Our Life Together: 11th-18th July 2010

Sunday 11th July
10:00am Worship Service Speaker: John 11:30am Morning Tea

Thursday 15th
7:30pm Music Practice

Enjoying God, Blessing Others

Friday 16th
7:30pm FUEL Youth Event - meet at Church Hall

Tuesday 13th
10:30am Church House Prayer Meeting 12:30pm BWF Lunch at Nash’s Road 7:00pm Table Tennis at the Hall

Sunday 11th July 2010

Sunday 18th
10:00am Worship Service (plus Sunday School inc. Gr. 5 & 6) Speaker: Gerard & Heather Rayside 11:30am Morning Tea followed by Basket Lunch in the Hall 2:00pm Lewis Court Service 5:00pm FUEL Youth Study Group at the Youth Shed

Wednesday 14th
7:30pm Home Group at L&D Oakley’s 7:30pm Home Group at R&R Mibus’ 8:00pm Young Adults’ Home Group at Church House

to our service. We are so glad you are with us. We are a company of ordinary people who love Jesus and want to share his love and care with everybody. It is our prayer that God will speak with you today.

Our Upcoming Highlights
notices in the bulletin, please contact Wilma Crouch on 5523 3595 or email crouchcastle@hotkey.net.au by 10am Thursdays. Thank you.

Rosters: 18th July 2010
Door Greeting: Door & Offering: Downstairs D&O: Children’s Talk: Media Desk: Mieke Walker Dallas Walker Glenn Sobey Sue Honeybun Mel, Peter, Camden Morning Tea: Barnes & Malseeds Offering Counting: G Sobey & J Donehue Lawns & Garden: M Atwell Church Cleaning: L & D Oakley Hall/Kitchen Clean: Malseeds Ch. House Clean: TBA

BWF Lunch Meeting at Nash’s Rd: Tuesday 13th - 12:30pm FUEL Youth Event: Next Friday 16th - 7:30pm starting at the Hall The Raysides visit & Church Lunch: Next Sunday 18th July Sunday School begins Term III: Next Sunday 18th July

Loaves & Fishes
Thank you to everyone for your
kind donations. Items most needed include: soup; spaghetti; jam; tea; coffee; sugar; toiletries; tuna; biscuits. Place your items in the foyer supermarket trolley or in the marked box on the piano downstairs .

Rev John Simpson 13 Browning Street Portland P: 5523 2257 M: 0428 780 421 simmoj@datafast.net.au

Associate Pastor:
Rev Michael Drennan 11 Webb Court Portland P: 5523 4893 M: 0408 568 887 mdrennan@eftel.net.au

Jim Blake 39 Patrick Street Portland P: 5523 2347 M: 0425 714 633 jim.blake@bigpond.com.au

Our website: www.portlandbaptist.org.au

Summer news from Aaron….
It is always great to get news from Aaron. Here are some highlights from his latest letter. If you would like the full letter (it’s 5 pages with pics – ask Rosemary!)….
I am now almost 1/3 of the way through my degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I have found a new church home in Alvarado, TX, where I became a church member at the beginning of the year. I have come to be part of this warm and friendly community. I am actively involved with the Student Ministry at church. We have over 50 students attending Wednesday night worship/study and I help teach the boys studies. This summer we have 2 camps coming up, a student leadership camp that we will run, and a general student camp in Okalahoma, at a place called Falls Creek I have also taken on a role of co-director for our Kids Hope ministry This past semester I also finished coaching in a Christian Basketball league called Upwards Sports. This included coaching and teaching the gospel to my team of 8 5/6th graders, and at the end of the season 3 young people made professions of faith. I still feel a little uncertain as to where I may end up in ministry but I feel comfortable with this knowing that God has already gone ahead of me and prepared my future. I would still value your prayers and thoughts greatly as I continue on seeking His will and direction. So far this summer I have had the opportunity to get out and do a little traveling around. I headed across to Alabama and managed to get down to Florida and the panhandle area and swim at the beach before the oil spill. Last week we finished off our Vacation Bible School program, a week of Bible teaching and sharing the Good News with children in the church and community. It’s a little like our Beach Mission program back home. I was in charge of the Recreation activities. I was invited to speak at a Father/Son retreat for a small church north of Dallas/ Fort Worth. It sure was a rewarding time. God has blessed me in many ways since moving me to Fort Worth. I was fortunate to receive an academic scholarship from the education department, just another answer to prayer, as it will help me pay for my tuition next semester. Prayer Requests: Kids Hope, Upwards Sports Programs, Student Ministering and Teaching, Summer Programs, Work, Ministry Opportunities, Fall Semester studies Thank you all for your support that you continue to give, it is greatly appreciated. Blessings to you all, Love Aaron.

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being
watchful and thankful.”
Remember to pray for the following people in the coming week:

Total June Offering: Monthly Budget: Weekly Target: Weekly Average Week Week Week Week Week 31 06 13 20 27 May June June June June $ $ $ $ $ $13,885 $16,250 $ 3,750 $ 3,425 2,519 4,101 2,284 3,714 2,571

 Our friends in special places

   

including hospital – keep praying for George Mackley, Joe Wiltshire, Lionel Atwell, Keith Whitbourne and Thelma Brown, Neil Mitchell and Alice Attwood. Peter Simpson is having surgery this week. Ted Skewes’ mum, Olive, who lives in Adelaide, has had serious cardiac issues this week Give thanks – for Paul and Jan Westlake’s safe arrival home from Russia and the US All Saints – pray for Fr Denis and his people. Denis will be on leave for a brief period. Our Mayor – pray for Gilbert and Councillors Our leaders – for transparent leadership and a commitment to God given values

(from 1st Jan. 2010)

Direct Debit Payments for offerings and donations can be made electronically. Details are as follows: Acc Name: Portland Baptist Church Direct Offering BSB 704 922 Account No. 100 006 869

Building Fund
Total Building Fund raised to end of June: $490,956 June Donations: $13,090 B/F available balance: $87,125 All gifts to the building fund are fully tax deductible. Please take the information sheets (blue & yellow) and envelopes are available in the porch. You can deposit straight into the building fund via internet banking using the following information: Acc Name: Portland Baptist Church Direct Building Fund BSB 704 922 Account No 100 007 044

Monday Roger & Rosemary Mibus Tuesday Dallas & Rachael Mitchell, David, Jessica, Joshua, Katie Wednesday Neil Mitchell Thursday Claire Moriarty Friday Bob & Janne Morrison Saturday Peter & Jo Moyle Sunday Peter & Fiona Musson, Jake, Jessica, Harry, Isabelle

“Let’s press on in faith!”

Weekly Prayer Group
Please join us at 10.30am Tuesdays at the Church House. Everyone is welcome to share in this vital ministry. Please Note: the regular Friday prayer group is in recess until mid July.

BWF Lunch Meeting at Nash’s Road: This Tuesday - 12:30pm Table Tennis for all at the Hall: Tuesdays from 7:00-9:00pm FUEL Youth Special EVENT: Next Friday 16th - meet at the Hall at 7:30pm The Raysides visiting us: Next Sunday 18th July - please bring finger food to share Basket Lunch with our visitors Sunday School begins Term 3: Next Sunday - inc. Gr. 5 & 6 Lewis Court Service: Next Sunday 18th - 2:00pm FUEL Youth Bible Study: resumes Sunday 18th - 5:00pm The Raysides meet Young Adults for Dinner: Tuesday 20th July - see Michael for details Silver Threads Craft Group: Tuesday 27th - 12:00 noon Harbourside Lodge Service: Wednesday 28th - 2:00pm Lighthouse Support Group Meeting: Tuesday 27th July at the Arts Centre - 7:30pm

The Raysides are Visiting Us!
Next Sunday, July 18th  Gerard and Heather will be with us for our morning service. They will be sharing with us: “What God has taught us in the last two years of ministry.”  Everyone is invited to bring a finger food lunch to share  After lunch they will have talk about what they are doing in Vietnam  and take some Q and A. Tuesday, July 20th  Meeting with Young Adult Home group for dinner. They will be teaching us how to make some Vietnamese dishes.  Pray for our friends as they share with us and pray that they will be a blessing as they visit friends around the State.

Read the Bible in 2010
 Jul 11 Psalm 115 Psalm 116 Psalm 117 Psalm 118 Psalm 119 Psalm 120 Psalm 121 Psalm 123 Psalm 125 Psalm 126 Psalm 128 Psalm 129 Psalm 130 Psalm 132 Psalm 134 Psalm 135 Psalm 136 Psalm 146 Psalm 147 Psalm 148 Psalm 149 Psalm 150 Isaiah 18:1-23:18 Isaiah 24:1-27:13 Isaiah 29:1-24 Isaiah 30:1-33:24

Thank You!
To everyone who attended our monthly Prayer Day at the Church House on Friday. It is a great privilege to be able to meet freely for prayer together and we appreciate all those who make the effort to join us - special thanks to our faithful youth groups.

 Jul 12  Jul 13

 Jul 14

Follow up to our Church Review
As all are aware our Regional Minister, Steve Venz, spent time helping review of our life as a fellowship. Steve then followed up with a very helpful presentation at our last Church Meeting. Over the next few months, the deacons will be giving attention to Steve's recommendations and, in turn, will be suggesting to a future Church Meeting ways in which we can follow through the recommendations together. We want to be making good use of Steve's insights as we move forward as a fellowship.

This Tuesday 13th July - 12:30pm All ladies are invited to a special Lunch Meeting at 91 Nash’s Road this Tuesday 13th July. Lunch will be p r o v i d e d , commencing at 12:30pm and followed by some of your favourite hymns. Dianne will present devotions and the Word for the day will be “Singing”.

 Jul 15

 Jul 16  Jul 17  Jul 18

FUEL Youth A Mystery Event!

Outreach to the Outback! Norm & Karen Roberts’ NT Mission Op-Shops
We have the great opportunity to send a quantity of clothing etc by semitrailer to Alice Springs in August. The Mission Op Shops supply low-cost clothing and are sources of many ‘people contacts’ on the Communities. Their needs are: kids’ toys, sports equipment, baby’s/kids’ clothes 0-5 years, all shoes/ runners (but not high heels) men’s jeans, ladies’ tops & skirts (NO slacks) sportst y p e clothes, men’s shirts - polo & dress/ button-up style, short or long sleeve, socks, underwear (in good nick) tracksuit tops, jackets, coats, sheets, towels, curtains, but NO knitwear. We’ll also need strong cardboard boxes for packing. Please see Roger Crouch if you can help - phone 5523 3595 or email crouchcastle@hotkey.net.au Thanks!

Next Friday 16th July Meet at Church Hall 7:30-9:30pm
Cost $4. For any queries call Paul (5521 1875).

FUEL Youth
Bible Study
The FUEL Bible Study is on school holiday break. We will resume on Sunday night July 18th.

Parents’ Tots’ Room


Parents are welcome to use the room just off the foyer, with activities for children up to 12 months, especially during our prayer time and the sermon if your child is unsettled. It is soundlinked to the auditorium.

New Church Directory - Updates
We will be updating the church directory soon so Hayley will place information sheets upstairs and downstairs - would everyone please check these for accuracy and make any alterations necessary. For any queries please call Hayley: 5521 1959

Advance notice....Robin Mann's visit
Robin is a much loved Australian songwriter, singer, guitarist and worship leader. We sing some of his songs - "Father welcomes all his children" is one of them. He is leading a special session at Wesley on Sunday 15th August at 4.00pm followed by a shared meal. Wesley is providing soup. This will be a very enjoyable occasion for all with a musical interest

Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Work Day Saturday 24th July
Phillip Curtis has organized a volunteer day for Habitat for Humanity, probably working on site clearing and fencing at the Marysville Bushfire affected area on Saturday 24th July. During similar days in May and June, 30plus people have achieved great results. All ages 15 years-plus welcome, male and female. Lunch provided on the day. With suitable advance notice it may be possible to arrange accommodation for Friday and Saturday nights through Croydon Hills Baptist Church. For more details please contact Brian Finch: bfinch@habitat.org.au or Phone: (03) 9872 3530

About our new building
Our architect advises that the formal application for our planning permit has now been lodged with Council. The Planning Department has 28 days to respond so keep watching this space. Pray that this part of the process will proceed without unnecessary delay. Part of the application included a comprehensive listing of all church activities currently and those anticipated including numbers participating, current and anticipated numbers of vehicles and timing of events quite a document by the time it was finished!