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Alta Special Steel Co.

No. 86 Rd Hexi, Xisaishan Industrial Park, Huangshi city, Hubei Province, China

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ALTA SPECIAL STEEL(generally called ALTA-SS) deliveries tool steels and alloy structure
steels. Owns two industrial bases, respectively located in China mineral capitals - Huangshi,
Taizhou. After decades of development, ALTA-SS has grown into China's most competitive tool
steel with high level of modernization.

Our strong features are an outstanding production depth and well-equipped smelting facilities
as following.

Electric Arc Furnace(EAF) are the most commonly used

equipment in production. Have the ability of phosphorus
removal, sulphur removal and deoxidation.
The use of EAF allows steel to be made from a 100%
scrap metal feedstock. This greatly reduces the energy
required to make steel when compared with primary
steelmaking from ores. Another benefit is flexibility:
while blast furnaces cannot vary their production by
much and can remain in operation for years at a time,
EAF can be rapidly started and stopped, allowing the
steel mill to vary production according to demand.
Except EAF, we also equiped Mid-frequency Induction Furnace, lower production costs than
EAF, but the steel purity is not as good as electric arc furnace.

Ladle Furnace(LF) and Vacuum Degassing(VD) are usually applied to

the requirements of higher purity steel, such as producing industrial
knives, the rolled plates must need be LF+VD process. The main
advantages of LF are as following :
Desulfuration and remove the inclusions in molten steel
Decarburization and deoxygenation
High accuracy of chemIcal composition control and temperature
Mechanical properties - Improvement in toughness, ductility, and
transverse properties

Vacuum degassing(VD) of steel takes place after the molten steel

has left the furnace and before the steel is poured into ingots or
processed through a caster. The main objectives of steel degassing
are reduction/elimination of
dissolved gases, especially
hydrogen and nitrogen.

The another most commonly used furnace is Electro

Alta Special Steel Co.,Ltd
No. 86 Rd Hexi, Xisaishan Industrial Park, Huangshi city, Hubei Province, China

Tel: 86 714 3064045 Fax:86 714 3046045 Contact: Website:

Slag Remelting(ESR), its used to meet the highest requirements in terms of purity, toughness
and polishability. If you are in aluminium extrusion dies, glass molds etc industries, you will
totally need ESR steel, like H-13/1.2344 ESR, 1.2767ESR, 1.2367ESR, 1.2787ESR,
1.4057ESR etc high purity steel. Undoubtedly, it will extand the molds service life.

ALTA-SS always persist on the moral values of "Quality is the primary of the enterprise".
Adhere to sincerity, creativity and service. Create the greatest values for all stakeholders.

We looking forward to establish a long-term and healthy cooperation with clients all over the
world, dont hesitate to contact us now!

1) Cold work tool steel A2, D2/1.2379/SKD11, O1/1.2510/SKS3, D3/1.2080, D6/1.2436, ,

O2/1.2842, S1/1.2550, 1.2767, 1.2328.

2) Hot Work Tool Steel S7, H13/1.2344/SKD61, H11/1.2343, H10/1.2365, H10A/1.2885,

H12/1.2606, H21/1.2581, 1.2367, 1.2787, 1.2329.

3) Plastic Mould Steel 420/1.2083/SUS420J2, 1.2316, 1.2085, 1.2713, 1.2714/SKT4,


4) High Speed Steel M2/1.3343/SKH51.

5) Alloy Structure Steel 4140/1.7225/SCM440, 4340/1.6582.

In here, you are gonna to get a source that continuously reliable in Quality, Pricing and
Service !

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