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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 • XVII, Edition 171

City talks immigration policy
San Mateo council reviews state rules, sanctuary definition, law enforcement
By Samantha Weigel The City Council gathers Monday for a cussion that’s going on at local govern- The meeting carries over from last month
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF study session on what it means to provide ments across the county. San Mateo is tak- when the council first broached the subject
sanctuary and to consider a range of options ing a close look at exactly what it means to and suggested more information was need-
that include doing nothing, issuing a non- be a sanctuary city — both in terms of the ed. Staff returned with reports about exist-
Armed with information about state laws ing legal restrictions, the city’s receipt of
binding statement of support for immi- law and potential costs.
and how San Mateo police cooperate with millions of dollars in federal funding and
grants or changing policies on whether
federal agencies to crack down on criminal For a community where nearly 14 percent potential options. The city also explains
police may enforce federal immigration
syndicates, the City Council will discuss if of its residents aren’t citizens and its gov- how San Mateo police — some of whom are
it should change its immigration policies ernment receives millions of dollars in fed- “double badged” as federal agents — seek to
or wait to see how the president’s national How to react to the president’s sweeping eral funding, the immigration debate is
agenda rolls out. changes to immigration policies is a dis- likely to draw a range of strong opinions. See POLICY, Page 18

Yellen signals the
Fed likely to raise
rates this month
Economists say that barring a disastrous
monthly jobs report, hike seems certain
By Martin Crutsinger

WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve
Chair Janet Yellen signaled Friday that
the Fed will likely resume raising inter-
est rates later this month to reflect a
strengthening job market and inflation
edging toward the central bank’s 2 per-
cent target. Janet Yellen
Yellen also said in a speech in Chicago
that the Fed expects steady economic improvement to justi-
fy additional rate increases. While not specifying how
many rate hikes could occur this year, Yellen noted that Fed
officials in December had estimated that there would be
Gambrel and Co. owner Benjamin Robert, left, and fellow butcher Bradley Bain help a customer choose dinner. Below: Robert Yellen’s signal of a likely rate hike this month reflects an
stores sausage he prepared earlier that day. encouraging conclusion by the Fed: That nearly eight years

Window into farm-to-table food See FED, Page 8

Redwood City butcher shop Gambrel and Co. provides sustainable choices Parking problems
By Anna Schuessler
Rounding the corner of its second
year under owner Benjamin Robert,
Officials examine permit program, other
Gambrel and Co. has become Redwood solutions for neighborhood congestion
City’s downtown butcher shop — By Austin Walsh
modeling a new way of buying and DAILY JOURNAL STAFF
consuming meat for local foodies.
The 810 Main St. destination has Some San Bruno residents have more cars combined than
allowed Robert to share his knowledge neighborhoods can accommodate, and the community is
of different cuts of meat and how to scrambling to cope with subsequent parking issues.
prepare them — especially lesser The San Bruno City Council discussed Tuesday, Feb. 28,
known cuts — with customers. potential solutions addressing the parking problems plagu-
“Anyone can sell a 40-day aged rack ing residents frustrated with the lack of available space to
and rib-eye,” he said. “Who can sell put their car.

See GAMBREL, Page 24 See PARKING, Page 18

150 N. San Mateo Drive, San Mateo CA 94401
2 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 FOR THE RECORD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Thought for the Day
“It is almost impossible to state what one in fact
believes, because it is almost impossible to hold
a belief and to define it at the same time.”
— William Carlos Williams, American poet

This Day in History
Republican Jeannette Rankin of

1917 Montana took her seat as the first
woman elected to the U.S. House of
Representatives, the same day
President Woodrow Wilson took his
oath of office for a second term.
In 1 7 8 9 , the Constitution of the United States went into
effect as the first Federal Congress met in New York. (The
lawmakers then adjourned for lack of a quorum.)
In 1 7 9 1 , Vermont became the 14th state.
In 1 7 9 7 , John Adams was inaugurated the second president
of the United States.
In 1 8 3 7 , the Illinois town of Chicago was incorporated as
a city with a population of 4,170.
In 1 9 2 5 , President Calvin Coolidge’s inauguration was
broadcast live on 21 radio stations coast-to-coast.
In 1 9 3 7 , at the 9th Academy Awards, “The Great Ziegfeld”
was named outstanding production of 1936 and its leading
lady, Luise Rainer, best actress; Paul Muni won best actor
for “The Story of Louis Pasteur.” REUTERS
In 1 9 4 0 , Kings Canyon National Park in California was A graffiti work painted by street artist Banksy shows an Israeli soldier and masked Palestinian youth having a pillow fight, in
established. the Walled Off hotel in the West Bank city of Bethlehem.
In 1 9 5 2 , Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis were married in
San Fernando Valley, California. There is an asteroid named after the 1931) and Hank Aaron (born 1934) are
In 1 9 6 0 , an explosives-laden French freighter, La Coubre, Greek goddess Hestia. British both from Alabama.
exploded in Havana’s harbor, killing at least 75 people. astronomer N.R. Pogson (1829-1891) ***
In 1 9 7 7 , some 1,500 people were killed in an earthquake discovered the asteroid in 1857 and Willie Mays’ nickname was the “Say
that shook southern and eastern Europe. named it 46 Hestia. Hey Kid.” Hank Aaron was “Hammerin”
In 1 9 8 7 , President Ronald Reagan addressed the nation on *** Hank Aaron. Do you know the name of
the Iran-Contra affair, acknowledging that his overtures to The average orbital distance of an aster- the baseball players with the following
Iran had “deteriorated” into an arms-for-hostages deal. oid is about 2.9 astronomical units. One nicknames? “The Big Unit,” “The
astronomical unit is 93 million miles, Yankee Clipper,” “Big Mac,” “The
which is the mean distance from the Sultan of Swat” and “Three Fingers.” See
Birthdays Earth to the sun. answer at end.
*** ***
he International Pizza Expo is a The spacecraft Deep Space 1 was Willie Mays is Barry Bonds’ (born

the pizza industry. More than 6,900 had the
held annually in Las Vegas. It is a launched in 1998 as part of NASA’s New 1964) godfather.
trade show for people who work in Millennium program. The spacecraft
closest flyby of an asteroid, In the movie “The
Godfather” (1972),
pizzeria owners and operators attended coming within 16 miles of the asteroid based on Mario Puzo’s (1920-1999)
the event this year and there were more Braille. 1969 novel, mafia leader Don Vito
than 450 exhibits. *** Corleone has three sons and one daugh-
*** Louis Braille (1809-1852) was a French ter. The eldest son is Sonny, Fredo is the
Energy Secretary Gay rights activist The world’s largest pizza measured 129 educator who lost his sight in an acci- middle son, Michael is the youngest
Musician Emilio
Chaz Bono is 48. feet by 92 feet. It took 200 people to put dent at age 3. He invented the Braille son and the daughter is Connie.
Rick Perry is 67. Estefan is 64.
together the 50,000-slice pizza in system of writing and printing for the ***
Former Congressional Budget Office director Alice Rivlin is 2005. The pizza was made and served in blind, which consists of six raised dots Ans wer: “The Big Unit” is Randy
86. Actress Paula Prentiss is 79. Movie director Adrian Lyne is the parking lot of the local high school used in 63 different combinations to Johnson (born 1963). “The Yank ee
76. Singer Shakin’ Stevens is 69. Author James Ellroy is 69. in Iowa Falls, Iowa. represent letters, numbers and symbols. Clipper” was Joe DiMaggio (1914-
Singer Chris Rea is 66. Actor/rock singer-musician Ronn *** *** 1999). “Big Mac” is Mark McGwire
Moss is 65. Actress Kay Lenz is 64. Movie director Scott Focaccia bread is oven-baked bread sim- Helen Keller (1880-1968), born in (born 1963). “The Sultan of Swat” was
Hicks is 64. Actress Catherine O’Hara is 63. Actor Mykelti ilar to pizza dough. The word focaccia is Alabama, suffered a fever when she was Babe Ruth (1895-1948). “Three
Williamson is 60. Actress Patricia Heaton is 59. Actor Steven a Latin word meaning hearth. 19 months old that left her blind and Fingers” was Mordecai Brown (1876-
Weber is 56. Rock musician Jason Newsted is 54. Actress *** deaf. Keller’s tutor and lifelong compan- 1948). Brown really had just three fin-
Stacy Edwards is 52. Rapper Grand Puba is 51. Rock musician Hestia is the Greek goddess of hearth ion Anne Sullivan (1866-1936) also gers on his right hand. At age 7 he
Patrick Hannan (The Sundays) is 51. Rock singer Evan Dando and home. She represented security and lost her sight as a child, but her vision caught his hand in a corn shredder on his
(Lemonheads) is 50. Actress Patsy Kensit is 49. Actress happiness in the household and among was restored by surgery in 1880. uncle’s farm.
Andrea Bendewald is 47. Actor Nick Stabile (stah-BEEL’) is the family. In ancient Greece every ***
47. Rock musician Fergal Lawler (The Cranberries) is 46. home had a symbol of Hestia. To be pro- The Alabama state quarter pictures Helen
Country singer Jason Sellers is 46. Jazz musician Jason tected by Hestia, newborn babies were Keller. The quarter began circulating in Know It All is by Kerry McArdle. It runs in the
Marsalis is 40. Actress Jessica Heap is 34. Actor Scott walked in a circle around the symbol and 2003. weekend edition of the Daily Journal.
Questions? Comments? Email
Michael Foster is 32. TV personality Whitney Port is 32. prayers were said to the goddess. *** knowitall(at) or call 344-
Actress Margo Harshman is 31. Actor Josh Bowman is 29. *** Baseball greats Willie Mays (born 5200 ext. 128
Actress Andrea Bowen is 27. Actress Jenna Boyd is 24.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Lotto Local Weather Forecast
Unscramble these four Jumbles, March 1 Powerball Fantasy Five Saturday : Mostly cloudy. A slight chance
one letter to each square, of rain in the morning, then a chance of
to form four ordinary words. 10 16 40 52 55 17 7 21 24 34 35
rain in the afternoon. Highs in the upper
HYYLS Daily Four 50s. Southwest winds 5 to 15 mph
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March 3 Mega Millions increasing to 15 to 20 mph in the after-
14 26 39 48 51 9 1 4 9 7 noon.
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Daily three midday the mid 40s to lower 50s. South winds 15
NILGF March 1 Super Lotto Plus 0 9 4 to 20 mph...becoming west 10 to 20 mph after midnight.
Gusts up to 35 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.
8 20 29 33 42 23
Daily three evening Sunday : Cloudy, breezy. A chance of showers and a slight
Mega number
chance of thunderstorms. Some thunderstorms may produce
5 3 3
small hail. Highs in the lower to mid 50s. West winds 15 to
MASOCI The Daily Derby race winners are Eureka, No. 7, 20 mph...becoming 20 to 30 mph in the afternoon. Chance
in first place; Lucky Charms, No. 12, in second of precipitation 50 percent.
place; and Winning Spirit, No. 9 in third place.The Sunday ni g ht: Mostly cloudy. Breezy.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 3
Police reports
Local teens publish ‘for kids, by kids’ book If looks could kill
Twin sisters send message to young readers to make time for others Someone reported receiving threaten-
ing looks on Shell Boulevard in Foster
By Anna Schuessler City before 6:45 p.m. Friday, Feb. 10.

For identical twins Anabella and Sofia BURLINGAME
Schofield, collaborating is second nature. Burg l ary . Tools were stolen from a car on
When the sisters were tasked with an Cabrillo Avenue before 1:35 p.m. Monday,
eighth-grade capstone project, they used Feb. 20.
their shared love for reading and writing to Theft. Someone’s credit card was stolen by
author a children’s book titled “Ladybug’s an acquaintance on Trousdale Drive before
Garden.” 9:42 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 19.
Soon after, and at the encouragement of Theft. Vehicles were taken from a rental
their principal at San Carlos’ Central Middle storage lot on Burlway Road before 4:59
School, the two found themselves partner- a.m. Sunday, Feb. 19.
ing on another project: finding a publisher Burg l ary . A vehicle’s window was broken
for their book. and a cellphone and laptop were stolen near
Some three years and many months of per- California Drive and Burlingame Avenue
sistence later, “Ladybug’s Garden” has final- before 8:40 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8.
ly hit the shelves of local and online book- Fo und pro perty . A passport was found at a
stores. This past Tuesday, the pair hosted a bus stop near California Drive and Broadway
launch party for their book at The Reading before 5:17 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8.
Bug in San Carlos, and are planning read-
ings at local schools and bookstores to FOSTER CITY
continue their book tour. Fo und pro perty . A driver’s license was
“Since as far as I can remember, we’ve found near Polaris Avenue and Argus Court
both wanted to be authors,” said Anabella before 5:40 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 12.
Schofield. Theft. A bicycle valued at $478 was stolen
For the 16-year-old sisters and juniors at on Foster City Boulevard before 9:04 a.m.
Design Tech High School in Burlingame, Teen authors Anabella Schofield, left, and Sofia Schofield, right. Sunday, Feb. 12.
this is the first of what they hope to be sev- was written by young authors for a younger sage they are sending to kids. Reckl es s dri v i ng . A driver was headed in
eral books they publish together. The poet- audience ultimately caught the attention of “It’s so rewarding to hear our target audi- the opposite direction of traffic and ran over
ic tale of a ladybug helping other bugs on the publisher. ence of kids say that they love it,” said a sign on Triton Drive before 4:08 a.m.
her way to a party sends a message to young The new authors, who live in San Carlos, Anabella Schofield. Sunday, Feb. 12.
readers that there’s always time for other have long enjoyed exploring the arts “Ladybug’s Garden” is currently available Di s turbance. Several people were yelling
people, even when life gets busy. together, experimenting with photography at Books, Inc. locations in Berkeley, in a parking lot on Plaza View Lane before
“We based it off of things we would have and oil painting and taking music lessons. Burlingame and Palo Alto. Visit 11:58 p.m. Friday, Feb. 10.
liked when we were younger,” said Sofia While both of them play piano, Sofia amazon. com/Ladybugs-Garden-Anabella- Theft. Razors valued at $260 were stolen
Schofield. Schofield plays the flute and Anabella Schofield/dp/0998516201 to purchase from a business on East Hillsdale Boulevard
The two have already seen young readers, Schofield plays the cello. Ladybug’s Garden online. before 8:37 a.m. Friday, Feb. 10.
including children for whom they have Though they are focused on doing read-
baby-sat, connect with their project but ings for “Ladybug’s Garden” for the next few
wanted to share their message with even months, Sofia and Anabella Schofield are (650) 344-5200 ext. 102
more kids. excited to break ground on a new project.
Until Phoenix-based publisher Pink “I’ve enjoyed writing a children’s book.
Umbrella Books expressed interest in their [Our next book] will most likely be a chil-
project, the Schofields kept the pages of dren’s book and maybe in the future we’ll
their book, which they illustrated them- explore other genres,” said Sofia Schofield.
selves with colored pencils and black mark- Though the two aren’t sure exactly what’s
er, in a binder. Though the two sent their next for them, they know they want to con-
manuscript to three other publishers and tinue studying the arts.
waited for months to receive rejections from They have considered attending college at
them, they would not be deterred from their Brigham Young University, where they have
goal. attended an art camp in the past, and work-
“This has been a dream for years and ing as artists at Pixar in the future.
years,” said Anabella Schofield. “We just But for now, they are excited to share
kept persevering and we knew we wanted to “Ladybug’s Garden” with other children who
make it happen and didn’t want to quit.” love to read as much as they do. Since the
Sofia Schofield said their hand-drawn book has become available, the two have
illustrations and the fact that the message read online book reviews praising the mes-

• The Mi l l brae Ci ty Co unci l approved hiring Des i g n
Space Mo dul ar Bui l di ng to construct an interim Recreati o n
Center, during a meeting Tuesday, Feb 28.
The temporary facility will be built and used while officials
establish plans for constructing a permanent replacement to the
center destroyed in an arson fire last July.


Gladys N. Capps
December 7, 1923 – February 25, 2017
Gladys passed away peacefully on February 25, 2017. She was
born on December 7, 1923 in Suncook, New Hampshire. In
1946, she married Del James Capps and moved to Burlingame,
California. Gladys was a devoted wife and mother. She will be
dearly missed.

Survived by her 3 sons: Daniel Capps, William Capps (Jorja)
& David Capps (Patti); 2 grandchildren: James Capps (Heather) & Del Jonathan (DJ) Capps;
and 5 great-grandchildren: Kyler, Kaylee, Alexandra, Samantha & Ansley. Preceded in death
by her husband Del James Capps, sister Dorothy Petrin (nee Smith) & brother William Smith.

A Memorial Service will be held at 3pm on Thursday, March 9, 2017 at Sneider & Sullivan
& O’Connell’s Funeral Home, 977 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA. In lieu of flowers,
memorial donations can be made to St. Jude Children’s Hospital,
4 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Man shot by police gets Two officers shot and wounded Hager, who
was later arrested, treated for non-life
ties in the Bay Area was below 6 percent in
January, the latest data from the California Local briefs
one year in jail, probation threatening injuries and booked into jail, Employment Development Department on its Citizens Advisory Committee, offi-
A 32-year-old man who was shot by San according to prosecutors. show. cials announced this week.
Mateo police after he tried to ram officers On Aug. 15, Hager pleaded no contest to San Mateo County had the lowest unem- The Citizens Advisory Committee is a 15-
with his car was sentenced to one year in assault on a police officer with a car, evad- ployment rate in the Bay Area at 2.9 per- member volunteer group that serves in an
county jail and four years of supervised pro- ing police and driving while under the influ- cent, followed by Marin and San Francisco advisory capacity to the authority’s Board
bation Friday, according to San Mateo ence of drugs, according to prosecutors. counties at 3.2 percent. of Directors.
County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. Wagstaffe said even though prosecutors Solano County had the highest unem- The group provides input on the projects
asked Hager to be sentenced to state prison, ployment at 5.6 percent. The unemploy- and programs in the Transportation
With 33 days of credit for time served, the
they felt the defendant was sincere about ment rate in other counties varied between Expenditure Plan, which include Caltrain
man will serve just under 11 months in
wanting to change his life after the birth of 3.7 and 4.8 percent, employment officials improvements, highway and street projects
county jail.
his first child. said. and allocations to cities and the county for
In December 2015, a police officer “We’re glad he survived it and hopefully California’s unemployment rate dropped
approached Kendel Hager for playing loud local undertakings, officials said.
this can be a permanent life change,” said to 5.1 percent in January. That’s down from The committee meets in San Carlos the
music and parking in a handicap spot in a Wagstaffe. 5.2 percent in December and 5.7 percent a
San Mateo parking lot. As the officer Tuesday before the first Thursday of every
Hager was ordered to finish the residential year ago. month at 4:30 p.m.
approached the car, Hager accelerated in treatment program he is currently enrolled The U.S. unemployment rate rose 0.1 per-
reverse, hit her patrol car and swerved out of Members of the committee must be resi-
in and was assigned a May 6 date to surren- centage points in January to 4.8 percent. dents of San Mateo County.
the parking lot. A high-speed chase ensued der to the jail, Wagstaffe said. Anyone interested in applying can down-
and ultimately ended in a dead-end street, Transportation Authority looking load an application or apply online at
according to prosecutors. California, San Mateo County for citizen committee volunteers For more information inter-
Officers responding to the chase got out
of their cars, and Hager drove at the officers unemployment rate falls in January The San Mateo County Transportation
ested persons can call (650) 508-6223.
The application deadline is May 5.
standing in the street, police said. The unemployment rate in all nine coun- Authority is looking for volunteers to serve

You are cordially invited to attend our informative
Free Pastries
and Coffee
Presented by
Smart Cremation
Your Local
Pre-Planning Experts
Proudly Serving Our Community

M any of you have expressed an interest in knowing more about
final arrangements. We, at Smart Cremation offer FREE
informational seminars as a service to our community. We do these
seminars in a relaxed environment with free pastries and coffee.
This is a great time for fellowship with your neighbors.
Topics of Discussion are:
The 72 decisions that MUST be made when a death occurs
At need vs Pre need Benefits
Veterans benefits-what the Government does and does not provide
Social Security and VA Benefits
Why you don’t want your children or heirs to make arrangements
Why insurance shouldn’t be used for purchasing funeral cremation needs
When: Thursday, March 9th @ 2pm
Where: Caffe Roma, 143 South El Camino Real
(at Murchison), Millbrae CA
Limited seating. R.S.V.P. Required.
Call Suzanne at 408-966-0393 to make your reservation
for those who have not previously pre-arranged
THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL/STATE Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 5

Power plant restarted at Joseph Bacchetto Jr.

Joseph Bacchetto Jr. died unexpectedly Feb. 5, 2017, at

troubled Oroville Dam
By Jonathan J. Cooper
the age of 92.
He was a longtime resident of San
Mateo. Born on Sep. 17, 1924, to Joe
and Theresa Bacchetto. Joe was a member
of The American Legion, The Elks Club
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and The Peninsula Social Club.
Preceded in death by his wife, Mary.
SACRAMENTO — Crews began They were married for 65 years. Survived
restarting a power plant Friday at the by son Joe Bacchetto III (Darlene);
base of Oroville Dam, allowing them grandsons Kevin (Veronica), John and
to release water from the Northern Nick; great-granddaughter Briana;
California lake without having to nephews Louie Da Dalt and Tom Poole; nieces Norma
send it over a badly damaged spillway, Marchesin, Janet Smith and Linda Romano.
officials said. Friends and family are invited to attend a Celebration of
The move is a major milestone in Life noon Thursday, March 9, at The American Legion, 130
the race to protect Oroville and down- South Blvd., San Mateo, CA.
stream communities from the threat
of flooding, said Bill Croyle, acting Robert S. Ohlson
director of the California Department Robert S. Ohlson died Feb. 28, 2017,
of Water Resources. Weekend rain is in Redding, California. There will be a
expected to raise the water level viewing at Crippen & Flynn Woodside
about five feet, but it will still be Chapel, 400 Woodside Road, Redwood
nearly 50 feet below capacity, he City, at 11 a.m. Monday, March 6. The
said. REUTERS funeral mass will be 1 p.m. at Our Lady
Several days of dry weather allowed An aerial view of the damaged Oroville Dam spillway site with a huge debris field Mount Carmel Church, 300 Fulton St.,
construction crews to remove part of a in the diversion pool area just below the spillway is shown in Oroville. Redwood City, followed by the burial at
massive debris pile that trapped water undergoing more intensive repairs out if the spillway is used. Skylawn Memorial Park in San Mateo
at the base of the dam, threatening to of state — allowing officials to As the spillway is reinforced and at 2:30 p.m. 
flood the Hyatt Power Plant. Waters release much of the water flowing into the situation gets less dire, engineers
levels dropped about 30 feet from the lake and prevent it from rising will begin transitioning from the As a public serv ice, the Daily Journal prints obituaries of
their peak Friday, far enough below substantially. emergency response to planning a approx imately 200 words or less with a photo one time on
the power plant’s intake for electri- “This is a pivot point in how we are permanent fix, Croyle said. It will a space av ailable basis. To submit obituaries, email infor-
cians to reconnect the plant to the managing the inflows to the river,” likely take several weeks for officials mation along with a jpeg photo to news@smdaily jour-
grid. Croyle said. to develop options for a long-term Free obituaries are edited for sty le, clarity, length
One of six turbines was restarted, Even with the power plant operat- solution, which may include a tempo-
ing, Croyle said he may still have rary fix for next winter. and grammar. If y ou would lik e to hav e an obituary printed
allowing dam managers to release
1,700 cubic feet per second through t o us e t h e damag ed s p i l l way i f The problems at Lake Oroville more than once, longer than 200 words or without editing,
the power plant. About 14,000 cubic heavy storms or spring snowmelt began early last month when officials please submit an inquiry to our adv ertising department at
feet of water can be released through raise the lake level too high. He discovered a massive crater in the ads@smdaily
the power plant each second once five said crews will spray a substance on main concrete spillway used to release
turbines are going — the sixth is the hillside to limit further erosion water during wet winter months.

Report: Vegas-to-Palmdale rail to attract 3 million riders Now
Now Enrolling
EEnrolling For
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that a report completed for proven demand between California and San Mate
XpressWest estimates the rail would Las Vegas.
LAS VEGAS — The company plan- generate about $1 billion in annual About 3 million passengers are pro- – After School
Sc Classes
ning to build a high-speed train sys- revenue by 2035, based on $115 jected to take roundtrip rides when the
tem linking Las Vegas and Southern round-trip tickets. first segment between Las Vegas and
– Spring Break
B Camps
California says the rail would attract Steer Davies Gleave, the company Palmdale, California, is completed in – Minecraft
Minecra Birthday Parties
11 million round-trip riders by full hired to complete the report for the 2021.
buildout in 2035. High Desert Corridor Joint Powers Construction for that leg was sup-
inecra Open
The Las Vegas Review-Journal Authority, found that there is a large, posed to start in 2016 but was delayed. PPlay Fridays
Mention thi
this ad for
Call for det
4208 Olymp
Olympic Ave.
San Mat

45 Facial
6 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 NATION THE DAILY JOURNAL

Mischief in the Capitol as
GOP rebels stir up trouble
By Erica Werner pass it in the House,” Rep. Mark Meadows
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS of North Carolina, head of an influential
group of conservatives, declared in an inter-
WASHINGTON — The Capitol is suddenly view Friday.
awash with troublemakers and rebels — and Meadows said leaders appeared to believe
that’s just the Republicans. they could jam the bill through by twisting
Whatever GOP unity was produced by arms and getting Trump to make calls, but
Donald Trump’s victory in November has insisted such tactics wouldn’t work on him
all but disappeared, and Republican leaders without substantial change to the bill. His
are confronting open rebellion in their opposition is such that his wife sent out an
ranks as they try to finalize health care leg- email urging opposition to the bill, as
islation. Trump’s speech to a joint session reported by Politico this week. “It will end
of Congress this week was well-received, up being Ryancare and the disaster will be
but did little to repair divisions. wrapped around Republican’s necks, ”
In the Senate, a trio of conservatives Debbie Meadows wrote.
that’s been a thorn in the side of leadership Rep. Meadows said Friday that his wife REUTERS
is back at it again. And in the House, recal- sent the email to a small group of friends Uncooperative conservatives are banding together and threatening to foil House Speaker Paul
citrant conservatives are banding together and relatives in an effort to support him. Ryan’s plans for swift passage of the legislation to repeal and replace former President Barack
and threatening to foil House Speaker Paul “She was trying to help her husband, she is Obama’s health law.
Ryan’s plans for swift passage of the legis- distraught that this is a distraction and she Another GOP rebel, Rep. Thomas Massie vincing lawmakers that they are aligned
lation to repeal and replace former President probably is more distraught because she of Kentucky, said that at a presentation with the president on the pending bill. But
Barack Obama’s health law. really respects and admires Paul Ryan,” Thursday, leaders played clips of Trump’s Massie dismissed the effort as “very uncon-
“Currently there are not enough votes to Meadows said. joint session speech, with the goal of con- vincing.”

Next in line to lead Russia probe: Rosenstein has respect
By Eric Tucker job may be uniquely polit- post for the entire Obama administration. during his Senate confirmation process.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ically palatable. That staying power, extraordinary for a posi- Sessions said he had not tried to mislead any-
Rod Rosenstein, who tion that routinely turns over with changes in one but could have been more careful in his
faces his confirmation the White House, lends weight to the reputa- answers. He planned to file amended testimo-
WASHINGTON — Some Democrats worry hearing next week for the tion he’s cultivated as an apolitical law ny on Monday, a Justice Department
the appointment of a Jeff Sessions subordi- role of deputy attorney enforcement official. spokesman said.
nate to oversee an investigation into Russian general, was appointed top “He is so well-respected. He cannot be The new attorney general’s recusal handed
interference in the 2016 election won’t be a federal prosecutor in influenced, he cannot be bought, he cannot authority for an investigation — for now —
clean enough break from the embattled attor- Maryland by George W. be pressured because of outside political to his deputy, Dana Boente, another longtime
ney general. Bush and remained in the forces,” said Baltimore criminal defense federal prosecutor who has the post in an act-
But the veteran prosecutor in line for the Rod Rosenstein attorney Steven Silverman, who has known ing capacity. Boente was appointed U.S.
Rosenstein for years. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia in
BUSINESS LAW Sessions recused himself from any Trump-
Russia investigation Thursday after the
2015 by Barack Obama and was elevated to
acting attorney general in January after
NO PROBLEMS ONLY SOLUTIONS Justice Department acknowledged he had spo- Trump fired Obama holdover Sally Yates.
Agreements ken twice with the Russian ambassador last When Sessions won confirmation, Boente
Company Formation year and had failed to disclose the contacts stepped to the No. 2 position.
Business Management Issues

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THE DAILY JOURNAL NATION Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 7
White House defends Pence’s use
of private email while governor
By Ken Thomas

WASHINGTON — A White House
spokeswoman said Friday that Vice
President Mike Pence “did everything
to the letter of the law” after public
records revealed that he used a private
email account to conduct public busi-
ness as Indiana’s governor. REUTERS
The Indianapolis Star reported that The residence of Juan M. Thompson is seen after it was
emails provided through a public searched by police in connection with his arrest on charges
records request show that Pence com- of bomb threats made against Jewish organizations across
municated with advisers through his the United States.
personal AOL account on homeland
security matters and security at the
governor’s residence during his four
Man charged with threatening
years as governor.
The governor also faced email secu-
Jewish centers to frame his ex
rity issues. Pence’s AOL account was By Colleen Long
subjected to a phishing scheme last THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
spring, before he was chosen by
Mike Pence speaks before swearing in Ryan Zinke to be Secretary of the Interior.
Donald Trump to join the GOP presi- Sarah Sanders, the White House because Clinton had set up a private NEW YORK — A former journalist fired for fabricating
dential ticket. Pence’s contacts were spokeswoman, doubled down on that server in her home at the start of her details in stories made at least eight of the scores of threats
sent an email falsely claiming that the defense, stressed to reporters on Air tenure at the State Department and, against Jewish institutions nationwide,
governor and his wife were stranded in Force One that state and federal laws unlike Clinton, Pence did not handle including a bomb threat to the Anti-
the Philippines and needed money. are different and claiming that is any classified material as Indiana’s Defamation League, as part of a bizarre
As Trump’s running mate, Pence fre- efforts to turn over the messages to be governor. campaign to harass and frame his ex-girl-
quently criticized rival Hillary archived are “why anybody even The governor moved to a different friend, federal officials said Friday.
Clinton’s use of a private email server knows about the account.” AOL account with additional security Juan Thompson was arrested in St.
as President Barack Obama’s secretary “He did everything to the letter of measures, but has since stopped using Louis and appeared there in federal court
of state, accusing her of purposely the law,” she said. the new personal account since he was Friday on a cyberstalking charge. He
keeping her emails out of public reach Pence spokesman Marc Lotter added sworn-in as vice president, said politely answered questions and told the
and shielding her from scrutiny. that “the comparison is absurd” Lotter. judge he had enough money to hire a
Juan lawyer.
Thompson A crowd of supporters who attended said

Trump visits private school to promote school choice Thompson had no criminal record. His lawyer didn’t com-
Federal officials have been investigating 122 bomb
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS the visit, saying it school using the same voucher program threats called in to Jewish organizations in three dozen states
shows Trump’s hos- as Merriweather, said White House since Jan. 9 and a rash of vandalism at Jewish cemeteries.
WASHINGTON — President Donald tility toward public spokesman Ninio Fetalvo. Thompson started making threats Jan. 28, a criminal com-
Trump visited a classroom at a private, schools and his DeVos has a long history of promot- plaint said, with an email to the Jewish History Museum in
religious school in Florida on Friday, intention to turn edu- ing charter schools and vouchers. New York written from an account that made it appear as if it
signaling that his education agenda will cation into a profit- Charter schools are funded with taxpayer were being sent by an ex-girlfriend.
focus on school choice. making industry. dollars, but run by private groups and “Juan Thompson put 2 bombs in the History Museum set to
He started his tour of St. Andrew In his address to have more freedom over curriculum, staff go off Sunday,” it said.
Catholic School in Orlando with a visit Congress this week, and budget. Vouchers are essentially He followed that up with similar messages to a Jewish
to a fourth-grade classroom. Donald Trump Trump called educa- publicly funded scholarships given to school in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and to a school and
Trump shook hands with a pair of stu- tion “the civil rights low-income families to help cover pri- community center in Manhattan, authorities said.
dents who told him they were learning issue of our time” and asked lawmakers vate-school tuition. In another round of emails and phone calls, he gave the
about the history of Florida. to pass a bill that would fund school White House spokesman Sean Spicer woman’s name, rather than his own, the court complaint
He then joked to one girl who said she choice for disadvantaged young people, said earlier in the week that education is said. The Council on American-Islamic Relations received an
wanted to own her own business that including minority children. He did not “a top priority” for the president. anonymous email saying the woman put a bomb in a Dallas
she’s “gonna make a lot of money. But offer any details. “He has said many times before that Jewish center.
don’t run for politics.” Among his guests at the speech was education has the ability to level the Thompson, who’s black, then took to Twitter: “Know any
Trump was joined on the tour by Denisha Merriweather, who used playing field for the next generation,” good lawyers?” he wrote. “Need to stop this nasty/racist
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Florida’s school voucher program to Spicer said, adding that Trump “is deter- #whitegirl I dated who sent a bomb threat in my name.” He
Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Florida attend a private high school that she mined to provide choice for every parent later tweeted to the Secret Service: “I’m been (sic) tormented
Gov. Rick Scott. credits with turning her life around. and opportunities for every child, by an anti-Semite. She sent an antijewish bomb threat in my
Teachers’ unions were quick to criticize Many of St. Andrew’s students attend the regardless of their zip code.” name. Help.”


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8 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Reporters’ notebook FED “The Fed will hike unless
next week’s payroll report is
Additionally, Foster City is also listed Continued from page 1 calamitous. ... That’s unlikely,
SO Bay Area is urgently seek-
ing volunteers to support the as the eighth safest city in the entire state
after the Great Recession ended, the U.S.
so we expect rates to rise.”
USO at the San Franci s co out of approximately 260 cities with a
Internati o nal Ai rpo rt. Of particular population of more than 25,000 resi- economy has finally regained most of its — Ian Shepherdson, chief
need is the 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and 8 p.m. to dents. health. economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics
11 p.m. shifts. *** At a separate appearance Friday in New
The USO SFO center serves more than A grand opening for Indi g o York, Vice Chair Stanley Fischer added his prices rose 1.9 percent over the 12 months
30,000 active duty military personnel, Apartments , Ai mco ’s 463-unit luxury voice to a series of Fed officials who have that ended in January. That was the largest
reservists, Nati o nal Guard troops and apartment building, was held Thursday, indicated this week that they would likely 12-month gain in nearly five years and
their military families each year. Feb. 23, at 675 Bradford St. in downtown favor raising rates at the Fed’s next meet- just below the Fed’s 2 percent target for
Volunteers act as concierges through wel- Redwood City. Developed by The Paul s ing March 14-15. inflation.
coming and engaging service members, Co rpo rati o n, the 10-story building fea- Asked whether there had been a con- Yellen was asked during a question-and-
serving refreshments, providing informa- tures a ground-floor retail, swimming scious effort by Fed officials to signal a answer period about the Fed’s likely
tion and assisting with other situations as pool, outdoor theater and fitness center. probable rate hike at that meeting, Fischer response to Trump’s forthcoming econom-
they arise. Many of the volunteers have *** said, “If there has been a conscious effort, ic stimulus program, the details of which
served more than 20 years. Curi Ody s s ey invites people of all remain unclear. Yellen said Fed officials
I’m about to join it.”
If you are able to make a difference in ages to check out its newest exhibit: are inclined to wait to see which measures
the lives of those making sacrifices for Many economists now say that barring
“The Nature o f Patterns . ” The non- an unexpectedly disastrous monthly jobs are approved by Congress.
our country, contact Mark Adams at profit science and wildlife museum in San “I think most of my colleagues have
(650) 821-7615 or sign up at report next Friday, a Fed rate increase this
Mateo is opening its newest educational month appears certain. decided that we should just be patient and wait to see what happens,” Yellen said.
experience Saturday, March 25. “The Fed will hike unless next week’s
*** In December, the Fed raised its bench-
Explore, discover and create some of the payroll report is calamitous, ” said Ian
Seto n Medi cal Center announced it
wonderful visual and auditory patterns Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon mark rate by a quarter-point to a range of
has appointed Dr. Jo hn H. Vel y v i s as
the medical director of the new Ro bo ti c found in nature. From formation to func- Macroeconomics. “That’s unlikely, so we 0.5 percent to 0.75 percent. It was its first
Ortho pedi c Surg ery program at the tion, visitors will learn about fractals, expect rates to rise.” increase since December 2015, when the
Daly Center hospital. spirals, symmetries, bubbles, foam, At the March 14-15 meeting, Yellen said Fed raised its key rate from a record low. In
Velyvis brings experience garnered dur- waves, tessellations, stripes, spots and the Fed’s policymakers will “evaluate estimating three rate hikes for 2017, the
ing a long career that includes an under- more. Whether created in the chaos of the whether employment and inflation are Fed was indicating a quickened pace of
graduate degree in biomedical engineering ocean, helping to camouflage an animal, continuing to evolve in line with our increases.
from Harv ard Uni v ers i ty and his med- or blossoming from a plant emerging In her speech, Yellen sought to explain
expectations, in which case a further
ical degree from Co l umbi a Uni v ers i ty , from the ground, CuriOdyssey wants visi- why the Fed has been slow to raise rates in
adjustment of the federal funds rate would
according to Seton. tors to discover “The Nature of Patterns.” the past two years. She pointed to the pro-
likely be appropriate.”
The board-certified orthopedic surgeon Members can get a sneak peak March 24 longed drop in oil prices that started in
Friday’s remarks from Yellen and Fischer
has successfully completed over 800 during an opening featuring activities and 2014 and slowed spending by energy com-
echoed those made earlier this week by
robotic-assisted procedures. In Daly City, special programs. panies. And she noted a sizable rise in the
CuriOdyssey is located at 1651 Coyote several other Fed officials, including Lael
he performs robotic-assisted partial and value of the dollar, which depressed infla-
Point Drive, San Mateo. Visit curi- Brainard, a board member who had been a
total knee replacements using the NAVIO tion and hurt export sales by making for more information. leading voice urging caution in raising
Surg i cal Sy s tem, according to Seton. American goods costlier overseas.
Founded in 1983, Seton is a 357-bed *** rates.
What has shifted the sentiment of most Other disruptive events last year led the
hospital serving residents in San San Mateo Co unty, the Fed to proceed cautiously. They included
Francisco and San Mateo counties. It is Ci ty / Co unty As s o ci ati o n o f Fed officials decisively toward a rate
increase has been a wave of robust eco- anemic U.S. economic growth early in the
also the only Bay Area hospital now Go v ernments and 20 partner jurisdic- year, global fears about a sharp slowdown
offering robotic-assisted total knee tions received a prestigious 2 0 1 7 nomic data — notably on job growth,
manufacturing and consumer confidence — in China and Britain’s vote to leave the
replacement using the NAVIO Surgical Cl i mate Leaders hi p Award from the
along with surging stock prices. European Union.
System, according to Seton. U. S. Env i ro nmental Pro tecti o n
*** On Thursday, for example, the govern- Despite all that, Yellen said, “The U.S.
Ag ency for their countywide collabora-
The annual ranking of the Safes t ment reported that first-time applications economy has exhibited remarkable
tion on coordinated efforts to reduce
Ci ti es i n Ameri ca by Nei g hbo rho o d for unemployment benefits — a proxy for resilience in the face of adverse shocks.”
greenhouse emissions by 40 percent.
Sco ut has listed Foster City as the 63rd the pace of layoffs — fell last week to their She said she saw no evidence to suggest
The San Mateo Co unty Reg i o nal l y
Safest City in the United States, up from lowest level in nearly 44 years. that the Fed has been excessively slow to
Integ rated Cl i mate Acti o n Pl anni ng
the city’s ranking of 98th safest last year. The stock market has been setting a raise rates or that inflation is threatening
Sui te Ini ti ati v e was one of 15 recipi-
Each year since 2002, Neighborhood ents honored by the EPA and nonprofits string of record highs, fueled by confi- to rise too quickly.
Scout has published a list of the top 100 The Center fo r Cl i mate and Energ y dence that President Donald’s Trump’s “I therefore continue to have confidence
safest cities in America, calculated on So l uti o ns and The Cl i mate plans for cutting taxes and boosting that a gradual removal of accommodation
cities with 25,000 or more population, Reg i s try. spending will win congressional is likely to be appropriate,” Yellen said.
and based on the total number of crimes approval. At the same time, she added: “Unless
per 1000 residents. Data used for this And inflation, which had been lagging unanticipated developments adversely
research includes the total number of UCR affect the economic outlook, the process
at chronically low levels, has been edging
(Uniformed Crime Reporting) crimes The Reporters’ Notebook is a weekly collection of scaling back accommodation likely will
reported to the FBI to have occurred in steadily up, reflecting in part a rebound in
of facts culled from the notebooks of the Daily
gasoline prices and higher wages. The not be as slow as it was during the past
each city, and the population of each city. Journal staff. It appears in the weekend edition. couple of years.”
Fed’s preferred inflation gauge showed that


California high-speed rail
is ready to lay some track
By Don Thompson finance department, so
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Friday’s decision is not
SACRAMENTO — After years of prep The authority will ask
work, Gov. Jerry Brown’s finance depart- the state treasurer to sell
ment decided Friday that California’s $64 a portion of the bonds
billion high-speed rail project is ready to this spring to help pay
lay some track. for construction of 119
The administration approved the rail miles of rail in the
authority’s request to spend $2.6 billion on Jerry Brown Central Valley from
work in the Central Valley. The decision Madera to Shafter,
lets the authority ask the state treasurer’s authority spokeswoman Lisa Marie Alley
office to sell a portion of the nearly $10 said.
billion in bonds voters approved in 2008 Cohen delayed a decision on the authori-
for a bullet train. ty’s related request for $600 million for
However, the first 29-mile segment of Caltrain in the San Francisco Bay Area.
REUTERS track isn’t expected to be completed until at Bullet trains travel on electrified rails, and
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill. least August 2019. the California authority’s business plan
The bullet train’s long-term prospects calls for the two systems to share lines
Trump accuses Schumer of Putin ties remain clouded because of uncertainty over
funding and several pending lawsuits.
Significant federal help is required, and the
along the Peninsula Corridor in the Bay
Cohen said in a separate letter that he is
By Jonathan Lemire for their encounters with Russians over the
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS years even though the party’s criticism of Republican-controlled Congress does not waiting because the Federal Transit
Attorney General Jeff Sessions centered on support the project. Private money also is Administration last month delayed a deci-
NEW YORK — President Donald Trump, his failure to acknowledge his meetings needed but none has been secured yet. sion on whether to approve a $650 million
his administration under siege for contacts when questioned at his Senate confirmation The treasurer previously issued $1.15 bil- federal grant for electrification.
with Russian officials, is calling for “an hearing and in written responses to the lion of the bonds that went for administra- “The state’s substantial investment in
immediate investigation” into Senate Judiciary Committee. tion and on work to connect the new system this critical infrastructure improvement
Minority Leader Charles Schumer’s own ties “I think he was asked a pretty straightfor- to existing tracks, leaving the bulk of the project is ready to move forward, the only
to Russian President Vladimir Putin. ward question at his committee hearing and I money unspent. remaining piece is action by the federal
Trump’s evidence? A 14-year-old photo of do think he should resign,” Sen. Bernie Finance Director Michael Cohen government on their contribution,” Alley
Schumer and Putin holding coffee and Sanders, I-Vt., said in an interview. approved the Central Valley plan while said in a statement referring to the Federal
doughnuts in a New York City gas station. Trump also tweeted Friday about House downplaying a Federal Railroad Transit Administration’s delay.
The president on Friday tweeted a photo of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who was Administration risk analysis that included a Congressional Republicans have urged
the two men, calling for a probe into among the first to call for Sessions to worst-case scenario for the costs of the the administration to reject the applica-
Schumer’s “ties to Russia and Putin” and resign. project. He instead cited the authority’s tion, and the agency said last month that it
called the New York senator “A total hyp- In his tweet, Trump linked to a 2010 more optimistic analysis and an independ- is deferring a ruling until the project is con-
ocrite!” Trump did not say where the photo photo in which Pelosi and other lawmakers, ent consultant’s review that he said found sidered as part of President Donald Trump’s
came from, but Schumer quickly pointed out including Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, that “the cost estimates and contingencies budget.
that it was taken in 2003 when Putin ven- now the chairman of the House Armed in this plan are reasonable.” Although congressional Republicans
tured to New York to celebrate the opening Services Committee, are shown meeting Brown is a vocal advocate of the rail proj- oppose the plan, Trump has previously
of a Russian-owned Lukoil gas station on with Russian officials, including then- ect, and his administration includes the spoken positively about high-speed rail.
Manhattan’s west side. President Dmitry Medvedev and Ambassador
Several news organizations covered that Sergey Kislyak.
event, which drew far more political star Trump demanded an investigation of the
power than the average gas station open- House minority leader. Pelosi had initially
Schumer, in his own tweet, said he would
denied ever meeting Kislyak; her spokes-
woman later clarified that they never had a
“happily talk” under oath about his meeting one-on-one meeting.
with Putin, which took place “in full view of Pelosi then needled Trump by saying he
press and public.” He then challenged Trump didn’t “know the difference” between an
to do the same. And, a short time later, he official meeting photographed by the press
posted a follow-up in which he further poked and a “secret” meeting that Sessions “lied
about under oath.”
fun at the photo, noting “And for the record,
they were Krispy Kreme donuts.” It is not improper for elected officials to So are your customers.
meet with foreign diplomats.
On the same trip to the United States in
2003, Putin traveled to Camp David, Trump’s White House has been battered by And future customers.
questions about his links to Russia, quash-
Maryland, where he met with Republican
President George W. Bush and the two held a ing any sort of political momentum he had And former customers.
joint news conference. earned from his highly praised address to
Trump’s tweet came just hours after the Congress earlier this week. We understand how cool and sexy those Google
conservative website Drudge Report made Sessions on Thursday said he would recuse
the photo its lead image. And that was a day himself from Russia probes after it was keywords and Facebook ads and Groupon deals are
after the photo was unearthed by the pro- revealed that he had conversed with Russia’s
Trump blog Gateway Pundit, which ran it ambassador twice during last year’s cam-
with the headline “Where’s the outrage?”
Trump targeted congressional Democrats
paign, a contradiction of his testimony dur-
ing his Senate confirmation hearings. However...
Experts find mass grave at ex- Around the world Neglecting the selling power of newspaper
Catholic orphanage in Ireland advertising is leaving a huge hole in your
DUBLIN — A mass grave containing the Mexican sewage spill marketing efforts.
remains of babies and young children has flares U.S. noses and tempers
been discovered at a former Catholic
IMPERIAL BEACH — For more than two The Daily Journal has a cost effective, extremely
orphanage in Ireland, government-appoint-
ed investigators announced Friday in a find- weeks, a stench of feces, ammonium and focused method of bringing you customers you cannot
ing that offered the first conclusive proof laundry detergent wafted through the air in
the southwestern corner of the continental reach via other channels.
following a historian’s efforts to trace the
fates of nearly 800 children who perished United States. Residents who contacted If we received a dollar for every time someone said
there. government offices got no answers. “Print is dead,” well, we could afford to print this
The judge-led Mother and Baby Homes Finally, a U.S. official released a report newspaper in gold leaf.
Commission said excavations since that sparked a furious reaction: sewer repair
So we understand, how unsexy and boring the
November at the site of the former Bon work in Tijuana, Mexico, caused an estimat-
Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, ed 143 million gallons to spill into the consistency of newspapers may seem.
County Galway, had found an underground United States and the Pacific Ocean for 18 If you feel a steady stream of business and your cash
structure divided into 20 chambers contain- days. A Mexican official challenged those register ringing is boring, then don’t call us for a free
ing “significant quantities of human findings on Friday after a week of public
remains.” assessment of how the Daily Journal can help your
The commission said DNA analysis of The city of Imperial Beach was most business succeed.
selected remains confirmed the ages of the
affected by what Mayor Serge Dedina called
dead ranged from 35 weeks to 3 years old and
were buried chiefly in the 1950s, when the “the tsunami of sewage spills.” 650-344-5200
overcrowded facility was one of more than a At a raucous public hearing Thursday
dozen in Ireland offering shelter to orphans, night, angry residents shouted at govern-
un ment officials and demanded answers.
10 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 BUSINESS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Banks, health care companies lead stocks higher
By Alex Veiga next two-day meeting of policy-
DOW JONES INDUSTRIALS makers on March 14-15.
High: 21,039.96 That’s one reason the major
A late wave of buying helped Low: 20,953.86 indexes moved little before and
nudge U.S. stock indexes slight- Close: 21,005.71 after Yellen’s speech.
ly higher Friday after a day of Change: +2.74 Still, the increased likelihood
mostly listless trading. of higher interest rates gave sev-
Banks and health care stocks OTHER INDEXES eral stocks a modest lift, includ-
climbed the most as investors S&P 500: 2383.12 +1.20 ing banks, which stand to make
priced in an increasing likeli- NYSE Index: 11,598.37 +22.46 healthier profits from lending as
hood that interest rates will rise Nasdaq: 5870.75 +9.53 rates rise. Bank of the Ozarks
in the coming months. NYSE MKT: 2454.07 -5.91 added $1. 09, or 2 percent, to
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Russell 2000: 1394.13 -1.53 $56. 24, while Signature Bank
Yellen helped stoke those expec- Wilshire 5000: 24,819.01 +28.88 rose $2.79, or 1.7 percent, to
tations in a speech in which she $162.24.
said an improving job market and 10-Yr Bond: 2.49 0.00 Not faring as well were real
rising inflation would likely Oil (per barrel): 53.20 +0.59 estate, utilities and phone com-
prompt the central bank to Gold : 1,235.00 +2.10 pany stocks, which tend to lose
increase borrowing costs. favor among yield-seeking
“The real takeaway here is if the age rose 2.74 points, or 0.01 per- Fed’s economic outlook Friday, ifying how many rate hikes could investors when interest rates
Fed is willing to start moving, cent, to 21,005.71. The Standard Yellen said the Fed will likely occur this year, Yellen noted that rise.
they see the economy as not only & Poor’s 500 index gained 1.20 resume raising interest rates later Fed officials in December had “If yields are going up you
doing better but likely to do bet- points, or 0. 1 percent, to this month to reflect a strength- estimated that there would be don’t need to buy those stocks to
ter going forward, ” said Brad 2,383.12. The Nasdaq composite ening job market and inflation three this year. get your yield, you just buy 10-
McMillan, chief investment offi- index added 9.53 points, or 0.2 edging toward the central bank’s Investors’ expectations of a Year Treasury notes,” said John
cer at Commonwealth Financial percent, to 5, 870. 75. Small- 2 percent target rate. rate hike this month had been Canally, chief economic strate-
Network. “The Fed is notorious company stocks fell. The Russell Yellen added that the central building in recent days as remarks gist for LPL Financial.
for waiting until the evidence of 2000 index slipped 1.54 points, bank expects steady economic by other Fed officials signaled Bond prices were little changed
growth is absolutely undeni- or 0.1 percent, to 1,394.13. improvement to justify addition- the central bank is ready to after pulling back from an early
able.” Speaking in Chicago on the al rate increases. While not spec- resume raising rates as soon as its climb. The 10-year Treasury yield
The Dow Jones industrial aver- held steady at 2.48 percent.

Silicon Valley high school makes $24 million from Snap IPO
By Paul Elias $15,000 investment into a wind- $19 million Friday. investors when they make big East Palo Alto Academy, which is
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS fall of at least $24 million, capi- “Silicon Valley is a pretty amaz- bets on startup companies. The in one of the poorest cities in
talizing on a unique venture capi- ing place to live, ” school school takes a small sliver of a Northern California. “It’s tough
MOUNTAIN VIEW — Bake tal fund set up by the school’s President Simon Chiu said. “This venture capitalist’s bigger invest- enough keep kids on track to
sales and car washes? investment-savvy parents. obviously couldn’t have hap- ment in a startup company. graduate.”
Not for one Silicon Valley The fund paid off when the com- pened anywhere else.” Chiu and other educators say Few, if any other schools, have
parochial high school that hit it pany began selling shares to the St. Francis High School they know of no other school that sort of advantage, said
big this week and, by doing so, public Thursday and the school launched the fund in 1990 at the with a similar fundraising Stephen Andriole, a professor of
highlighted anew gaping eco- sold about 1.4 million of the 2.1 urging of two of the many venture scheme. business, accountancy and infor-
nomic disparities in the region. million shares at $17 each. It’s capitalists with children attend- “We don’t have the bandwidth mation systems at the Villanova
St. Francis High School in holding the remaining 700,000 ing the school. The fund’s aim is to follow the stock market,” said School of Business in
Mountain View parlayed a shares, which were valued at about to tag along with deep-pocketed Amika Guillaume, principal of the Pennsylvania.

Uber deploys secret weapon against undercover regulators
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS that identified regulators who were San Francisco company mined the Ub er ack n o wl edg ed i t h as “This program denies ride
posing as riders while trying to data that it collects through its used Greyball to counter regula- requests to fraudulent users who are
SAN FRANCISCO — Uber has collect evidence that Uber’s serv- real app to pinpoint the undercov- tors working with the compa- violating our terms of service —
been wielding a secret weapon to ice was breaking local laws gov- er agents. ny’s opponents to entrap its whether that’s people aiming to
thwart authorities who have been erning taxis. The New York Times revealed drivers. physically harm drivers, competi-
trying to curtail or shut down its To stymie those efforts, Uber Greyball’s existence in a story Greyball is part of a broader pro- tors looking to disrupt our opera-
ride-hailing service in cities served up a fake version of its app published Friday based on infor- gram called VTOS, shorthand for tions, or opponents who collude
around the world. to make it appear the undercover mation provided by four current “violations of terms of service,” with officials on secret ‘stings’
The program included a feature regulators were summoning a car, and former Uber employees who that Uber says it developed to pro- meant to entrap drivers,” Uber
nicknamed “Greyball” internally only to have the ride canceled. The were not named. tect its service. said.

<<< Page 12, Sports data
going high tech with biometrics
Weekend • March 4-5, 2017

Title within reach opts out of
The El Camino boys’ soccer team makes first CCS finals appearance
By Nathan Mollat
his contract

To say El Camino athletics is less than a SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick is a
juggernaut would be an understatement. The free agent after opting out of his San Francisco
school has won just two Central Coast 49ers contract Friday.
Section titles, both in baseball — in 1975 The six-year veteran quarterback who drew
and 1977. particular attention and headlines last season
So when the Colts’ boys’ soccer team takes by not standing for the national anthem, met
on Serra at 12:30 p.m. Saturday at Valley with new general manager John Lynch and
Christian High School in the Central Coast coach Kyle Shanahan before making the
Section Division II championship game, move.
coach Ken Anderson Sr. will have a better per- Kaepernick made a meteoric rise with the
spective than anyone. 49ers under coach Jim Harbaugh, leading them
Anderson was the goalkeeper on the Colts’ to the 2012 NFC title and
1985 CCS team, whose season ended amid a a close loss to Baltimore
controversial ending against Palo Alto. The in the Super Bowl. But his
Colts beat the Vikings in penalty kicks, but career spiraled in recent
the final eight minutes were played under seasons, and he was
protest when a handball against El Camino, benched for journeyman
which would have resulted in a Palo Alto Blaine Gabbert.
penalty kick, was overturned. CCS upheld the Kaepernick threw for
protest and the two teams returned to the pitch 2,241 yards, 16 touch-
that Saturday to replay the final eight minutes downs and four intercep-
of the game — one that began with Palo Alto Colin tions in 11 starts in 2016.
taking, and making, its penalty kick because Kaepernick He’s thrown for 72 touch-
of the handball. downs since joining San
“We went undefeated all season and no one Francisco as a 2011 second-round draft pick.
scored against us,” Anderson remembers of His decision leaves the team with no quarter-
that 1984-85 season. “To be here as a coach backs on the roster. Gabbert and Christian
now, it would help eliminate a lot of those Ponder also are free agents.
memories.” “You’ve got to do your homework and look
The Colts did not make the postseason into everything,” Shanahan told the team’s
again until 2014, when they were eliminated website.
by Overfelt in the first round. Kaepernick originally signed a $114 mil-
Now, El Camino (19-1-3) has a chance to lion, six-year contract with the 49ers in 2014,
add just the third CCS banner in school histo- but restructured it down to a two-year deal last
ry. October — one day after replacing Gabbert as
“I have pregame butterflies already,” San Francisco’s starting quarterback.
Anderson said Friday. “I ate a huge breakfast The new contract, much more franchise-
knowing that I may not be hungry for the friendly than the original deal, converting
other two meals and I love to eat.” Kaepernick’s game bonuses into guaranteed
In this case, ignorance may be bliss when money, included the clause allowing him to
it comes to the players. become an unrestricted free agent in 2017.
“I don’t think they understand the pressure Kaepernick, 29, has indicated he plans to
of the school winning CCS championships,” stand for the anthem next season. He knelt all
DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS FILE of last season to protest police brutality and
Anderson said. “We have two. That’s it.”
El Camino’s Christian Marquez’s breakout season is a big reason why the Colts find the treatment of minorities, drawing criticism
See CCS, Page 14 themselves one win away from catpuring the school’s third-ever CCS title and first since 1977. and acclaim alike.

Running backs Big East eyeing eyeing
NCAA Tournament bids
enjoying revival
By Michael Marot that once treated workhorse feature backs
By John Marshall

The Big East has been strong at the top,
afford losing to St. John’s on Saturday or an
early conference tournament exit. The Friars
already lost to St. John’s once this season,
one of several bad losses already on their
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS with the reverence of today’s franchise quar- led by defending national champion resume.
terbacks. Villanova. Marquette (18-11, 9-8) has proven it can
But as the rules changed, the passing The second-ranked Wildcats (23-3, 14-3 score and has a win over then-No. 1
INDIANAPOLIS — As Todd Gurley and
game opened up and the salary cap became Big East) won the regular-season conference Villanova on its resume. The Golden Eagles
Ezekiel Elliott spent the past two years
more prohibitive, team officials searched title and will be the No. 1 seed in next have trouble on the defensive end, though,
crashing through conventional wisdom,
for younger, cheaper answers. week’s Big East Tournament regardless of which has put them on the bubble.
Dalvin Cook saw the NFL’s two emerging
Former Denver Broncos coach Mike what happens Saturday against Georgetown. Marquette beat fellow bubble team Xavier
stars as something bigger.
Shanahan was so masterful at using late- No. 13 Butler (23-6, 12-5) is in good on Tuesday and has a big potential booster
He viewed them as change agents, as role round draft picks or even undrafted rookies
models, as trendsetters, paving the way for shape for the NCAA Tournament and on Saturday, facing Creighton in
behind his seemingly invincible zone- Creighton (23-7, 10-7) should be as well Milwaukee.
college football’s next great runners. blocking scheme, everyone thought they despite dropping out of the AP Top 25 this Xavier (18-12, 8-9) was once among the
Now, with a whole group of backs ready to could do it. Others tried, with mixed results. elite teams in the conference. Then point
cash in on the success of Gurley and Elliott, Then came the dual-backfield craze. The guard Edmond Sumner went down with a torn
The other four Big East teams on the
Cook is looking to do more than join the concept was two solid backs were better ACL, sending the Musketeers into a tail
NCAA bubble may still have some to work
cause. He wants to create his own story in than one great one because they could stay spin.
to do — or at least avoid a bad loss.
the league’s running back revival. healthier and productive. Xavier also had to play without Trevon
Seton Hall (19-10, 9-8) avoided a misstep
“After that draft class with Todd and That was followed by the over-30 idea — in one of those can’t-lose games by beating Blueitt in two games and had its losing
Melvin (Gordon), and then Ezekiel came don’t waste money on an over-the-hill Georgetown. The Pirates can help their streak stretched to six with the loss to
after those guys, I’ve definitely seen it (the back. The stats mostly backed it up. resume by beating No. 13 Butler, but still Marquette. The Musketeers end the season
value of running backs) go up,” Cook said The result: Each philosophical adaptation should be in good NCAA shape barring a against DePaul, a game they can’t afford to
Thursday at the league’s annual scouting made running backs less valuable on draft quick exit in the conference tournament. lose.
combine. “If you put us in the right system, weekend. Providence (19-11, 9-8) had a similar win
we can help teams win ball games.” by beating DePaul this week, but can’t
It sounds strange coming from a league See NFL, Page 17 See NCAA, Page 17
12 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Titans’ Barton preps for life after football on ... Capitol Hill
By Stephen Whyno “Before I came into the NFL it was just my obligation to
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS “I do these internships because I make sure I have a solid backup plan, to always be proactive
want to find that one passion that’s outside of football,” Barton said in an interview in Clarke’s
office this week. “I do these internships because I want to
WASHINGTON — While some NFL players want to travel
and relax in the offseason, Karim Barton wants to work — going to get me out of bed like what’s find that one passion that’s going to get me out of bed like
and not just on football. getting me out of bed for football.” what’s getting me out of bed for football.”
The 25-year-old offensive lineman is Now with the Tennessee Titans after stints with the
— Karim Barton
already planning for his post-playing Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles, Barton didn’t
life by gathering as much real-world waste any time trying to discover that passion. He hasn’t
experience as he can. Barton spent time doping measures that included testimony from Michael found it yet, but has a head start on a lot of NFL players who
with Under Armour, Fanatics and Mattress Phelps, and in his 2 1-2-week crash course on all things don’t consider their options until they’re almost ready to
Firm in previous years, and over the past congressional he has researched immigration issues, helped hang up their cleats.
few weeks took his preparation in a dif- draft legislation, and attended a town hall meeting in Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Jake Long, 31, is
ferent direction by working on Capitol Clarke’s Brooklyn district. one of those guys. Long attended the NFL Business
Hill with Congresswoman Yvette Clarke. “He’s gotten a really good lens into what it is to one, be Academy last week in Ann Arbor, Michigan, along with
Barton is one of 41 men who took part a legislator, but beyond that be the staff person for a legis- Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston and oth-
Karim Barton in the fourth year of the NFLPA’s extern- lator,” Clarke said. “He really got a full exposure to what it ers, and came away wishing he would’ve taken part in the
ship program that gives players opportu- is to be an advocate, to be a leader, to support someone program at a younger age.
nities to see what it’s like in a corporate, financial, charita- who’s in an office like this and what it takes to keep all the “Football can be over at any moment for us,” Long said.
ble or political environment. Three players — Barton, free trains running.” “Guys know that and we’re starting to have more programs
agent safety Dion Bailey and Seattle Seahawks lineman Barton, who grew up in Jamaica and has a “broad” busi- like this and to get more educated and think about life after
William Pericak — earned the chance to extern on Capitol ness administration degree from Morgan State, isn’t sure if football because the average career isn’t very long, and
Hill. he wants to get into politics or law. He just realizes football even if you have a long career it’s a short part of your life
On Tuesday, Barton sat in on a committee hearing on anti- isn’t forever. and you’ve got to have something beyond that.”

Tracking tech helps
teams know when
to practice, rest, sub
By Jimmy Golen

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — It is no longer enough for a basket-
ball team to know how many shots a player makes, or even
where he was standing when he made it.
Sports data is going biometric, tracking players’ heart rates,
movements and energy levels to get a better picture of what’s
going on inside their bodies as they run, jump and even sit on
the bench. And, device-makers say, the technology can help
coaches decide who needs a rest, who needs more work, or who
might be most at risk for injury.
“Do you have eyes on every single athlete, every single ses-
sion?” said Calvin Torres, a sports scientist with the tracker and
data company Catapult, who’s heard all the complaints from old-
time coaches who insist that they can do the same thing with
their eyes and their instincts. “If you put a monitor on them, you
Catapult is already working with 16 NFL teams, 15 in the NBA
and four in the NHL, along with more than a thousand in high
school, college, national and pro teams in dozens of countries
and sports from rowing to rugby and badminton to bandy.
The company had a booth set up this week at the MIT Sloan
Sports Analytics Conference, an annual gathering for those try-
ing to use math and technology to reshape the way games have
been played for a century. The conference attracts 3,500 people
— many of them math-savvy students trying to break into
sports or simply learn about the latest innovations from pan-
elists such as NBA commissioner Adam Silver or data journalism
pioneer Nate Silver.
Panel titles included “Football Analytics: Please Stop
Punting” — held in the Bill James Room, of course — “Data
Driven Storytelling” and “eSports Emergence.” Researchers pre-
sented papers on baseball bullpen strategies, “Marijuana as
Medicine” and “The Science of Sleep.”
A day before the two-day conference opened on Friday,
Catapult wired up a handful of reporters at MIT’s Rockwell Cage,
a typical Division III gym with pullout bleachers and the engi-
neering school’s mascot of a fierce Beaver decorating center
court. On the other side of a curtain pulled across the middle of
the gym, MIT students practiced badminton and archery.
After arriving, the reporters were fitted with a harness that was
too short to be a tank top but a bit longer than the Seinfeldian
“mansiere.” In the back at the neck is a pocket for the actual
tracker, which is about two inches square.
The devices detected movement and effort and broke it down
into four different load levels. P1 and P2 were perhaps best char-
acterized as walking and jogging; a full-out sprint put you in P3.
No one in the group recorded any of the most extreme kind of
effort, or P4.
“That’s a tough band to get into,” Torres said.
THE LOUISE LOVETT COLLECTION According to Torres, an NBA practice — the league doesn’t
allow players to wear them during games — would hit a total load
PRESENTED BY: PENINSULA MUSEUM OF ART of 800-1,000. The numbers are broken down by intensity and
Burlingame—Free Admission also tracked to see variation as the session goes on.
Torres said those numbers have a lot of potential. If a coach
0 1 . 2 9 . 1 7 - 0 4 . 0 9 . 1 7 | W E D - S U N D AY | 1 1 A M - 5 P M sees a player’s load decrease at the end of practice, he might need
rest, he might need more work to build up his conditioning or he
might be hampered by a small problem that could become a seri-
ous injury.
“Each team is different, because each coach is different,” Torres
said. “Knowing how to apply the data makes the average user a
really good user.
THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 13
Big night for boxing when two unbeatens meet on CBS
By Barry Wilner Even though Garcia has future and that’s what it’s per-view television; CBS has this one, using
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS more bouts and some very all about. That’s what we Showtime’s crews.
impressive victories, he’s train so hard for. I’m “The fact that this fight is on broadcast tel-
NEW YORK — A combined record of 60-0, considered something of going to give the fans evision on CBS is a huge plus for our business
with 41 knockouts. A likely full Barclays an underdog. But he’s as something to watch on and anyone who loves boxing,” promoter
Center. Network television. good as anyone Thurman Saturday. Lou DiBella said. “For a fight of this magni-
Boxing can always use an event that makes has faced, including “Legacy is very impor- tude to be available to so many people is a
folks take notice. And this welterweight uni- Shawn Porter, who lost a tant to me. I have more tremendous thing for boxing.”
fication bout figures to be quite a show unanimous decision in a milestones than Thurman. The undercard has some intriguing fighters,
Saturday night when WBA champion Keith Keith Thurman terrific fight in Brooklyn Danny Garcia This is his biggest fight. too.
Thurman fights WBC titleholder Danny last June. I’ve been in big fights Erickson Lubin carries the nickname
Garcia . Thurman has held some version of the WBA before. Every championship fight is a part of “Hammer” and has stopped 12 of his 17 oppo-
Both can punch. Both can box. Neither crown since 2013. Garcia’s been the WBA history.” nents in a spotless three-plus year career. At
backs up. champion since outpointing Robert Guerrero Ah, history. Way back in 1981, Sugar Ray 20, he recognized he has an excellent oppor-
Thurman is 27-0 with 22 KOs. Garcia is 33- 13 months ago. He’s also held a variety of Leonard and Thomas Hearns fought for the tunity to establish himself as a super welter-
0 with 19 knockouts. lightweight belts. same titles, an instant classic bout that solid- weight force against Jorge Cota of Mexico.
“This fight has been brewing and that’s the He promises he is ready for what could be a ified both of their credentials as Hall of “If you don’t know me now, you will after
reason why this is happening,” said Thurman, career-defining night. Famers. No one is claiming Thurman-Garcia Saturday night,” he said. “Come Saturday
who then proved he knows the ways of the “I’ve been the underdog before,” Garcia will be the stuff of legend, but it’s rare in box- night, I’m going to make my mark in the divi-
ring by referring to himself in the third per- said. “All underdog means is that there are a ing nowadays to get clearly the top two guys sion. I will become the youngest champion
son. “I’m really happy to be in this moment. whole bunch of people who don’t know what in a weight class together in the ring. That’s this year. Mark my words.”
Keith Thurman’s had a dream since he was a I can do. I rise to the occasion every time. I particularly true when both fighters are in Cota is no slouch, though, with a 25-1
little boy, to be not just your average champi- win because I’m better. On Saturday night, I’m their primes — each is 28 — and are big-time mark and 22 knockouts. Until an August deci-
on, but a great champion.” going to prove it again. knockout artists. sion over Yudel Johnson in Florida, Cota had
Beating Garcia might put him at that level. “I fight to win. I fight to secure my family’s It’s also rare to see such a fight not on pay- never fought outside Mexico.

UFC scraps bout after fighter hospitalized
By Greg Beacham reschedule the bout later in the year, White Ferguson then turned down the replacement among the top contenders for the next big-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS added. fight, which would have been a rematch of money fight with Conor McGregor, who
Nurmagomedov (24-0) and Ferguson (23- Johnson’s decision victory over Ferguson won the regular UFC lightweight title last
3) have been matched in two previous bouts in May 2012. November with a victory over Eddie
LAS VEGAS — Khabib Nurmagomedov’s
that also were canceled due to medical prob- “I was ready and willing!” Johnson wrote. Alvarez. McGregor hasn’t announced when
UFC interim lightweight title bout with
lems for both fighters. Nurmagomedov has The 33-year-old Ferguson has won nine he will fight next, and he could also meet
Tony Ferguson was canceled Friday after
won all eight of his UFC bouts, but the straight fights since that loss to Johnson, longtime antagonist Nate Diaz or even
Nurmagomedov was hospitalized due to
Dagestan-born Russian missed two full and this matchup was the biggest showcase Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match.
problems making weight.
years of competition before April 2016 due of his career. Ferguson alluded to UFC 209 is headlined by Tyron Woodley’s
One of the most anticipated bouts of the to a persistent knee injury. Nurmagomedov’s possible problems mak-
year was scrapped one day before UFC 209 welterweight title rematch with Stephen
Although Ferguson and Nurmagomedov ing weight during a faceoff between the “Wonderboy” Thompson.
at T-Mobile Arena. traded angry insults throughout their pro- fighters at media day on Thursday, with
Nurmagomedov was taken to Sunrise The UFC is likely to promote an undercard
motion for UFC 209, Ferguson tweeted con- Ferguson telling Nurmagomedov to “have bout onto the pay-per-view portion of the
Hospital and Medical Center on Thursday dolences at Nurmagomedov on Friday morn- fun with that weight cut, sucking air.”
night, the mixed martial arts promotion show, but didn’t immediately choose the
ing: “I Hope U Feel Better Khabib, I Pray Ferguson made weight on Friday morning fight. The pay-per-view card also includes a
said. He was treated and discharged, but the For Your Recovery, I Mean It, Get Better.” at 154 1/2 pounds.
UFC still canceled the fight on the recom- heavyweight matchup between Mark Hunt
Michael Johnson, a lightweight con- The winner of the bout was likely to be and Alistair Overeem.
mendation of Nurmagomedov’s doctors. tender who lost to Nurmagomedov last
“It’s obviously a huge blow, ” UFC November, said he had tentatively agreed on
President Dana White said. Friday to replace Nurmagomedov against
The UFC hasn’t decided whether to Ferguson. On Twitter, Johnson claimed

MMA brief deal Friday, a day before UFC 209 at the 20,000-
seat arena.
UFC establishes long-term home AEG says the agreement is the first time that
a global sports brand has been an anchor tenant
at Vegas’ new T-Mobile Arena for a multiuse venue. The arena also is the home
LAS VEGAS — The UFC has become an of hockey’s Vegas Golden Knights, who begin
anchor tenant of new T-Mobile Arena, commit- NHL play as an expansion franchise later this
ting to bringing several years of Las Vegas fight year.
cards exclusively to the new entertainment The Las Vegas-based UFC will host at least
venue. four events every year at the arena under the
The UFC and arena owner AEG announced the terms of the deal.
14 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Lakers legal fight is CCS Championship Saturday
a collision of Busses Continued from page 11 Boys’ soccer (13-3-6) at Valley Christian, 3 p.m.
It certainly won’t be easy. The Colts will
Open Division Boys’ basketball
No. 4 Carlmont (16-4-2) vs. No. 2 St. Ignatius
face a Padres squad that won a CCS co-cham- (16-3-1) at Buck Shaw Stadium-Santa Clara Division IV
LOS ANGELES — Jeanie Buss went to pionship as recently as 2014 and plays in the No. 1 Half Moon Bay (21-7) vs. No. 3 Menlo
court Friday to stop what her attorneys call University, 7:30 p.m.
vaunted West Catholic Athletic League. Serra School (18-7) at Santa Clara High School, 7
an attempt by brothers Jim and Johnny has dominated in the playoffs, beating its p.m.
Buss to oust her as controlling owner and Division II
three opponents by a combined score of 10- No. 3 El Camino (19-1-3) vs. No. 6 Serra (13-
president of the Los Angeles Lakers, an alle- 2. 6-4) at Valley Christian-San Jose, 12:30 p.m. Girls’ basketball
gation the brothers’ attorneys say has no
basis in reality.
But that’s why a win for the Colts would be Division IV
The matter came to a quick end when
that much sweeter. Girls’ soccer No. 3 Sacred Heart Prep (13-11) vs. No. 4 Half
“For us, it would be even more prestigious Division I Moon Bay (20-8) at Santa Clara High School,
Jeanie Buss withdrew her request for a tem- to beat a Serra,” Anderson said. “Just know- 5 p.m.
porary restraining in Los Angeles County No. 5 Woodside (13-6-2) vs. No. 2 Santa Clara
ing Serra is a powerhouse, regardless of the
Superior Court after the brothers dropped sport. For us, it’s a bigger thrill to be playing
their request for a board meeting she felt was Serra.” buildup to this, but I never thought we would St. Ignatius started the season losing four
a move against her, but it may just be the The Colts go into the finals with just one be playing Game 2 of CCS, let alone the of its first five games — including a 1-0 deci-
opening skirmish in a bigger family fight loss this season. They won the Peninsula finals.” sion to the Scots Dec. 12.
over one of the most-storied franchises in Athletic League Ocean Division title and gar- The players have probably gotten a sense But since a 2-1 loss to Richmond Dec. 17,
sports. A larger lawsuit in probate court is nered, surprisingly, the No. 3 seed in the of what it all means as the school and the El the Wildcats have been on a roll, going
pending. Division II bracket. There are many who Camino community has embraced the team. unbeaten over their final 12 games of the reg-
“It is good news for fans that Jim and probably wondered how a team from the “It’s been crazy. … We’ve never done this ular season and two CCS games, going 11-0-
Johnny backed down in court today, but I’m Ocean could earn such a high seed, but before. It’s been a cool, cool experience.” 1 over that span.
afraid it’s just the beginning, ” Adam Anderson has tried to convince his players Anderson said. “Being in this game, even it’s
Streisand, attorney for Jeanie Buss, said in that they deserve to be where they are. just one year, it solidifies the fact that at one Woodside girls going
an email to the Associated Press. “I’ve been telling the guys they deserve to point in time, the kids were doing something
for second straight CCS crown
The public spat comes just over a week be here,” Anderson said. “It’s not just about Having graduated CCS’ all-time leading
after Jeanie Buss ousted Jim Buss as the this season, but the last three years. This “No matter what everyone else says, that
we got lucky or whatever, we got here.” scorer and then being decimated by injuries,
Lakers’ executive vice president of basket- isn’t something that happened overnight.” this was to be a rebuilding year for the
ball operations and replaced him with Anderson said this championship appear-
Magic Johnson. She also fired longtime ance was the culmination of a group that came
Carlmont goes for Wildcats.
Well look where they are now. After winning
general manager Mitch Kupchak, who together three years ago when the program first title since 1999 the CCS Open Division title last season, the
Johnson replaced with player agent Rob last made the playoffs. While the varsity The Scots’ playoff drought has been Wildcats will look to add the Division I crown
Pelinka. squad was in its first playoff game in 28 years, nowhere near as long as El Camino, as they to the trophy case when fifth-seeded Woodside
Under the team structure set up by the sib- the future was coming together on the fresh- have been a perennial CCS qualifier. (13-6-2) takes on No. 2 Santa Clara (13-3-6) 3
lings’ late father Jerry Buss, Jeanie Buss is man team during that 2013-14 campaign. But when fourth-seeded Carlmont (16-4-2) p.m. Saturday at Valley Christian in San Jose.
controlling owner with final say, but the “We’re not a soccer powerhouse, but I faces No. 2 St. Ignatius (16-3-1) at 7:30 p.m. Woodside has to be riding high after knock-
brothers, and others, have ownership thought in 2014, when I saw the freshman Saturday at Buck Shaw Stadium on the campus ing off top-seeded Los Gatos in overtime, 3-1,
stakes in the team. class my son (Ken Anderson Jr.) was coach- of Santa Clara University, the Scots will be in the semifinals. This will be the Wildcats’
Robert Sacks, attorney for the brothers, ing, he said, ‘We have a good nucleus of making their first finals appearance since fourth CCS final appearance in five years, set-
told the AP by phone that the brothers have kids,” Anderson Sr. said. “We thought we winning it all in 1999. tling for a co-championship with Santa Teresa
no interest in wresting control from their would be competitive (this season). We The Carlmont offense is led by Dro Avetian in 2013 and winning all last season.
sister and the entire court fight is unneces- thought we would have, at least, a chance of and Leo McBride, while the defense is allow- This will be the Bruins first-ever CCS finals
sary. winning the division. We could see the ing an average of just over a goal per game. appearance.

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THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 15
Atlantic Division
Atlantic Division
Soccer mulling changes to shootouts
By Rob Harris Football Association chief executive to allow referees to defer to replays
Boston 39 22 .639 —
Montreal 65 36 21 8 80 179 164 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Stewart Regan said after Friday’s in the FA Cup next season from the
Toronto 36 25 .590 3 IFAB meeting. “It would mean the third round in January when Premier
New York 25 36 .410 14 Ottawa 62 34 22 6 74 163 163
Philadelphia 22 38 .367 16 1/2 Boston 64 33 25 6 72 177 168 LONDON — Soccer’s lawmakers first 10 kicks are taken under the League teams enter.
Brooklyn 10 49 .169 28 Toronto 62 28 21 13 69 190 185 ABBA system and then when it gets “There have been mistakes,”
are looking to make penalty
Florida 63 29 23 11 69 159 176 to next-goal-wins then it would Regan said. “What we don’t want to
Southeast Division
Tampa Bay 62 29 25 8 66 175 174
shootouts even more unpredictable
Washington 36 23 .610 — revert to alternate penalties.” do is roll it out into a major competi-
Atlanta 34 26 .567 2 1/2 Buffalo 64 27 26 11 65 162 184 by adopting the format used for
Miami 28 33 .459 9 Detroit 61 25 26 10 60 153 180 tiebreakers in tennis. There is a more immediate change tion and actually find that it doesn’t
Charlotte 26 35 .426 11 Teams currently alternate in coming to soccer on regular penal- get bought into because people
Orlando 22 39 .361 15 Metropolitan Division
shootouts, but the International ties in matches from June, with yel- haven’t got confidence in the deci-
Central Division Washington 63 43 13 7 93 208 134
Columbus 62 40 16 6 86 200 146 Football Association Board says low cards no longer awarded for sions being made.”
Cleveland 41 18 .695 —
Chicago 31 30 .508 11 Pittsburgh 62 38 16 8 84 214 175 research shows the first team taking “stopping a promising attack” if IFAB, once renowned as a conser-
Indiana 31 30 .508 11 N.Y. Rangers 64 41 21 2 84 209 169 kicks has a 60 percent chance of there was a clear attempt to play the vative institution reluctant to
Detroit 29 32 .475 13 N.Y. Islanders62 30 22 10 70 185 186
Milwaukee 26 33 .441 15 winning. ball. change soccer, is now willing to
Philadelphia 63 30 26 7 67 163 188
New Jersey 63 25 26 12 62 145 181 IFAB is seeking trials in the lower- Meetings of IFAB, which features offer flexibility to individual coun-
Southwest Division Carolina 60 25 25 10 60 151 175 levels of soccer with a new pattern the four British nations and four tries to tweak the laws. English
San Antonio 46 13 .780 — that would see the order mixed up FIFA voters, used to be dominated by Football Association chief executive
Houston 43 19 .694 4 1/2
Memphis 36 25 .590 11
WESTERN CONFERENCE between teams A and B to ABBAAB- discussions about technology. Martin Glenn, who hosted the meet-
Dallas 24 36 .400 22 1/2 Central Division Having introduced goal-line tech- ing, said IFAB should be the “foot-
Minnesota 62 41 15 6 88 209 148
BAAB. This mirrors tennis, where
New Orleans 24 37 .393 23 nology in 2012, video replays are ball promotion organization, not
Chicago 63 40 18 5 85 191 160 after the first point in tiebreaks —
Northwest Division Nashville 64 32 23 9 73 189 179 with the score 6-6 at the end of sets now closer to being sanctioned for the football prevention organiza-
Utah 37 24 .607 — St. Louis 62 31 26 5 67 173 179 use across the game. tion.”
Oklahoma City 35 25 .583 1 1/2 — the opponent then serves the next
Winnipeg 64 28 30 6 62 189 205 Live experiments are taking place So temporary dismissals —
Denver 28 33 .459 9
Dallas 64 25 29 10 60 180 208
two points and so on.
Minnesota 25 36 .410 12 in around 20 competitions this year, known as sin bins in rugby — will
Portland 24 35 .407 12 Colorado 62 17 42 3 37 122 205 “We believe that the ABBA
approach could remove that statisti- including the Confederations Cup in be allowed for yellow card offenses
Pacific Division Pacific Division cal bias and this is something that Russia which serves as the 2018 in youth, grassroots and disability
x-Warriors 50 11 .820 —
L.A. Clippers 36 24 .600 13 1/2 Sharks 63 38 18 7 83 176 147 we will now look to trial,” Scottish World Cup test event. England plans soccer.
Sacramento 25 36 .410 25 Edmonton 64 34 22 8 76 183 167
L.A. Lakers 19 42 .311 31 Anaheim 63 32 21 10 74 162 161
Phoenix 19 42 .311 31 Calgary 64 34 26 4 72 171 178
x-clinched playoff spot
Los Angeles 63 30 27 6 66 155 158 Giants brief
Vancouver 63 26 30 7 59 146 182
Arizona 63 22 34 7 51 152 206
Saturday’s Games
Detroit at Philadelphia, 3 p.m. Cueto to arrive at Giants camp Friday
Cleveland at Miami, 5 p.m. Saturday’s Games
Toronto at Milwaukee, 5 p.m. Dallas at Florida, 4 p.m. MESA, Ariz. — Johnny Cueto is finally
L.A. Clippers at Chicago, 5:30 p.m. Montreal at N.Y. Rangers, 4 p.m. scheduled to arrive at San Francisco Giants
Charlotte at Denver, 6 p.m.
Memphis at Houston, 6 p.m. Tampa Bay at Buffalo, 4 p.m. camp on Friday, and the Dominican right-han-
Minnesota at San Antonio, 6 p.m. New Jersey at Boston, 4 p.m.
Brooklyn at Portland, 7 p.m. Colorado at Winnipeg, 4 p.m.
der will likely not pitch in the World Baseball
Sunday’s Games Columbus at Ottawa, 4 p.m. Classic — at least in the first round.
Indiana at Atlanta, 10 a.m. Philadelphia at Washington, 4:30 p.m.
Golden State at New York, 12:30 p.m. “He’ll be in tonight,” Giants manager Bruce
Chicago at Nashville, 5 p.m.
Boston at Phoenix, 2 p.m.
Vancouver at Los Angeles, 7 p.m.
Bochy said Friday after his team’s Cactus
Orlando at Washington, 2 p.m. League game against the Oakland A’s. Cueto
Utah at Sacramento, 3 p.m. Detroit at Edmonton, 7 p.m.
Oklahoma City at Dallas, 5:30 p.m. Sunday’s Games then will have a physical and meet with team
New Orleans at L.A. Lakers, 6:30 p.m. N.Y. Islanders at Calgary, 1 p.m. management before he takes the field for any
Monday’s Games Buffalo at Pittsburgh, 2 p.m.
Miami at Cleveland, 4 p.m. Columbus at New Jersey, 2 p.m.
baseball activities, a team spokesman said.
Milwaukee at Philadelphia, 4 p.m.
New York at Orlando, 4 p.m. San Jose at Minnesota, 3 p.m. Cueto’s father has been ill, so the pitcher
Chicago at Detroit, 4:30 p.m. St. Louis at Colorado, 5 p.m. wanted to bring him to the U.S. from the
Golden State at Atlanta, 4:30 p.m. Vancouver at Anaheim, 5 p.m.
Brooklyn at Memphis, 5 p.m. Carolina at Arizona, 5:30 p.m.
Dominican Republic. That delayed his arrival
Indiana at Charlotte, 5 p.m. Monday’s Games by a couple weeks so that a visa could be
Portland at Minnesota, 5 p.m.
Houston at San Antonio, 5:30 p.m. Boston at Ottawa, 4:30 p.m. obtained for his father.
New Orleans at Utah, 6 p.m. N.Y. Rangers at Tampa Bay, 4:30 p.m.
Dallas at Washington, 4:30 p.m.
Cueto has been working out at the Giants’
Sacramento at Denver, 6 p.m.
Boston at L.A. Clippers, 7:30 p.m. San Jose at Winnipeg, 5 p.m. facility in the Dominican, so the late arrival is
not expected to affect anything relating to the
TRANSACTIONS pitcher’s normal preparation for the season.
But with the WBC beginning Thursday for the
BASEBALL RHP Erik Goeddel, RHP Robert Gsellman, INF Ty Dominican team, it wouldn’t leave much time
American League Kelly, RHP Seth Lugo, LHP Steven Matz, RHP Mar-
CHICAGO WHITE SOX — Requested waivers on cos Molina, RHP Rafael Montero, C Tomas Nido, OF for the Giants to assess everything before
INF Brett Lawrie for the purpose of granting his un- Brandon Nimmo, C Kevin Plawecki, INF Matt Cueto had to pitch a competitive tournament
conditional release. Reynolds, INF T.J. Rivera, RHP Hansel Robles, INF game.
CLEVELAND INDIANS — Promoted Dave Miller Amed Rosario and LHP Josh Smoker. Renewed the
to special assignment scout, Chris Gale to interna- contract of RHP Noah Syndergaard. The 31-year-old had an outstanding first year
tional crosschecker and Trey Hendricks to NFL
international crosschecker. NEW YORK GIANTS — Promoted Rob Leonard to with the Giants, going 18-5 with a 2.79 ERA.
National League assistant defensive line coach. Named Bobby Blick He signed a six-year, $130 million contract
NEW YORK METS — Agreed to terms with OF defensive assistant and Pratik Patel director of per- with San Francisco after helping the Kansas
Wuilmer Becerra, INF Gavin Cecchini, OF Michael formance nutrition/assistant strength and
Conforto, RHP Chris Flexen, LHP Sean Gilmartin, conditioning coach. City Royals win the 2015 World Series.

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16 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL




THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 17
win and got one on Wednesday, knocking off
“Running backs went through No. 8 Louisville 88-81. A win over Virginia
this period of — we blame Tech on Saturday could help even more.
Continued from page 11 that on Denver and Mike Continued from page 11
Shanahan, where you can Fading hopes
From 2012-2016, only four running
backs were taken in the first round and none always get your running On the rise Cal . The Bears (19-10, 10-7 Pac-12) were
already teetering on the bubble and a 30-point
was selected in 2013 or 2014. back in the seventh round.” No rthwes tern. The Wildcats’ long wait to
finally reach the NCAA Tournament may be loss to Utah Thursday night is not going to
Things are changing again. — Les Snead, L.A. Rams GM over. Northwestern (21-9, 10-6 Big Ten) had a push the needle forward. Cal may need to beat
After Seattle rode Marshawn Lynch to a Colorado and a deep Pac-12 Tournament run to
Super Bowl title and almost a second, rough go two weeks ago with losses to
The timing couldn’t be better. Illinois and Indiana, but followed that up with reach the dance.
Gurley broke the first-round drought and
Green Bay, Detroit and Indianapolis went a win over fellow bubbler Michigan. Still, VCU. The Rams (23-7, 13-4 A10) appeared
became the 2015 Offensive Rookie of the
into the offseason looking for backfield when you’ve never been to the big dance, the to be a lock, then last week happened. Losses
help and after releasing longtime stalwarts wait is going to be nerve-wracking. to Rhode Island and Dayton put a lot more
Elliott won the 2016 NFL rushing title Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles ,
and led Dallas to the top seed in the NFC, Nev ada. The Wolf Pack (24-6, 13-4 MWC) importance on Saturday’s home game against
Minnesota and Kansas City could be in the have bounced back from two losses in three George Mason; they still appear to be on the
and Atlanta won the NFC championship by market, too.
using essentially two productive feature games with a five-game winning streak. They right side of the bubble thanks to a strong
And teams looking to follow Atlanta’s face a big game against Colorado State and RPI, but can’t afford to lose this one.
backs to give quarterback Matt Ryan more model could be looking for more than one.
balance on offense. may have to hope the Mountain West is a two-
Wisconsin’s Corey Clement said one bid conference if they don’t win the MWC Ho us to n. The Cougars (20-9, 11-6 AAC)
“Running backs went through this period Packers scout told him Green Bay may draft failed on a chance for a resume-boosting win
of — we blame that on Denver and Mike two running backs. this week, losing 65-47 to No. 18 Cincinnati.
Shanahan, where you can always get your Mi chi g an State. Even with a loss to
“I have always thought that it was valu- Illinois this week, the Spartans (18-12, 9-7 Now Houston likely has to avoid losing to
running back in the seventh round,” said able when you could have two or three backs East Carolina and make a deep run in the con-
Rams general manager Les Snead, who Big Ten) appear to be in decent shape in a sea-
that you can run in there,” Seattle coach son that looked lost early. A loss to Maryland ference tournament to have a shot.
drafted Gurley. Pete Carroll said. on Saturday and an early exit in the conference Tennes s ee. The Vols (15-15, 7-9 SEC)
“The year we drafted Todd, and even “If you have one guy who is so dominant tournament could change that. may need to win the SEC tournament after los-
Melvin Gordon, kind of opposite years, that no one else deserves playing time, then
right? He had a freshman slump, Todd had a Wake Fo res t. The Demon Deacons (17- ing six of their last eight games, including
you have a great one. I don’t think it’s any 12, 8-9 ACC) were in dire need of a marquee LSU on Wednesday.
sophomore slump. They get drafted in the more valuable today to have multiple backs
first round, they ended up producing. than it was 15 years ago, but we always
Ezekiel Elliott, put that guy behind that line have been an advocate of having a one-two
and guess what? Defenses have problems. punch at running back.”
“This year, you have another group of Cook may or may not agree with Carroll’s
running backs who are pretty good. They’re notion.
going to go first round and they’re going to But he and the other college backs in this
help teams.” class are ready to prove that they can be
With LSU’s Leonard Fournette , Cook game-breakers.
from Florida State and Stanford’s Christian And, like Gurley and Elliott, they’re not
McCaffrey all projected to go in the first planning on wasting any time joining the
round, it could be the deepest running back club.
class in years. “With the running backs we’ve got in our
Tennessee’s Alvin Kamara could move class and next year’s running backs, a lot is
into the first round as well and the class going to change,” Fournette said.
includes two 2,000-yard rushers — Texas’ “With this group a lot of these players are
D’Onta Foreman and San Diego State’s going to succeed in the NFL and contribute
Donnel “D.J.” Pumphrey. as soon as they get there.”

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18 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

crimes, according to Mason. The local department also has 14 officers

deporting anyone charged with any crime.
The TRUTH Act, which went into effect In a report, City Manager Larry Patterson who are “double badged” as federal agents
this year, now requires local law enforce- notes the importance of having all commu- for working with group like Homeland
ment to inform a person in their custody of nity members, regardless of immigration Security; Secret Service; the Drug
Continued from page 1 Enforcement Administration; and the Bureau
their rights when a federal Immigration and status, feeling comfortable seeking servic-
Customs Enforcement agent plans to inter- es or reporting criminal activity without of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and
keep positive relationships with national views them. For example, if an ICE officer fear. Explosives.
law enforcement groups with which they requests an interview with someone in the Mason’s report outlines the city’s exist-
partner to fight crimes not necessarily relat-
ed to immigration issues.
county jail, the Sheriff’s Office must notify ing policy that provides police officers What’s at risk?
the inmate that the interview is voluntary. with discretion on arresting those suspected
While at least one councilmember already Since Trump signed an executive order
That law was proposed after the Legislature of immigration violations or notifying
made clear they aren’t interested in creating seeking to strip federal funding from sanctu-
found ICE suffered from a lack of transparen- ICE. But when asked for clarification,
“sanctuary status,” San Mateo’s report pro- ary jurisdictions, many fear communities
cy and attempted to shift the responsibility police stressed they don’t implement the
vides an in-depth analysis of the various could risk millions of dollars in support.
of federal immigration enforcement onto full extent of what’s permitted. 
issues that come into play when a city seeks local law enforcement agencies, according San Mateo staff provided a list of projects
to outline its role in the federal immigration Police do not inquire about immigration slated to receive federal money, many of
to the bill. status, but will arrest a person who has an
debate. Another long-standing state law requires which are divvied out through state or
Since Donald Trump became president, outstanding federal warrant. Typically, the regional agencies. For example, the city
law enforcement to report non-citizens way an arrestee comes into contact with ICE
he’s rolled out a stream of attempted policy arrested for certain drug offenses including currently has been awarded about $11 mil-
changes that include cracking down on is after they’re booked into county jail and lion for a variety of projects from street
marijuana related charges, to federal depor- their fingerprints are uploaded into a federal
undocumented immigrants, constructing a tation officials. However, that only kicks reconstruction and the State Route 92 inter-
multi-billion dollar wall along the border database, according to police. change project, to parking technologies
in when an officer has knowledge about a The Sheriff’s Office, which oversees the
and attempting to issue a temporary ban on person’s legal status, which San Mateo and supporting safe routes to schools,
those coming from seven countries. Trump jail and provides law enforcement for a num- according to the report.
police note they do not ask for. ber of cities, also does not proactively con-
also sought to strip federal funding from California’s polices may be fluid, as a San Mateo is also hoping for $40 million
those that declare themselves sanctuary tact ICE to report inmates’ immigration sta- in prospective federal funds that range from
controversial legislative proposal Senate tus. However, the jail complies with ICE
jurisdictions, which led the city and county Bill 54 seeks to eliminate the notification federal tax credits for construction of an
of San Francisco to sue.     requests for notification of when an inmate affordable housing project to $35 million
requirement and implement other “sanctu- is released — which over the last few
ary” policies across the state. for a pedestrian overpass bridge, according
State law and what it means to be Other federal as well as constitutional
months happened about 17-30 times a to the report.
month. ICE typically follows through with
‘sanctuary’ laws come into play as well, according to picking up inmates, and the jail also com-
Mason notes at least two lawsuits have
Mason. been filed to challenge Trump’s order to
City Attorney Shawn Mason wrote a plies when federal agents request inter- withhold federal grants from sanctuary
memo outlining state regulations that views, according to the Sheriff’s Office.
supersede local policies and noted there’s Police policy versus practice While San Mateo police proactively work
jurisdictions. He also notes case law sug-
gests the federal government may only con-
no precise “sanctuary city” definition. In The policies San Mateo has on the books with ICE, the department does collaborate dition grants in ways related to the program
fact, both the definition as well as to what aren’t exactly what police officers put into closely with other federal agencies such as under which it’s provided.
level Trump’s order applies appear to be up practice. the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s
for debate. investigations team, or HSI.
Sanctuary generally refers to policies lim-
Technically, police have a policy allow- Council options
ing them to enforce federal immigration Police stressed the value of working with
iting cooperation with federal enforcement laws or report cases to ICE. However, police federal agencies on major investigations Monday’s meeting is a study session so
of immigration law and could range from adamantly contend in practice, they neither into criminal syndicates within the city, no formal vote will be taken. However, the
simply refusing to hold a person for cus- ask about a person’s citizenship status nor noting the local department benefits from City Council will be asked to weigh in on
toms officials, to prohibiting any local enforce federal immigration laws, according their resources to crack some of the more whether to keep existing policies as is,
assistance, according to Mason. to the city. complex cases. Prior or current cases on adopt a nonbinding statement of solidarity
But based on those broad definitions, Police are committed to “treating all which they’ve collaborated include human noting its support for the immigrant com-
existing state laws could theoretically be members of the public with equity and dig- trafficking, international gangs, drug car- munity or consider policy changes.
construed as obstructive. nity regardless of immigration status, ” tels, cybercrimes, child pornography and It will again look at a “welcoming city”
First, the state has a number of laws that according to a statement from the depart- hate crimes, according to police. resolution such as proposed by Mayor
impact sanctuary policies such as the ment, which added “officers do not proac- The department confirmed there are no David Lim, as well as consider setting up a
TRUST and TRUTH acts. The former, tively inquire with any of our public con- less than four transnational gangs operat- legal defense fund for those facing immigra-
enacted in 2013 by the Legislature, pro- tacts — including suspects of crime, those ing in the city and pointed to the recent tion issues.
hibits local officers from detaining a per- contacted on a traffic stop, nor witnesses or human trafficking case in which San Mateo
son solely for the purpose of an immigra- victims — about their immigration status.” resident Allan Fong was recently convicted The study session begins 5:30 p. m.
tion hold unless the person has been The distinction is especially poignant as in federal court as examples of their collab- Monday, March 6, at City Hall, 330 W. 20th
arrested for or convicted of certain serious the Trump administration seeks to begin oration. Av e., San Mateo.

result in the loss of some spaces because a

Continued from page 1
single standardized space may not fully fit
into irregular slots between driveways
where two cars could fit, though such behav-
ior wouldn’t be allowed under the stall poli-
Unfortunately, there could be no clear cut “While the installation of on-street park-
way to resolve the problem, said City ing stalls would prevent inconsiderate park-
Manager Connie Jackson, as councilmem- ing behaviors, it would also result in a
bers approved formed a subcommittee reduction to the available parking supply,”
designed to further study parking. according to the report.
“The reason the council appointed the Some residents called for city officials to
subcommittee is to take the opportunity to consider paving open spaces to provide
vet this a little further given there is no more parking spots, but Jackson said she
magic pill that is going to take care of this does not believe the city owns sufficient
problem,” she said. land to offer a substantial amount of parking
The crux of the issue is, especially in area relief.
east of El Camino Real, residents owning She did note though she believed a park-
more cars than the neighborhoods were ing permit program could be effective in
built to handle, said Jackson. limiting those who park in neighborhoods
To ameliorate the concerns of frustrated only to catch Caltrain or walk to jobs near-
residents sick of canvassing their neighbor- by. Non-resident parking only worsens a
hood seeking for a place to put their car, problem that existed previously though,
officials discussed the merits of establish- she said. Parking commercial vehicles on
ing a paid parking permit program. the street further exacerbates the congestion
But implementing a policy would not too, she said.
guarantee residents a space, said Jackson, to Should officials consider moving ahead
the chagrin of those who had hoped paying with a residential parking permit program,
for the right to keep a car on the street would they should keep an eye to cost as well,
assure their ability to park. according to the report showing neighbor-
“There was a commentary about ‘if I’m ing communities with similar policies do
going to pay for a permit, I want to know not generate enough revenue to be self-sus-
I’m guaranteed a space,’ so that was a sur- taining.
prise to people,” she said. For example, a similar program in Daly
Any parking program would also need to City costs $150,000 to operate which was
consider guests and whether a visitor’s car nearly double the amount of money generat-
should count against a resident’s parking ed through citations, according to the
count, according to a city report. report.
Officials had also examined an opportuni-
Considering the variety of challenges
ty to paint parking spots on the street to cut
faced by officials, Jackson said the subcom-
back on those who are inconsiderate of the
mittee has a fair amount of work before rec-
limited space and take up more room than
ommending any potential policy amend-
their single car requires.
Jackson though noted such an effort still
“A parking permit program doesn’t make
wouldn’t solve the essential problem that
it all better. There are things that people
there are simply more cars in some neigh-
don’t like about the permit program. It’s a
borhoods than there are spots. It would also
complicated issue,” she said.
Switch’s big challenge
is luring casual gamers

Earning vs.
By Megan Tao

“You’re not special.”
On the first day of freshmen year,
Carlmont High School English teacher
Justin Raisner tells his students that.
“For a lot of these kids coming into
freshmen year, they’ve been getting good
grades their whole life. Getting trophies for
finishing eighth at a
swim meet, and getting
accolades based on
showing up,” said
Kids are now growing
up and being handed tro-
phies at every insignifi-
cant and mundane mile-
‘Table 19’ is a low concept rom-com that doesn’t quite work. But it’s a headscratcher when so many talented people were involved. stone in their lives. A
Little League baseball team may have lost

RSVP ‘no’ to ‘Table 19’
every game in the season, but the kids par-
ticipated, therefore they deserve a partici-
pation trophy. An achievement is deserved
when it is earned through hard work.
Participation, in this case, is not an
achievement let alone an act that
By Lindsey Bahr Kudrow and Craig Robinson), the old under- with repetition. “deserves” a trophy.
valued nanny (June Squibb), the estranged It’s all incredibly strained. The script Getting a trophy for participation is a
family member who’s had some trouble with infuriatingly withholds key character infor- demoralizing award, a reminder that one did
the law (Stephen Merchant), the awkward mation. Threads are left pointlessly dan- not perform well, so they’re left with the
Stilted conversations. Empty niceties. teenager who’s hoping to meet a girl (Tony gling (like the mysterious, handsome man pity trophy. However, the creation of such
Forced joy. That overwhelming sense that it Revolori), and, Eloise (Anna Kendrick), who shows up to give Kendrick’s character an award as “participation” was intended to
might have been better to just stay at home who gave up her maid of honor duties when cryptic life advice, dance with her and then soften the blow of not actually winning
in sweats. It’s that horrifying feeling you the bride’s brother, Teddy (Wyatt Russell), disappears). There’s an elaborate “Mean anything.
get being at a bad wedding with people you dumped her by text a few months prior to the Girls”-esque ecosystem of wedding guests This phenomenon that kids deserve
barely know. And, as it turns out, it’s also wedding. charted out at the beginning (“eligible sin- awards for everything that they do has cre-
the experience of watching “Table 19,” a How fun it might have been if these mis- gles, ” “iffy singles, ” etc. ) that goes ated the kind of mindset that has pushed
movie about being at a bad wedding at a fits had a modicum of comedic chemistry nowhere. And then things really take a turn millennials into believing they deserve the
table with people you barely know. with one another, or actually seemed like for the worse when the movie starts throw- highest praise for doing almost nothing at
While that unpleasant sensation might be real humans. Instead, they’re all half-baked ing everyone’s terribly oversimplified Big all because they think they’re special.
tolerable (and even kind of clever) for a first “types” as though they’d all just been Life Problems at the plot expecting the This mindset is prevalent in the debate
act set up, in the awfully generic “Table 19,” tasked with executing a lame audience-sug- audience to care. over what grade a high school student earns
it never fades and even gets worse as the gested improv exercise right before the Kendrick manages to skirt by somewhat and what they deserve.
labored wackiness gives way to trite senti- cameras started rolling. You know you’re in on charisma and her ability to make even For example, a high school student earns
mentality. trouble when there are basically two run- the most unnatural scripts work for her, but an 89.9 percent in a class. However, that
The premise is to spend the course of a ning gags, one about Kudrow’s character there’s only so much she can do, especially student believes because they worked hard
wedding reception with the people at the being in the same outfit as the waiters at the when she barely has anyone to play against they deserve a 90 percent, conveniently
random table, or as they later explain, the wedding, and the other being that in Teddy. Robinson is essentially sleep- bumping their grade up from a B+ to an A-.
pity invite people who should have RSVP’d Merchant’s character, in an attempt to hide walking and Kudrow somehow barely even In reality, it’s simple; the grade the stu-
“no.” There’s the unhappy married couple his convict status, can only manage to say
who sort of know the bride’s father (Lisa “I’m a successful businessman.” Both sour See TABLE, Page 24 See STUDENT, Page 22

Subtle (very) ‘gay moment’ in
new Disney film generates buzz
By Jocelyn Noveck out having seen it, because it doesn’t open
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS nationwide until March 17.
The scene in question involves the char-
To be clear: “Brokeback Mountain,” this acter of LeFou (Josh Gad), the timid and lov-
isn’t. able sidekick to the preening villain
The so-called “gay moment” in Disney’s Gaston (Luke Evans). Without spoiling too
new live-action version of “Beauty and the much, it’s safe to say that LeFou spends
Beast” is subtle — so subtle that one could much of the film in Gaston’s thrall, and
easily miss it with an ill-timed sneeze or toward the end also has a moment — a few
glance away from the screen. And it may seconds, really — where the same-sex
sail over the heads of young viewers. theme is more overt.
But the cast and director say it is indeed a At the film’s Los Angeles premiere on
gay moment — one they’re proud of. And Thursday evening, Gad said he was “very
advocates are calling it a big step forward proud” of the scene.
for Disney and for youth entertainment. “(Director) Bill Condon did an amazing
Mere word of it was also enough to lead job of giving us an opportunity to create a
one Alabama drive-in theater to cancel
plans to show the film — apparently with- See BUZZ, Page 22 Disney’s new live-action version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has a so-called ‘gay moment.’
20 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 WEEKEND JOURNAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

By Susan Cohn

IOWA. For longtime fans of the 1989
Kevin Costner baseball fantasy movie
“Field of Dreams,” there is a corner of Iowa
that holds the Promised Land, or at least the Players, said: “I’ve been fortunate to travel
promised infield. The film, based on worldwide and across the United States with
William Kinsella’s novel Shoeless Joe, the Ghost Players. With that being said, my
tells of a young Iowa farmer who hears a favorite ball field is still the Field of
voice directing him to build a baseball dia- Dreams. I have been asked countless times
mond in his cornfield (“If you build it, he ‘What makes people come here?’ The only
will come.”) In the movie, the magical common denominator is that there is none.
clearing attracts the ghosts of the scandal- Everyone comes for a different reason. I tell
ridden 1919 Chicago White Sox, but today, people that this may be the most famous
in real life, it is hopeful visitors who come, ball diamond in the world. Please under-
by the thousands, from around the world. stand, I didn’t say the best in the world but
From the moment they drive up the long the most famous. This is the only ballpark
winding country road and first see the ball- in the world that never has a game scheduled
field in the distance, their excitement but always has “players” on the field. In the
builds. They park their cars and walk out summer, there is an almost endless pick up
SUSAN COHN/DAILY JOURNAL onto the grass, amazed that the field remains game with players from all over the country.
Chicago White Sox Ghost Player Marv Maiers stands at the edge of a cornfield with delighted just as they imagined it would be. Many Players will leave and the next set of visi-
visitors at ‘The Field of Dreams’ in Dyersville, Iowa. Thousands are drawn each year to this bring their own bats and balls and gloves. tors will take their place. As far as I am con-
original movie site by their fond memories of the film. Young and old alike are encouraged to take cerned that is the purest form of baseball
their turn at the plate, play a little catch or there is. Maybe that’s what makes the field
run the bases. They sit on the wooden so special.”
bleachers and on the top seat plank find the FIELD OF DREAMS PARTICULARS.
slightly faded, carved heart inscribed “Ray The Field of Dreams Movie Site is located at
Loves Annie.” 28995 Lansing Road in Dyersville, Iowa.
THE PUREST FORM OF BASEBALL There is no charge to visit the field, which is
THERE IS, IN THE MOST FAMOUS open 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. daily April to
BALLPARK IN THE WORLD. The Ghost October. The 1906 white two-story farm-
Players who emerge from the cornfield in house, on a slight rise near the first base-
the movie are re-enacted at the movie site by line, has been restored to resemble the
local residents in period White Sox uni- movie set. The first floor is open to the pub-
forms. They greet visitors and serve as trav- lic by timed tickets for guided 30-minute
eling ambassadors for The Field. Marv tours that tell the house’s story, from its
Maiers, who for the past 27 years has been
the Catcher and Road Manager for the Ghost See TRAVEL, Page 22

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THE DAILY JOURNAL WEEKEND JOURNAL Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 21

Switch is impressive,
needs more games
By Lou Kesten a built-in kickstand and use the
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Joy-Cons as wireless controllers,
just as you would at home. You can
When you’re deep in a video also transform the Joy-Cons into a
game, the last thing you want to do more traditional game controller
is leave home. If only you could by sliding them into a wireless grip
take the game with you for your accessory, which is included.
commute to work or your bus ride to To play a solo adventure like
school, or to liven up your lunch “Zelda,” you’ll need all the buttons
hour. on both Joy-Cons. But Nintendo
Nintendo’s new Switch console also wants you to play socially, so
tries to address that by letting you each Joy-Con functions as a free-
play it anywhere. You simply yank standing controller for party games
the Switch out of its docking sta- like “Just Dance 2017” and “Super
tion. It functions as a tablet with a Bomberman R.”
built-in display, so you don’t have The Joy-Cons are surprisingly
to worry about finding a TV. Games comfortable given that they are
typically work without a persistent small, about the size of a candy bar.
The Switch represents a new hope. Nintendo is forecasting sales of 2 million units in the first month. internet connection. Once you’re I’d be more worried about losing
back home, just slide it back into them than getting hand cramps.

Switch’s big challenge the docking station to play games They slide into slots on the tablet
on a big-screen TV. and the grip with a satisfying snap.
The Switch works like a tradi- The tablet, with the Joy-Cons
tional game console when you attached, is about as wide as a stan-

is luring casual gamers
By Mae Anderson switch — get it? — you can pick up hope. Nintendo is forecasting sales
want that; it offers portability
when you need that. Over the past
week, I’ve played the new “Legend
of Zelda” game at home, outside, in
dard iPad held horizontally, but just
a little more than half as tall. The
screen resolution is equivalent to
720p high definition. “Zelda”
a laundromat and in a mechanic’s looks just about as good here as on
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS where you left off. of 2 million units in the first waiting room. The game picks your big-screen HDTV. The battery
“Knowing I could get the ‘Zelda’ month. IDC analyst Lewis Ward right up wherever I left off. lasts about six hours, though a
NEW YORK — With three kids game both at home and on the road, estimates Nintendo will ship 8 mil- power-hungry game like “Zelda”
lion within a year — better than the The big question, as it so often is
and constant travel for work, John at this stage in my life that’s essen- with Nintendo, is whether it will be could cut that down in half.
Hussey jumped at the chance to tial,” said Hussey, a sales rep from Wii U, though not as much as the
able to deliver enough games. The Switch has a puny 32 giga-
play an open-world adventure Bloomington, Indiana. “I can’t sit Wii.
When the console starts selling bytes of internal storage. You’ll
game like “The Legend of Zelda: around at home and play a 70-hour Friday, for $300, the Switch will need to buy a memory card if you
Breath of the Wild” anywhere, any- game, but if I’m on airplanes or MULTIPLAYER have a paltry nine titles, leaning intend to download plenty of
time. hotels, it’s perfect for me.” With the Switch, Nintendo is heavily toward familiar franchises games. Games also come on
After he heard about the Nintendo The new “Zelda” game is the hoping “to reach gamers, families such as “Just Dance” and postage-stamp-sized game cards
Switch, a hybrid game machine biggest available at launch, though and we even hope to reach people “Skylanders.” By contrast, Sony’s you slide into a slot on top.
that works as both a console at Nintendo is also pushing a collec- who haven’t played video games PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s It remains to be seen just how
home and a tablet on the go, tion of casual party games called before,” Nintendo managing execu- Xbox One had about 20 games each many games you’ll want. There’s a
Hussey ordered one in January even “1-2-Switch.” Nintendo says more tive director Shinya Takahashi at launch. drab collection of multiplayer
though it wouldn’t arrive until than 80 titles are in development, said. “Really the goal with the A new hardware introduction is mini-games, packaged as “1-2-
Friday, when Nintendo’s latest including “Super Mario Odyssey” Nintendo Switch is to reach as big for any company, and even Switch.” The package would have
game machine debuts. and the action-puzzle game broad an audience as possible.” more so for a company in such a been great as a free starter kit;
Nintendo will need lots of tradi- “Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Part of that involves changing state of transition. Nintendo’s Wii instead it costs $60.
tional gamers like Hussey to Together.” the nature of game play. Nintendo U console bombed when it came out “Snipperclips,” for just $20, is a
redeem itself as a console maker, developed the mini-games in “1-2- in 2012, and its long-held domi- more inspired cooperative puzzle
after being eclipsed by Microsoft GAME OVER ... TRY AGAIN Switch” so players look at their nance of the portable game market game. The marquee attraction, of
and Sony in the game-console Nintendo’s Wii in 2006 intro- opponents — not screens — as has been usurped by smartphones course, is “The Legend of Zelda:
wars. But Nintendo will also need duced motion control to gaming they draw guns or milk cows. and tablets. Its two big successes of Breath of the Wild” ($60). It is
lots of casual gamers who are satis- and was a massive success, forcing Nintendo Switch developer 2016 — “Pokemon Go” and “Super spectacular, but also available on
fied with playing on a smartphone Microsoft and Sony to respond Yoshiaki Koizumi said he wanted Mario Run” — were made to be the Wii U, so owners of that con-
and would never have dreamed of with their own motion controls. the game to reflect Nintendo’s played on other companies’ sole don’t need to upgrade yet.
buying a $300 game machine. But the Wii’s successor in 2012, roots as a playing card company in devices. “Pokemon Go” wasn’t Granted, I am a hardcore gamer,
And in trying to appeal to many the Wii U, proved disappointing. the 1880s. Nintendo wants to even developed in-house, but under the type of guy who would buy a
audiences, Nintendo risks not People thought it was too expen- bring people together, and “one of license by a California company Switch just for “Zelda” and spend
being the best at serving any one. sive at $300, especially when it the best ways to do that is giving called Niantic. 100 hours happily wallowing in it.
had few must-have games. them the opportunity to be able to The Switch is a gutsy attempt by Casual gamers who get by with the
THREE LIVES Since then, the Japanese video see each other’s expression,” much Nintendo to reclaim its territory in occasional fix of “Candy Crush
The Switch is like three game maker has faced other hic- like when you’re playing cards, he both the home and portable mar- Saga” on cellphones will probably
machines in one. Wireless con- cups. Its NES Classic retro module said. kets. wish for a broader selection.
trollers attach to a game tablet for was a “hot” holiday gift, but it was Andrew Maher, a cook in The console comes with two con- Nintendo says more than 80
hand held gaming. Take the tablet difficult to find during the holidays. Columbia, Missouri, looks forward trollers, known as Joy-Cons. Each games are in development, with
to a gathering with friends, and you It fared better with the monster- to playing with his girlfriend, has a control stick, four buttons, homegrown franchise titles like
can rest it on a table with a kick- chasing “Pokemon Go “ sensation something they couldn’t do togeth- two triggers, motion sensors and “Super Mario Odyssey,” “Mario
stand and detach the controllers for on phones, but that wasn’t devel- er on phones. He said the Switch haptic feedback. The right one also Kart 8 Deluxe” and “Splatoon 2”
use as stand-alone devices. Back oped in-house. The iPhone game “seems like a fun group experi- has an infrared sensor to detect coming this year. But Nintendo
home, slide the tablet into a dock- “Super Mario Run “ garnered buzz, ence.” nearby objects. hasn’t said whether the Switch will
ing station and snap the con- but some balked at the $10 price. But Nintendo doesn’t want to On the go, you can turn the tablet get some version of its Virtual
trollers into a grip accessory and It’s also not available on Android give up on traditional gamers into a hand-held game machine by Console, which delivered classic
you have a traditional game con- until later this month. either — thus the docking station attaching Joy-Cons to each side. Or hits from the company’s 30-plus-
sole attached to a TV. With each The Switch represents a new for playing on the big screen. just prop the tablet on a table with year history to the Wii U.

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22 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 WEEKEND JOURNAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Kids wouldn’t expect success and praise are special without some kind of meaning-

he starts off the year with the “you’re not
special” attitude as a learning device. for minimal amounts of effort if they less award telling them they are and not
weren’t provided it in the first place. They turn their newfound specialty into entitle-
“I want them to realize when they start
were groomed on gold stars and awards for ment.
Continued from page 19 becoming young adults, which is what hap-
doing virtually nothing, almost like award-
pens in high school, they need to do more “Even though I tell them they aren’t spe-
ing good behavior of pets with a treat. cial, in a lot of ways they are,” said
dent ends up with, even after all of their than expect success. I want to challenge
We can’t expect kids and young adults to Raisner. “This generation is kind and
hard work, is still an 89.9 percent because them right away to open their eyes to
grow out of this mindset if we keep empathetic, and they give me hope for the
that is the grade they earned and their real embrace the beauty of failing and learning
indulging in their demands for what they future. I just want them to figure that out
grade. Young adults and kids today are fed from that,” said Raisner.
“deserve.” It’s time to start giving kids for themselves.”
that they deserve what they want because The notion that one is not special when what they earn and nothing more.
they’re special, which makes the student they’ve been getting gold stars their whole This mindset is a two-way street. Without
entitled to believe they deserve a 90 per- life can be a bit jarring to hear. Even the coach, teacher or parent constantly
cent. though it’s the kids and young adults right awarding them for no reason, kids wouldn’t Megan Tao is a senior at Carlmont High School in
Belmont. Student News appears in the weekend
As a teacher, Raisner encounters this sit- now who have this mindset, they aren’t all have the entitlement factor they do now. edition. You can email Student News at
uation frequently and that’s the reason why at fault for expecting success. Hopefully, kids will eventually realize they

think it’s an incredible moment and it’s Sarah Kate Ellis, president of GLAAD, the year to find any content in major studio
subtle, but I think it’s effective.” LGBTQ media advocacy group. films. We’re usually the punching bag or
Condon suggested that descriptions of “It’s a wonderful step forward,” she said. the laughingstock. So this is an enormous
LeFou as the first Disney gay character “And this is incredibly important for the step forward for us.”
Continued from page 19 went too far. “I keep saying it’s more like youth of today. They need to see them- In the past, many have speculated on
the first gay moment,” he said. “Because I selves reflected in the media they consume. what they see as “coded” gay characters, or
version of LeFou that isn’t like the origi- think it’s a very fluid character.” The direc- More and more, as studios want to appeal winking references to gay characters or
nal ... but that makes him more human and tor added: “You can’t help but wonder in his to youth audiences, they’re going to have themes in Disney and other youth-oriented
makes him a wonderfully complex charac- adoration of Gaston ... (is there) some- to include LGBTQ story lines and charac- films. Ellis said the difference here is that
ter to some extent,” he said. “And there’s a thing more going on?” ters.” “we’re moving from coded, where you have
moment at the end of the film that I don’t The length of the scene — or scenes, Ellis noted that in the annual survey that to put together the pieces, to this being in
want to ruin ... because I want the surprise since LeFou’s fluid orientation is hinted at GLAAD puts together on LGBTQ inclusion the spotlight ... It shows the direction
to be intact, but I’m very proud of it. I elsewhere — is not what’s important, said in movies, “we have struggled year after America is moving in.”

ized on the Iowa Literary Walk by a base-

Continued from page 20
ball-diamond-shaped plaque that reads,
“Three years ago at dusk on a spring
evening, when the sky was a robin’s-egg
Addingg Ye
Ye rs to
t Life
blue and the wind as soft as a day-old chick,
early days as a farm homestead to its role as
the set for the Kinsella family’s story.
Souvenirs are available. For more informa-
I was sitting on the veranda of my farm
home in eastern Iowa when a voice very
clearly said to me, ‘If you build it, he will
and Life
L fe to Years
Li Ye rs
tion visit, call AND REMEMBER: “Baseball was, is This is what home care from Care Indeed is all about.
(888) 875-8404 or email info@fod- and always will be to me the best game in the world.” — Babe Ruth. We offer you the kind of care
• Personal care and hygiene
SHOELESS JOE JACKSON COMES that you deserve – because
TO IOWA. The Iowa Literary Walk in Iowa • Support with mobility
City connects a series of set-in-the-side- you're worth it.
Susan Cohn is a member of the North American • Assistance with physical activity
walks bronze relief panels that feature the Travel Journalists Association, Bay Area Travel
words of authors with ties to Iowa. Author Writers, and the International Food, Wine & Travel • Help with household chores
Writers Association. She may be reached at
William Kinsella, who spent two years More of her stories • Meal planning and preparation
studying creative writing at The University may be found at • Transportation and errands
of Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop, is memorial-
• Medication reminders

102 S. El Camino Real For a free
For free in-home
San Mateo, CA 94401 assessment,
assessment, call
(650) 627-7901
THE DAILY JOURNAL WEEKEND JOURNAL Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 23

Shirley MacLaine sets the record straight
By Lindsey Bahr that he wrote her character in “The
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Apartment,” Fran, after observing her learn-
ing how to play gin with “Dean and Frank”
MALIBU — Shirley MacLaine is putting and the Rat Pack crew.
something together about her life for the first “God, is that what he really thought of
time. me?” she wonders.
Tucked away in the corner of a shaded patio “He terrified Marilyn. That’s why she was
at a sea view restaurant in Malibu, MacLaine, always late,” MacLaine says. “He was
now 82, is thinking about the onetime Austrian and he wanted everything exactly
expectations of women of her generation. his way.”
“I asked my own mother once, ‘What are we The actress much prefers the hands-off
supposed to be?’” MacLaine says. “She said, style of independent films like the “The Last
‘You’re supposed to have nice hair and nice Word.” She has also found that the indie world
clothes and look pretty.’ She really said that is the only place where she can find character-
to me.” driven films.
MacLaine defied those modest prospects at MacLaine will read any script that comes
every turn. The gamine, natural beauty her way but studio tent-pole franchises hold
became a movie star when the popular look no interest for her. She also wants to make
was lacquered glamour. She sued a studio when films that service the senior community.
she knew she’d been wronged professionally. “I love getting older, I truly do,” she says.
She demanded the best of everyone she “I like the wisdom of it, the complications of
worked with, sometimes leading to less-than- it. I do not like the invisibility. I notice with
effusive assessments from co-stars. other people, who are not particularly
And she has continued to remain relevant famous, when they are old and no one notices
in the youth-obsessed industry at every stage they’re there. That’s awful. I want to do a
of her career. As she matured, so did her char- movie about that. I’ve got one I’m thinking
acters. Shirley MacLaine will read any script that comes her way but studio tent-pole franchises hold of.”
She doesn’t attribute it to ambition, how- no interest for her. She also wants to make films that service the senior community. MacLaine is grateful for her health — she
ever, but to dance. eats whatever she wants, she says, and gave
constraints to become successful in business. (“sort of”). She remembers getting a call from up smoking last year but thinks a lot of it has
Her mother famously enrolled her in dance
Now in her 80s, and lonely, Harriet is think- Paramount production head Don Hartman to do with her never having been a big
classes at age 3 to strengthen her weak
ing about her legacy and impact on the world scolding her for gaining weight during the drinker or doing drugs.
ankles. It was there that MacLaine fell in
and hires a local obituary writer (Amanda production of “The Trouble With Harry”
love, she says, with “discipline, music, She remembers hanging out at Carrie
Seyfried) to write hers. because of all the meals she was eating with
teamwork, pain, balance and strength.” Fisher’s house once and putting what she
“I love playing bitches,” MacLaine says Alfred Hitchcock.
“If you can get through a ballet class every thought was sweetener into her coffee when it
with a smirk. “I love the whole idea of being “Look, I wasn’t tall, thin, blonde, ethereal,
day of your life when you start at 3 ... I’m just was actually cocaine. But someone stopped
so impossible that it’s funny.” and all that stuff that was essential for men to
putting this together as a matter of fact ... If her before she drank it.
MacLaine doesn’t like to reflect on the jump on. Hitch wasn’t interested in me, but,
you can do that starting at 3, then you are scope of her career, because, she says, “I he was interested in me as a food partner. So, “I didn’t even know what it was. I think of
confident,” she says. “I wasn’t like the other think I’m going to live a long time.” Yet he insisted I have every meal with him. I those times when my buddies would go in the
girls who were out there trying to be pleas- she’ll tell stories for days about her films in think I gained 20 pounds,” MacLaine says. “I bathroom and I’m left alone in the living
ing. I was in class trying to be strong and sur- the studio system and the icons she’s worked was just out of the chorus; I hadn’t had a full room. ‘What are they doing? Why am I
vive.” with. meal in years!” alone?’ They were doing drugs. The word went
Not unlike MacLaine and her journey, the She smiles proudly recalling how she The only director she’s ever had a problem around that I wasn’t interested,” she says.
character she plays in her new movie “The taught Audrey Hepburn how to swear and how with was Billy Wilder because, “he had a “I’ve smoked two joints. I’m a dumb-dumb
Last Word,” now in theaters, is a woman Hepburn, in turn, taught her how to dress problem with women.” And she was horrified when it comes to how you can enjoy your-
(Harriet) who also rose above societal gender self.”

600 W. 42nd Ave., San Mateo
Worship Service 10:00 AM
Sunday School 11:00 AM
Hope Lutheran Preschool
admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.
License No. 410500322.

Call (650) 349-0100
24 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 WEEKEND JOURNAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Jon Seda stays on right side of law in ‘Chicago Justice’ Calendar
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ring,” Seda said. “It’s up to me to train, of “Law & Order: Special Victims
to prepare for the challenge in that Unit,” that brand’s last standing itera- Anne Lamott: The Journey of ‘Rumors.’ 2 p.m. 1285 E. Hillsdale
LOS ANGELES — Think back on script and make it believable. I take tion. Motherhood Across Generations. Blvd., Foster City. Hillbarn Theatre
9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 471 Lagunita celebrates the coming of spring with
standout modern TV dramas and everything I learned from boxing and “He is the consummate trouper, ” Drive, Stanford. Anne Lamott speaks Neil Simon’s classic farce, ‘Rumors.’
“Homicide: Life on the Street,” “Oz,” use it to prepare.” Wolf said of Seda, calling him a top- at the 13th Mother’s Symposium. For Show runs through March 19;
more information visit motherssym- Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.,
“The Pacific” and “Treme” easily come The result is one busy man, nearly notch actor who’s a favorite with his Sundays at 2 p.m. $45 adults and $20
to mind. monopolized in recent seasons as a cast mates. students. For more information call
Three Secrets to Speak ing 349-6411.
Jon Seda was part of them all, a tes- favorite son for “Law & Order” produc- Seda said he was surprised to get the Success. 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. San
tament to the actor and the career he’s er Dick Wolf’s newest divide-and-con- offer to take Dawson to a new show and Mateo Beresford Recreation Center, Crossing Lines Meeting. 2:30 p.m.
2720 Alameda de las Pulgas, San to 5 p.m. Martin Luther King Jr.
built. Credit the appealing warmth he quer franchise. assignment. In “Chicago P.D.,” his Mateo. Registration is required. $28 Community Center. 725 Monte
brings to roles, his confident physi- Seda’s lawman, Antonio Dawson, character worked in the police depart- for residents and $34 for non-resi- Diablo Ave., San Mateo. RSVP is
dents. For more information call 522- required by calling 574-8303 by Feb.
cality and the strict work ethic he was introduced on “Chicago Fire,” pro- ment’s elite intelligence unit. In the 7490. 22.
traces back to his brief but influential moted to “Chicago P.D.” and now is spin-off, he’s been asked by prosecu-
boxing days that included competing Docent-Led Wildflower Walk. 10 MONDAY, MARCH 6
part of newcomer “Chicago Justice,” tor Peter Stone (Philip Winchester) to a.m. 6 Old Stage Coach Road, Women in Action Breakfast
for Golden Gloves amateur honors. airing 9 p.m. EST Sundays on NBC. head the state attorney’s investigative Emerald Hills. Every Saturday and Seminar. 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. Poplar
Sunday at 10 a.m. through June 4. Restaurant, 1700 Coyote Point Drive,
“When I get a script, that’s my Dawson even popped up on an episode unit. Walks are moderate, 3 miles and last San Mateo. Come for breakfast, a
until approximately 1 p.m. For more keynote presentation featuring U.S.
information visit friendsofedge- Rep. Jackie Speier and opportunity

one 50-gallon bin a month. With some similar trip to Spain a year later, and or call (866) 463-3439. for women to build business rela-
of the cheaper cuts, Robert makes expanded his appreciation for small tionships. Admission is $25. For more
sausages and pates, which he showcas- shops bringing chefs one step closer Beautify Central Park ’s Rose information call 401-2441.
Garden. 10 a.m. to noon. Kohl Pump
es alongside cuts available that day in to their ingredients. House, San Mateo Central Park, 101 Nostril Breathing and Meditation.
Continued from page 1
the front display of the small space, As a Vermont native, the small Ninth Ave., San Mateo. Bring gloves. 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. 1000 E. Hillsdale
For more information call 579-0536 Blvd., Foster City. Learn how to med-
marked by wood tones and older iron shops he saw and experienced in ext. 3. itate and recharge your energy
lamb riblets, or lamb shanks and still butchery instruments. Europe reminded him of home, where through breathing practice, to
make people super, super excited and It’s an approach he hopes will catch major grocery stores are largely Jane Austen Society Display. 10 improve concentration, find inner
happy with what they make?” a.m. to 5 p.m. San Mateo Public calm and reduce mental stress. For
on with his customers, many of whom absent. Library, 55 W. Third Ave., San Mateo. more information call 574-4842.
The former chef’s interest in the have found his lesser known cuts and Event runs through April 29. For
“These little shops are near and dear more information call 522-7818. Lip Reading. 1 p.m. 1455 Madison
world of butchery meshes well with the sausages to be the reason they come to my heart,” he said. Ave., Redwood City. Ellen Matsam
approach he uses in preparing cuts of back time and again. Antiques and More Third will be giving a presentation on lip
meat, which takes the whole animal Robert started cooking when he was Anniversary Open House. 11 a.m. reading. Refreshments will be
into account. Every week, the store Redwood City resident Sally Albert 14, rolling dough and washing dishes to 6 p.m. 1148 El Camino Real, San served. For more information call
said she comes to the store once a Carlos. Featuring special anniversary 345-4551.
receives large portions of an animal, for a local pizza restaurant. As a col- sales. Also on March 5. For more
such as a half pig or a whole lamb, week. She learned about Gambrel and lege student at the University of information call 593-1152. Introduction to Soldering. 4 p.m.
Co. from a friend, and felt immediately Vermont, he worked as a sous chef and Grand Avenue Library, 306 Walnut
which Robert and his two other staff Free Prom Dresses and St., South San Francisco. For more
members break down over the course at ease in the rustic store, lined along later executive chef for a restaurant in Makeovers. 11 a.m. Grand Avenue information email
of the week so every part is used. the edges with sauces, cheese and Burlington. Through his studies in Library, 306 Walnut St., South San
bread. Francisco. Participants must register
“We might not have exactly what botany, Robert visited local farms to by calling 829-3860. For more infor- Drawing Circle. 4 p.m. South San
you need, all the time, ” he said. “It reminded me of being in learn about how they grew vegetables mation email Francisco Main Library, 840 W.
Orange Ave., South San Francisco.
“That’s not to say, we can’t get you Bologna,” she said. and took care of their livestock, expe- Free Prom Dresses and For more information email
everything. We can have it there Albert said she appreciates Robert’s riences he soon connected with his Makeovers. 11 a.m. South San
work at the restaurant. Francisco Main Library, 840 W.
tomorrow, but I’m not going to keep it creativity in offering meat she hasn’t Orange Ave., South San Francisco. Movie: ‘Pride and Prejudice’
back there and throw it away.” experienced before, and that the “I was having this hand in hand con- Participants must register by calling (2005). 6:30 p.m. San Mateo Main
versations with farmers, and I realized 829-3860. For more information Library, 55 W. Third Ave., San Mateo.
The strategy not only ensures cus- sausages she buys at Gambrel and Co. email Free. Everyone welcome. Rated PG-
tomers are getting the freshest cuts of are unlike any she has found at local how much better that was,” he said. 13. 129 minutes. For more informa-
grocery stores. Though Robert has directly experi- Asian Art Museum: Tomb tion call 522-7818.
meat, but it also allows Robert to build Treasures. 2 p.m. South San
a sustainable model for reducing waste. For Robert, this feeling is exactly enced the impact of stronger connec- Francisco Main Library, 840 W. Redwood City’s State of the City
He said the meat industry is defined by what he hopes customers will experi- tions between prepared food and where Orange Ave., South San Francisco. Address. 7 p.m. 1700 Middlefield
For more information email Road, Redwood City. Updates on
a focus on getting the most expensive ence when they walk into his store. it comes from, he realizes that not 2016 accomplishments, 2017 goals
and popular cuts of meat on the shelves The 33-year-old has his fair share of everyone has had the same window and strategic initiatives. Free. For
Teen Documentary Filmmak ing more information contact jsulli-
of grocery stores and discarding cheap- experience with Italian cuisine, hav- into food sustainability that he has. Workshop. 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Belmont
er and lesser known cuts. ing worked in a San Francisco restau- Knowing this, he is motivated him to Library, 1110 Alameda de las Pulgas,
bring cooks at all levels into a more Belmont. Sign up in advance by call- TUESDAY, MARCH 7
“If we’re going to take lives of ani- rant specializing in northern Italian ing 591-8286. For more information Ellen Silva Paintings. 10 a.m. to 9
mals, let’s eat the whole thing,” he dishes as a sous chef and later execu- sustainable approach to consuming email p.m. San Mateo Public Library, 55 W.
said. tive chef. In 2012, when the restaurant food. Third Ave., San Mateo. Event runs
Small Town Vibes Rap and R&B through March 30. For more infor-
Whereas some major grocery stores closed, he bought a one-way ticket to “I have felt like the steward of this,” Concert. 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The Vibe mation call 522-7818.
can fill a 50-gallon bin with animal Italy and worked at a restaurant that he said. “It was always in me to share Teen Center, 670 Shell Blvd., Foster
City. Free concert. For more informa- Keeping Safe from Financial
refuse once a day, Robert’s store fills also owned a small butchery. He took a the farm-to-table aspect.” tion visit Fraud. 11 a.m. to noon. San Mateo
nationrecords. Senior Center, 2645 Alameda de las
Pulgas. Free. Learn the signs of elder

more of a headscratcher when so many is that you never fall for the misfits, or Murder Mystery Dinner financial abuse, common strategies
talented people are involved. The fall for them falling for each other. Fundraiser. 5 p.m. South San used by scammers and how to pro-
Francisco Scavenger Co. 500 E. Jamie tect your finances. For more informa-
story itself came from Mark and Jay They remain, even after a brisk 87 tion or to register call 522-7490.
Court, South San Francisco. $45 by
Continued from page 19 Duplass, who I can only hope merely minutes, those annoying strangers Feb. 21. $50 by Feb. 28. Please RSVP
sold the idea and weren’t in fact who you can’t wait to never see again. with payment by Feb. 28. CD Loom Weaving. 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.
South San Francisco Main Library,
involved in its execution. Perhaps it Night at the Races. 6 p.m. 251 City 840 W. Orange Ave., South San
registers. rests with the director, Jeffrey Blitz, “Table 19, ” a Fox Searchlight Park Way, San Bruno. Re-live the Francisco. For more information
The only real comedic highlight is Pictures release, is rated PG-13 by the Tanforan Park Race Track by attend- email
Oscar-nominated for the documentary ing Night at the Races — Racing to
compliments of Andy Daly, a guest at “Spellbound,” who has successfully Motion Picture Association of America Cooperstown. $50. For more infor- Adult Craft: Glass Etching. 6 p.m. to
another table, who has about three for “thematic elements, sexual con- mation contact sanbrunomud- 8 p.m. 1 Library Ave., Millbrae. For
directed television comedies, includ- For more informa- ages 16 and older. RSVP at
minutes of screen time. ing “The Office.” tent, drug use, language and some brief tion and to purchase tickets visit For more infor-
That a low concept rom-com didn’t nudity.” Running time: 87 minutes. www.SSFKiwanis2017MurderMyster mation call 697-7607 ext. 236.
quite work is no great offense, but The crucial problem with “Table 19” One half star out of four.
Strengthen Critical Interviewing
San Francisco Banjo Band. 6:30 Skills for a Target Job. 6 p.m. to 8
p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Molloy’s Tavern, p.m. First Presbyterian Church, 1500
1655 Mission, Colma. For more infor- Easton Ave., Burlingame. Come for
mation call 544-3623. professional training to effectively
answer job interview questions. For
An Intimate Evening of Magic and more information call 522-0701.
Mystery with Magical Nathaniel. 7
p.m. Dragon Theatre, 2120 Cookbook Club. 6 p.m. South San
Broadway, Redwood City. Don’t miss Francisco Main Library, 840 W.
Magical Nathaniel’s family-friendly Orange Ave., South San Francisco.
one-man show. Doors open at 6:30 For more information email
p.m. For more information or tickets
visit dragonmagic.brownpapertick- Medicare 101. 6:30 p.m. San Bruno
Library, 607 W. Angus Ave., San
SUNDAY, MARCH 5 Bruno. Informative event presenting
Summer Camp Expo: A Parent’s an overview of Medicare benefits
Guide to Kid’s Summertime Fun. and options available for people
11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hillsdale Shopping becoming eligible those already
Center, 60 31st Ave., San Mateo. For enrolled. For more information email
more information visit
Information Meeting Foster Care
Summer Camp Expo: A Parent’s Program. 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 400
Guide to Kid’s Summertime Fun. Harbor Blvd., Building B, Belmont.
11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hillsdale Shopping Foster Care is a program that match-
Center, 60 31st Ave., San Mateo. For es caring families with children and
more information visit youth who need safe, temporary
homes. At this meeting, learn more
Master Gardener Plant Clinic. about how you can make a positive
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Kohl Pump impact in a child’s life. For more
House, San Mateo Central Park, 101 information, call 722-3035.
Ninth Ave., San Mateo. Free. For more
information visit WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8 Get Ready Disaster Preparedness.
9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. San Mateo
Spring Fairy Garden Workshop. 1 Senior Center, 2645 Alameda de las
p.m. to 3 p.m. Kohl Pump House, San Pulgas. Free. Registration required.
Mateo Central Park, 101 Ninth Ave., For more information call 522-7490.
San Mateo. Reservations required.
For more information or to register For more events visit
call 579-0536 ext. 3., click Calendar.
THE DAILY JOURNAL COMICS/GAMES Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 25


1 Amigo of Fidel
41 Wooden container
44 Piece of china
23 Fond du —
24 Inventor — Sikorsky
4 Billboards 48 Sandwich cookie 25 Dalai —
7 Renown 49 Levels 26 Tykes
11 Embrace 51 Office assistant 27 Party-tray cheese
12 Grouch 52 Took to court 28 Ocean motion
14 “— do for now” 53 Fleur-de- — 30 Hoops
15 Romantic phrase (3 wds.) 54 Back talk 32 Youngster
17 Enjoy the hammock 55 JAMA readers 34 Fail to win
18 Bungalow 56 ABA mem. 35 Twangy, as a voice
19 Fishing nets 37 Nulls
21 Spanish hero El — DOWN 38 Nubby woolens
22 Groupie 1 Elegant 40 Significant —
GET FUZZY® 23 Spring bloomer 2 Luau dance 41 Jungle crushers
26 Goal 3 Freud’s concerns 42 “La Traviata” highlight
29 Culture dish goo 4 Mild acid 43 Cincinnati team
30 Toe woe 5 Tree nymph 45 Burger mate
31 Telegraph signal 6 — Paulo 46 Apartment
33 URL ending 7 Grinding down 47 Library sound
34 Lo-cal 8 Nefertiti’s god 50 Cow’s mouthful
35 Zilch 9 Mme.’s daughter
36 Stubble removers 10 Plumbing bends
38 No longer wild 13 Rider’s charge (2 wds.)
39 PC button 16 Bishop’s deputy
40 Cries of pain 20 Accrue interest

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GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- Emotional matters will you’ve grown to love and trust. Lead the way instead of steady and your sights fixed on what you want to
take charge, leaving you in an awkward position. Don’t following. achieve. Giving in to someone dangling temptation in
feel compelled to disclose personal information. Set LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -- Speak clearly and ask front of you will set you back and create limitations.
PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- Be true to yourself. Don’t realistic goals and do your best to succeed. questions if you feel uncertain. Transparency will make AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Joint ventures will
feel bad if you want to do something that doesn’t include CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- Listen to others, but don’t your life and choices much easier. Offer honesty, and prove to be prosperous. Emotional sensitivity will
others. You will get much more accomplished if you do take what they say literally. Emotional blackmail will end insist on the same from those you deal with. give you the insight you need to make the best choice
your own thing. up costing you if you let it. Don’t let children or anyone, SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- Emotions and money possible. Celebrate your victory with a loved one. Self-
ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- Time spent making for that matter, make you feel guilty. don’t mix. If you are attached to something, there is improvement is featured.
alterations to the way you live or how you present LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- Don’t let changes going on no price anyone can pay for it. Fair judgment will be
yourself to others will pay off. Romance will enhance around you cause distress. Embrace whatever comes required if you want to be viewed as honest. COPYRIGHT 2017 United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
your relationship with someone special. your way by contributing your unique touch. Earn your SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- Confusion and
TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- Don’t wait for others place at the top. Celebrate with someone you love. delays will set in if you travel or attend a reunion or
to pitch in. Take care of your responsibilities without VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Listen carefully. The event that will bring you in touch with people from your
making a fuss. The less interference you experience, the information you are being given could easily influence past. Don’t believe everything you hear.
more you will accomplish. Do what’s expected of you. your position, as well as your relationship with someone CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Keep your emotions
26 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 THE DAILY JOURNAL

104 Training 110 employment 110 employment 110 employment 110 employment 110 employment
TeRMS & COnDiTiOnS HOMe CaRe aiDeS SaLeS/MaRKeTinG
The San Mateo Daily Journal Classi- Multiple shifts to meet your needs. Great
neWSPaPeR inTeRnS inTeRnSHiPS
fieds will not be responsible for more
than one incorrect insertion, and its lia- CaReGiveRS pay & benefits, Sign-on bonus, 1yr exp
required. Starting at $15 per hour.
Matched Caregivers (650)839-2273, JOURnaLiSM
The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking
for ambitious interns who are eager to
bility shall be limited to the price of one jump into the business arena with both
insertion. No allowance will be made for (408)280-7039 or (888)340-2273 The Daily Journal is looking for in-
errors not materially affecting the value 2 years experience terns to do entry level reporting, re-
feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs
of the newspaper and media industries.
search, updates of our ongoing fea-
of the ad. All error claims must be sub-
mitted within 30 days. For full advertis- required. HOUSe CLeaneRS tures and interviews. Photo interns al-
This position will provide valuable
experience for your bright future.
ing conditions, please ask for a Rate neeDeD so welcome. Email resume
Card. Up to $15 per hour. Company Car.
Immediate placement Call Molly Maid at (650)837-9788.
90 Glenn Way #2, SAN CARLOS
We expect a commitment of four to
eight hours a week for at least four
110 employment on all assignments. months. The internship is unpaid, but 127 elderly Care
intelligent, aggressive and talented in-
terns have progressed in time into
Data entry skills a must. No legal re- Call paid correspondents and full-time re-
quired. Full time, benefits. Email: (650)777-9000 College students or recent graduates
The San Mateo Daily Journal’s
twice-a-week resource guide for
are encouraged to apply. Newspaper
experience is preferred but not neces- children and families.
sarily required. every Tuesday & Weekend

Please send a cover letter describing Look for it in today’s paper to
your interest in newspapers, a resume find information on family
and three recent clips. Before you ap- resources in the local area,
ply, you should familiarize yourself including childcare.
with our publication. Our Web site:

Send your information via e-mail to 203 Public notices
SaLeS - Telemarketing and Inside Sales or by reg-
Representative needed to sell newspa- ular mail to 1900 Alameda de las Pul- Lien SaLe 03/14/2017 9am at 1101
per print and web advertising and event BROADWAY ST, REDWOOD CITY, CA
gas #112, San Mateo CA 94403 2015 GMC CA Lic# 7JDC397 Vin#
marketing solutions. To apply, please call
650-344-5200 and send resume to 1GKKVTKD4FJ193515

iMMeDiaTe OPeninG
Complete Senior Living & The Abigail neWSPaPeR
Immediate Openings Immediate need for Full Time/Part Time
Home Care Providers San MaTeO
We welcome applicants in San Mateo & Redwood City
Caregivers – Live Out – All Shifts & On-Call $250 Sign on Bonus*
Paid Training & Benefits
Redwood City – Kitchen Prep
San Mateo – Caregiver
Part Time – 9:30pm-6am Must have valid DL and reliable transportation SOUTH SF
Redwood City – Caregiver Part Time – 2pm-6pm Call or stop by TODAY!
Full Time – 6am-2:30pm Seeking Delivery driver to manage newspaper route
Mon - Sun 6am-2:30
Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun 10pm-6am
Don’t wait, call or stop by TODAY! – Ask for Carol Requires early morning work six days per week Mon-Sat.
Sat, Sun 8am-1pm
Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 2pm-9 pm
650-224-8853 Papers are picked up early morning between 3am and 4:30am
Redwood City & San Mateo –
Call / Text (650) 458-2200
Handyman Call Roberto 650-344-5200 1660 S. Amphlett Blvd. #115 in San Mateo
EOE, Division of Labor Standard Wage Order 5

Caregivers Needed
Immediately 3 ! . & 2 ! . # ) 3 # / ! ) 2 0 / 2 4 s 7 !4 % 2 & 2 / . 4

. / 7( ) 2 ) . '
What we offer: tDishwasher
Excellent work environment
Flexible work schedule
Training, PTO, Health Insurance
tPT Banquet Houseperson
Opportunities for professional advancement tPT Busperson AM
tRestaurant Manager
Our minimum requirements: tRestaurant Server
Must be compassionate & kind tSuitekeeper
Must possess verbal & written skills to tSupervisor – Cook
communicate with clients & team members
Must pass criminal background check, 7! , + ) . 3! 2 %7 % , # / - %
TB test, drug screening Thursdays from 1 pm – 3 pm
Must be able to work in a team environment Embassy Suites SF Airport - Waterfront
and work with minimum supervision 150 Anza Boulevard
Burlingame, CA 94010
Submit resume to or
mail to 1616 Gordon Street, Redwood City, CA 94061
or call us at 650.562.0555 EEO/AA/Disabled/Veteran
THE DAILY JOURNAL Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 27
203 Public notices 203 Public notices 203 Public notices Tundra Tundra Tundra
STaTeMenT #272305 STaTeMenT #272180 STaTeMenT #272445
The following person is doing business The following person is doing business The following person is doing business
as: Tremors Plumbing and Sewer, 1611 as: Eli Growth Solutions, 633 Bainbridge as: Century Rental Tents, 465 Dumbar-
Lodi Ave, SAN MATEO, CA 94401. Reg- Street, FOSTER CITY, CA 94404. Regis- ton Ave, REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063.
istered Owner: Francisco Zuno, same tered Owner: Brian Eli, same address. Registered Owner: Clemente Mota, 582
address. The business is conducted by The business is conducted by an Individ- 1st Ave, SAN BRUNO, CA 94066. The
an Individual. The registrants com- ual. The registrants commenced to trans business is conducted by an Individual.
menced to trans act business under the act business under the FBN on . The registrants commenced to trans act
FBN on 02-06-2017. /s/Brian Eli/ business under the FBN on 03-12-2012.
/s/Francisco Zuno/ This statement was filed with the Asses- /s/Clemente Mota/
This statement was filed with the Asses- sor-County Clerk on 1/26/2017. (Publish- This statement was filed with the Asses-
sor-County Clerk on 2/6/2017. (Publish- ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, sor-County Clerk on 2/15/2017. (Publish-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 2/11/17, 2/18/17, 2/25/17, 3/4/17). ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
2/11/17, 2/18/17, 2/25/17, 3/4/17). 2/18/17, 2/25/17, 3/4/17, 3/11/17).
FiCTiTiOUS BUSineSS naMe STaTeMenT #272306 FiCTiTiOUS BUSineSS naMe
STaTeMenT #272123 The following person is doing business STaTeMenT #272524
The following person is doing business as: Little Red Truck Painting., 90 Calvert The following person is doing business
Avenue, 90 Calvert Avenue, SOUTH
as: Gattai, 200 Castleton Way, SAN
BRUNO, CA94066. Registered Owner: SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94080. Regis-
as: Extended Team Technologies, 316
Channing Rd, BURLINGAME, CA 94010.
Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Over the Hedge
Darrick Del Moral, same address. The tered Owner: HRB INc., CA. The busi- Registered Owner: Chris Sandell, same
business is conducted by an Individual. ness is conducted by a Corporation. The address. The business is conducted by
The registrants commenced to transact registrants commenced to trans act busi- an Individual. The registrants com-
business under the FBN on Nov 1, 2017. ness under the FBN on 2/6/2017. menced to trans act business under the
/s/Darrick Del Moral/ /s/Samuel E. Baca/ FBN on N/A.
This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- /s/Chris Sandell/
sor-County Clerk on 1/23/2017. (Publish- sor-County Clerk on 2/6/2017. (Publish- This statement was filed with the Asses-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, sor-County Clerk on 2/23/2017. (Publish-
2/11/17, 2/18/17, 2/25/17, 3/4/17). 2/11/17, 2/18/17, 2/25/17, 3/4/17). ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
2/25/17, 3/5/17, 3/11/17, 3/18/17).
STaTeMenT #272143 STaTeMenT #272389 FiCTiTiOUS BUSineSS naMe
The following person is doing business The following person is doing business STaTeMenT #272509
as: DAM Events, 503 Edgecliff Way, as: Sea Pot, 1952 S El Camino Real, The following person is doing business
EMERALD HILLS, CA 94062. Registered SAN MATEO, CA 94403. Registered as: GIN MON CHINESE RESTAURANT,
Owner: Paymaneh Khalilil, same ad- Owner: Kobe Pot Inc., CA. The business 1079 ALAMEDA DE LAS PULGAS, BEL-
dress. The business is conducted by an is conducted by a Corporation. The reg- MONT, CA 94002. Registered Owner:
Individual. The registrants commenced to istrants commenced to trans act busi- Gin Mon 168 INC., CA. The business is
trans act business under the FBN on ness under the FBN on N/A. conducted by a Corporation. The regis-
01/01/2017. /s/Chen Bin Huang/ trants commenced to trans act business
/s/Paymaneh Khalili/ This statement was filed with the Asses- under the FBN on 01/01/2017.
This statement was filed with the Asses- sor-County Clerk on 2/9/2017. (Publish- /s/Sheng Hang Wu/ 203 Public notices 203 Public notices 203 Public notices
sor-County Clerk on 1/24/2017. (Publish- ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, This statement was filed with the Asses-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 2/18/17, 2/25/17, 3/4/17, 3/11/17). sor-County Clerk on 2/22/2017. (Publish- nOTiCe OF PeTiTiOn TO nOTiCe OF PeTiTiOn TO nOTiCe OF PeTiTiOn TO
2/11/17, 2/18/17, 2/25/17, 3/4/17). ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, aDMiniSTeR eSTaTe OF aDMiniSTeR eSTaTe OF aDMiniSTeR eSTaTe OF
2/25/17, 3/5/17, 3/11/17, 3/18/17). Elizabeth June Rabin Ernesto J. Flores Robert T. Freeman, aka Robert Freeman
FiCTiTiOUS BUSineSS naMe Case Number: 17PRO00164 aka Bobby T. Freeman,
FiCTiTiOUS BUSineSS naMe STaTeMenT #272410 Case Number: 17PRO00202 aka Bobby Freeman
To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con- To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con-
STaTeMenT #272190 The following person is doing business FiCTiTiOUS BUSineSS naMe tingent creditors, and persons who may Case Number: 17PRO00212
The following person is doing business as: Austin Edgington Communications, STaTeMenT #272596 otherwise be interested in the will or es-
tingent creditors, and persons who may To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con-
as: Clairespie Home, 1505 Maddux 28 Pelican Lane, OAKLAND, CA 94605. The following person is doing business tate, or both, of Elizabeth June Rabin. A otherwise be interested in the will or es- tingent creditors, and persons who may
Drive, REDWOOD CITY, CA 94061. Registered Owner: Austin E. Edgington, as: Southgate West Apartments, 1450 Petition for Probate has been filed by tate, or both, of Ernesto J. Flores. A Peti- otherwise be interested in the will or es-
Registered Owner: Paz Elizabeth Home, same address. The business is conduct- Southgate Avenue, #209, DALY CITY, Sanford M. Goldstein in the Superior tion for Probate has been filed by Zoila tate, or both, of Robert T. Freeman, aka
Inc., CA. The business is conducted by ed by an Individual. The registrants CA 94015. Registered Owner: Jenifer Palacios in the Superior Court of Califor- Robert Freeman aka Bobby T. Freeman,
an Corporation. The registrants com- Court of California, County of San Mateo. aka Bobby Freeman. A Petition for Pro-
commenced to trans act business under G.M. Behling, same address. The busi- The Petition for Probate requests that nia, County of San Mateo. The Petition
menced to trans act business under the the FBN on 2/15/2017. ness is conducted by an Individual. The bate has been filed by Robert Freeman,
FBN on. registrants commenced to trans act busi-
Sanford M. Goldstein be appointed as for Probate requests that Zoila Palacios Jr. in the Superior Court of California,
/s/Esperanza L. Sorongon/ /s/Austin Edgington/ personal representative to administer the be appointed as personal representative County of San Mateo. The Petition for
This statement was filed with the Asses- ness under the FBN on 6/12/2007.
This statement was filed with the Asses- /s/Jenifer G.M. Behling/ estate of the decedent. The petition re- to administer the estate of the decedent. Probate requests that Robert Freeman,
sor-County Clerk on 1/27/2017. (Publish- sor-County Clerk on 2/13/2017. (Publish- This statement was filed with the Asses- quests the decedent’s will and codicils, if The petition requests authority to admin- Jr. be appointed as personal representa-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, sor-County Clerk on 3/1/2017. (Publish- any, be admitted to probate. The will ister the estate under the Independent tive to administer the estate of the dece-
2/11/17, 2/18/17, 2/25/17, 3/4/17). 2/18/17, 2/25/17, 3/4/17, 3/11/17). ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, and any codicils are available for exami- dent.
Administration of Estates Act. (This au-
3/4/17, 3/11/17, 3/18/17, 3/2517). nation in the file kept by the court. The petition requests authority to admin-
The petition requests authority to admin- thority will allow the personal representa- ister the estate under the Independent
ister the estate under the Independent tive to take many actions without obtain- Administration of Estates Act. (This au-
Lien SaLe 03/14/2017 9am at 1518 A Administration of Estates Act. (This au- ing court approval. Before taking certain thority will allow the personal representa-
very important actions, however, the per-

FRANCISCO BLVD, PACIFICA, CA thority will allow the personal representa- tive to take many actions without obtain-
2015 TOYOTA CA Lic# 7MYW652 Vin# tive to take many actions without obtain- sonal representative will be required to ing court approval. Before taking certain
JTDKN3DU4F0458447 ing court approval. Before taking certain give notice to interested persons unless very important actions, however, the per-
very important actions, however, the per- they have waived notice or consented to sonal representative will be required to
sonal representative will be required to the proposed action.) The independent give notice to interested persons unless
Lien SaLe 03/21/2017 9am at 311 S. give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to
ELLSWORTH AVE, SAN MATEO, CA administration authority will be granted the proposed action.) The independent
they have waived notice or consented to unless an interested person files an ob-
1923 FORD CA Lic# 3SZF700 Vin# the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted
The best career seekers T8239446
administration authority will be granted
jection to the petition and shows good
cause why the court should not grant au-
unless an interested person files an ob-
jection to the petition and shows good
unless an interested person files an ob-
read the Daily Journal. Lien SaLe 03/22/2017 9am at 427 jection to the petition and shows good thority.
A hearing on the petition will be held in
cause why the court should not grant au-
MACARTHUR AVE, REDWOOD CITY, cause why the court should not grant au- A hearing on the petition will be held in
CA thority. this court as follows: APR. 04, 2017 at
We will help you recruit qualified, talented this court as follows: APR. 04, 2017 at
2008 LAND ROVER CA Lic# 6SLJ126 A hearing on the petition will be held in 9:00 a.m., Department 28, Superior 9:00 a.m., Department 28, Superior
individuals to join your company or organization. Vin# SALFR24N98H086111 this court as follows: MAR. 20, 2017 at Court of California, County of San Mateo, Court of California, County of San Mateo,
9:00 a.m., Department 28, Superior 400 County Center, Redwood City, CA 400 County Center, Redwood City, CA
Court of California, County of San Mateo, 94063. 94063.
The Daily Journal’s readership covers a wide 400 County Center, Redwood City, CA If you object to the granting of the peti- If you object to the granting of the peti-
range of qualifications for all types of positions. 94063. tion, you should appear at the hearing tion, you should appear at the hearing
If you object to the granting of the peti- and state your objections or file written and state your objections or file written
tion, you should appear at the hearing objections with the court before the hear- objections with the court before the hear-
For the best value and the best results, and state your objections or file written ing. Your appearance may be in person
objections with the court before the hear- ing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney.
recruit from the Daily Journal... ing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. If you are a creditor or a contingent cred-
or by your attorney. If you are a creditor or a contingent cred- itor of the decedent, you must file your
If you are a creditor or a contingent cred- itor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to
Contact us for a free consultation itor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by
claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within the later of either (1) four
the personal representative appointed by the court within the later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of
Call (650) 344-5200 or the court within the later of either (1) four
months from the date of first issuance of
months from the date of first issuance of
letters to a general personal representa-
letters to a general personal representa-
tive, as defined in section 58(b) of the
email: letters to a general personal representa-
tive, as defined in section 58(b) of the
tive, as defined in section 58(b) of the
Calilfornia Probate Code, or (2) 60 days
from the date of mailing or personal de-
Calilfornia Probate Code, or (2) 60 days livery to you of a notice under sectioin
Calilfornia Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal de- 9052 of the Callifornia Probate
from the date of mailing or personal de- Code.Other California statutes and legal
livery to you of a notice under sectioin livery to you of a notice under sectioin
9052 of the Callifornia Probate authority may affect your rights as a
9052 of the Callifornia Probate creditor. You may want to consult with an
Code.Other California statutes and legal Code.Other California statutes and legal attorney knowledgable in California law.
authority may affect your rights as a authority may affect your rights as a You may examine the file kept by the

The Future
creditor. You may want to consult with an creditor. You may want to consult with an court. If you are a person interested in
attorney knowledgable in California law. attorney knowledgable in California law. the estate, you may file with the court a
You may examine the file kept by the You may examine the file kept by the Request for Special Notice (form DE-
court. If you are a person interested in court. If you are a person interested in 154) of the filing of an inventory and ap-
the estate, you may file with the court a the estate, you may file with the court a praisal of estate assets or of any petition

of local news content Request for Special Notice (form DE-
154) of the filing of an inventory and ap-
praisal of estate assets or of any petition
or account as provided in Probate Code
Request for Special Notice (form DE-
154) of the filing of an inventory and ap-
praisal of estate assets or of any petition
or account as provided in Probate Code
section 1250. A Request for Special No-
tice form is available from the court clerk.
Attorney for Petitioner:
or account as provided in Probate Code Catherine E. Koss
is actually right here in the present, as it has been for centuries – The local community section 1250. A Request for Special No-
tice form is available from the court clerk. section 1250. A Request for Special No- Barulich Dugoni Law Group, Inc.
tice form is available from the court clerk. 400 S. El Camino Real, STE 1000
newspaper. We ignore the naysayers and shun the "experts" when it comes to the "demise" of Attorney for Petitioner:
Attorney for Petitioner: SAN MATEO, CA 94402
Paul A. Weiss, Esq. and (650)292-2900
the newspaper industry. Jane E. Donahue, Esq. Peter W. Clerides, SB#154074 FILED: 03/01/2017
199 Fremont Street, 21st Floor 505 Sansome Street Suite 850 (Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour-
SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94105 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94111 nal on 3/4/17, 3/11/17, 3/13/17 )
(415) 957-1800 (415)732-1744
The leading local daily news resource for the You will be offering a wide variety of FILED: 02/17/2017 FILED: 02/27/2017
(Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour-
SF Peninsula seeks an entreprenuerial marketing solutions including print advertising, nal on 2/25/17, 3/4/17, 3/6/17 )
(Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour-
nal on 3/4/17, 3/11/17, 3/14/17 )
Advertising Account Exec to sell advertising inserts, graphic design, niche publications,
and marketing solutions to local businesses. online advertising, event marketing, social media nOTiCe OF PeTiTiOn TO
aDMiniSTeR eSTaTe OF
We are looking for a special person to join our and whatever else we come up with if as the Gary Russell Barber
Case Number: 17PRO00206
team for an immediate opening. industry continues its evolution and our paper To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con-
tingent creditors, and persons who may
You must be community-minded, action- continues its upward trajectory. otherwise be interested in the will or es-
tate, or both, of Gary Russell Barber. A
oriented, customer-focused, and without fail, a Experience with print advertising and online Petition for Probate has been filed by
Matthew J. Barber in the Superior Court
self starter. You will be responsible for sales marketing a plus. But we will consider a of California, County of San Mateo. The
Petition for Probate requests that Mat-
and account management activities associated candidate with little or no sales experience as thew J. Barber be appointed as personal
representative to administer the estate of
with either a territory or vertical category. long as you have these traits: the decedent. The petition requests the

decedent’s will and codicils, if any, be
admitted to probate. The will and any
codicils are available for examination in
t)VOHFSGPSTVDDFTTt"CJMJUZUPBEBQUUPDIBOHF the file kept by the court. The petition re-
quests authority to administer the estate
t1SPmDJFODZXJUIDPNQVUFSTBOEDPNGPSUXJUIOVNCFST Fictitious Business Name Statements, under the Independent Administration of
Estates Act. (This authority will allow the
t(FOFSBMCVTJOFTTBDVNFOBOEDPNNPOTFOTFNBSLFUJOHBCJMJUJFT Trustee Sale Notice, Name Change, Probate, personal representative to take many ac-
tions without obtaining court approval.
Notice of Adoption, Divorce Summons, Before taking certain very important ac-
tions, however, the personal representa-
Join us, if you check off on these qualities and also believe in the future of newspapers. Notice of Public Sales and More. tive will be required to give notice to in-
terested persons unless they have
Please email your resume to waived notice or consented to the pro-
posed action.) The independent adminis-
A cover letter with your views on the newspaper industry would also be helpful. Published in the Daily Journal for San Mateo County. tration authority will be granted unless an
interested person files an objection to the
petition and shows good cause why the
Fax your request to: 650-344-5290 court should not grant the authority.

Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
Email them to: A hearing on the petition will be held in
this court as follows: April 04, 2017 at
9:00 a.m., Department 28, Superior
Court of California, County of San Mateo,
28 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 THE DAILY JOURNAL

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94063. she has a white nose, mouth, chin, all antiques collectibles $75 (650)755-9833 able remote. shape asking 30 dollars each. Call boose. Rare. New OB $99 (650)368-
If you object to the granting of the peti- four legs, chest stomach, around her Record OTA. Clock set issues $99 (650)574-4582 Lily 7537
tion, you should appear at the hearing neck. Black mask/ears, back, tail. Nice BiLLY Dee Williams autographed Star (650)595-8855
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claim with the court and mail a copy to LOST CaT. Black and White. Black $12.00. (650) 578 9208. 260-0057
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Lunardis on March 1. Reward.
from the date of mailing or personal de-
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er California statutes and legal authority Redwood Shores. (650)207-2303. with chairs $99. (650)580-6324
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anTiqUe GLaSS Hutch. Cherry Wood.
knowledgable in California law. Books 299 Computers Excellent Condition. $450.
17.5" deep. $90. (650)631-9311
You may examine the file kept by the (650)888-2662 WOOD FURniTURe- one end table and WaTeR STORaGe TanK, brand new,
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KOGi 15 inch computer monitor. Model (650)771-6324
the estate, you may file with the court a & US History and classic American nov- L5QX. $25. PH(650)592-5864. anTiqUe MaHOGanY Bookcase. Four OBO. (760)996-0767.
Request for Special Notice (form DE- els. $5 each obo (650)345-5502 feet tall. $75. (415) 282-0966.
154) of the filing of an inventory and ap- ReCORDaBLe CD-R 74, Sealed, Unop- 311 Musical instruments
praisal of estate assets or of any petition 294 Baby Stuff ened, original packaging, Samsung, 12X,
anTiqUe MaHOGanY double bed with 306 Housewares
or account as provided in Probate Code adjustable steelframe $225.00. OBO.
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section 1250. A Request for Special No- FiSHeR-PRiCe HeaLTHY Care booster BRaSS FiRePLaCe screen $30.
tice form is available from the court clerk. (650)348-2306 cellent condition, $8,500/obo. Call
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FILED: 2/28/17 excellent condition $20.00 (650)596- 3-STORY BaRBie Dollhouse with spiral COMPLeTe SeT OF CHINA - Windsor (415)751-2416
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itors and contingent creditors of dece- BOSTiTCH 16 gage Finish nailer Model
CHeFMaTe TOaSTeR oven, brand 302 antiques cabinet perfect condition $75. (650)483- SB 664FN $99 (650)359-9269 $750. Call (650)572-2337
dent M. Jean Fisher that all persons hav- new, bakes, broils, toasts, adjustable 1222
ing claims against M. Jean Fisher (who temperature. $25 OBO. (650)580-4763
died on January 17, 2017) are required anTiqUe BUFFeT Cabinet, with 2 large CUSTOM MaDe wood sewing storage
CRaFTSMan 10" Mitre Saw $25 312 Pets & animals
to file them with the Superior Court of drawers w/skeleton key, needs refinish- (650)595-3933
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a copy to Carl Richard Westphal, as Suc- COLeMan Lxe Roadtrip Grill - x58" (with one leaf 11 1/2") - $50. CRaFTSMan RaDiaL SaW, with cabi-
cessor Trustee of The M. Jean Fisher Red Brand New! (still in box) $100 anTiqUe iTaLian lamp 18” high, $70 (650)341-5347 net stand, $200 Cash Only, (650)851- CaLiFORnia CaROLina Pups.
Revocable Trust dated March 7, 1995, (650)918-9847 (650)387-4002 1045 Gd. Fam./watchdpgs. Ex.Hiking Buddy.
as amended and restated, of with M. DineTTe TaBLe, 3 adjustable leaf.$30. $1600. (707) 980.0915.
Jean Fisher was the only Settlor, c/o The eLeCTRiC STOve From Sears BeaUTiFUL anD UniqUe Victorian (650) 756-9516.Daly City. CRaFTSMen 3 saw blades $20. new.
Thirkell Law Group, 181 Second Ave., Excellent Condition $225 Side Sewing Table, All original. Rose- (650)573-5269 CanaRY BiRD cage 24 x 16 for sale.
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the later of 4 months after February 21, TiOn! $350. (650)815-8999. $90.00 or best offer ( 650)-780-0193 DeLTa CaBineT SaW with overrun ta- (650)766-3024
2017 or, if notice is mailed or personally eUReKa BRavO II Upright Vacuum ble. $650/obo. (650)342-6993
delivered to you, 60 days after the date Cleaner, Micron Filter System, Model MaHOGanY anTiqUe Secretary desk, DReSSeR 4-DRaWeR in Belmont for One KenneL Cab ll one Pet Taxi ani-
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ered to you, or you must petition to file a elled glass, $400. (650)766-3024 Call (650)678-8585 new 30.00 joe, (650)573-5269 (650)593-2066
late claim as provided in Probate Code GOOD MiCROWave 1100 watt $40 Da-
19103. A claim form may be obtained OLD vinTaGe Wooden “Sea Captains DReSSeR- aRT Deco. 54”wide 34” tall ROUTeR TaBLe ryobi $ 99. like new PaRROT CaGe, Steel, Large - approx
ly City (415) 231-4825. (650)573-5269
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JaCK LaLane'S power juicer. $40. (650)591-3313 offer. (650)245-4084
SHOPSMiTH MaRK V 50th Anniversary
Dated: FEBRUARY 21, 2017 Call (650)364-1243. Leave message. most attachments. $1,500/OBO.
Edward D. Thirkell, STORe FROnT display cabinet, From DReSSeR- viCTORian. 35” tall PeT CaRRieR, brown ,Very good condi-
1930, marble base. 72” long x 40” tallx 48”wide 22” deep. W/ mirror 34”x42” (650)504-0585
Attorney for Carl Richard Westphal, tion, $15.00 medium zize leave txt or call
Successor Trustee of The M. Jean Fish- UPRiGHT vaCUUM Cleaner, $10. Call 21” deep. Asking $500. (650)341-1306 $450. (650)888-2662. (650)773-7201
vinTaGe CRaFTSMan Jig Saw. Circa
er Revocable Trust dated March 7, 1995 Ed, (415)298-0645 South San Francisco 1947. $60. (650)245-7517
DReSSeR-aRT DeCO. Heavy Glass.
as amended and restated.
(Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour- WHiRLPOOL WaSHeR DRYER, GE 303 electronics Top 51” tall 36” deep 14” wide $150. 316 Clothes
vinTaGe CRaFTSMan Jig Saw. Circa
nal: 3/4/2017, 3/11/2017, 3/18/2017) Refrigerator all working and in good con- (650)888-2662. 1947. $60. (650)245-7517
dition all for $99.00 (650)315-3240. 46” MiTSUBiSHi Projector TV, great BLaCK DOUBLe breasted suit size 38
condition. $400. (650)261-1541. DRUM TaBLe - brown, perfect condi- excellent condition $25 (650)322-9598
vinTaGe SHOPSMiTH and BanD
WHiRLPOOL. HIGH Efficiency Washer. tion, nice design, with storage, $45., SaW, good shape. $500/obo. Call
White. Like new. Top load. $250.00. anTaReS DOLLaRS Bill Changer ma- (650)345-1111 BLOCH Black Boost Dance Sneakers
chine s never used for small bus. $95 (650)342-6993
(650)483-9226 S0539L Good Condition $20 (650)952-
(650)992-4544. enTeRTainMenT CenTeR for $50. 3500
210 Lost & Found Good shape, blonde, about 5' high.
297 Bicycles anTaReS DOLLaRS Bill Changer ma- (650)726-4102 BOY SCOUT canvas belt with Boy Scout
FOUnD: KeYS at Westwood Park in
Redwood City, off of Fernside. Call to
chine s never used for small bus. $95 309 Office equipment Buckle. Vintage. Fair condition. $5.
aDULT BiKeS 1 regular and 2 with bal- (650)992-4544. eSPReSSO TaBLe 30” square, 40” tall, (650)588-0842
claim (650)714-8893 loon tires $30 Each (650) 347-2356 $95 (650)375-8021 neaT ReCeiPTS Mobile Scanner new
BLaUPUnKT aM/FM/CD Radio and Re- in box $79, call (650)324-8416 FaUx FUR Coat Woman's brown multi
LOST - MY COLLaPSiBLe music stand, CHiLD’S BiCYCLe in good condition. ceiver with Detachable Face asking GLiDeR rocker and ottoman, oak, excel- color in excellent condition 3/4
clip lights, and music in black bags were $30. (650)355-5189 $100. (650)593-4490 lent condition. $100 650-345-5644
taken from my car in Foster City and may
310 Misc. For Sale length $50 (650)692-8012
have been thrown out by disappointed BULOva WinDUP Travel clocks.Vin- LaWn CHaiRS (4) White, plastic, $8.
thieves. Please call (650)704-3595
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styles , $20/ pair. call (650)592-2648
5469 3 in 5-gal cans. $10.00 each. (650)593-
1920'S aqUa Glass Beaded Flapper LeaTHeR SOFa, black, excellent condi- 7408 LaDieS SeqUin dress, blue, size XL,
Purse (drawstring bag) & Faux Pearl COMPLeTe COLOR photo developer – tion. $100 obo. (650)878-5533 pure silk lining, $40.00, (650) 578-9208
LOST - Woman’s diamond ring. Lost
12/18. Broadway, Redwood City. Flapper Collar. $50. (650)762-6048 Besler Enlarger, Color Head, trays, photo 500-600 BiG Band-era 78's--most mint,
tools $50/ (650)921-1996 LivinG ROOM table 36"x19" exc condi- no sleeves--$50 for all-(650)574-5459 LeaTHeR JaCKeT, New Black Italian
REWARD! (650)339-2410 tion $30.(415) 231-4825. style, size M Ladies $45 (650) 875-1708
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charger, Originally $100, now $85. floral $99. (650)574-4021
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Inside zipper $95. (650)591-6596
neW DeLUxe Twin Folding Bed, Lin- CHRiSTMaS TRee, 7.5’ Oregon pine,
KinDLe FiRe 8 in. Case and Charger ens, cover, Cost $618. Sale $250. Must
incl. 64 gig $75 Jeff 650-208-5758 1225 tips, hooked construction with Man'S BLaCK leather jacket, size 40,
Sell! (650) 875-8159. stand. Used once. $49. (415)650-6407 like new. $85.00 (650)593-1780
LeFT-HanD eRGOnOMiC keyboard neW TWin Mattress set plus frame
with 'A-shape' key layout Num pad, $20 DenTaL LaBORaTORY Jelblast sand- Men'S STeTSOn hat, size large, new,
$30.00 (650) 347-2356 blaster. New. Older model.#32000. In- rim, solid black, large, great gift. $40
cludes 5 lb. Quartz Abrasive Sand. $450. (650) 578-9208
OaK CLaW foot coffee table, needs
MOTOROLa BRavO MB 520 (android some refinishing $35 (650)646-8530 650-947-3396.
4.1 upgrade) smart phone 35$ 8GB SD Men'S STeTSOn hat, size large, new,
card Belmont (650)595-8855 OaK SIX SHELF Book Case 6FT 4FT eLeCTROniC TYPeWRiTeR, good rim, solid black, large, great gift. $40
$55 (650)458-8280 condition $50 (650)878-9542 (650) 578-9208
neW HP Desk Jet 1112 Printer plus ex-
tra cartridges- $50. Call (650)345-1234 OFFiCe TaBLe, 24"x48" HD. folding GaMe "BeaT THe exPeRTS" never neW WiTH tags Wool or cotton Men's
legs each end. 500# capacity. Cost used $8., (408)249-3858 pullover sweaters (XL) $15/each
OnKYO av Receiver HT-R570 .Digital $130. Sell $60, (650)591-4141 (650)952-3466
Surround, HDMI, Dolby, Sirius Ready, inCUBaTOR, $99, (650)678-5133
Cinema Filter.$95/ Offer (650)591-2393 PaRiS HiLTOn purse white & silver un-
OUTDOOR WOOD SCReen - new $80 LaRGe BLaCK Ciao Luggage 26" used, about 12" long x 9" high
OPTiMUS H36 ST5800 Tower Speaker obo Retail $130 (650)873-8167 w/wheels, Good Condition $35 (650)952- $23. (650)592-2648
36x10x11 $30. (650)580-6324 3500
PaPaSan CHaiRS (2) -with cushions Size 38 tan gabardine navy officers uni-
ORiGinaL aM/FM 1967/68 Honda Ra- $45. each set, (650)347-8061 LiOneL CHRiSTMaS Boxcars 2005, form great condition Perfect for that cos-
dio for $50. (650)593-4490 2006, 2007 New OB $90 lot (650)368- tume party. Free. (650)322-9598
ReCLineR CHaiR blue tweed clean 7537
PiOneeR HOUSe Speakers, pair. 15 good $75 Call (650)583-3515 veLveT DRaPe, 100% cotton, new
inch 3-way, black with screens. Work LiOneL CHRiSTMaS Holiday expan- beautiful burgundy 82"X52" W/6"hems:
ReCLininG SWiveL chair almost new $45 (415)585-3622
great. $99.(650)243-8198 $99 (650)766-4858 sion Set. New OB $99 (650)368-7537
SaMSUnG FLaT TV 20" ROCKinG CHaiR fine light, oak condi- LiOneL WeSTeRn Union Pass car and vinTaGe 1970’S Grecian made dress,
VCR ,set up $70. (650)992-4544 tion with pads, $85/OBO. (650)369-9762 dining car. New OB $99 (650)368-7537 size 6-8, $35 (650)873-8167

SOnY PROJeCTiOn TV 48" with re- RUMMY ROYaL poker table top $30.00 UniDen HaRLeY Davidson Gas Tank WiLSOn'S LG Green Suede Jacket
mote good condition $99 (650)345-1111 (650)573-5269 phone. $100 or best offer (650)863-8485 $50.00 (650)367-1508
THE DAILY JOURNAL Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 29
317 Building Materials 318 Sports equipment 318 Sports equipment 318 Sports equipment Garage Sales 625 Classic Cars
CULTUReD MaRBLe 2 tone BR vanity GOLF CLUBS, new, Warrior woods PRinCe TenniS 2 section nylon black WOMen'S nORDiCa ski boots, size 8 1955 CHevY BeL aiR 2 door, Standard
counter top. New toe skin/ scribe. 29” x 3/15 degree 5/21 degree 7/24 degree Bag with Prince Pro Graphite Racket- 1/2. $50 (650)592-2047 Transmission V8 Motor, non-op $22,000
19” $300 (408)744-1041 $15 ea (650)349-0430 $55.(650)341-8342
WOMen'S nORDiCa ski boots, size 8
GaRaGe SaLeS obo. (650)952-4036.

LiKe neW Oak bath fittings $5
GOLF CLUBS, used set with Cart for PURSUiT SCOOTeR. $99. (650)348-
1/2. $50 (650)592-2047 eSTaTe SaLeS 86 CHevY CORveTTe. Automatic.
93,000 miles. Sports Package.$6,800
$50. (650)593-4490 YaMaHa ROOF RACK, 58 inches $75.
Make money, make room! obo. (650) 952-4036.
SHUTTeRS 2 wooden shutters 32x72 iGLOO BLUe 38-Quart Wheelie Cool SKi RaCK Thule, roof mounted to roof (650)458-3255
like new $50.00 (650)368-7891 Cooler/Ice Chest $14 (650)952-3500 load bars. Holds three pairs. $85, OBO CORveTTe ‘69 50.000 miles. $19,000.
WHiTe DOUBLe pane window for $29
650-594-1494 345 Medical equipment List your upcoming Best Cash Offer. (650)481-5296.
KaSTLe 190CM Xcountry skis+poles
or Best offer. Call Halim @ (650) 678- $29 650-595-3933 SOCCeR BaLLS - $8.00 each (like new) BaTH CHaiR LiFT. Peterman battery
garage sale, FORD ‘64 Falcon. 4DR Sedan. 6 cyl.
KaYaK 12' sit on top 2 compartments
4 available. (650)341-5347 operated bath chair lift. Stainless steel moving sale, auto/trans $3,500.00. (650) 570-5780.
frame. Accepts up to 350lbs. Easily in-
WROUGHT iROn Railing Set side floor-
mount for porch/level change.
** SOLD to a Daily Journal reader!** TOTaL GYM XLS, excellent condition.
Paid $2,500. Yours for $900. Call serted I/O tub.$250 OBO. estate sale, 630 Trucks & SUv’s
36”Hx78”L & 20”L. $99 (650)483-3738. LaDieS MCGReGOR Golf Clubs (650)588-0828 (650) 739-6489. yard sale, LinCOLn ‘02 Navigator, excellent condi-
Right handed with covers and pull cart rummage sale, tion. Runs great! Must sell! $4,400/obo.
318 Sports equipment $150 o.b.o. (650)344-3104 (650)342-4227.
Used). 10% incline, 2.5 HP motor, 300lb
weight capacity. $195 (650)598-9804
clearance sale, or
Men'S CaLLaWaY Rain Jacket XL .
15 SF Giants Posters -- Barry Bonds,
Jeff Kent, JT Snow. 6' x 2.5' Unused. $4 Mint Condition worn only a few times. whatever sale you 635 vans
vinTaGe enGLiSH ladies ice skates -
each. $35 all. (650)588-1946 San Bruno $50 650-208-5758
up to size 7-8, $40., (650)873-8167 have... CHevROLeT ‘06 Mini VAN, new radia-
Men'S ROSSiGnOL Skis. $95.00, tor, tires and brakes. Needs head gasket.
CHiLDS KiCK scooter by razor with hel- vinTaGe naSH Cruisers Mens/ Wom- $1,500. (650)481-5296
good condition, (650)341-0282. ens Roller Skates Blue indoor/outdoor sz Reach over 83,450 readers
met $25 obo (650)591-6842 6-8. $60 B/O. (650)574-4439
neW WeiGH bench With 200lbs, plus from South San Francisco 640 Motorcycles/Scooters
eaSTOn FULL size pitching target with free weights. $50. (510)943-9221.San WeT SUiT - medium size, $95., call for to Palo Alto.
pockets. $25.(650)646-8530 Mateo. info (650)851-0878 in your local newspaper. ‘89 GOLD WING. 1500 CC. 39K miles.
Call Joe (650)578-8357
GOLF CLUBS {13}, Bag, & Pull Cart all--

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
POWeR PLUS Exercise Machine $99 WOMen'S LaDY Cougar gold iron set
$90.00 (650)341-8342 (650)368-3037 set - $25. (650)348-6955 Call (650)344-5200 aLPine STaR motocross boots Tech 8s
size 14 good cond. $75. (650)345-5642
BMW ‘03 F650 GS, $3899 OBO. Call
(650) 995-0003
379 Open Houses mounting hardware and other parts $35.
Call (650)670-2888
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
OPen HOUSe 645 Boats
2 Hawaii’s __ Bay 33 Molts 42 R&B singer __ LiSTinGS 16 FT Sea RaY. I/B. $1,200. Needs Up-
1 Picture with a 3 Places with 34 Defense that may Marie holstery. Call (650)898-5732.

surprise ending? indoor windows, be all wet 43 Dividing walls List your Open House 2003 P-15 West Wight Potter sailboat,
in the Daily Journal. excellend condition. $5,500. Call
10 Cheaply, with briefly 36 Gaga 45 Café supply (650)347-2559
“for” 4 Rap article 37 “Does she ... or 46 León relative Reach over 83,450
potential home buyers & 650 Rvs
15 Land across the 5 Storm problems doesn’t she?” 47 Piccadilly Circus renters a day, Rv - 2013 WinneBaGO iTaSCa na-
Baltic from 6 Kept out brand statue from South San Francisco vion, 25’ with sideout. 4000 miles. Mer-
to Palo Alto. cedes Benz Sprinter chassis,. diesel,
Sweden 7 Two __: fast- 40 Part of a fictional 48 Hand raiser’s in your local newspaper. loaded, like new! $85,500.
Call (650)726-8623 or (650)619-9672.
16 Organ __ break advantage dog name attention-getter Call (650)344-5200
17 Burden to bear 8 Protein-rich inspired by 50 Beta rival 670 auto Service
18 Lead-in for here paste Sinatra’s 51 Org. that
or nowhere 9 Humanities degs. “Strangers in the complements the 470 Rooms
Complete Repair & Service
19 Much data: Abbr. 10 Like most Night” IMF $29.75 plus certificate fee

20 River of Tuscany grandparents Non-Profit Home Sharing Program
(most cars)
869 California Drive .
San Mateo County
21 Oliver Twist, for 11 Stock options? (650)348-6660 Burlingame
one 12 Facing a (650) 340-0492
22 Architectural deadline 620 automobiles
molding 13 “In your dreams!” ‘01 TOYOTa Camry, limited, V6, 108K LUxURaTi aUTO RePaiR
23 Cut twice, 14 Federal subsidy miles, $4,700. (650)302-5523
Smog Check
perhaps 21 College town Don’t lose money
Repair Services
Collision and Body Work
24 Clear of snow about 100 miles on a trade-in or Burlingame & San Mateo Locations
27 The King’s NE of Portland consignment!
(650) 340-0026
middle name 22 See 35-Across SEE OUR AD FOR DISCOUNTS!
23 Hackneyed Sell your vehicle in the
28 McBride of “Draft Daily Journal’s
Day” 24 1993 William auto Classifieds. 670 auto Parts
29 Metz meal Diehl thriller on
BRiDGeSTOne aLenza 235/65R17,
30 __ vote which a 1996 film Just $45 $50. Excellent condition, 80k warranty,
was based We’ll run it used less than 10k. (650)593-4490
31 Wi-Fi relative ‘til you sell it!
32 Eisner’s 25 Formidable court BRiDGeSTOne TURanza RFT (Run
Flat) 205/55/16 EL 42 All Season Like
successor at figure Reach 83,450 drivers New $100. (650)483-1222

Disney 26 Nevada’s Area from South SF to COBRa CaBLe chains for radial and
regular tires, never used $65.00
51, notably Palo alto
33 Org. formed in (650)593-1780

Manila in 1954 27 Agatha or Edgar Call (650)344-5200
GOODYeaR TiRe P245/70R-15 Like
New. $40. (650) 637-9791
34 Pulitzer poet Van 30 The Pont Neuf 03/04/17
neW COnTinenTaL Temporary tire
Duyn spans it mounted on 5 lug rim Size T125/70/R17-
BMW ‘07 X-5, One Owner, Excel. Condi- 98M $100. (650)483-1222
35 With 22-Down, tion Sports package 3rd row seats re-
neW SnOW Cables SZ327 $19 650-
duced $19,995 obo Call (650)520-4650
immortal 20th- 595-3933
CaDiLLaC ‘02 Deville, 8 cylinder, per-
century racer fect condition, like new, cashmere out-
SHOP ManUaLS for GM Suv's
Year 2002 all for $40 (650)948-0912
36 British county side white inside 4787 miles $13,000.
(415)850-2370 680 autos Wanted
37 Spherical CaDiLLaC ‘99 DeVille Concours,
Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
bacteria 98,500 miles, $3,500 or best offer.
(650)270-6637 Novas, running or not
Parts collection etc.
38 Racing Unsers So clean out that garage
39 Make sound miles, $3800 (650)481-5296 Give me a call
Joe 650 342-2483
40 Quenched CHevY ‘10 HHR . 68K. EXCELLENT
CONDITION. $8888. (650)274-8284.
41 Downwind current
CHevY HHR ‘08 - Grey, spunky car
43 Improvisational loaded, even seat warmers, $9,500.
DODGe ‘99 MainTenanCe Van, ,
44 Aspects $2,500, call (650)481-5296
45 Sainted pope
called “the Great” CaR, BOaT, OR Rv?
46 Masterpiece Do the humane thing.
Donate it to the
49 Heron relative Humane Society.
50 Product Call 1- 800-943-8412
announced but
LexUS ‘97 ES300, 147K, clean. $3,800
never produced (650)302-5523
or canceled MazDa ‘12 CX-7 SUV Excellent con-
52 Coeur d’__ dition One owner Fully loaded Low
miles reduced $18,995 obo (650)520-
53 Crash and burn 4650
54 Treat again, as
MeRCeDeS ’05 320E. Excel. Cond.,
leather Titanium w/Black interior, 139k Miles,
One owner,Chrome wheels, $5,500.
55 Relax (650)867-3399.

SaaB ‘06 5 speed, 113K, clean. $4,200

By Pawel Fludzinski
1 Work on one’s TOYOTa ‘06 Prius, 149K, clean. $6,400

©2017 Tribune Content Agency, LLC
vacation, say vOLvO S60 2.5T ‘04. Excellent mechan-
ical condition, new tires, all records,
150k miles $2,249.
Text/Call (415) 793-4099.
30 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 THE DAILY JOURNAL

Cabinetry Concrete Construction Handy Help Landscaping Roofing

Lic: #1017155
*Foundation*Stamp Concrete
*Exposed Aggragate *Retaining Walls
*Bricks *Pavers *Driveways
Free estimates
David: (650) 642-1614
t1-6.#*/( t8*/%084
t&-&$53*$"- t3&.0%&-*/(
t'-0034 t5*-&&.03&
Tree Service
SeRvanDO aRReLLin
Hauling The Garden Doctor
Landscaping & Demolition
aaa RaTeD! Fences * Interlocking Pavers Hillside Tree
Clean-Ups * Hauling
inDePenDenT Retaining Walls
Decks & Fences $40 & UP Family Owned Since 2000
• Trimming Pruning
Fences, decks, arbors,
Post Repairs
Retaining walls, Concrete
Since 1988/Licensed & Insured
Monthly Specials
MAINTENANCE • Large Removal
Works, French Drains, Siding Fast, Dependable Service • Stump Grinding
FRee eSTiMaTeS
(650)346-7582 Free estimates
(650)347-5316 a+ BBB Rating Drought Tolerant Planting Free
(650)341-7482 Drip Systems, Rock Gardens
Pressure Washing,
MaRSH FenCe Mention
& DeCK CO. and lots more! The Daily Journal
State License #377047 CHaineY HaULinG to get 10% off
CaLeDOnian Licensed • Insured • Bonded Junk & Debris Clean Up
MaSOnRY inC Fences - Gates - Decks Furniture / Appliance / Disposal for new customers
Stairs - Retaining Walls Tree / Bush / Dirt / Concrete Demo
Landscape Design! 10-year guarantee Starting at $40 & Up Call Luis (650) 704-9635
Quality work w/reasonable prices
We can design your Call for free estimate
outdoor living (650)571-1500 Free estimates Tile
(650)207-6592 Painting
Cleaning experience. CUBiaS TiLe
*BBQ’s *Pizza Ovens electricians Kitchen Marble
*Patios *Flagstone JOn La MOTTe Bathroom Natural Stone

*Concrete/Foundation CHeaP PainTinG
aLL eLeCTRiCaL Entryway Granite Work
Call For Free Estimate:
SeRviCe HaULinG! Interior & Exterior
Ceramic Tile
Fabrication &
(650) 525-9154 Light moving! Quality Work, Reasonable
650-322-9288 Haul Debris! Rates, Free Estimates

for all your electrical needs (650)368-8861 Window Washing
Lic #514269
Mena Plastering

Interior and Exterior
Window & Patchwork Repair Plumbing
Free estimates
Gardening $99 CLean any Drain
(415) 420-6362
Lic#625577 Bonded & Insured

J.B. GaRDeninG
*Maintenance *Tree Trim
Heaters *Toilets*Faucets
*Sewer/Water & Gas Lines
THe viLLaGe *New and Artificial Lawns
COnTRaCTOR *Clean Ups *Sprinklers *Fences Call Clean Drains Plumbing!
Licensed General and *Concrete & Brick Work Est. 1968 Gutter Cleaning
Painting Contractor
• Int/Ext Painting • Carpentry
*Driveway Pavers (650)461-0144 Free Estimates Power Washing
• Sheetrock, Dryrot & Stucco Repairs *Retaining Walls Local References Lic. & Insured
Deck Restoration

aaa COnCReTe DeSiGn LaWn MainTenanCe
Drought Tolerant Planting
*Stamps *Color *Driveways
*Patios *Masonry
*Flagstone *Retaining Walls
Drip Systems, Rock Gardens
Pressure Washing,
and lots more!
*Block walls *Landscaping Toilets, Sinks, Vanities,
Call Robert Faucets, Water heaters, notices
Free Estimates STeRLinG GaRDenS
(650)533-0187 650-703-3831 Lic #751832
Whirlpools and more! nOTiCe TO ReaDeRS:
California law requires that contractors
Lic# 947476 Wholesale Pricing & taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor
Closeout Specials. or materials) be licensed by the Contrac-
tor’s State License Board. State law also
Housecleaning requires that contractors include their li-
ea COnCReTe CO. 2030 S Delaware St cense number in their advertising. You
*Patios*Walkways can check the status of your licensed
San Mateo contractor at or 800-
*Retaining Walls*Drain Systems
*Colored Stamped Concrete
in Many Custom Designs
PeninSULa 321-CSLB. Unlicensed contractors taking
jobs that total less than $500 must state
Call for Free Estimate: CLeaninG 650-350-1960 in their advertisements that they are not
licensed by the Contractors State Li-
cense Board.
CA License # 598762
aDveRTiSe ReeD
YOUR SeRviCe Handy Help
in the SeniOR HanDYMan Serving the entire Bay Area
HOMe & GaRDen SeCTiOn “Specializing in any size project”
Residential & Commercial
• Painting • Electrical
Offer your services to 83,450 readers a day, from
Palo Alto to South San Francisco • Carpentry • Dry Rot License #931457
and all points between! 40 Yrs. Experience Call for Free estimate
Retired Licensed Contractor
Call (650)344-5200 650-201-6854 (650) 591-8291
THE DAILY JOURNAL Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 31

Caregiver Charities Food Health & Medical Marketing Real estate Loans

CaLiFORnia DOn'T neeD iT? PanCHO viLLa DenTUReS GROW ReFinanCe
MenTOR Donate it!
in a DaY!
seeks individuals to support Free Pick-Ups TaqUeRia (in most cases)
adults with special needs. Furniture, Appliances, Because Flavor Still Matters Get free help from
Cabinets etc. 365 B Street Only $1,395 per set The Growth Coach aT LOWeR RaTe
Receive up to $3,000/month Tax Receipts provided. San Mateo
for your spare bedroom. 650-419-9674 Go to
Habitat for Humanity (650) 343-4123 Roos Dental Care DiReCT PRivaTe LenDeR
Rachel (650) 389-5787 (650)847-4000 Redwood City Sign up for the free newsletter
Since 1979
CaRe inDeeD Dental Services
eYe exaMinaTiOnS
Massage Therapy
890 Santa Cruz Ave COMPLeTe iMPLanT Farmer's Market 579-7774 BeST aSian
Menlo Park Dentistry Under One Roof 1159 Broadway
Downtown Laurel Street BODY MaSSaGe
(650) 328-1001 Same day treatment
Sundays 10 am to 2 pm
Rain or Shine
Dr. Andrew Soss
Call (650) 787-9969
Free Parking Behind Building Real Estate Broker
Evening & Saturday appts available Mon-Fri, 10am-9pm CA BRE#746683
Wknds-Holidays. Call Ahead. NMLS #348288
Peninsula Dental Implant Center 1838 El Camino #103,
VERY CARING 1201 St Francisco Way, San Carlos
THe CaKeRY insurance Burlingame
CAREGIVER a touch of europe
(cross street Trousdale)

Excellent Cook, Housekeeper, Real estate Services
Very Thorough, 1308 Burlingame Ave aFFORDaBLe
Burlingame LiFe inSURanCe Pet Services
Integrity & References
i - SMiLe 650 344-1006 *SaLeS * LeaSinG
(650)591-7079 Implant & Orthodontict Center
Eric L. Barrett, * PROPeRTY ManaGeMenT
1702 Miramonte Ave. Suite B
Find us on Facebook
President SaGe CenTeRS Sales: 1.49% commission
Mountain View Barrett Insurance Services Emergency Property Management: 4% fee
Cemetery exceptional.
(650)619-0370 Veterinary Care 24/7 Personalized service
Reliable. innovative Health & Medical CA. Insurance License #0737226 (650) 417-7243
LaSTinG 650-282-5555 Redwood City Peninsula Prime Realty
iMPReSSiOnS DenTaL Legal Services always here when you need us
PRIORITY MaGnOLia Save $500 on
Cypress Lawn implant abutment &
1370 El Camino Real DenTaL Crown Package.
Call Millbrae Dental
Non-Attorney document
preparation: Divorce, FiGOne TRaveL
Colma Pre-Nup, Adoption, Living Trust,
for details Conservatorship, Probate,
(650)755-0580 650-263-4703 650-583-5880 Notary Public. Response to (650) 595-7750 150 N. San Mateo Drive Lawsuits: Credit Card
Issues, Breach of Contract
Jeri Blatt, LDa #11 Cruises • Land & Family vacations
Registered & Bonded Personalized & Experienced
(650)574-2087 Family Owned & Operated Since 1939
"I am not an attorney. I can only 1495 Laurel St. SAN CARLOS
provide self help services at your CST#100209-10
specific direction."

You are cordially invited to attend our informative
Free Pastries
and Coffee
Presented by
Smart Cremation
Your Local
Pre-Planning Experts
Proudly Serving Our Community
Thinking about Travel
Dentistry? M any of you have expressed an interest in knowing more about
final arrangements. We, at Smart Cremation offer FREE
informational seminars as a service to our community. We do these
Need a CT scan of seminars in a relaxed environment with free pastries and coffee.
This is a great time for fellowship with your neighbors.

your tooth? Topics of Discussion are:
The 72 decisions that MUST be made when a death occurs
Millbrae Dental is pleased to offer CT At need vs Pre need Benefits
Scan/Pano services at a reduced cost for Veterans benefits-what the Government does and does not provide
our community. Social Security and VA Benefits
- International dentistry - implants, endo, Why you don’t want your children or heirs to make arrangements
crowns, etc. Why insurance shouldn’t be used for purchasing funeral cremation needs
- Focused scan for root canals When: Thursday, March 9th @ 2pm
- All on 4 implant retained bridges and Where: Caffe Roma, 143 South El Camino Real
dentures (at Murchison), Millbrae CA
- Surgical guided implants
Limited seating. R.S.V.P. Required.
- PANO for invisalign or extraction
Call Suzanne at 408-966-0393 to make your reservation
- Nerve tracing for extractions or bone for those who have not previously pre-arranged
grafting and implants
88 Capuchino Drive - TMJ evaluation
Millbrae, CA 94030 $99 until further notice (regularly $250)
32 Weekend • March 4-5, 2017 WORLD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Thousands flee Iraq’s Mosul overnight, as fighting rages
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS the Shuhada neighborhood.
“All the families were hiding behind a
MOSUL, Iraq — Thousands of civilians wall,” she said, explaining how they escaped
fled Mosul overnight as Iraqi forces advanced an IS-held part of the city. “We gave the chil-
north of a sprawling military base near the dren valium so they wouldn’t cry and (the IS
city’s airport on Friday. fighters) wouldn’t catch us.”
Iraq’s special forces pushed into the Wadi Ahmed, like most of the civilians who
Hajar district in western Mosul and retook have escaped Mosul in the past week, fled
the area from the Islamic State group Friday, through Mamun neighborhood. The district
according to Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasool, is partially controlled by Iraq’s special
spokesman of the Joint Military Operations. forces.
Special forces Brig. Gen. Haider al-Obeidi Maj. Saif Ali, who is stationed in Mamun,
said clearing operations were ongoing in the said huge crowds of civilians began pouring
area and his forces were close to linking up into the area from neighboring districts just
with the militarized federal police forces who after midnight. Ali said civilians in western
were pushing up along the western bank of Mosul are becoming increasingly desperate
the Tigris river. as food and water supplies begin to run out.
Iraqi forces, including special operations “In total 7,000 people fled through this
forces and federal police units, launched an area last night,” he said. “We were up all
attack on the western part of Mosul nearly night trying to control the crowds.”
two weeks ago to dislodge IS. Since the U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said
offensive began, more than 28,000 people Friday “the latest figures we have of people
have been displaced by the fighting, accord- recorded leaving western Mosul is 28,400
ing to the United Nations. and that’s since operations in west Mosul
REUTERS Nahla Ahmed, 50 fled Mosul late started on Feb. 19. However we’re also track-
Khatla Ali Abdullah, 90, is embraced as she flees her home as Iraqi forces battle with Islamic Thursday night, walking more than five ing down reports thousands more people are
State militants in western Mosul, Iraq. kilometers (three miles) from her home in on the move.”

School Board Vacancy
The Belmont-Redwood Shores School District is seek-
ing applicants for the position of Trustee on the Bel-
mont-Redwood Shores School District Board of Trust-
Your Local Newspaper Supporting

Our Community
ees. Applicants must be registered voters residing in the
District’s attendance area.

The Board will have a vacancy due to Trustee Charles
Velschow’s resignation effective March 22, 2017. By
statute, the Board has until April 15, 2017, to make a
provisional appointment to replace Mr. Velschow. The
newly appointed Trustee will serve for the remainder of
his term, through November 2018.

Applications may be obtained from our website at brssd.
org or at the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District
office at 2960 Hallmark Drive in Belmont. The applica-
tion deadline is March 23, 2017, at 12:00 p.m.

Interviews will be held on the evening of April 3, 2017.
Questions should be directed to Superintendent Michael
As your local newspaper on the Peninsula it is important to be involved in the community and to support local Milliken at or 650-620-2703
charitable organizations, fundraisers and events. We are proud to have supported the following events last year.

Events supported by the Daily Journal in 2016
Jan. 18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration, San Mateo July 16 Family. Fitness. Fun., Burlingame
Jan. 23 Health & Wellness Fair, Millbrae Aug. 20 Senior Showcase, Menlo Park
Feb. 6 Wounded Warrior Football Game, San Mateo Aug. 27 Citywide Yard Sale, San Mateo
March 22 Diversity Career Fair, San Mateo Aug. 27 Symphony at Sunset, San Carlos
March 25 Loving Life After 55 Information Fair, Redwood City Aug. 27 Fisher House Foundation Fundraiser, Redwood City
April 21-23 Play at Hillsdale High School: Anthrax Factory, San Mateo Sep. 3-4 Millbrae Art and Wine Festival, Millbrae
April 29 -May 1 New Living Expo, San Mateo Sept. 5 Burlingame Community Education Spirit Run, Burlingame
April 29 Today’s Senior Showcase, Belmont Sept. 10 Downtown San Mateo Wine Walk, San Mateo
May 11 Pacific Stroke Association Stroke Conference, Millbrae Sept. 10 Veterans Memorial Senior Center Fundraiser, Redwood City
May 16-20 Innovation Week, San Mateo Sept. 16-18 Library Foundation Book Sale, San Mateo
June 4 College of San Mateo Jazz on the Hill, San Mateo Oct. 8-9 San Carlos Art & Wine Faire, San Carlos
June 4 PRIDE Celebration, San Mateo Oct. 9 Tiny & Tot Expo, San Mateo
June 8 Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame, Millbrae Oct. 16 Hillsdale High School Golf Tournament, San Mateo
June 10 Seniors on the Square, Redwood City Oct. 23 Rotary Club Fun Run, San Mateo
June 11-19 San Mateo County Fair, San Mateo Oct. 24 Notre Dame Inaugural Scholarship Luncheon, Belmont
June 11 Disaster Preparedness Day at Nov. 11, 2016 – Jan. 16, 2017
San Mateo County Fair, San Mateo San Mateo on Ice, Ice Rink in Central Park, San Mateo
June 14 Senior Day at San Mateo County Fair San Mateo Nov. 18 Senior Showcase, Foster City
June 18-19 SummerFest San Mateo Dec 3-4 Caltrain Holiday Train throughout San Mateo County
June 26 Ryan’s Ride Burlingame

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