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Homemade liqueurs recipes torpografo I put different types of recipes to make homemade liqueurs I hope you find it us eful

for me if it were, that the first shot difruteis much as drink to my health :) And you know: DO NOT DRIVE IF BABIES TORPOGRAFO Homemade liqueurs recipes torpografo Orange Liquor • • • • • • 2 l. water 1 kg. sugar 1 l. 90 ° alcohol (from liquors ) 12 ud. orange (skin only) 1 vanilla pod 1 stick cinnamon Put all ingredients together in a container. It closes well and is moving every day for a month. Strain the liquor and bottled. It can be done with mandarin ora nges, then will go into the pot whole and maceration time is two months. NOTE: acceptance of any perfume: dates, apricots, plums, cloves, lemon peel, fig s, etc ... Cane peaches • • • • January 6 January 1 yellow peaches liters of cane sugar kilo liters of water Peel peaches. the beans and boiling sugar ltrar.Dejar 4 Home Cognac • • • • 18 prunes, large 20 almonds, wood shells 1 liter of ethyl alcohol (Pharmacy is a chieved) 1 liter of water, boiled and cooled Pour into a wide mouth jar plums, almonds zest, alcohol and water. Marinate for 15 days. After this time, filter through filter paper and bottle. Let stand one month before serving Curacao Homemade liqueurs recipes • • • • • • • 50 grams of orange peel 1 liter of ethyl alcohol (is achieved Phar macy) 20 grams of cinnamon 1 clove 300 grams of sugar 300 grams of water 1 tsp o f glycerin torpografo Put in a bowl of orange peels with alcohol, cinnamon and cloves. Cover. Allow to macerate for 15 days, if possible, the sun and shake it daily. After 15 days, f ilter. Prepare a light syrup, boiling water until sugar is dissolved. Allow to c Cut into pieces and place in a wide mouth jar with lid along with sugar cane. Allow to macerate 20 to 30 days. Prepare the syrup by and water for 5 minutes. Incorporate at the helm, mix and stand fi or 5 days before serving.

ool. Add the glycerin and alcohol that was taken into marinade. Bottle and let r est a few days before serving Dulce de leche • • • • • 1 / 2 kg of fresh milk 400 g sugar 250 cc of rubbing alcohol (good vodka) 1 clov e 1 / 2 Water Put sugar in a bowl, cover with water and place over the fire until syrup almost loose thread. Warm and pour over the caramel preparation beating well until chi lled. Add alcohol and filter with a wet cloth. Packaged. Staple home • • • 1 liter of ethyl alcohol (Pharmacy is achieved) 1 liter of water 1 medium lemon cut in half, seeded Boil the water when the water boils, add the lemon juice and boil for 10 minutes Allow to cool and add the alcohol. Filter (with a paper coffee filter) and pack aged. Wait two days before drinking. Guindado • • • • half a kilo of cherries (sour cherries), and purple girls half kilo of sugar pin t of water 1 liter of ethyl alcohol (Pharmacy is achieved) Homemade liqueurs recipes torpografo Wash the cherries leaving the pencil stub. Place in a glass jar with wide mouth alcohol (closed). Allow to macerate 1 month and ½. After this time, prepare the syrup with sugar and boiled water for 5 minutes. Cool and add to cherries. Serve d with sour cherries. Lemonchello • • • • 8 lemons 1 liter of ethyl alcohol (Pharmacy is achieved) 1 liter of mineral wate r 600 grams sugar Leave the skins on alcohol for 1 week (in a bowl with lid). Dissolve sugar in wa rm mineral water and add the alcohol without shells, cool and store in the helad era.Esperar a week before drinking. I apricot liqueur • • • • 1.5 kg. ripe apricots 1 l. 90 ° alcohol (ethyl) 800 gr. sugar 1 stick cinnamon Wash and dry the apricots. Open them in half and remove the bones cracking almon ds. Marinate the flesh of the fruit with almonds, alcohol, sugar and cinnamon fo

r 30 days, shaking the jar occasionally. Strain through a paper filter maceratio n. Pour the strained liquid in a bottle, cover tightly, and store it in the dark for nine months before consuming the liquor. Apricot Liqueur II • • • • • Liters of white wine g kg Cinnamon Apricot Brandy L 500 g Sugar Chop and pit the apricots and bring to marinate in wine for five days. Add remai ning ingredients and boil for 20 minutes.€Transfer to a ceramic crock or tightly cover and let stand for 7 días.Cuele preparation, pass it through a filter pape r and sealed in a bottle embotéllelo. Pineapple liqueur Homemade liqueurs recipes • • • • 200 grs. pineapple 1 liter of alcohol 1700 grs. Sugar sugar burned neces sary amount torpografo The fruit is crushed and put into alcohol for eight days, then squeezed and remo ved. He then placed the sugar syrup and made a little burnt sugar to color and t hen filtered. Hazelnut liqueur • • • • • • Hazelnuts 250 grams of water pint of drink a pint of white 40 degrees (Alcohol) 400 grams of powdered sugar and vanilla half chaucha replaced with a few drops o f vanilla essence Separate 10 hazelnuts, grind remaining and placed in a sealed bottle. Add a pint of boiling water and let cool. When mixture is cold, add alcohol and vanilla ch aucha. Marinate 15 minutes, then strain, add sugar and whole peeled hazelnuts. C lose the bottle hermetically, shake until blended. Let stand for 3 weeks Banana liqueur • • • • • 1 / 2 liter of water 1 / 2 liter of alcohol 1 / 2 kilo of sugar 6 bananas 1 teas poon vanilla essence Combine sugar and water until everything is well dissolved. Add the alcohol, sub stance and sliced bananas. Place the mixture into a wide mouth jar, tightly cove red, for 8 days. Pass the liquor by a piece of gauze and then through a filter p aper. Cocoa • • • • • 1.5 kg of cocoa beans roasted and ground to 2.5 kg Sugar 2 Quarts Water 4 g Vani lla 8 Liters of Alcohol 56 º Homemade liqueurs recipes

torpografo Please maceration and vanilla seeds for two weeks in the alcohol, filter, and re serve the alcohol put the filtered waste water boil. Mix this liquid and sugar u ntil well dissolved and add the syrup to alcohol. Transfer to a glass bottle. Coffee Liqueur I • • • • • 1 liter of ethyl alcohol (is achieved Pharmacy) 250 grams of coffee, roasted bea ns and a kilo of sugar 1 quart of water 1 vanilla bean or replaced by a few drop s of vanilla essence. Put the coffee in a glass jar with vanilla and alcohol, stopper the bottle and a llow to marinate for three days, until the grains are white. Put the sugar in a saucepan, add water. Boil for 5 minutes. Allow to cool and mix with the alcohol that was macerated with coffee. Filter through filter paper, bottle and leave a week before serving Coffee Liqueur II • • • 1 liter of alcohol or cane 1 / 4 kilo of ground roasted coffee 1 / 2 kilo of sug ar In a liter of alcohol or best of a good cane, puts on coffee. It is kept covered for 8 days and after this time is filtered and added a bit more than half kilo of sugar, let it rest and bottled. Coffee Liqueur III • • • • • One liter of spirits 300 grams of coffee a stick of vanilla sugar 800 grams a li ter of water Grind finely 300 grams of high quality coffee and placed in a container to which are added the vanilla and brandy, leaving it to marinate for two weeks. Should shake every day for a few minutes. When they have spent those two weeks, prepare a syrup with sugar and water (cold) is added to the mixture and let stand anoth er week. After that time, carefully filtered and bottled and used. Homemade liqueurs recipes IV Coffee Liqueur torpografo • • • 1 liter of anise 100 gr. roasted coffee beans a stick of cinnamon or peppermint Marinate two months. V Coffee Liqueur • • • • • • •

1 / 2 liters water 150 gr. ground coffee 2 2 lemon peel orange peel 150 grams su gar 2 star anise 1 l-residue With water and coffee is an infusion and dissolve the sugar. When cool move to a 2 liter bottle and add the peel, star anise and Marc. Marinate 1 month and filt er. VI coffee liqueur • • • • • • • 1 / 2 ud. orange (dry skin) 2 cinnamon sticks 150 gr. coffee (grain) 100 gr. swe et anise 2 l. water 1 kg. Marc sugar (to taste) It takes boiling water, coffee, dried orange peel, the cinnamon sticks and anise . With sugar will make a candy that will not be bitter and we will put the previ ous preparation and laundry. The return to a boil to break the candy and you'll Marc to taste. Cherry liqueur • • • 1 / 2 kilo of cherries 250 grams sugar 1 / 2 liter of alcohol a glass of water Homemade liqueurs recipes torpografo Wash and drain cherries and after removing the stems are crushed (some prefer to remove the bones, but in general, if you have a very powerful blender, it is be tter that they remain). The resulting paste is placed covered with gauze for thr ee days to ferment (in a cool, but not the refrigerator). When that time has pas sed pour crushed and fermented cherries in a jar, add the residue and cover tigh tly, leaving it to macerate for two months. When that time has passed, the juice is passed through a filter and pour into a jar. Prepare a syrup by dissolving s ugar over low heat with water and letting it boil for about five minutes. When c ooling, added to the pot, cover and leave for two months, after which it passes and bottles and can be consumed. I chocolate liqueur • • • • • 1 / 3 liter of alcohol 1 / 2 liter of water 1 / 2 kilo of sugar 3 chocolate bars or grated 1 stick of vanilla chips It is a syrup with sugar and water and mix. It has eight days to infuse, stirrin g every day and then filtered. Chocolate Liqueur II • • • • 200 grams of fine chocolate and black 1 / 4 of a liter of rum half liter of wate r 600 grams of cane sugar Crumbly chocolate in water and put on fire. Stir slowly adding the sugar, making sure that we do not get too dense: in this case add some more water. We let thi s mixture cool and add the brandy. This liqueur is ready to be served without fi

ltering, but to make just before serving, shake the bottle a bit so that the con tents are well mixed. Coconut liqueur • • • • pint of ethyl alcohol (is achieved in Pharmacies) water 1 pint vanilla chaucha o r a few drops of vanilla essence. 100 grams coconut Pour the alcohol and water in a glass jar wide mouth. Add vanilla and coconut. C over well. Stir twice a day for a week. Filter and store in tightly covered bott le. Let stand Homemade liqueurs recipes one week before serving. torpografo Lemon Cream Liqueur • • • • • • pint of ethyl alcohol (is achieved Pharmacy) 5 lemons 750 grams of sugar a few d rops of vanilla extract 1 liter of milk a quart of milk cream. Steep the lemon peel in alcohol for three days (in a bowl with a lid, so as not to evaporate the alcohol), boil 1 liter of milk with 750 grams of sugar, when he broke the boil wait for 10 minutes before removing from fuegocuando cooled milk , add the cream, vanilla and alcohol without the shells. Wait a week before taki ng. Store in refrigerator. Peach liqueur • • • • 1 liter of alcohol 12 pits of peaches 1 liter of water 1 kilo sugar Alcohol are put into the pits of peaches of those red stuck to the seed and 3 or 4 broken, thus leaving about 1 month and after this time mixed with 1 gallon of syrup and filtered. Sloe gin I • • • • • 225 gr. Sloe. 1L three tablespoons of sugar. brandy sweet and half dry. Cinnamon . 10 coffee beans. Wash the sloes and put them in a glass jar wide mouth, add the brandy and other ingredients and stir well, leaving the jar in a cool and shady, every three week s and then remove the jar 5 months filtering the liquid through a sieve and tran sferred to a bottle. After this process is ready to be consumed Liquor Sloe II (Pacha) Homemade liqueurs recipes • • • • • 1 l. sweet anise 1 / 4 kg. endrin 1 piece vanilla coffee beans raw fou r piece cinnamon stick

torpografo In jar for up to a liter and a fourth, previously sterilized, put anise and sloe s. Cover tightly and marinate at least 6 months in a cool, dark place, turning t he jar occasionally. Filter by sieve and pass bottles. Serve cold or with ice. Strawberry liqueur • • • • • • • (Get a half liter of liquor) 3 / 4 kilo of ripe strawberries 1 liter of pomace b randy 1 orange 1 lemon 300 grams sugar 1 cup water Wash strawberries, drain, remove the stems (to wash strawberries have to have th e tails do not remove) and thoroughly dried. Wash the orange and lemon, brushing , dried and grated rind being careful not to strain us anything about the white part. In a jar with an airtight lid and has been sterilized before, place the st rawberries, with marc and lemon zest and orange. The maceration lasts about two months and during that time shaking the jar occasionally.€Prepare a syrup by dis solving sugar over low heat with water and baking it for a few minutes. When col d is passed through a cloth filter macerating strawberries and marc, squeezing i t well. The juice obtained is mixed with the syrup and placed in bottles. It is advisable to wait at least a week for consumption. Fruit liqueur • • • • • • • • • Four mandarin oranges Two Six Six grapefruit lemons A vanilla bar Five Mandarin Chinese One liter of spirits, 800 grams of sugar pint of water Cut all fruit into small pieces with vanilla, brandy and half a kilo of sugar, i s placed in a jar where it is left to macerate for forty days. When that time ha s passed squeezing sieve with a wooden spoon to extract all the juice to get as possible. Prepare a syrup with water and 300 grams of sugar and when it is cold filtered and bottled mix Homemade liqueurs recipes Cherry liqueur torpografo • • • • • 1 / 2 kg of cherries 1 / 2 liter of alcohol 400 g of sugar refinery half liter o f water to filter paper. Preparation: Wash and cut cherry Cabitos, leaving 1 cm. Accommodate a wide mouth jar and cover with alcohol. Marinate for 20 days. Make a syrup with sugar and w ater to get points already mentioned thread. After cooling, filter very well and add to the bottle where are the cherries. Cover, book 15 days, to serve, place a cherry. Herbal liqueur • • • • • • • • ½ l of alcohol 90 º (as prepared in the pharmacy) 1 liter water 5 g of angelica root a cane cane rosemary 1 pinch of lavender cinnamon 1 lemon peel a pinch of s ugar

The pint of alcohol marinate for at least one month all the ingredients except t he sugar and water which will in syrup that is added to the marinade. Make 1 lit er of water and 1 kg. sugar syrup and add to the mix at the end of the maderació n. Filter. Liquor figs • • • • 1 kg of dried figs very healthy base 10 liters of liquor 2.5 liters of water. 50 g of crushed juniper berries Put the berries and figs macerated in water for five days. Strain and add the li quor base. Stir well, strain it again and embotéllelo in a sealed bottle. Note: This liquor can not be stored for a long time Homemade liqueurs recipes Leaves of cherry liqueur torpografo • • • • 2 bunches green cherry leaves 1 / 2 kg sugar 1 l-residue (alcohol 60 º), serves vodka. 2-4 stalks of cinnamon In a suitable container add all the ingredients making sure that the leaves are well coated. Marinate in the dark, cool and dry for a week by moving the vessel from time to time but hey! only the recipient, not to make spoons or sticks. For the week, leaving more time you can become bitter, filter and is ready for cons umption. We recommend the cold. Eggnog • • • • • three quarters of a liter of milk 500 g sugar 1 vanilla chaucha 8 egg yolks 400 grams of ethyl alcohol (Pharmacy is achieved) Boil milk with vanilla and sugar for 5 minutes. Remove from the cooking and cool . Beat the egg yolks, add milk, mix well and add the alcohol, mixing again. Filt ered through a muslin or linen cloth. This liquor can be served at once prepared . Liquor milk • • • • • • 1 liter of raw milk 1 / 2 kg sugar 1 vanilla chaucha or replaced by a few drops of vanilla essence. 1 lemon ½ liters of ethyl alcohol (Pharmacy is achieved) 1 t ablespoon glycerin In a glass container can be sealed, pour the milk. Add the alcohol, sugar, vanil la, cut into strips and sliced lemon. Allow to marinate 20 days, taking care to stir the contents daily. After this time, filtered with filter paper, previously wet, glycerin and bottle Milk Liquor II

Homemade liqueurs recipes • • • • • 1 L of raw milk 1 / 2 L of alcohol at 90 º 4limones sugar 1kl time 15 days. torpografo Lemons is cut into small cubes and pour into a wide-mouth bottle or a three-lite r jug. The check alcohol, milk and sugar, stirring to mix well and dissolve the sugar. Cover the jug and it has 15 days to macerate stirring frequently. After t hese days the liquid is poured into bottles, while removing the lemons and wash the jug. After adding the liquid in the bottle, cover well and let stand one day . Seguidamenten the filtrate with filters. For the density of the milk must go u ndoing the sediment that is left in the filter, to take advantage of the liquid that still contains€otherwise it is wasted. For this, it collects the sediment w ith a spoon, and goes on a plate ehando is added unfiltered liquid, dissolves an d starts again in the filter. III milk liquor • • • 1 Litre Milk 1 Litre of Alcohol 2 Oranges Put the milk and alcohol marinate with chopped oranges, in a glass bottle for th ree or four weeks. Stir daily. , Filter and, if wells are again filtered. Store in glass bottles with hermetically sealed. Lemon liqueur • • • • • pint of ethyl alcohol (Pharmacy is achieved) 1 lemon half shell chaucha replace vanilla or a few drops of vanilla essence. half a kilo of sugar 750 grams water Pour the alcohol into a wide mouth jar, add the lemon peel and vanilla. Cover an d marinate for 15 days. Put the sugar in a saucepan, cover with water. Boil for 7 minutes. Allow to cool. Mix with alcohol. Filter and bottle steeping about 5 d ays before use. I mandarin liqueur • • • 4 tangerines, peel pint of ethyl alcohol (is achieved in Pharmacies) pint of wat er Homemade liqueurs recipes • • half chucharada half kilo of vanilla sugar or replaced by a few drops of van illa essence. torpografo Pour into a wide mouth jar mandarin peel, previously washed with alcohol and van illa and close tightly. Allow to macerate for 10 days. Put the sugar in a pan an d add water. Boil for 10 minutes. Allow to cool. Mix and allow to rest for a few days before serving. Mandarin liqueur II

• • • • • 1 / 2 L. 300gr.de sweet anise sugar 2 dl water 4 tangerine peel Time: 15 days. Peel the mandarins and the shells are cut into thin strips and short. Then pour into a wide-mouth bottle with dill and half the sugar. Cover the bottle and let marinate for 15 days, stirring occasionally. After this time, he peels out, wash ed the bottle and refills. Sugar disulve us about yourself in 2 dl of water and pour in the anise. Re-cover and have one days rest. Then filtered and stored. Peach liqueur vodka • • • • A bottle of vodka Six peaches 300 grams of sugar 1 / 4 of a liter of water Peel and chop the peaches and place in a jar previously sterilized. Prepare a sy rup by dissolving sugar to simmer in the water and letting it be for about five minutes. When cold is added to the jar where we have the peaches and then adds t he vodka. Close the container and let marinate for three months, after which it is filtered, and bottled. I mint liqueur • • • • • 1 liter of ethyl alcohol (is achieved Pharmacy) 30 fresh mint leaves 1 kilo of s ugar refinery 1 liter and half water half tablespoon of glycerin Homemade liqueurs recipes torpografo Pour into a wide mouth jar mint leaves. Add the alcohol, allow to macerate for 1 5 days, the closed bottle, exposing a little sun to take better color. Place sug ar in a saucepan, add water and boil for 15 minutes. Allow to cool. Add the syru p to the alcohol that was in maceration. Filter. Add the glycerin and bottling. Creme de menthe II • • • 150 grs. fresh mint leaves 1 liter alcohol 1 liter of syrup During eight days are put to macerate fresh mint leaves in a liter of alcohol, a fter this time is added per liter of very thick syrup and then filtered and put into bottles. Creme de menthe III • • • • • 1 liter of spirits, 1 liter of water 60 mint leaves some anise seeds 1 kilo of s ugar In a bowl place the mint leaves and seeds of anise with brandy. Cover and allow to rest for ten days. When you have passed this time mixed with a syrup that we have done with sugar and water, simmer for few minutes, and that it will be cold . Mix well, shake it and filter it carefully. This liquor, Light of alcohol has therapeutic properties, it seems, to relieve migraines and nausea.

Honey Liqueur • • • • • • 1 liter of alcohol Pinch of cinnamon 2 cloves 600 cc water 600 g honey Zest of t wo oranges skin Place the orange zest in a wide mouth jar. Pour the alcohol, cover and allow to marinate for two weeks. Heat water and dissolve honey in it. Off the heat add th e cloves and cinnamon. Allow to cool. Mix with alcohol flavored with orange.€Let stand a few days, shaking the pan occasionally. Then let stand quite two days. Filter and bottle. Homemade liqueurs recipes Orange liqueur torpografo • • • • • • • pint of ethyl alcohol (Pharmacy is achieved) 4 oranges, peeled 1 small box of sa ffron quarter kilo of sugar 1 vanilla chaucha or replaced by a few drops of vani lla essence. half teaspoon glycerin 1 liter of water Pour into a glass jar alcohol and water. Add the orange peels, saffron, sugar an d vanilla. Allow to macerate for 10 days with the closed bottle. After being pla ced under the sun for two hours every day and moved well with a wooden spatula, filtered and bottled, previously adding glycerin. Honey orange liqueur • • • • • • Three large oranges 400g honey 1 / 2 liters of rum half liter of water, two lemo ns A little cinnamon In a clay ingredient mix all ingredients, oranges and lemons, well washed and br ushed. Let it marinate for a month, shaking every day so that the honey is disso lved in the liquid. When that time has passed, it is strained, filtered, and bot tled. Liquor nuts • • • • • • • • 1 liter of ethyl alcohol (is achieved Pharmacy) 60 nuts, very clean nutmeg half a piece of cinnamon 1 clove 1 vanilla chaucha or replaced by a few drops of vani lla essence. 250 grams of sugar a quart of water Mash a little nuts to loosen its oil and smell better. Pour the alcohol into a w ide mouth jar. Add nuts, nutmeg, cloves and vanilla and cover. After 40 days put sugar in a saucepan, add water. Boil for 5 minutos.Dejar cool and add to the bo ttle where we mash the nuts. Leave 8 days. Filter and bottle. Homemade liqueurs recipes Green walnut liqueur torpografo

• • • • • 500 grams of alcohol at 95 º (PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT ALC OHOL IS SUITABLE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, IF YOU ARE NOT SURE IS BETTER USE AGUARD IENTE). 300 grams sugar 400 grams of green walnuts 700 grams lemon water While the nuts are cleaned and go smashing in a mortar. The resulting paste is p laced in a sealed jar with alcohol and lemon peel. Allow to marinate in a dark p lace for two weeks, after which a syrup is prepared with boiling water and sugar for about five minutes. Let it cool and in the meantime is passed through a sie ve the mash. Mix the syrup and macerated and filtered carefully. It is bottled a nd left for about eight months in a dark place. This liqueur has a period of fiv e years consumption. Pear liqueur • • • • • Four pears 1 / 2 liter of spirits distilled from marc 300 grams of sugar 1 / 4 o f a liter of water three sticks of cinnamon Pears (must be ripe) are peeled, chopped and crushed. This pulp is conveniently placed in a sterilized jar. Add the cinnamon and Marc. Cover and let marinate fo r five days. When those days have passed through the sieve, pressing to extract all the juice. Prepare a syrup by dissolving sugar in water and cook slowly for five minutes. Let it cool and once cool, mix with the juice that we leaked. The mixture is filtered again, sifting and bottled. Liquor roses, jasmine and orange blossom • • • • • • • • • 100 10 red rose petals jasmine flowers orange blossom 10 half stick of vanilla 2 cloves 50g currants One liter of brandy 1 / 2 kilo of sugar 1 / 2 liter of wate r Homemade liqueurs recipes torpografo Place the rose petals in a bowl with flowers of jasmine and orange blossom, clov es, stick of vanilla, raisins and brandy. After closing tightly, allow to marina te for a month, stirring occasionally. When that time has past, prepare a syrup with sugar and water over low heat dissolving and letting it boil for about five minutes. When cool, mix all, shake a little more, filtered and bottled. Grapes Liquor • • • • 1 kilo of white grapes 1 liter of ethyl alcohol (is achieved in Pharmacies) thre e quarters of a kilo of black or brown sugar 1 liter and a half of water Wash the grapes in several waters leaving the pencil stub. Place in a glass jar wide mouth. Add the alcohol, water and sugar. Allow to macerate for 15 days, sti rring daily with a wooden spoon. Strain, bottle and park up at least three month s. Vanilla liqueur

• • • • May 1 January 1 liters of alcohol at 90 ° chauchas vanilla sugar kilo liters of water In one liter of alcohol to soak for ten or twelve days, five vanilla green beans cut lengthwise. Make a syrup with 1 kilo of sugar and 1 liter of water when the thick, let cool and mix with alcohol, which must be cast. After filtering throu gh filter paper and bottled it. Should not be used until about twenty or thirty days after bottling. Mistela of bed • • • • • • • • • • 1 L of water. 500 gr. Sugar. Infusion: Mint a handful. Anise a handful. Cinnamon . 2 cloves. Orange one piece. Limon piece. Saffron. Put in a pan of seven ingredients of coffee and is covered with water, put over high heat and Homemade liqueurs recipes torpografo begins to boil, turn left ½ h. approx. After the cooking time, strain the infusi on, more than 500 gr. sugar. To add more color to mistela, is roasted with sugar and add to the sweet wine. Mistela of Igualeja • • • • • • 1L. cinnamon brandy. Pipes coffee. (Between 5 and 8) Almonds. 100 gr. Nails. 3. Sugar. 1 kg. In a glass bowl put a l. of brandy, 100 gr. previously toasted almonds, a piece of cinnamon, 5 or 8 pipes coffee and ½ kg. sugar toast. Once everything is mixed , let it to macerate 48 hours past which is filtered through a sieve and added ½ kg. sugar and ½ l. of water. Mix well and bottled. Home Pacharán • • • • • 25th sweet anise roasted coffee beans endrin cinnamon chamomile flowers In a bottle is placed fourth Kl of sloes, add 3 / 4 l. sweet anise, roasted coff ee beans in August, not too big a piece of cinnamon and 3 chamomile flowers. Let it marinate for approximately four months in a place where not much light and c onsume a good pacharán. Pineapple Punch • • • • • • 3 glasses of wine a glass of sherry, rum Soda, as needed 1 slice of pineapple to the natural ice, minced, to taste 2 tablespoons of pineapple syrup

Put crushed ice in a shaker half full. Add the syrup, rum and sherry. Shake. Ser ve in tall glasses with slices of pineapple, finished filling the glass with sod a Homemade liqueurs recipes Milk punch torpografo • • • • • 1 liter of milk 6 eggs 6 cups sugar 6 tablespoons brandy Nutmeg to taste Beat eggs with sugar. Add the brandy and boiling milk, whipping constantly. Pour into cups, sprinkle with a pinch of nutmeg. Serve immediately. Orange Punch • • • • • • June 3 June 3 June 3 teaspoons cups boiling water cups orange juice orange slices tablespoons powdere d sugar cloves Pour boiling water over tea. Cover and leave to infuse for 3 minutes. Drain. Emb ed cloves in the orange slices, put them into the bowl. Mix orange juice with su gar. Heating. Add the tea, pour into punch bowl. Serve in mugs with an orange sl ice in each Power Limoncello • • • • 650 cc alcohol 10 lemons (suitable for consumption) 800 grs. sugar 1 liter of wa ter Peel the lemons (yellow part only, remove any white part). Place the shells in a bowl, cover with alcohol. Let stand about four weeks after this period, prepare a syrup with the sugar and water. Allow to cool. Strain the shells and reserve. Tia Maria • • • 2 quarts water 1 kilo of sugar, 2 tablespoons instant coffee Homemade liqueurs recipes • • • 4 tea bags 1 liter of ethyl alcohol (Pharmacy is achieved) a few drops of vanilla essence torpografo Boil water with sugar, when he broke the boil, wait 5 minutes and remove from he at. Add instant coffee, tea and vainilla.Cuando cool, add alcohol and packaged. rA 4 days is ready to drink. Serve with plenty of ice to taste. Grapes in spirit • • • • •

Grapes. Nails. Canela. Sugar. Brandy. Wash the grapes being careful not to spoil and dry with a clean cloth, cut the t ails are leaving 1 cm. Then place the fruit in jars, interspersed with eight clo ves and a crumbled cinnamon stick. After dissolving 1 kg. sugar and a vast rum p er kg. Grape and pour into jars. Below are completed to fill the jars with brand y, leaving a gap of 2 cm. between the liquid and the cap of the jar. Carefully s tir the jars and left to marinate for at least 45 days before eating.

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