into shape. Let dry for an hour Soap oats, sesame and calendula has healing effect. It is exfoliating, c lean and moisturizes. Ideal for combination / oily material 1 kg of colorless gl ycerin 25 ml of extract of 20 ml calendula calendula essence 20 grams of sesame seed mode to Melt the glycerin and let cool for 5 minutes Stir in the extract an d essence. Mix well, add the glycerin and stir again. Finally add the sesame see ds. Tip: Make sure the sesame is not humid. Store in a dry and protected. Soap o atmeal with wheat germ extract is revitalizing. Nurses,€regenerates and gives el asticity to the skin. Prevents dryness and wrinkles. Material 1 kg of white or c olorless glycerin 35 ml of extract of oat or two spoons (dessert rasa) of rolled oats 35 ml of wheat germ extract 20 ml of essence of your preferred dye is opti onal mode to Melt the glycerin. Then place the rolled oats and mix well. Combine the extracts and essence. Stir well to combine components and add the glycerin. Put in shape and let dry for 1 hour. Pack only two hours later. Soap green clay with Centella asiatica and Ivy Green clay along with ivy and Centella asiatica is effective cellulite and sagging. Material 1 kg of white or colorless glycerin 30 ml of extract of Centella asiatica 30 ml of ivy or brown Indian essence 25 m l of 50 grams of green clay to make medical Mode Melt the glycerin and let cool for 5 minutes in a plastic container put clay with a little glycerin to dissolve it. Place the mass of melted glycerin Mix extracts and essence, and add the gly cerin Pour the shapes and let dry for an hour Soap for acne propolis Propolis is a natural antibiotic, bactericidal action. Th e union of propolis and marigold, which is healing, provides the skin with acne faster healing. It is recommended to use three times a day. Material 1 kg of whi te or colorless glycerin 30 ml 10 ml of propolis extract calendula or chamomile 20 ml of essence of your preferred dye is optional 10 grams of marigold, also op tional pharmaceutical 30 grams of sulfur mode to Melt the glycerin and thus who take the fire, put the calendula. Let cool for 5 minutes. Then add the propolis extract and mix and pour glycerin. The sulfur should be dissolved with a little glycerin and added to the mass of glycerin. Pour in shape and let dry for two ho urs. Then let the soap cure. Pack after two hours. VARIATIONS Soaps with Herbs Place the dry herbs in the bottom of the form, play a minimum o f melted glycerin, just to hold the herbs and expected to cool slightly. Then fi ll the rest of the way with glycerin not too hot, not melt the glycerin that has been placed and loose herbs. Soap Take a child or pet toy plastic or rubber, check for holes where bubbles ca n escape if there is cover with hot glue. Put some dye in glycerin transparent s o you can see the toy well after the fact. In case you need to use the above pro cedure to attach the toy. Soaps marbled Drip drops of dye in the bottom of the p an and then throw the white base (or desired color) already at the core. With st raws, should the need arise, spread the stain from the bottom of the form after placing the base. Getting soap in the soap remnants of soap, or cut strips or squares forming desi gns or even soaps with shapes cut from wafers, or even soaps made in mini form. Use glycerin transparent and very cold not to melt the soap that will go in, mix ing the colors. DIFFERENT Rustic Soap, shaped by hand Material: 90 g of white gl ycerin base 8 drops of dye brown 10g rolled oats 2 ml of essence meter, glass ro d, plastic film ... Way of doing Melt the glycerin in a water bath as usual and add the oats, the essence and coloring. Stir the mixture for about 20 minutes un til consistent. Remove the mixture from the meter with the help of the bat and g o for modeling with your hands. Then sprinkle a bit of oats in soap and wait to dry for 20 minutes. Wrap in plastic wrap after 2 hours. È suggestion is to sell it in a basket decorated with jute, straw and dried fruits. Soap in petals Mater

ial - 200 g of glycerin (glycerin or base) red - 6 ml of essence of your choice - PVC pipe - vegetable grater (straight blade) How to make Melt the glycerin in an enameled saucepan over low heat. If you prefer, use the microwave. Divide the cream, which always formed (this is normal, do not worry.) Place the melted sub stance in glycerin (still in pan) and mix. In a PVC pipe, put the liquid (glycer in and essence). Fill the container almost completely. Let dry for 3 h. Open the tube and remove the bar of soap. Discard both ends due to a cream and cut the bar in half to facilitate handling. With a grater, cut t he soap into fine strips. The thinner you get grating, the result will be more b eautiful. Bonbon Bath Material - 100 g butter caca - 125 g sodium bicarbonate,€a nother 20 g to use in the final - 60 g of citric acid - 6 tablespoons of oat fla kes - 2 tablespoons of marigold petals - 1 tablespoon poppy seeds - 10 ml of ess ence of calendula - 10 grams lauryl powder - ways to bonbon shaped oval - rubber gloves Preparation: Begin by melting the cocoa butter in an enameled pot. When she gets well liquid, remove from heat and let cool slightly. Put the gloves and , in a glass container, mix the 125 g of baking soda, oats, citric acid, sodium lauryl, poppy seeds and marigold petals. Take a little of the petals to decorate the soap. Mix the ingredients with your hands, dissolving the pellets that form in the baking. Pour slowly melted cocoa butter. Stir, add more butter and mix a gain. In the end, leave a little of ghee for later use. You will be stirring up equal to the mass of cookie making. Add the essence of marigold and mix well. No w it's time to make the chocolates. Put the dough in pans and press with your fi nger. But be careful: do not fill to the top, because the mixture of citric acid with baking soda will make the dough rise. After filling all the molds, put in refrigerator for 20 min. At the time of unmold, gently press the underside of th e pan so that the soap exit without breaking. Pass the chocolate bath in baking soda that you booked for the end of the recipe. Wet one side in cocoa butter and pull the petals of calendula. They stick naturally. Let it dry and wrap the cho colates bath with transparent cellophane. Sache moisturizing soap for bathing Ma terial - 40 g of cocoa butter - 10 ml sunflower oil - 10 ml calendula oil - 2 gr ams of Lanet - 5 ml of essence of marigold - Mode of marigold petals to Melt the cocoa butter with Lanet and let cool. Add the vegetable oils and essence. Place molds in plastic and refrigerate to stay p retty consistent. Let cool and place in tissue. Tie with raffia and wrap in cell ophane. Finish with a satin ribbon. Soap This soap for your feet is anti perspir ant, anti bactericide and fungicide. Refreshes, perfumes and rest your feet, hel ping to eliminate odors. 1 kg of base 15 ml of lemon essence 15 ml of essence of mint 10 ml of benzalkonium chloride is dissolved separately and mix in the melt ed base: 2 grams of menthol dissolved in 2 ml of alcohol 3 g camphor dissolved i n 2 ml of alcohol coloring to taste. Coffee and Mint Soap This soap is ideal for washing hands, removing the odor of food, condiments and cigarettes. NOT SERVE FOR THE BODY Material 1 kg of base and 1 tablespoon full of ground coffee 30 ml of essence of peppermint or spearmint Mix gradually the basis of ground coffee, stirring slowly. Be careful not to dust lumps. Place in an effervescent form sal ts xic (tea) of cornstarch (cornflour) 1 xic (tea) of citric acid 2 xic (tea) of water in a baking sprinkled drops of essence and coloring Mix dry items (can pu t 1 tablespoon lauryl soup if you like foam), and add the dye and essence. Knead with your hands, spraying water gradually until making a sort of "league" (can not put much, not to leave any bicarbonate react and make bubbles). Place in mol ds overnight. Unmold and pack. To mix and knead, wear gloves. Bath Salts liquid material - 200 g fine salt - 30 g of magnesium chloride - 30 g of magnesium sulp hate - 600 ml water - 10 ml of essence - Aniline-based water - Sodium Lauryl (to tast e) Preparation Heat the water at 40 degrees. Add the magnesium chloride and the fine salt. Stir until dissolved. In a separate bowl, mix magnesium sulfate, subs tance, aniline and sodium lauryl to taste. Stir until translucent. Bath Salts • 1 kg of sodium chloride thin or thick • 100 g of lauryl powder dye drops • cosme

tic • 100 g of magnesium sulphate • 10 ml of essence of your choice • 1 plastic spoon How: Place all ingredients in a plastic container and stir well until all the products mix thoroughly. Then just put in appropriate glasses. Materials needed moisturizer bar - 70 g of cocoa butter - 30 g of shea butter 100 g beeswax in sheets or flakes - 80 ml of apricot oil - 10 ml of essence shea or apricot - Silicone Form PVC or form of the model do you prefer Mode You'll n eed an enamel pan and a stove. If you do not have electric stove, you can use a conventional oven at temperatures mild, softly. Firstly,€put cocoa butter and th en the shea butter. Then place the beeswax. Let it all melt at low temperature. Have to melt for complete, until it becomes a liquid. Let cool until it reaches about 35 degrees. To know whether you're at the right temperature, just put your hand on the side of the pan. If you can stand the calories, is around 35 and 37 degrees. Now, pl ace the apricot oil. Then the essence. Stir until everything pretty well mixed, while cooling. Fill the cups. After 40 minutes it can unmold. The bars are perfe ct. Oh, just use to moisturize hands and body. Liquid soap 500 ml of a material base liquid glycerin, 10 drops of essence, 10 drops of honey glycolic extract, 4 drops of orange dye: How to make Mix everything well and pour into the glass. T ip: w / dry skin: Use yellow dye and almond extract, w / oily skin: Use green dy e and rosemary extract, w / skins mixed: use yellow dye and chamomile extract. L iquid soap 100 ml 2 Material base w / shampoo 300 ml of deionized water 20 g lau rinon P essence 2 ml 2 ml extract 0.8 g of glycolic nipagin Preparation: Heat a little of deionized water with up nipagim 45 ° C to dissolve (in water bath) and remove from heat. Add the remaining water in this mixture and then add the othe r ingredients, mix well and pack a bottle with valve. Shower gel a few drops of aniline blue and put the cosmetic gel w / bath until 1 / 3 of the glass, then pu t lavender seeds + 2 or 3 drops of blue dye, fill with gel and put in a glass va lve . Soap for dogs and cats Material 100 g glycerin 1 tablespoon of herbal sham poo (any) ¼ teaspoon of vitamin E ¼ teaspoon of liquid glycerin 2 drops (each) o f essential oil of citronella, lemon Add rosemary and essential oils only when t he temperature drops to 50 º C. This blend of essential oils is good for repelli ng fleas. Vitamin E is to give more life and shine to hair.