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Dachis Group – Social Business Experts
The Dachis Group is a social business design firm that helps companies capture value from shifts in technology, society, and work. The firm focuses on three practice areas: customer participation, workforce collaboration, and business partner optimization. As experts in workforce collaboration, the firm’s employees searched for a best-of-breed internal communication tool and settled on Yammer.


“It is amazing how much this tool has cut down on email traffic and how much more efficient the interchange of information and ideas becomes.”

Company Industry Employees Founded

Dachis Group Consulting 125 2008

- April Downing, CFO, Dachis Group

Dachis Group has woven Yammer into its daily workflow, allowing easy company-wide collaboration. The firm takes advantage of the fact that all messages are searchable and public within the organization, allowing all pertinent parties to see relevant messages. When visiting clients, Dachis group professionals are able to sync up via Yammer mobile applications to coordinate schedules and plans. The firm’s professionals have also found Yammer to be a useful for discussing clients, as it’s common that multiple parties within the organization have worked with a specific client and can chime in on Yammer with relevant information. Yammer has also sped up communication for the Dachis Group team, allowing professionals to access information and receive answers faster.

Results and Benefits
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Better Coordination: Professionals can coordinate schedules and plans in the office and on the road via mobile devices. Faster Communication: Professionals can get answers to questions faster by broadcasting out to the network, increasing operating efficiency. Less Email: The Dachis Group has found Yammer to significantly decrease internal email volume, freeing up time for essential business activity.

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