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Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris

Ande-ande Lumut

Once upon a time, there were two kingdoms, Kediri and Jenggala. Both
kingdoms came from one kingdom that called Kahuripan. The King
Erlanggasplit the kingdom into two kingdoms to avoid a civil war. But before
he died the king Erlangga told that the two kingdoms should be put back
So the two kings had agreed to reunite the two kingdoms by marrying
Jenggala crown prince, Raden Panji Asmarabangun with Kediri princess, Dewi
Sekartaji stepmother, Royal Kedirisconcubine, does not want ifSekartaji
marry with Raden Panji because she wanted his own biological daughter who
later became queen Jenggala. So he locked up and hid Sekartaji.
At the time of Raden Panji came to Kediri to marry Sekartaji, she
disappeared. Raden Panji very disappointed. Sekartajis stepmother
persuaded him to remain the wedding with her daughter as a replacement
Sekartaji, but Raden Panji refused.
And then Raden Panji wandered. He changed his name to Ande-ande Lumut.
One day he arrived in the village Dadapan. He met with a widow who was
picking up the woods. She usually called as Mbok Rondo Dadapan. And here
our story was started.

Season 1
Raden Panji : Excusme, may I help you?
Mbok Rondo : (just keep silent, looking up Raden Panji, though did not know
any more)
(Raden Panji approached to Mbok Rondo, and then helped herpicked up the
Mbok Rondo : Who are you? Ive never saw you before
Raden Panji : Im just a young man who likes to wander.
(after picked up the woods).
Mbok Rondo : I see you was having problems. I wish I coould help you,
young man. Lets go to my house.

Season 2
(At Mbok Rondos house)
Mbok Rondo : So, how should I call you?
Raden Panji : They usually called me Ande-ande Lumut
Mbok Rondo : Do you have aplace to stay?
Raden Panji : I dont know (looked away from mbok rondo)
Mbok Rondo : Whats your prablem? I wish I could help you.
Raden Panji : Ive lost someone, someone I loved so much.
She is my aspirant wife, but when I came to marry her, her stepmother told
me that she has gone. She evenpersuaded me to marry withher daughter.
Mbok Rondo : Stay here, Ill help you find your match. Peoples usually called
me Mbok Rondo Dadapan. You might call me Si Mbok. Just regard me as your
adoptive mother. Do you like a coffee?
Raden Panji : No, thanks
Mbok Rondo : Come on
Raden Panji : Well, not too sweet please.
Emm.. how about find my match? what would we do?
Mbok Rondo : Were going to invent an audition.
Raden Panji : Really? Thank you, Si Mbok.

The next day Ande Ande Lumut asked her adoptive mother to announce that
he was looking for potential wifes. So the girls came from villages around
Dadapan to apply Ande-ande Lumut. But no one he received as his wife.

Season 3
Meanwhile, Sekartaji succeed extricated herself from her stepmothers lock.
She intended to find Raden Panji. She wandered until reached the house of a
widow who has three daughters, Klething Merah, Klething Hijau and the
youngest Klething Biru. Heres the story ..

Ks. Mother : (open the door .. and surprised)

Kids. come here!!! Help mother (the kletings came, and then they
brought Sekartaji into the house).
(A few minutes later, Sekartaji conscioused )
Sekartaji : Where am I??
Ks. Mother : Youre in my house, who are you? And where do you came
Sekartaji : Who am I? Ouch .. (while hold her head)
Ks. Mother : This morning I found lying in front of my house.
Sekartaji : Thank you.
Ks. Mother : You must take a break a lot. If you dont objection, you might
be a member of our family. They are your sisters.
(Sekartaji introduced with the daughters of mother kletings, they are named
KletingMerah, Kleting Hijau, and Kleting Biru)
Sekartaji : And you are ..
Ks. Mother : Of course I was your mother, baby.
Sekartaji : Thank You .. (they hug)
Ks. Mother : Because you did not mention your name, then as my daughter
you would not objection if I call you Kleting Kuning. What do you think,
kleting kuning..??
Sekartaji : Its up to you, mother.

Sekartaji deliberately did not want her identity revealed. He did not want
endanger her life for the second time. Everyone knew that a royal princess
named Dewi Sekartaji will be married with a handsome Prince, Raden Panji

Day after day has passed. Saw Kleting Kunings beauty, all kletings feel a
jealous nad growing sense of hatred. Until one day

Season 4
Ks. Mother : Kuning.!!!!!
Wake up, lazy kid!! theres a lot of homework to do you do!
K. Kuning : (by rubbed her eyes,,) eee . yes mom,,,
Ks. Mother : if you dont want to work I would not feed you. Come on!
K. Kuning : (quickly she took the mop and then with panting breath she
began mopping)
K. Merah : Heres still dirty (trampled on the floor thats been mopped)
K. Hijau : Yes, work rightly!
K. Biru : Have fun, my beautiful stepsister... (the three kletings, kleting
kunings stepsisters left her)
K. Kuning : (just keep silent looked at the attitude of her stepsisters)
(Suddenly thestepmother, Kletings mother came.)
Ks. Mother : K. Kuning..!! Why still dirty?!
K. Kuning : I had already cleaned it, mom
But the old sisters stepped it again
K. Merah : What do you say??? You are outrageous!! Its wrong but instead
blame us!
K. Hijau : Yes, sure
K. Kuning : (with a sad face, she continued her work)
Because of fatigue,Kleting Kuning cried. Suddenly came a big goose.

K. Kuning : (Running scared)

Angsa : Dont scare, I have come to help. (then the goose was flick his
wings and instantly the whole floor was be cleaned, the clothes that Klething
Kuning must to wash it changed to be clean. Equipment also cleaned the
kitchen. Afterwards the goose fly back).

The goose back every day to help Klething Kuning. One day the goose told
about existence of Ande Ande Lumut (Raden Panji Asmarabangun) to
Klething kuning and told her to go apply him..
K. Kuning : How about my stepmother? He certainly would not let me.
Especially with the kletings. Ouughfff.. I will not put up with their chatter.
Angsa : Dont worry. Try to reason with your stepmother. Only this your
chance to meet your prince. You know what? He also waiting for you. Many
girls came to propose to her, but all rejected by him. Because his love is just
for you. Couldnt be replaced by others
K. Kuning : Ok

Immediately Kleting Kuning asked her stepmother permission to go to

Dadapan. Her mother let her go when the job is completed. He also
accidentally told Klething Kuning to wash clothes as much as possible so he
cant go.

Meanwhile the Widow took her three daughters to Dadapan to apply Ande
Ande Lumut..

Ks. Mother : come on, kids ..! the handsome guy waiting for us. They do not
like the sluggish bride!
Kletings : yes, mom..

On the way they came to a wide river. There is no bridge or boat across.
They are confused. Then they saw a young man with his boat came toward

Season 5
Young man : hi girls need a ride?
Kletings : be happy
Young man : Of course you should give reward
Ks. Mother : Who are you, young man? How much money do you want?
Young man : introduce, my name is Yuyu Kangkang. I dont want your
money. Your daughters are beautiful. I want them to kiss me.
They were shocked to hear the answer Yuyu Kangkang. But they dont have
any other choice. Finally they agreed. The young man take across them one
by one and they give a kiss in return.

At Mbok Rondos house, they asked for a meeting with the Ande-ande Lumut.

Season 6
Ks. Mother : Excuseme, any body home? (banged on the door)
Mbok Rondo : yes, wait ..
(Mbok Rondo open the door)
Ks. Mother : oh Mbok Rondo, how are you? Long time no see you, it seems
like the skin is just getting wrinkled.(teasing smile)
Mbok Rondo : ha? Even Ive never seen you before(confused)
Ks. Mother : well, to the point. We came here to apply your son. Can we see
Mbok Rondo: of course, wait a minute.
(Tok tok tok, mbok rondo knocked on the door of ande-ande lumuts room)
Mbok Rondo : My son, get out! these beautiful girls wanted to propose.
Choose one as your wife.
A. Lumut : Mommy, tell them! I dont want to take a lover Yuyu Kangkang as
my wife.
(Kletingsmother and her three daughterswas surprised to hear the Ande
Ande Lumuts answer)
K. Merah : How does he know that we had met with that young man?
(disappointedly they went home)
Ks. Mother : mbok rondo, we want to say goodbye to go home. We think
your son is being not to be disturbed. Hah, maybe. Come on, kids!
(Kletings mother and her daughters out and left the mbok rondos house)

Season 7
At home, Klething Kuningve completed all the tasks with the aid of a magic
goose. Geese gave him a stick.

K. Kuning : What is this for? (Holding the stick, gooses giving)

Goose : save it. When Im not on your side, it will be my successor sticks to
help you
(The kletings and their mother got home)
K. Kuning : how was the application? Apa kalian berhasil?
(They kept silent)
K. Kuning : Mom, Im done with my chores. Can I go to Dadapan?
Ks. Mother : whatever ..
K. Kuning : thank you ..
Then K. Kuning hurried to Dadapan. But before K. Kuning goes, her
stepmother deliberately applyed chicken manure on the backs of K. Kuning.

Season 8
Kleting Kuning went. He came to a large river. Yuyu Kangkang came to offer
him across the river.

Yu Kang : hi, pretty girl! do you want to the other side? Let me to bring
K. Kuning : No, thanks (walking away)
Yu Kang : Come on, you dont have to pay, (pursue K. Kuning). just a
ki !( Klething Kuning whipped him with a stick, gooses giving. He was
running scared).
(Instantaneously K. Kuning took over Yuyu Kangkangs boat and rushed
across the river).

Season 9
(K. Kuning arrived Mbok Rondos house)
K. kuning : excuse me ..

Mbok Rondo : (open the door) Who are you? (grinning her nose because
Klething Kunings clothes is smell of chicken manure)
K. Kuning : Im kleting kuning, Mbok. May I meet with Ande-ande Lumut?
Mbok Rondo : Sure, sit down please. (Still grinned because the smell of
chicken manure in K. Kunings clothes, and then came in and she went to the
Ande-ande Lumuts room).
Ande my son, there was a beautiful girl, but you dont need to see her. Her
clothes smell at all, like the smell of chicken manure. Ill told her to go home.

A. Lumut : No, Im going to see

Mbok Rondo : But she
A. Lumut : She was the only girl who cross without assistance of Yuyu
Kangkang, mom. Is the girl Ive been waiting for this.
(Mbok Rondo was silent. He followed Ande-ande Lumut get out to see her).

(Klething Kuning surprised to see Ande-ande Lumut is her fiance, Raden Panji
A. Lumut : Sekartaji, finally we meet again
Mbok Rondo : So you are .. (shocked)
(While holding hands Raden Panji and Goddess Sekartaji just smiled at Mbok
Rondo being confused)

And thenRaden Panji broughtDewi Sekartaji and Mbok Rondo Dadapan to

Jenggala. Raden Panji and Dewi Sekartaji got married and they lived happily
ever after.

The end