The World's Best Antivirus Hello friends peruxxo'm here again, now chatting about my experiences on multipl e pages

and forums like e On this occa sion I have encountered a mystery that anyone who has a PC has always done, what is the best Antivirus Market, the answer is not simple and the approach to the mystery is obvious with the increasing invasion virus to the world of computers mainly to computers with Microsoft operating system is Windows Vista, XP, ME, 98 etc. Now as to the answer to the mystery posed I start explaining it, making an other question first: How to know which antivirus is good? There are many antivi rus software in the world of being for me personally and I believe that for the rest of us the most famous: Nod32, Kaspersky, Avira Antivir, AVG, Avast, Panda, Norton, Macfee, BitDefender. But which is best? Whether a Antivirus to be the best not only enough to detect more than one at the end with each update of the Antivirus database solves this problem and if you come first detection joke itself is not going to be for a mon ths as the time with other updates down the rankings again, the joke is maintain ed. All antivirus previously mentioned have been in first place in the antivirus with increased detection of virus but in the end only one has been maintained a nd even improved version after version. Avira Antivir, this antivirus but little known to me and to those who know the g em that we installed on our PC is the Best Antivirus in the world. It has almost everything you could possibly want: It is free, super lightweight, easy to use, automatic updates, simple yet elegant, very configurable and the best is its po werful malware detection rate, that is full of fear at all Red virus also detect s other threats that do not detect conventional Antivirus: Rootkits Dialers Trojans Hacktools (Hacking Tools) Jokes Phishing Double extension files and more ... But not everything that glitters is gold, cons here: "This in English (core)-No Spyware or Adware detected (if you use Avira complement it with an antispyware a s SpywareDoctor of PCTools or Webroot SpySweeper, which are paid and also detect adware and other parasites, or Spyware terminator which is free and just as goo d.) "Your reputation is very low in comparison to giants like Kaspersky or Nod32 ). But fame and breeding so do yourself to sleep can also be a benefit. "It come s configured by default with a screening of average quality. (This is possible i f you solve advanced or expert user, or with a knowledgeable guide explained as that then put it to enhance its detection power at full power.) Handbook Set Free Edition Avira Antivir your Maxima Power By Peruxxo Detection In the Menu Bar, we go to Menu: Extras and then select "Configuration" or avoid all this by typing "F8" And we see a new window. -Check the "Expert Mode". , The n select the "Scanner" and, modified: Files: check the "All Files" additionals S ettings: mark all the options. Then in the Save Do the same in Scanner. After th is select the option: General - Extended Thread Categories, and mark all the opt ions one by one or with the Select All button. AL We completed all the steps Ok. PS: As we set our antivirus heuristics to its highest level with a tendency to

easily detect 110% of all malware on the network, say 110% that there is a risk of being a false positive if it detects virus avira, but we can get us out of th e doubts rising infected file course there will tell if it's true what the Avira says. but I prefer a thousand times a false alarm chafita my antivirus (nod32, kaspersky) and I detected a virus strain is real. To do this on arrow which is marking the "Scan" and "guard" if the pricked a small sub for a breakdown, in which this "Hueristic" and that we can choose the level of heuri stic detection, from Low (low) a High (H). We already have our Antivirus configu red to render the Web attacks. Avira Setting (From Forums) Hi I have this virus and has long could not configure well the real-time protect ion, after noticing and I managed to play a few options that I provide the neede d protection, so post them to the optimal configuration of this virus: 1) Open a ntivirus and go to Configuration.€2) Once there tick the expert mode option (lo cated on the corner, left, top). 3) Once done go to the branch Guard. 4) Once th ere, play the following parameters: A_En tick Scan Mode, Scan When reading and w riting (mean: Scan when read and write). B_En where it says Files, tick All File s (means: they scan all files regardless of their extension). Archives C_En tick the option, Unpack runtime compressed files (means: That when you unzip the con tents of a compressed file, eg. Rar, analyzes the content uncompressed). Archive s D_En tick the option, Scan Archive, and uncheck the sub-options (Max recursion Depth, Max number of files and Max sixe)! This option is the most important! ma kes scan files that are on Web before falling, as Avast, if you see it tested. 5 ) Then if you want to configure other options for protection, not related to rea l-time protection is the other tutorial. 6) Go to General branch and move to the option Extended Threat Categories, and Press Select All, (Meaning: It means tha t we protect against malicious program list shown to the right). 7) Then go to t he branch scanner and set the following options: Files and tick A_Ir All Files ( Meaning: It means scans all files regardless of extension). B_Ir to Additional S ettings and tick all the options (Meaning: It means scans the memory, boot secto rs, ignoring the files are not available and looking for rootkits. C_Ir on Scann er and select Priority High (Meaning: It means that the antivirus process High p riority was making it harder to complete it, if you have a virus, this option wo uld make it harder to end the process). D_Ir the sub-branch Archives and tick al l the options (Meaning: It means scans all files, all files in the list, with it s original extension and limiting the use of resources consumed by the task 20). E_Ir the sub-branch Heuristic and tick the options, and High Level Detection (M eaning : It means to detect macro viruses, which owns the Win32 heuristic and th at it is in the highest level). So here now is the tutorial, the tutorial is pre tty poor, does not have illustrations as images or videos, that Some users alrea dy knew this. But it is very objective and not complicated. PS: To test its effi ciency eicar download the file,, and seeing that tests and archive s. txt has more functionality. Avira Tricks "Best Antivirus even better" (From Forums By Blue a nd Gold) Many are defending Anitvir Avira as the best antivirus circulating. Maybe you ca n say that it's not the best but is one of the best ... can be ... but what make s it even better than Kaspercompetencia ... is that Avira's Free! Peeeeeeero ... . many say it is not worth having a free antivirus that whenever he makes an upd ate ... get a window (pop up) with Avira advertising .... osease contains adawar e?? Well ... yes and no ... if it is unsolicited advertising and although it is very easy to close the window when it appears, many find it disgusting .... but it i s such ... because it is very easy to get rid of it! So here they put two tricks to make your Avira even better! If senior ... what seemed impossible! Courtesy of his buddy Blue and Gold!

HOW TO ELIMINATE THE ADVERTISING SCREENS AFTER THE UPDATE IN WINDOWS XP 1. Start your machine in safe mode (safe mode) 2. Make sure you have administrat or privileges. 3. Locate the file C: \ Program Files \ Avira \ AntiVir PersonalE dition Classic \ avnotify.exe 4. Make click with the mouse right button and go t o Properties avnotify.exe-Security-Advanced. 5. In the section "Permissions" wil l see the users, incense with the first and do the following to all users. Befor e doing so Note the list of users as to make the modifications will be made a ki nd of replica with the new instruction. Finally check your list now has two entr ies for each user. 6. Illustrations go to "Edit" and he gets a list of things wi th a few squares on the right. One of the boxes is for "Deny." In the row labele d "Traverse Folder / Execute File 'check the box "Deny." Illustrations go Apply and then OK. 7. Repeat step 6 for all users of the original list. 8. Restart your compu norm ally. READY ... NO MORE WINDOWS AVIRA ADVERTISING! Pequenho The other drawback is that when updates are made by default chirris a w indow appears that says the update is running. Many do not mind and even prefer to see it to ensure that the update will be. But for other purists, the window i s a nuisance inchi ...€good for if you are someone who does not want to see ... HOW TO ELIMINATE THE DISCOUNT WINDOW OF AVIRA 1. To double-click on the icon of Avira (the red square with the umbrella). 2. Illustrations go to "Administration " and then to "Scheduler" 3. About "Daily Update" press the right button and go maus "Edit Job". It opens another window. 4. Illustrations go "Next" until "Sele ction of the display mode" and go to the menu to pick and select "Invisible." 5. Illustrations go "Finish" and close the main window Avira. READY! NO MORE UPDATE small window!