Fighting Hunger Worldwide

Harnessing Public Private Partnerships to Ensure Food Security in Asia

Outline of Presentation
I. World Food Programme: Hunger Solutions Agency II. The Face of Hunger in Asia: Food Security, Vulnerability, Analysis and Mapping III. Making the case for Multi-stakeholder investments in nutrition and food security IV. Cases of Public-Private Partnerships and Social Investments in Nutrition and Food Security
A. B. Purchase for Progress Project Laser Beam

Fighting Hunger Worldwide


Who is the World Food Programme?
WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian organization fighting hunger worldwide. WFP is the United Nations hunger solutions agency and one of Rome-based food agencies
Fighting Hunger Worldwide

WFP’s food assistance supports 90 million people in 74 countries in 2010
WFP is 100% funded and supported by voluntary contributions. Testimony to the confidence in our ability to save, protect, and build livelihoods.

WFP’s Strategic Plan: 5 Objectives

Fighting Hunger Worldwide


Where do the Hungry Live ?

Fighting Hunger Worldwide

Source: The State of Food Insecurity in the World, FAO (2009)..

The Face of Hunger in Asia: Measuring Food Security and Vulnerability

Fighting Hunger Worldwide

Economic Cost of Hunger and Malnutrition
A decrease of 1% in malnutrition rates, achieves a 4% decrease in poverty A decrease of 1% in poverty rates, achieves a 0.25% decrease in malnutrition rates

Fighting Hunger Worldwide

5 % Decrease in Malnutrition Rates

20% Decrease in Poverty Rate

An efficient way of fighting poverty is to address hunger and malnutrition
Source: Alderman, Harold. Linkages Between Poverty Reduction Strategies and Child Nutrition. 2004

Actions / Investments needed
Track 1: Strengthen productivity and income Track 2: Provide direct access to food


food aid cash transfers safety nets access to seeds, fertilizers and farming equipment Ending Hunger

Fighting Hunger Worldwide

policies science & technology

Source: The State of Food Insecurity in the World, FAO (2009).

WFP Nutrition Strategy
Phase 1: Food
▪ Improved Ingredients ▪ Fortification ▪ Quality Control ▪ New Foods

Phase 2: Scalability
▪ Proven Products ▪ Nutrition Mapping ▪ Logistics Nutrition strategy building blocks Identify Target Groups Needs

Phase 3: Market Availability
▪ Local Market ▪ Development ▪ Increase Volume


Fighting Hunger Worldwide

Food Basket With Basic Commodities (Staples, Oil, Salt, and Pulses

2009 New & Improved Foods and Micronutrients Fortification
Food Quality Assurance and Programming Approach

Improved Nutrition for all WFP beneficiaries with local production capacity enhanced

Purchase for Progress (P4P) : Connecting Smallholders to Markets
Access to Markets : over 52,000 mts of food purchased
Linking Smallholder Farmers to Training, Credit, Technology Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Howard G. Buffett Foundation provided over US$76 million

Promoting a sustainable Supply Chain
Fighting Hunger Worldwide

Focused on 21 Pilot Countries with 2 in Asia (Afghanistan and Lao PDR)

500,000 smallholder farmers supported for 5 years

Connecting sustainable solutions for smallholder farmers

Fighting Hunger Worldwide


Connecting Sustainable Solutions to improve Access to Nutrition
Nutrition Education Nutrition Mapping & Strategy Formulation Nutrition Fortification

5 KEYS TO TACKLING CHILD MALNUTRITION 1) Increase household food security 2) Increase micronutrient intake 3) Improve hygiene and parasite control 4) Increase treatment of severe acute malnutrition 5) Improve breastfeeding and complementary feeding

Food Quality
Fighting Hunger Worldwide

Food Technology/ R&D

Fighting Hunger Worldwide

1) Focused on Bangladesh and Indonesia, a 5-year $50 million initiative to end malnutrition 2) Partnership between UN agencies (WFP, UNICEF and WHO) with Unilever, Kraft Foods, DSM and the Global Alliance in Nutrition to harness the power of global, regional and local business and to drive investments towards nutrition and local production.

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Fighting Hunger Worldwide

Cynthia Jones Head, Private Partnerships for Asia World Food Programme WFP Bureau for Asia Regional Regional Bureau for Asia Bangkok, Thailand