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To whom is the father or mother and those who will ....

There is a period in which the parents are left to their own children orphans. I s that children grow independent of us grew up without asking for permission to life. Grow with joy and, sometimes, very arrogant. But do not grow every day the same way. They grow up suddenly. One day sitting next to you on the terrace and say a sentence with such maturity that you feel that you can not change more diapers of the child. Where was this little boy growing up I did not realize? The child is growing into a ritual of obedience and civil disobedience organic ... There are many parents at the wheel, hoping that they really get enthusiastic ab out skating and long hair. From burgers and drinks in the corner, There are our children in his uniform of his generation: awkward fashion backpacks on their sh oulders. There are, messy hair. These are the children who get to breed and love , In spite of the blows. And they grow half tame, observing and learning from our successes and mistakes. Mainly with the mistakes that we hope will not recur. There is a period in whic h the parents are left to their own children orphans. Do not wait any longer at the gates of the club or at parties. Time passed Ballet, English, swimming and J udo. Leave the back seat and spend at the wheel of their own lives. We should have gone to their bed at night to hear his breathing soul, conversati ons and confidences between sheets of children, adolescents, and covers of that room full of stickers, posters, calendars and CDs colorful deafening. Do not car ry enough to the park, did not give them enough sandwiches, not buy them all ice cream and clothes that we would have liked to buy. Do not let them grow without showing all your affection. At first we went to where they were for Christmas, holidays, pool and ds. Yes, there were big fights in the car for who goes in the window, m and requests for songs endlessly. Then came the time when traveling ts began to be an effort, suffering, Because it was very difficult to rom friends and former boyfriends. with frien chewing gu with paren separate f

The parents were exiled from their children. Solitude and tranquility have alway s dreamed, But suddenly dying of sadness miss these "pests." The time comes when we can only pray to stay away from them a lot (at the moment, is relearning to pray) so that they are right in their search for happiness. And seize it as full y as possible. Is expected: At any time give us grandchildren. The baby grandson is now idle an d stalled. That is why grandparents are so excessive and out of control both the expression of affection. Grandchildren are the last chance to re-edit our affec tion. So we need to do something more, before they grow. We learn to be children after they are parents ... "Just learn to be parents after we are grandparents ..." Good Day!