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Tom Banducci
VP of Mortgage Lending
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Tom Banducci
VP of Mortgage Lending

O: 415-694-5522
C: 415-606-7850
F: 872-206-4194 636 Fourth St. San Francisco, CA 94107

A California licensed mortgage salesperson since FICO credit scoring model and his talent in advising
2002. My first job is to listen and learn about my clients about improvement in credit scores through
clients needs and financial goals for the property correcting inaccurate data on credit reports. It really
they are financing, says Banducci. feels good to be able to help clients cross the finish
line to home ownership, says Banducci
VA & FHA loans, San Francisco condo conversion
financing, Fractional TIC financing, self-employed
borrowers Tom is proficient at understanding the
subtle differences between the many lenders we
work with at Guaranteed Rate and the importance of
being able to place loans for all kinds of borrowers in
all types of situations. One thing that separates Tom
from other loan consultants is his knowledge of the
Your Mortgage Support Team
Margaret Fuentes - Sales Assistant
Margaret will work with you at the beginning of the loan process to obtain all necessary
documentation. She will touch base with you at the beginning of your application and will continue
to follow up with you throughout the entire loan process.

Steve Kim - Mortgage Consultant (MC)

Steve will work closely with you to make sure your loan process starts off on the right foot! He is an
expert in preparing your loan for a quick and efficient approval by asking for only the most

Lucy Saefong - Loan Coordinator (LC)

Once your loan has been formally approved, Lucy will work closely with you to make sure your loan
approval is cleared of all underwriting conditions (a very important step). Once your loan has been
cleared to close by our Underwriting Department, she will work to ensure an on-time, accurate and
smooth closing experience.

Documents Well Need

Youre not required to submit these documents in order to receive a Loan
Estimate (LE). However, you can voluntarily provide any of the following:

Two most recent signed federal tax returns; all pages, all schedules

Two most recent W-2s

Two most recent pay stubs

Two most recent bank statements; all numbered pages

The Steps to a Perfect Loan
A quick overview of what you can expect from your home purchase process.


Use our Digital With pre-approval and Once youve agreed on Once your loan your confirmed closing
Mortgage to obtain real estate agent in tow, a purchase price youll is submitted and date, youll receive,
your free credit scores, you begin shopping execute a purchase underwritten, youll get review, sign and return
print your pre-approval for your home. Keep contract. The executed a conditional approval your Closing Disclosure
letter and pick a loan in mind that during contract should be returned. (CD). Once cleared for
program.* Once youve the pre-approval sent to your mortgage closing, your closing
So whats a conditional
received your Loan process we estimate team to complete the mortgage team will:
approval? This is an
Estimate (LE), you can taxes, assessments preparation of your approval subject to Confirm your closing
upload the following: and insurance costs loan file. Submitting items an underwriter date and time
based on assumptions. the following in a timely
2 months paystubs needs to clear your loan
If you find a home manner will ensure a Prepare your closing
to close. Documentation
2 months asset with homeownership smoother process: package
requests can range from
statements costs that exceed your
Executed contract an updated pay stub Confirm all fees
2 years federal tax assumed liability, youll to a letter from your Send file to title
want to contact your Earnest money
returns CPA explaining your company to prepare
mortgage professional. Updated income and
HR contact self-employed earnings. for closing day
asset documents Every loan scenario is
Close your loan. Receive
Other relevant different so requested
Youll likely need your keys. Celebrate!
documents your documents will vary
to provide more
mortgage team from loan to loan.
documents, but this
will request
is a great start.
Your mortgage team
will order your appraisal,
property title, tax
transcripts and many
other verification

*Online pre-approval means an automated underwriting system approval based upon credit information supplied by applicant and subject to Guaranteed Rates review of loan documents. Applicant subject to credit and underwriting
approval. Not all applicants will be approved for financing. Receipt of applicants application does not represent an approval for financing or interest rate guarantee. Restrictions may apply, contact Guaranteed Rate for current rates and
visit for more information.
Credit Dos and Donts
Good credit is critical to obtain the best interest rate and terms on a mortgage.

Do stay current on existing Dont apply for new credit Dont make career moves
accounts Every time you have your credit Dont change jobs while obtaining
One 30-day late notice can pulled by a potential creditor or mortgage financing. Should an
compromise your ability to be lender, you will lose points from your opportunity arise, discuss the details
approved. credit score. This includes co-signing with your mortgage professional.
for a loan or applying for new credit.
Do continue to use your Dont let your bank accounts
credit as normal Dont max out credit cards go in the red
Changing your pattern will raise a red Do not use more than 30% of your Any accounts with insufficient funds
flag and can lower your credit score. available credit limit during the loan cannot be used. Be sure to keep all
process. If you pay down balances, accounts in good standing.
Do call your mortgage do it across the board.
loan professional first Dont have a friend or relative
If you have any questions or concerns, Dont consolidate your debt pay for anything related to the
always contact your mortgage When you consolidate all of your purchase of the home
professional. debt onto one or two credit cards, Gifts are only allowed under specific
it will appear that you are maxed lending guidelines and must be
out on that card, and your credit documented. This includes your
scores will suffer. appraisal, earnest money, down
payment, etc.
Dont close credit card
accounts Dont keep your cash in a
Closing a credit card account safe or overseas account
negatively impacts your credit history. If you plan to use these funds as a
down payment, inquire about how
Dont payoff collections or and when would be the best time to
charge-offs put funds into your U.S. bank account
If you want to pay them off, do it if needed.
through escrow at closing.
Dont give your personal
Dont transfer money between information to anyone else
accounts who might run your credit
Unless receiving complete report
documentation from your bank Be protective of your credit while
itemizing all transfers, dont transfer purchasing or refinancing your home.
money. Additional credit inquiries will hurt
your credit scores.
Dont withdraw or deposit
large sums of money
Unless absolutely necessary, dont
withdrawal or deposit large sums into
your checking or savings accounts.
Digital Mortgage
Our new Digital Mortgage allows you to digitally upload all of your needed
documents and check the status of your loan. Anytime. Anywhere.


Basic info
Property info
Financial info


Youll receive all three credit scores for free.


Based on our automated underwritingsystem, you will receive instant
APPROV approvaland a downloadable approval letter.
*Real approval means an automated underwriting system approval based upon credit information supplied by application and subject to Guaranteed Rates
review of loan documents. Borrower subject to credit and underwriting approval. Not all borrowers will be approved for financing. Receipt of borrowers appli-
cation does not represent an approval for financing or interest rate guarantee. Restrictions may apply, contact Guaranteed Rate for current rates and visit www. for more information.


Within 3 days of obtaining your approval youll receive a Loan Estimate (LE)
which outlines your preliminary estimated closing costs.


Check your email for the link to your private online folder where
you can begin digitally uploading your requested documents.


Keep tabs on your loan with our 24/7 loan status tracker. Login with your
credentials at: and use our simple interface to
see exactly where you are in the process.


What to Expect After Closing
In your package at closing, you received Until you receive correspondence from either
temporary payment coupons and a payment Guaranteed Rate or the new servicer, you should
letter that has details about where and when continue to send your payments to Guaranteed
to send your initial payments. Use these Rate using the temporary payment coupons
payment coupons to send your initial payments included in your closing package.
to Guaranteed Rate until you receive a letter
from us.

If your loan is transferred to a new mortgage

servicer, youll receive a transition letter from
Guaranteed Rate with information about the
new servicer. Additionally, your new servicer will
send a Welcome letter to you which will outline
when and where to send future payments.

Common Questions
Q: What if I havent received any information More info on your loan process:
from a new servicer? For detailed information on every step of
the mortgage process, please visit my site at
A: Continue using the temporary payment and download
coupons from your closing package and the eBook that best applies to you on the left.
send your payments to Guaranteed Rate.
Our eBooks are filled with indispensable
Q: I just mailed my payment to Guaranteed knowledge on everything from appraisals to
Rate and received a transition letter saying it refinances, as well as great tips on how to make
should go somewhere else what do I do? your home mortgage process as
painless as possible.
A: No need to worry. The law protects you from
penalties as long as youre making your
payments on time even if its received by
the prior servicer.

Q: Who do I contact with any questions?

A: You can always contact our servicing group
at 800-263-4159 between the hours of
8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Central and speak to
one of our representatives, or by email at
Tom, is one of the most knowledge Mortgage Tom Banducci is great! He knows the
professionals I know. He has made home mortgage business extremely well, has a lot of
purchases for my clients a possibility, when experience in the type of transaction we did
there were doubts about getting a loan. He has (condo conversion refi), and is wonderful to
refinanced my income properties at incredible work with. I cant speak highly enough about
rates, terms and conditions. about him!
Nick M. Kay R.

Tom Banducci NMLS ID: 290222 CA - CA-DBO290222 - 413 0699 NMLS

ID #2611 (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System CA - Licensed by the
Department of Business Oversight, Division of Corporations under the California Residential Mortgage Lending
Act Lic #4130699