- 01/01/2007 REGULATORY STANDARDS FOR THE SE LECTION PROCESS 2008 1. Opener 1.1 Foundation University of Tocantins - Unitins, accredited by Ordina nce MEC No. 2145 of July 16, 2004, published in Official Gazette No. 138 of July 20, 2004, in accordance with Item II of Art 44 of Law No. 9394/96 - Law of Dire ctives and Bases of Education, December 20, 1996, and Resolution No. 22 of Septe mber 20, 2007, the Board of Trustees through the President's Office of Undergrad uate agreement with the Faculty of Education Lapa - Faela, announces that entrie s are open for the 2008 Selection Process, to select candidates to fill vacancie s in the courses listed in the table of Courses Offered - Item 3.1 - Notice of t his modality in Distance Education . The courses will be offered by UNITINS Fael a and in the towns and Associated Centers as listed on the site r. 2. PRELIMINARY PROVISIONS 2.1 This Notice governs the National Selection Proc esses and Procedures Regional Selective Scheduled, conducted and executed by Ead con cities on the list published on the site 2.2 The selection to fill vacancies in undergraduate courses offered by distance and UNITINS Faela i nclude tests of general knowledge, mathematics and Portuguese, through the appli cation of objective evidence, and writing in Portuguese. 2.3 The results of this selection process will be valid only for the year 2008, and the successful cand idate to register in accordance with the provisions herein. 2.4 The tests will b e applied from 15h to 18h according to the official time of Brasilia-DF. 3. OF C OURSE, OF CALENDARS AND CONTRIBUTIONS 3.1 The courses offered in the Selection P rocess in 2008 are listed below: / COURSE DURATION Social Work (Bachelor - 8 sem esters) Administration (Bachelor - 8 semesters) Lyrics - Qualification in Portug uese and Spanish (BA - 7 semesters) Legal Foundations (Course of Technology - 5 semesters) Mathematics (BA - 7 semesters) Analysis and Systems Development (Cour se of Technology - 5 semesters) Accounting Sciences (Bachelor - 8 semesters) Ped agogy (Bachelor - 8 semesters ) Media - Empowerment In Advertising (Bachelor - 8 semesters) Day of Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Fri day Friday Saturday Shift / Night Time-19h 22:30 Night Night 22:30-19h 19h-19h-N ight 22:30 22:30 22:30 Night Night 19h-19h-19h-Night 22:30 22:30 22:30 Morning-N ight 19h-12h 08:30 Total Value of Term 1 R $ 1,444.00 R $ 1,544.00 R $ 1,244.00 R $ 1,544.00 R $ 1,244.00 R $ 1,544.00 R $ 1,544.00 R $ 1,244.00 R $ 1,679.00 1 Bid Vestibular 2008 3.2 The Approval Process for the courses described in item 3.1 will follow the s chedule below. The National Selection Processes will be offered in all Eadcon As sociated centers, some courses may be offered exclusively by Associated centers that have expertise. The Regional Selection Processes Scheduled will be offered only in centers Associates who schedule their participation, while the burden of provision of the Associated Center Selection Processes. The list of participant s from each Associated Centers selective processes will be available on the Port al Eadcon. Selection Processes National Selection Process 2008 / 1 2008 / 2 2008 / 3 2008 / 4 Test Date 10/21/2007 09/12/2007 27/01/2008 24/02/2008 29/09/2007 E arly Registration 29 / 10.07 14/01/2008 01/28/2008 10/18/2007 04/12/2007 Termina tion of Registration 22.01.2008 02.21.2008 05.11.2007 12.26.2007 Release of Resu lts 11 / 8.2 04/03/2008 Entering 1st Half: 15/03/08 End of Registration Selection Processes Scheduled Regional Selection Process 2008 / A 2008 / B 2008 / 2008 C / D Test Date 04/11/2007 18/11/2007 12/02/2007 13/01/2008 10/22/2007 05 Early Registration / 07.11 11/19/2007 02/01/2008 01/11/2007 11/15/2007 End of R egistration 29/11/2007 01/10/2008 19/11/2007 03/12/2007 17 Disclosure Result / 7 .12 Termination of Registration 01/28/2008 Entering 1st Half: 15/03/08 3.4 The courses will be taught at night and / or on Saturdays mornings, once a w eek, according to item 3.1, except for additional classes and / or replacement,

In-Proof and Evidence Recovery, which can be taught Saturdays and / or Sunday an d / or weekday afternoons. The courses are semester, the semester may be compose d of two modules of three disciplines, or a module of six disciplines. 3.5 The s tudents will Teleaula one day per week in the Associated Centers as Academic Cal endar. 3.The six courses will interactivity via the Internet through educational portal. The cost of accessing the Internet for the interactivity required for t he courses, according to the laws issued by the MEC, are the sole responsibility of the students of the courses. 3.7 In-Proof and Evidence Recovery will be held at the end of each semester, only the Poles In-Eadcon, always on Saturdays and Sundays. The student himself is responsible for the financial burden resulting f rom this displacement. 3.8 The start of classes for the successful candidates in the 2008 selection process is provided in the table below: COURSE Administratio n and Literature Analysis and Systems Development and Accounting and Mathematics Education Media Legal Foundations Social Service Announcement Vestibular 2008 1 st Half 12/02/2008 14/02/2008 15/02/2008 16/02/2008 13/02/2008 11/02/2008 2 3.9 classes will have a maximum of 60 students, and will only be implemented if they are enrolled at least 15 students per class. 3:10 In locations where the de mand of candidates and / or registered does not meet the minimum number (15 stud ents), they may choose another course in the same or choose another Centre Assoc iate Associated Centre where the course has been offered choice, observed the ex istence of vague. In the latter case, the candidate may request a full refund of the enrollment of the entrance exam. 3.11 The formation of the groups with succ essful students will be set based on the marks obtained by candidates and by the formation of the minimum number of 15 students in each class. 3.12 vacancies in each course and Associated Center will be filled by candidates in order of decr easing score. They would then be distributed in accordance with city telerooms o ption of the applicant. 4. THE VALUE AND PAYMENT 4.1 The only form of payment ac cepted is through discharge of a bank, which can be printed directly by the port al, and paid in any bank until maturity. 4.2 The first period, the value of the registration application fee is U.S. $ 219.00, regardless of t he course. â ¢ â ¢ â ¢ Request for registration paid until 01/15/2008, amount to be pa id: U.S. $ 179.00. Request registration paid until 02/15/2008, amount to be paid : U.S. $ 199.00. Request for registration from 16.02.2008, the full value of R $ 219.00. 4.3 For students who enroll in first semester, the remaining amount will be divi ded into five equal portions. Table of Plots for students entering in the first module (a more extensive plots) COURSE MANAGEMENT ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL SYSTEMS SCIENCES SOCIAL COMMUNICATION BASICS LEGAL BILLS MATHEMATICS PEDAGOGY SOCIAL SER VICES 5. OF VACANCIES 5.1 The vacancies will be distributed according to the lis t of cities listed on the site Vacancies shall be limited acc ording to item 3.9 of this announcement. 5.2 The Manual concerning the Candidate Selection Process for the courses described in item 3.1 will be available to in terested parties on the Internet and Associated Centers. 5.3 The standards and g uidelines of the college entrance examination in 2008 are contained in the Guide for Applicants, available at and Associated Centers. 1st Peri od Total Value R $ 1,544.00 R $ 1,544.00 R $ 1,544.00 R $ 1,679.00 R $ 1,544.00 R $ 1,244.00 R $ 1,244.00 R $ 1,244.00 R $ 1,444.00 R Request Registration $ 219 .00 U.S. $ 219.00 R $ 219.00 R $ 219.00 R $ 219.00 R $ 219.00 R $ 219.00 R $ 219 .00 R $ 219.00 Value Parcel R $ 265.00 R $ 265, 00 R $ 265.00 R $ 292.00 R $ 265 .00 R $ 205.00 R $ 205.00 R $ 205.00 R $ 245.00 15% Discount Plots with R $ 225. 25 R $ 225, 25 R $ 225.25 R $ 248.20 R $ 225.25 R $ 174.25 R $ 174.25 R $ 174.25 R $ 208.25 March 2008 Announcement Vestibular 6. OF REGISTRATIONS, RATES AND DOCUMENTATION 6.1 The registration for the nation al selection process should be done according to dates listed in the table in it em 3.1, by filling in electronic form in Eadcon Associated Center network, direc

tly into the portal or through 0800-7080708. Registration for the Regional Selection Process Schedule will be made only in Associated Centers that adhere to each Selection Process. 6.2 The applicant should confirm their re gistration through discharge of a bank of R $ 35.00 (thirty-five dollars), to be paid solely in banks until the expiration date. 6.3 It is the sole responsibili ty of the candidate or his representative the correct completion of the electron ic registration form. 6.4 If the candidate has completed the payment of registra tion fee and the bank has not sent the voucher to Eadcon, this will have a perio d of three (03) business days after the publication of the list of confirmed ent ries to prove the discharge of payment respecting the bond maturity.€Thus, prov en discharge, will be able to participate in the Selection Process. 6.5 The regi stration for the selection process gives the applicant the right to make proof t hereof. Thus, the candidate who loses the race will not be entitled to perform i t in another selection process, reserving the right to reapply. 6.6 The vacancie s will be offered to all candidates who have completed high school (former Grade 2) or equivalent. 6.7 The candidates must choose one of the courses offered in a single town, as the list of cities listed in the portal 7. EVIDENCE OF SELECTION 7.1 The tests will be applied in the Centres Associates Ea dcon the dates and times according to the table of item 3.3 of this announcement . 7.2 The test will consist of ten (10) objective multiple choice questions asse ssing knowledge in Portuguese, mathematics, general knowledge and writing. 7.3 T he essay will focus on a theme of social, scientific, cultural or political and should be developed in text-type essay, as per instructions contained in the ove rlay. 7.4 The wording is eliminated. Eliminated the candidate who will reach gra de lower than 2 (two). 8. THE PROOF OF YOUR APPLICATION AND SELECTION 8.1 The te sts will be applied in all centers Associates Eadcon participants of the selecti on process for the dates and times (working hours GMT) given in the table of ite m 3.1, 8.2 The Applicant must attend the place of proof carrying the original id entity card or other official document containing photograph, proof of registrat ion (paid off billet) and blue or black ballpoint pen; 8.3 will not allowed to e nter candidates in the test room carrying rulers, books, notes, summaries, hando uts, calculating machines, cell phone or other electronic media, on pain of bein g eliminated from the Selection Process; 8.4 The candidate must be present at th e race day, 1 hour ahead of scheduled time to perform the same. The access gates to the venue of the evidence will be sealed tightly in the early hours of evide nce; 8.5 will not be allowed to leave the candidate of the room one hour elapsed before the work begins; 8.6 The candidate may be absent from the test room only with the approval and monitoring of tax; 8.7 At the end of the race, the candid ate will deliver to the supervisor of the drafting room and the response card du ly completed and signed, in April 2008 Announcement Vestibular 8.8 The candidate who is caught during the race, in communication with other peo ple as well as using books, equipment, calculation, electronic eavesdropping, mo bile, palmtop, printed notes or not allowed, or that any acts that contravene th e standards of this Notice, will be eliminated from the Selection Process. 9. TH E CLASSIFICATION 9.1 The ranking of candidates will be given in descending order , from the sum of points obtained in the objective questions (each question wort h one point) and Writing (0-10 points); 9.2 The candidate who receives notice le ss than 2 (two) in the newsroom will be eliminated from the Selection Process; 9 .3 event of a tie, preference will, in turn, the candidate who: 9.3.1 highest sc ore obtained in writing; 9.3.2 receiving the highest number of points on questio ns 1 to 5; 9.3.3 receiving the highest number of points on questions 60-10; 9.3. 4 The eldest; 9.3.5 Order entry. 10. DISCLOSURE OF THE OUTCOME OF THE SELECTION PROCESS 10.1 The disclosure of the list of ranked candidates is the responsibili ty of Eadcon. 10.2 The list of successful candidates will be posted on the site and in print, in Associated Centers on the dates reported in t he table in item 3.1. 11. THE REGISTRATION 11.1 The registration will be held in Associated Centers as dates reported in the table in item 3.1 of this Notice, a nd according to other information in the Guide for Applicants. 11.2 The candidat e who, for whatever reason, does not appear within the deadline for registration

and / or does not submit the documents listed in the Guide for Applicants will be ineligible for this job. 11.3 The candidate who at the time of registration d oes not prove the conclusion of high school or equivalent, according to Law no. 9394/96, art. 44, II, lose the right for the job even though his name appears in the list of candidates. 12. THE METHOD OF OFFER COURSE 12.1 The organization of the curriculum of courses by semesters, these can be divided into two semesters of three courses or modules in a module of six subjects, presented in printed m aterial for each academic; 12.2 The courses will be offered by Unitins Faela and cities that are equipped with Associated Centers telerooms www.eadcon listed on the 3.12 For academics Selection Processes approved in 2008, the be ginning of the courses will be given according to table Item 3.9. 13. GENERAL PR OVISIONS 13.1 The write-in candidate states are aware of and comply with all sta ndards in the selection process now standardized, accepting the decisions can be taken by the authorities of Unitins and Faela and / or by the Technical Committ ee of the Vestibular Eadcon. 2.13 In System Eadcon reserves the right not to off er the courses whose number of candidates is less than 15 (fifteen) students per class. In this case, there is the item 3.11. 13.3 The candidate who makes in an y document, false or inaccurate declaration is deleted from the Selection Proces s. May 2008 Announcement Vestibular 13.4 In cases of proven falsification of information and / or documents or dispo sal by the note received in writing, the Eadcon not refund the amount paid for r egistration in the Selection Process. 13.5 The contractual relationship is with the academic Eadcon. 6.13 will be eliminated at any time, even after registratio n, the candidates that participated in the selective process governed by this No tice by using false information or documents or other unlawful means, as well as those who fail to submit the documents specified in the Manual for Applicants i n deadlines set by Unitins and Faela. 7.13 Any irregularity (fraud, breach of co nfidentiality, etc..) Committed by persons involved in the Selection Process wil l be subject to administrative and / or police, under current law, the offender being subject to the penalties provided in their legislation. 8.13 Given the nat ure of the selection process, in no case will view, review or recount of scores, and therefore not admitted any kind of appeal. 13.9 This Notice is valid for re gistration and enrollment for the academic year 2008. 13:10 Further information and / or situations not covered herein are present in the Candidate Handbook, av ailable on the portal 13:11 Forum is the elected County Palma s in Tocantins State to resolve any questions arising from this announcement. 13 :12 Registration of the candidate constitutes acceptance of the vestibular condi tions set forth herein and others which will be published, and decisions will be taken by Eadcon in missing cases. 14. PLACES OF EVIDENCE: 14.1 Candidates shoul d contact the Center Associate chosen to inform themselves about their place of proof. 15. GENERAL PROVISIONS 15.1 If there are any irregularities that caused t he payment of registration is not effective, it will be the candidate to prove t he payment and seek reimbursement or enrollment of subsequent selection process, if any. 15.2 integrate this edict the Manual for Applicants and List of Associa ted Centers authorized to participate in the Selection Process contained in the site 15.3 The missing cases will be settled by Unitins, Faela committee and the selection process Eadcon 2008. Palmas, September 19, 2007 Galileo Mark Guarenghi Provost of Undergraduate UNITINS June 2008 Announcement Vestibular