The Integrated Community Education Project (PEIC) is an essential tool in planni ng the educational community, is implemented through a process

of collective det ection of situations that foster and / or problematic for decision making, in or der to influence the school environment, family and community (ME, 2002). Projec t preparation involves an increase in communication among members of the Institu tion of the educational community and the local community, this is where lies th e seeds of organizational change. Implies a permanent process of discussion to t he usual practices of institutional and community issues, the purposes and needs , raised on a personal level and collectively. Evaluation Commitments to Action Stock Construction Goals and Objectives PEIC FODA Methodology 1980 2007 Institution Overview PEIC Integrated Community Education Project I Identification Data Early Education Center Historical Review. Its evolution. Registration, physical structure, location, al location, resources available. Networks that support Mission and Vision II Methodology An analysis of the institution what we have? What do we want? SWO T Matrix STRENGTHS SWOT Matrix are those opportunities, which should seize oppor tunities are those situations that arise in the environment that can be exploite d WEAKNESSES s what prevent us from seizing the opportunities. Threat is somethi ng that can prevent the achievement of the objectives, becoming a weakness If no action is taken on time III The objectives are those who want to achieve the goals in establishing the a ctions to set aside time for this time and space to be made Goals and Objectives IV The actions are taking have proposed goals, and rank their priorities: Academ ic, administrative, COMMUNITY Construction activities V commitments for action is this aspect will make up the team with all the actor s and authors, assuming each his commitment. Working committees are formed to pr opose alternatives for achieving the objectives and goals. VI evaluation takes control and monitoring of the actions that have been propose d in order to know the objectives have been achieved n Co l TRO

Segui ment VII PEIC collection should not be considered more to be delivered as a condition of employment. Is the foundation that will strengthen the success of the organi zation within the institution. Therefore all those involved in its preparation: Parents, mother, representatives, staff, administrative, maintenance. It must ma ke sense of relevance, participate and get involved in their preparation, implem entation and evaluation with the vision of achieving a better quality of educati on and the mission of commitment to be an important part of their accomplishment s and goals. Arch ivo Teamwork and participate Involved Working alone little participation in the communication barriers undefined Objec tives Make the project, and save the file Norma Duran AELAC 2006