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Osaka International School March 3, 2017

OIS Community Bulletin

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Emergency Procedures Drill

The OIS faculty and students exited the building in
a record 4 minutes and 57 seconds during
Tuesdays earthquake and fire drill. Everyone was
accounted for in under 6 minutes. The students
were quiet and had a serious attitude towards the
drill. We will hold another practice in the second
week in April. A Two Schools Together committee
is revising our emergency procedures manual and
will be finished by the end of the school year with
better defined responses in both English and
Japanese. In the photo to the right, the security
team debriefs at the drill.

Elementary School Updates

The elementary school will hold their annual Activity Day on Friday March 17. With the OIS middle school
and high school students away on school trips and SIS out of session, the elementary have the entire campus to
themselves. They take this opportunity to use all of the facilities and do some team-building, hands-on activities.
The grade 4 and 5 students will hold a Parent-Student Dance on Friday April 21from 5:00 -7:00 PM in the 3F
conference room.
The grade 5 students are preparing for the PYP Exhibition taking place May 16-18. They will have a sleep
over and outdoor education experience Thursday March 16 here at school.

Shakespeare is Coming to
The International Theatre Company of London
will be performing Shakespeares 12th Night in
the SOIS theatre on Tuesday May 16 at 6:00
PM. They are offering an acting workshop to our
students after school on the day of the
performance. Students, faculty and parents are
invited to attend the performance. More
information regarding tickets and the workshop
will be coming later.
Osaka International School March 3, 2017

Rome Concerts
The members of the high school strings
ensemble are excited for their upcoming trip to
Italy. Under the leadership of strings director Mr.
Vernon Villapando, the ensemble will be
performing several concerts at the Sixth Roma
Music Festival from March 9-11.

Upcoming Sabers Events

WJAA boys high school soccer tournament
March 11-12 at Canadian Academy.

WJAA girls high school soccer tournament at

KGU Sanda campus March 11-12.

It is hard to be in a bad mood when eating with

the elementary students in the cafeteria. Children
always see the silly side of life! (left)

After a cold winter, the warm sun and blue skies

are welcomed. Please hurry up spring! (above)