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2010 Texas VOAD Leadership
Larry Shine President Lshine@eastex.net (936) 646-4803 Mozetta Jackson Vice President JacksonMoz@usa.redcross.org (713) 313-4716 Brad Watts Secretary/Treasurer Brad_Watts@aidmatrix.org (972) 869-8160 Koji Kodama, MBA, PMP® Chairman, Communications Committee KKodama@austin.rr.com +1 (512) 981-KOJI (-5654) Elizabeth Disco-Shearer Chairman Ldisco@svdpdallas.org

Active Members and Services Provided June 2010

Texas VOAD is a humanitarian association of independent voluntary organizations who may be active in all phases of disaster. Its mission is to foster efficient, streamlined service delivery to people affected by disaster, while eliminating unnecessary duplication of effort, through cooperation in the four phases of disaster: preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation.

Guiding Principles Cooperation
Foster cooperation among Texas VOAD member organizations at all levels and in all phases of disaster

Coordinate the development of Texas VOAD policies and procedures, and, the implementation of services among Texas VOAD member organizations. Texas VOAD may also provide links to national and international disaster relief organizations. Texas VOAD serves as advocate and liaison between member agencies and the State of Texas.

Texas VOAD is not a competing or exclusionary organization. Texas VOAD is intended to be a network for organizations active in disaster. Each Texas VOAD member organization will maintain its own identity and independence while closely collaborating with other Texas VOAD member organizations, inter-faiths, and local, state, or federal authorities.

Exchange and disseminate information among Texas VOAD member organizations and the public, as well as local, state and federal agencies, in conjunction with the individual Texas VOAD members.

We dedicate ourselves to work together to achieve specific goals and to undertake specific projects at disaster sites. We form partnerships during the disaster response.

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Disaster Service Matrix Adventist Community Services Aidmatrix American Red Cross Buddhist TZU CHI Foundation Catholic Charities Christian Reformed World Relief Committee Convoy of Hope The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Humanitarian and Emergency Response Lutheran Social Services Disaster Response Mennonite Disaster Service National Council of The United States, Society of St. Vincent de Paul Presbyterian Disaster Assistance The Salvation Army Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, Disaster Relief Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief Texas Conference of Churches Texas Food Bank Network UMCOR--United Methodist Disaster Response United Ways of Texas Victim Relief Ministries ALERT 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Texas VOAD Service Matrix
Case Child Clean-up Communication Construction Damage Donations of Donations Feeding Management care assessment Materials (kits, Management clothing, etc.) Food Financial Information Mental Shelter Shower and/ Spiritual Technical Volunteers Supply Assistance health or Laundry Care Assistance/ Units Training

Adventist Community Services Aidmatrix ALERT American Red Cross Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Catholic Charities Christian Reformed World Relief Committee Convoy of Hope Lutheran Social Services Disaster Response Mennonite Disaster Service Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Salvation Army Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Disaster Relief St. Vincent de Paul USA South Central Region Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief Texas Conference of Churches Texas Food Bank Network The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints UMCOR - United Methodist Disaster Response United Ways of Texas Victim Relief Ministries











Adventist Community Services Disaster Response


Partner Member 702 N. Old Betsy, PO Box 35 Keene, TX 76059

Phone: (817) 641-7679 Fax: (817) 641-7682 Email: swatts@txsda.org

Partner Member Phone: (972) 869-8161      5221 N. O’Connor Blvd.     Fax: (214) 889-9966              Irving, TX. 75039                 

Primary Representative:
Name: Joe Watts Title: Director Phone: (817) 371-3995 Email: jwatts@txsda.org

24 hour emergency phone: (817) 641-7679 How to Activate: through State of Texas DEM, TX VOAD, FEMA Response Time: varies as needed, usually 24-48 hours after event

24 Hour Emergency Phone: (972) 935-6543 How to Activate: Please email info@aidmatrix.org with your request.  Response Time: Immediate

Primary Representative:                
Name: Brad Watts Title: Sr. Program Manager Phone: (972) 869-8160 Cell: (972) 935-6543 Fax: (214) 889-9966 Email: Brad_Watts@aidmatrix.org Skype: brad.watts14

Alternate Representative:
Name: Sherry Watts Title: Asst. Director Phone: (817) 556-1257 Email: swatts@txsda.org

Alternate Representative:
Name: Melis Jones Title: VP of Programs Phone: (972) 869-8171 Cell: (214) 435-1248

Disaster Services Available:
• Immediate distribution of clothing outfits • Semi-trailers loaded with:  Pre-packaged clothing outfits (pants, shirt, new socks and new underwear), personal care kits, blankets and sheets. • Donations Management Specialists • Management for Multi-Agency Warehouses, in cooperation with State of Texas, for undesignated donated goods. 

Disaster Services Available:
• Makes goods available to distribution centers in disaster area for distribution to survivors. Aidmatrix builds communities and tools that help each group share information with each other more easily. The Aidmatrix Network® is a disaster-relief supply chain that allows members to view donations and post specific needs, as well as access warehouse and logistics tools. The goal: Reduce the paperwork to focus on the relief work. The National Donations Management Network

program connects the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency with more than 45 U.S. State, territory and city governments and with members of Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) to create a network for immediate response in the event of a disaster. These parties are able to share information and donations online in real-time, using supply chain management, volunteer management and fundraising technologies.

American Red Cross

Buddhist TZU CHI Foundation

Partner Member 2700 Southwest Fwy Houston,TX  77025

Email:  blakec@usa.redcross.org

Partner Member 534 W Belt Line Road Richardson TX 75080

Phone: (972) 680-8869       Fax: (972) 680-7732              Email: tzuchidallas@gmail.com        

Primary Representative:
Name: Marty Nerren Phone: (214) 678-4555 Cell: (281) 455-2446 Fax: (214) 678-4551 Email: Mnerren@redcrossdallas.org

Primary Representative:                
Name: Yuan Liang Ling Title: Regional Director Cell: (214) 718-1168 Fax: (972) 680-7732 Email: yuanliang_ling@us.tzuchi.org

Alternate Representative:
Name: Mozetta Jackson Phone: (713) 313-4716 Cell: (281) 455-2446 Fax: (713) 526-0198 Email: JacksonMoz@usa.redcross.org

Alternate Representative:
Name: Jason Yeh Phone: (972) 680-8869 Fax: (972) 680-7732 Email: jason_yeh@us.tzuchi.org


Disaster Services Available:
• • • • Mass Care Sheltering Case Management Mental Health

Disaster Services Available:
• All TzuChi volunteers wear uniform/vest and badge. • Distribute debit cards, blanket, water/food, and emergency kits

Catholic Charities

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee

Partner Member P.O. Box 829 Beaumont, TX 77704

Phone: (409) 924-4426 Fax: (409) 832-0145

Partner Member 400 76th St. SW Byron Center, MI 49315

Phone: (800) 848-5818 Fax: (616) 726-1141

Primary Representative:
Name:  Randi Fertitta Title: Director-Disaster, Trauma & Loss Catholic Charities of South East TX Phone: (409) 924-4426 Cell: (409) 338-3581 Fax: (409) 832-0145 Email: rfertitta@catholiccharitiesbmt.org

How to Activate: Call Len or Carrie Blauwkamp

Primary Representative:
Name: Len Blauwkamp Title: CRWRC Regional Manager Len’s cell: (616) 826-3737 Carrie’s Cell: (616)826-3738 Email: lencarrie@gmail.com

Alternate Representative:
Name: Clarence “Van” Vandyke Phone: (281) 798-5745 Email: van092185@aol.com 

Alternate Representative:
Name: Courtney Motwani Title: Director of Community Services Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Fort Worth Phone: (817) 921-9072 Ext. 235 Email: cmotwani@ccdofw.org

construction and repairs in a disasteraffected area.

Disaster Services Available:
Rapid Response: chain saw and cleanup crews agencies. Catholic Charities agencies provide critical services including emergency food, shelter, direct financial assistance, counseling, and support. These services are provided regardless of race, creed, or socioeconomic status. Needs Assessment: systematic survey of unmet needs, including a searchable database of these needs Reconstruction Teams: a long-term commitment—usually for at least a year. Partnering with a community-based LTRO, we send in 3-week teams of 20-22 skilled workers, including our own site managers, tool trailer, and cooks to do new

Disaster Services Available:
  Relief and recovery services are provided at the local level by Catholic Charities agencies.  Local agencies have varying capabilities and areas of expertise in disaster, so services provided may differ from one area to another.  CCUSA’s Disaster Response Office coordinates the Catholic Church's response to disasters in the United States and grants relief funds to local Catholic Charities

Work Groups are one or two week church teams that typically do home repair, painting, shingling or debris cleanup. Organizational Development: We work with a local recovery organization to help it develop its systems and become operational in areas like developing a mission statement, board functioning, organizational structure, budgeting, etc.

Convoy of Hope

The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints Humanitarian and Emergency Response
www.JesusChrist.LDS.org and www.ProvidentLiving.org Phone: (417) 823-8998 Fax: (417) 823-8244 Email: sirwin@convoyofhope.org Partner Member P.O. Box 202103 Austin, TX, 78720-2103 Phone: (512) 981-5654 Fax: (512) 343-1271 Email: KKodama@austin.rr.com

Partner Member 330 South Patterson St. Springfield, Mo 65802

Primary Representative:
Name: Steve Irwin Title: Agency Services Director Phone: (417) 823-8998 ext 334 Cell: (417) 827-4778 Fax: (417) 447-1074 Email: sirwin@convoyofhope.org

How to Activate: phone call Response Time: Depends on disaster Phases of response 24 Hour Emergency Phone: (512) 981-5654 or (512) 343-1271 (voice landline; FAX-enabled on request) How to Activate: (If after business hours, call until someone answers.) Response Time: Immediate

Primary Representative:
Name: Koji Kodama, MBA, PMP Title: Area Seventy Executive Secretary Phone: (512) 981-5654 Cell: (512) 981-5654 Fax: (512) 343-1271 (voice landline; FAX-enabled on request) Email: KKodama@austin.rr.com Skype: koji.kodama

Alternate Representative:
Name: Kary D. KIngsland Title: VIce President - Disaster Response Phone: (417) 823-8998-ext 437 Fax: (417) 447-1074 Email: kdkingsland@convoyofhope.org

Alternate Representative:
Name: Rick Foster Title: Area Welfare Manager Phone: (800) 453-3860, ext. 27693 Cell: (801) 718-5416 Fax: (801) 240-4562 Email: FosterRx@ldschurch.org  

Disaster Services Available:
• Bulk Distribution • Water • Food • Ice • Hygiene Kits • Clean up kits, etc. • PODS (Points of Distribution)

• Mobile Distribution • Volunteer Coordination/ Mobilization • Clean up teams/ Debris removal

Disaster Services Available: The LDS Church is ready to coordinate with partner members and supply the community-in-need with (and not limited to) medical supplies, family food boxes, water filtration bottles, hygiene kits, first aid kits, blankets, powdered milk, tents, tarps, body

bags, canned food, etc., as well as with medical personnel, cleaning manpower, safety management specialists all based upon need and on a case-by-case basis. All humanitarian services are coordinated at the global, national, and local levels as each case may require. See also www.ProvidentLiving.org.

Lutheran Social Services Disaster Response
www.lsss.org Partner Member 8305 Cross Park Drive Austin, TX 78754 Phone: (512) 459-1000 Fax: (512) 490-1524

Mennonite Disaster Service

Partner Member 1018 Main St. Akron, PA 17501

Phone: (717) 859-2210 Fax: (717) 859-4910 Email: mdsus@mds.mennonite.net

Primary Representative:
Name: Heather Gatlin Title: Vice President of Disaster Response Phone: (512) 459-1000 Cell: (512) 965-6720 Fax: (512) 490-1524 Email: heather.gatlin@lsss.org 

How to Activate: Contact primary or alternate contact. Response Time: Primarily serve as a longterm recovery organization  

24 Hour Emergency Phone: Dan Miller (210) 632-5673 or Ed Wiens (281) 865-1302 How to Activate: Start at the local level by calling the persons listed above Response Time: clean up can happen as soon as the local authorities allow MDS to come in; repairs, rebuilds and new builds occur in coordination with local long term recovery committees and community workers.

Primary Representative:
Name: Dan Miller Phone: (830) 249-4032 Email: dmmiller@gvtc.com

Alternate Representative:
Name: Al Kroeker Phone: (620) 960-3707 

Alternate Representative:
Name: Mark Minick Title: Senior Vice President of External Relations Phone: (512) 459-1000 Cell: (512) 924-4865 Fax: (512) 490-1524 Email: mark.minick@lsss.org

Disaster Services Available:
LSSDR serves primarily as an organization active in long-term recovery, providing a number of services in response to disaster, depending on the needs of the affected community and the resources available. These services may include: • Emergency hardship grants • Emotional and spiritual care

• Volunteer coordination • Case management • Construction/rebuild

Disaster Services Available:

• • • •

Clean up Repairs Rebuilds New builds

National Council of The United States, Society of St. Vincent de Paul South Central Region (TX, OK, AR, NM)

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
www.pcusa.org/pda Partner Member 100 Witherspoon Street Louisville, KY 40202 Phone: (210) 499-0858 Fax: (210) 490-3868 Email: harveyhhowell@earthlink.net

Partner Member 1152 Country Club Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76112

Phone: (817) 457-7398 Fax: (817) 457-8034 Email: ldisco@svdpscr.org

Primary Representative:
Name: James Butler Title: Associate Director Phone: (817) 457-7398 Cell: (214) 717-3025 Fax: (817) 457-8034 Email: jbutler@svdpscr.org

24 Hour Emergency Phone: (214) 717-1802 How to Activate: Call Elizabeth Disco-Shearer Response Time: 24-36 hrs.  

24 Hour Emergency Phone: (210) 863-1015 - Harvey's Cell How to Activate: Activation is through Presbytery Execs, there are 5 in TX, call Harvey for more info Response Time: 24 hours depending on the incident

Primary Representative: Name: Harvey H. Howell Title: National Response Team Phone: (210) 499-0858 Cell: (210) 863-1015 Fax: (210) 490-3868 Email: harveyhhowell@earthlink.net Skype: harvey.h.howell Alternate Representative: Name: Kendall Boyd Title: New Covenant Presbytery Disaster Coordinator Cell: (281) 229-1834 Email: kboyd@pbyofnewcovenant.org

Alternate Representative:
Name: Nikki J. Beneke Title: Logistics Coordinator Phone: (972) 991-4574 Cell: (214) 697-6690 Fax: (817) 457-8034 Email: njbeneke@ntltrc.org

Disaster Services Available:
• Disaster Response Support Services include: • Diapers and formula for infants and young children • Adult diapers and assistance to geriatrics • Household goods to families in crisis Disaster Services Available: We have an established MOU with Red Cross to provide supplies needed in the shelters for Mass Care. • Disaster Recovery Services include: • Case Management • Financial assistance to clients with a Recovery Plan • Emotional and Spiritual Care in violent events (ie Fort Hood Shooting) • Long Term Recovery organizing • Volunteer hospitality/hosting (Volunteer Villages along TX Coast)

The Salvation Army
www.salvationarmytexas.org Partner Member 6500 Harry Hines Blvd. Dallas Texas 75235 Phone: (214) 956-6000 Email: Alan_Ritson@uss.SalvationArmy.org

Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Disaster Relief
www.sbtexas.com/dr Partner Member P.O. Box 1988 (4500 State HWY 360) Grapevine, Texas 76099 Phone: (817) 552-2500 Fax: (817) 552-2520 Email: jrichardson@sbtexas.com

Primary Representative:
Name: Major James Taylor Phone: (214) 956-6000 Cell: (214) 244-0503 Email: james_taylor@uss.salvationarmy.org  

How to Activate: Self Activation or call the nearest Salvation Army Response Time: As soon as possible or 1 to 2 hours depending on location   

24 Hour Emergency Phone:

Primary Representative: Name: Jim Richardson Title: Director Phone: (817) 552-2500 Cell: (940) 704-9346 Fax: (817) 552-2520 Email: jrichardson@sbtexas.com    Alternate Representative: Name: Larry Shine Title: VOAD Representative and Task Force Director Phone: (936) 327-1655 Cell: (936) 327-1655 Fax: (936) 327-6890 Email: lshine@eastex.net

(940) 704-9346  
How to Activate: Call or email Jim

Alternate Representative:
Name: Major Ernie Branscum Phone: (806) 239-7557 Email: ernest_branscum@uss.salvationarmy.org

Richardson or Larry Shine
Response Time: 24 hours depending on the incident

Disaster Services Available:
• Mass Feeding • Spiritual Counseling Disaster Services Available: • Mass Care Feeding Kitchens • Clean up and Recovery (Chainsaw and Mud out teams) • Chaplains • Child Care • Communications (HAM Radio)

•Operations • Shower Trailers  • Disaster Awareness Seminar 1 Hour • Family Disaster Planning and Preparation 4 hours • Church and Association Planning and Preparation

Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief
www.texasbaptistmen.org Partner Member 5351 Catron Dallas, TX 75098 Phone: (214) 828-5350 Fax: (214) 381-7900

Texas Conference of Churches

Partner Member 6800 Woodrow Ave Austin, TX 78757  

Phone: (512) 374-9445   Fax: (512) 453-2911 Email: bonniemallott@mac.com

Primary Representative:
Name: Dick Talley Title: State Disaster Relief Director Phone: (214) 707-4780 Cell: (214) 707-4780 Fax: (214) 381-7900 Email: ftalley@sbcglobal.net 

24 Hour Emergency Phone: (512) 350-0942 How to Activate: Email or phone Response Time: A few days to several weeks, depending on service provided

Primary Representative:                           
Name: Bonnie Mallott Title: Co-Director Disaster Recovery Phone: (512) 374-9445 Cell: (512) 350-0942 Fax: (512) 383-5335 Email: bonniemallott@mac.com Skype: mimisabe

Alternate Representative:
Name: Joe Detterman Title: Disaster Relief Director Phone: (214) 632-8861 Cell: (214) 632-8861 Fax: (214) 381-7900 Email: jcdtbm@sbcglobal.net

Alternate Representative:
Name: Marianne Lawson Title: Co-Director Disaster Recovery Phone: (512) 374-9445 Cell: (512) 484-0272 Fax: (512) 453-2911 Email: mlawson@txconfchurches.org

Disaster Services Available:
• • • • • • Mass Care Feeding Units Chainsaw Units Clean Out Recovery Units Childcare Units Shower and Laundry Units Box Unit Ministry

Disaster Services Available:
•  After disasters occur (in the response

case management, (3) education and training, and (4) establishing a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).
• Into the long-term recovery phase, we

phase), we can send an experienced VISTA Member for up to one month to assist in setting up a long-term recovery committee (LTRC) within  the community. Our VISTA Member would then assist the LTRC in setting up systems for (1) volunteer recruitment, (2)

provide a full-time VISTA Member for one year or longer, who acts as a staff member to the disaster recovery organization. The VISTA Member assures that the systems set up during the response phase are continued, enabling the organization to be sustainable.

Texas Food Bank Network

UMCOR - United Methodist Disaster Response
Partner Member
www.nwtxconf.org/ Central Texas (Fort Worth) www.ctcumc.org/pages/detail/890 New Mexico (El Paso) www.nmconfum.com/Engaging/DisasterResponse-Program/ Rio Grande (Hispanic/Latino) www.riograndeconference.org/ UMCOR new.gbgm-umc.org/umcor/

Partner Member 2001 Beach Street, Suite 630 Fort Worth, TX 76103

Phone: (817) 531-3663 Fax: (817) 536-9374 info@endhungerintex.org

Primary Representative:
Name: Gaye Lynn Bailey Title: Program Director Phone: (817) 531-3663 Cell: (817) 829-4969 Fax: (817) 536-9374 Email: gbailey@endhungerintex.org Skype: gaye_bailey 

24 Hour Emergency Phone: (817) 829-4969   How to Activate: Communicate with the Primary Contact via phone or email   Response Time: Within 24 hours  

Southwest Texas Conference (San Antonio) www.umcswtx.org/umc-disasterresponse.html North Texas Conference (Dallas) www.ntcumc.org/page.asp?PKValue=1041 Texas Conference (Houston) www.txcumc.org/pages/detail/365 Northwest Texas (Lubbock)

Alternate Representative:
Name: Barbara Anderson Title: State Director Phone: (817) 531-3663 Fax: (817) 536-9374 Email: banderson@endhungerintex.org

How to Activate: Contact the Disaster Response Coordinator in the Conference where emergency is located. Response Time: Various

Primary Representative:                             
Name: A. Eugene Hileman  Title: Disaster Response Coordinator, Southwest Texas Conference, UMC Phone: (210) 557-8698 Cell: (210) 557-8698 Email: aehileman@umcswtx.org

Disaster Services Available:
Mass Care Emergency Food Support: The Texas Food Bank Network through its representative at the State Operations Center as well as TFBN staff coordinates the transportation and distribution of food and water supplies to food banks in disaster impacted areas for distribution throughout the community. TFBN food banks also provide food items to shelters throughout the state that are accommodating evacuees from the impacted areas.

Needs Assessment: Food Bank staff help assess food needs in the impacted areas as well as in shelters accommodating evacuees. Continuing Food Support: Food banks support self evacuees when shelters are no longer available, yet evacuees are not able to return home. Once families are able to return home, many are unable to immediately replenish necessary food supplies due to strained financial resources. TFBN members continue to provide food

Note: UMCOR is the national organization within the United Methodist Church that addresses disaster response on behalf of the church, but it works through the church conferences to carry out its programs.   In Texas, there are seven conferences.

Disaster Services Available:
All Conferences do long term recovery and have Early Response Teams. Some Conferences have Spiritual and Emotional Care Teams. Please refer to the web sites listed above. UMCOR offers training in a

number of areas, most notably in Case Management.  UMCOR may provide funds for immediate response and long term recovery.  Access to UMCOR services and funds is through the Conference office where the disaster has occurred or where the training is needed.

United Ways of Texas
www.uwtexas.org Associate Member 1122 Colorado, Suite102 Austin, Texas 78701 Primary Representative:
Name: Roxanne Jones Title: Senior Vice President of Operations Phone: (512) 343-8350 Cell: (512) 507-9974 Fax: (512) 478-2572   Email: roxanne.jones@utwexas.org

Victim Relief Ministries

Phone: (512) 478-6601 Fax: (512) 478-2572  Email: info@uwtexas.org

Partner Member 660 International Pkwy, Ste 140 Richardson, TX 75080

Phone: (972) 234-3999   Fax: (972) 234-9970 Email: info@victimrelief.org

24 Hour Emergency Phone: (512) 695-2061   How to Activate: Call and/or e-mail the representatives Response Time: Immediate  

24 Hour Emergency Phone: (972) 533-3972 How to Activate: Call Response Time: As needed

Primary Representative:                           
Name: Gene Grounds Title: Founder/Executive Director Phone: (972) 234-3999 Cell: (214) 707-8919 Fax: (972) 234-9970 Email: ggrounds@victimrelief.org

Alternate Representative:
Name: Stephanie Guidry Title: Director of Project Communications Phone: (512) 372-9209 Cell: (512) 695-2061 Fax: (512) 478-2572   Email: stephanie.guidry@uwtexas.org

Alternate Representative:
Name: Edward Smith Title: Deputy Executive Director, Disaster Response Phone: (972) 234-3999 Cell: (972) 533-3972 Fax: (972) 234-9970 Email: edwardsmith@victimrelief.org • Act as conduit of information to network of more than 75 local member United Ways to successfully distribute time-sensitive disaster preparedness and recovery information. • Serve as a conduit for resources and the distribution of funding to 75 local member United Ways during long-term recovery. • Gather information and provide statewide partners with updates regarding continuing and unmet needs throughout Texas based on information from local member United Ways’ involvement with local and regional

Disaster Services Available:
  United Ways of Texas is able to provide statewide partners with information about local long-term recovery needs as identified by its statewide network of United Way members through their operation of and involvement with 2-1-1 Area Information Centers and local long-term recovery committees (LTRCs). United Ways of Texas is capable of committing the following resources to statewide long-term recovery:

Disaster Services Available:
•  Chaplaincy

• CISM • emotional and spiritual care

ALERT (Air Land Emergency Resource Team)
www.alertacademy.com Partner Member One Academy Blvd Big Sandy, Texas, 75755 Phone: (903) 636-2000    Fax: (903) 636-9881 Email: jtanner@alertacademy.com

Primary Representative:
Name: Colonel John Tanner Title: ALERT Director/Commanding Officer Phone: (903) 636-9202 Cell: (903) 736-8384 Fax: (903) 636-9881 Email: jtanner@alertacademy.com

24 Hour Emergency Phone: (903) 636-2000   How to Activate: Through the EMC or someone in the EOC/MAC or local authority if the EOC is not standing up  Response Time: Deploy from our location as early as one hour 

Alternate Representative:
Name: Chris Overby Phone: (903) 636-2000 Fax: (903) 636-2013 Email: coverby@alertacademy.com

Disaster Services Available:
• • • • • • • • • • Chain Saw Teams Search and Rescue Debris clean up Swift Water Rescue Rescue and Recovery Boats Underwater Recovery Dive teams Collapsed Structure Rescue High Angle Rescue Mud-out ALERT’s manpower is available to assist most any need requested