Reviewing experiences, defining goals, and mapping the way forward

FAO HQ, Rome, 23-25 April 2007

Engaging the Private Sector:

A technical workshop of donor and technical agencies, with some representatives from private sector organizations, to exchange information and consider how we can better engage with private sector companies and organizations Purpose 1. Clarify diverse interests and priorities 2. Identify, review experiences and appraise: • role, activities and initiatives of the private sector in value chains development • public sector cooperation and support to the private sector in value chains development 3. Develop a common agenda for the future: • steps for launching constructive dialogue • potential joint actions between the Donor Committee agencies and various private sector organizations • identify people to drive the future process Outcome Launch constructive dialogue and joint actions between the Donor Committee agencies and various Private Sector Organizations and companies Provisional Agenda

1. Welcome and introduction of participants

Moderators - Doyle Baker, Michele Clara

Monday pm Monday pm

2. Opening reflection and exchange of views
The case for private sector engagement Perspective on the agricultural sector – Doyle Baker, FAO Discussion points – • Similarities and differences in various sectors • Roles of the private sector, especially in highly governed value chains

Yes-No Proposition - many developmental problems can only be solved by working directly together: • governments with the business community • large companies with small ones • public agencies with private companies and private sector organizations

3. Industry and agency experiences
Private Sector Organizations and Initiatives • International Fertilizer Industry Association • Sustainable Food Laboratory • International Organization of Employers • Generative Dialogue Project • Other potential partner organizations – Doyle Baker, FAO Agency Programmes and Initiatives • Business linkages – UNCTAD • SME cluster development; business partnership programme – UNIDO • PPP and match-making programmes – GTZ • B4D, Business for Development – CIDA • Briefer sharing by other agencies Small • • • group discussion What has worked well in the past? What has not worked so well? What lessons can we draw from our experiences?

Tuesday am

4. Special discussion topics
How engage with business in their core business Examples of innovative models – Ron Kopicki Discussion points • Working through lead firms • How to 'crowd in' investment and innovation Formats for public-private collaboration Introductory presentation and moderator – Jim Tanburn Discussion points • Strengths and limitations of different approaches • Challenges and opportunities in specific circumstances

Tuesday pm

Partner fears and imperatives Introductory comments and moderators – Michele Clara, Kristen Sukalac Discussion points • Issues for the private sector o dealing with social equity goals of development agencies o coping with the organizational culture gap • Issues for public agencies o how avoid unfair private profit and undue market distortions o how ensure fair governance and inclusiveness • Issues for public agencies and private sector o leveraging value from public-private sector initiatives o reducing transactions costs and risks

Match making capacities and capabilities of the donors Introductory presentation and moderator - Thomas Finkel Discussion points o capacity development of agency staff o platform for match making service

5. Moving from talk to action
Launching dialogue and joint actions Facilitator - Minu Hemmati, Generative Dialogue Project • Discussion points o Possible joint actions o Concrete outcomes o Lead people to take forward

Wednesday am

IDS and Donor Committee agency stock-taking IDS-Ford study overview – Lzibeth Navas-Aleman • Discussion points – o Duplication or synergistic? o Possibilities for convergence

Implications for the Donor Committee Moderator – David Lamotte (tbc) • Discussion points – o Role in supporting member agencies on private sector engagement o Public agency – private sector organization forum o Service providers’ partnership Moderator – Michele Clara, Doyle Baker

6. Final observations and remarks

25th Afternoon – Linkages and Value Chains Working Group Meeting Open to all participants

Confirmed Participants 1. Doyle Baker – FAO 2. Ron Kopicki - FAO 3. Michele Clara, UNIDO 4. Fulvia Farinelli, UNCTAD 5. Sophien Hanouz - ITC 6. Omer van Renterghem - Sustainable Economic Development Department (DDE), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands 7. David Lamotte – ILO 8. Peter van Rooij - ILO 9. Thomas Finkel – GTZ 10. Rainer Engels – GTZ 11. Guenther Schoenleitner - ADA 12. Andreas Gerrits - SDC 13. Christine Johnson - CIDA 14. Jim Tanburn – DCED 15. Minu Hematti - Generative Dialogue Project 16. Lara Koritzke, Sustainable Food Lab and Rainforest Alliance 17. Gary Rynhart, International Organization of Employers 18. Lizbeth Navas-Aleman – Institute of Development Studies 19. Kristen Sukalac – International Fertilizer Industry Association