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Opioid Use and Abuse Quiz

1. Are Opioids narcotics too?

2. Opioids bind to what in the body to reduce the intensity of pain?
3. Which medication is not an example of an opioid?
a. Fentanyl
b. Percocet
c. Dilaudid
d. Gabapentin
4. True or False: 1/4 of emergency room visits in the United States were related to non-
medical us of prescription drugs or drug misuse.
5. What is a side effect of narcotic use?
a. Heart murmurs
b. Blue colored urine
c. Respiratory Depression
d. Diarrhea
6. You need an increased amount of medication to produce the same effects is the definition
7. True or False: There is no hope for a person that is addicted to opioids.
8. True or False: Taking multiple narcotics together or with benzodiazepines can increase
the likelihood of dependency or addiction.
9. True or False: It is most effective to do a medication-assisted therapy alone instead of
combining with behavioral therapies for addiction recovery.
10. True or False: Gabapentin was seen to increase the amount of opioids used after surgery.
11. What is not a pharmacological option for pain relief?
a. Motrin
b. Colace
c. Heating packs
d. Acetaminophen
12. True or False: Cupping therapy has not been shown to be effective in treating pain.
13. Ice is best used to treat pain:
a. Never, it is too cold.
b. Right after an injury to help with swelling and inflammation.
c. 10 days after the injury.
d. Right before you injure yourself.
14. True or False: There have been several non-pharmacological methods tested and shown
to help with pain relief.
15. True or False: Naltrexone is also known as Narcan.
16. As a nurse, one of the most important things we can do is:
a. Poke people with needles!
b. Educate our patients.
c. Place Foley catheters.
d. Remove Jackson Pratt drains.
17. After learning about opioid use and abuse I will:
a. Never give out a narcotic again!
b. Make sure to give methadone with each dose of Percocet.
c. Tell my patients there is no treatment available for addiction or dependency to
d. Educate my patients on proper opioid use and will give support to those who may
be struggling with addiction or dependency.
Answer Key

1. Yes
2. Pain receptors
3. D. Gabapentin
4. False: Nearly half, not 1/4th.
5. C. Respiratory Depression
6. Tolerance
7. False: There is hope!
8. True
9. False: Use them together for most successful result!
10. False: It actually decreased the amount of opioids used after surgery in the study
11. B. Colace treats constipation.
12. False. A study showed that it was a good anti-inflammatory and helped decrease pain.
13. B.
14. True!
15. False. Narcans other name is Naloxone. Tricky one!
16. B. Educate, educate, educate!
17. D. You got this! You will be a great and informed nurse!