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Std. :- I Second Semester Assignment Sub: Science

Course Lesson No:6,8,10,11,12,13,15.

Paper Style [60 Marks]

Q-1 Choose the correct answer 10

Q-2 Fill in the blanks 10
Q-3 State whether the following sentences are true or false 10
Q-4 Name the following 4
Q-5 Match the following 6
Q-6 Answer the following 20

Q-1 Choose the correct answer (10)

1) There are big buildings in the cities.

(a) Cities (b) Villages (c) Forest

2) Stars can be seen in the sky during the night.

(a) Day (b) Night (c) Afternoon

3) Seas are full of water.

(a) Mountains (b) Forest (c) Water

4) Part of the plant that takes in water is roots.

(a) Flower (b) Leaf c) Roots

5) Doll does not need water.

(a)Elephant (B) Plant (c) Doll

6) Water is stored in water tanks.

(a) Cupboards (b) Water tanks (c) Boxes

7) The cold months of the year are called winter season.

(a) Summer (b) Winter (c) Rainy

8) We drink cold drinks in summer season.

(a) Cold (b) Hot (c) Soup

9) Sun is bright in summer season.

(a) Bight (b) Dull (c) Dark

10) We see rainbow in rainy season

(a) Summer (b) Winter (c) Rainy

11) In summer season we enjoy to go on beach.

(a) Summer (b) Winter (c) Cloudy

12) A person who travels in space is called an astronaut.

(a) Policeman (b) Astronaut (c) Artist

13) The sun sets in the west.

(a) East (b) West (c) North

14) The shape of moon looks different every night.

(a) Same (b) Different(c) Small

15) Sun is big ball of fire.

(a) Sun (b) Moon (c) Stars

16) Night begins when sun sets.

(a) Night (b) Day (c) Afternoon

Q-2 Fill in the blanks: (10)

1) Plants grow around us.

2) We must keep our surroundings clean.

3) There is water in the river.

4) The world around us is beautiful.

5) We see the stars in the sky during the night.

6) Water is used to put out fires.

7) We should not waste water.

8) We should store water in clean containers.

9) If we do not drink water for long time we feel thirsty.

10) We must drink plenty of water.

11) People enjoy going to beach on a hot day.

12) Cloudy days are mostly cool.

13) In winter we wear woolen clothes.

14) On cold days we like to drink hot soup.

15) Strong winds blow on a windy day.

16) The sun sets in the west.

17) The sun gives us light and heat.

18) The stars twinkle at night.

19) The shape of the moon looks different every night.

20) Sun is huge ball of fire.

Q-3 State whether the following sentences are True or False (10)

1) Villages have big buildings and factories - False

2) We see open spaces and farm land in cities - False

3) We should live in clean, green and happy surrounding- True

4) In cities there are big buildings, factories and house. - True

5) We should waste water - False

6) We should drink water that is clean and safe - True

7) If plants do not get water they will die - True

8) We do not need water to bathe our pets - False

9) All days are sunny. - False

10) The weather can change only once in a day. - False

11) Hot days are called the summer season. - True

12) We wear cotton clothes in summer. - True

13) W e use umbrellas and rain coats in rainy season. - True

14) Sun rises in the morning. - True

15) Plant and animals can live without light of sun. - False

16) At night we see moon and stars in the sky. - True

17) The shape of the moon changes every night. - True

18) The real size of stars is very small. - False

Q-4 Name the following (4)

1. Things we see in the sky at night.

Ans Moon, Stars

2. A place with open space and farm lands.

Ans Villages.

3. Two things to store water.

Ans Water Tank and Water Drum

4. Animal which live without water for many days.

Ans Camel

5. Things used in summer season.

Ans Sunglass, Hats

6. Things used in rainy season

Ans Umbrella and rain coats

Q-5 Match the following (6)

1. Factory - City
2. Lots of wear - Sea
3. Cloud - Sky
4. Market near our home - Neighborhood
5. All living things need - Water
6. Store water - clean place
7. Animals need water - to bathe and drink
8. Plants take water through - routes
9. Rainy days - umbrella and rain coats
10. Strong wind - windy days
11. Soup and hot milk - winter season
12. Sit under shady tree - summer
13. To go to space - space craft
14. Sun rises - morning
15. Moon changes - shapes every night

Q-6 Answer the Question (20)

Q-1 Why should you exercise every day?

A-1 We should exercise everyday to be strong and healthy.

Q-2 What is posture?

A-2 Posture is the way you sit, stand and walk.

Q-3 How should you stand and walk?

A-3 We should always stand straight and walk upright.

Q-4 How should you sit while doing your home work?

A-4 We should sit straight while doing our home work.

Q-5 Why does your body need rest?

A-5 After doing work for whole day our body needs rest.

Q-6 What is the important thing before sleeping?

A-6 We should always brush our teeth before sleeping.

Q-7 Why should you follow safety rules?

A-7 We should follow safety rules to stay away from danger and injury.

Q-8 Write one safety rule you must follow at home.

A-8 We should not play with any sharp object.

Q-9 Why should you not poke any one with your pencil?

A-9 We should not poke any one with pencil because it may hurt it.

Q-10 Why should you sit quietly in the bus?

A-10 To avoid accidents we should sit quietly in the bus.

Q-11 What is the first thing you should do if you get hurt?

A-11 When we get hurt first thing is to inform our parents of any elders.

Q-12 How do you protect your feet?

A-12 We wear shoes and shocks to protect our feet

Q-13 What should you do when you cough or sneeze?

A-13 We should cover our mouth when we cough or sneeze.

Q-14 Why should you rinse you mouth after eating?

A-14 To remove food particles stuck in our teeth we rinse our mouth after eating.

Q-15 How do you feel after a good bath?

A-15 We feel fresh, clean and healthy after good bath.

Q-16 What is a storm?

A-16 Fast moving wind along with heavy rains is called storm.

Q-17 Write to use of air.

A-17 i. Air helps to dry wet clothes.

Ii.Air helps to fly kites and balloons.

Q-18 Why a does a football becomes heavier when air is filled into it?

A-18 Football becomes heavier when air is filled into it because air has weight.

Q-18 Why do balloons become bigger when you blow air into it?

A-18 Balloons become bigger because air takes up space.

Q-20 How is air important for living things?

A-20 Air is important for living things in two ways, to breathe and to live

Q-21 Where should you throw bits of paper?

A-21 We should throw bits of paper in the dust bin.

Q-22 What all do you see on the roads?

A-22 We see many cars, trucks and buses on the road.

Q-23 Why should we plant more trees?

A-23 We should plant more trees because trees keep the air fresh and cool.

Q-24 What do you see in the sky during day time?

A-24 During day time we see the sun and clouds in the sky.

Q-25 What do you do when you feel thirsty?

A-25 We drink water when we feel thirsty.

Q-26 Why do animals need water?

A-26 Animals need water to drink and to bathe.

Q-27 Write any two uses of water

A-27 Two uses of water are drinking and brushing teeth.

Q-28 We wear light cotton clothes in summer.

Q-29 How do we protect ourselves from rain?

A-29 We wear rain coats and use umbrellas to protect ourselves from the rain.

Q-30 What are the three main seasons?

A-30 Summer, winter and rainy are the three main seasons.

Q-31 Why do the stars look small in size?

A-31 Stars are very far from us, so they look small in size.

Q-32 What is a space craft?

A-32 Special vehicle used to travel in space.

Q-33 In which direction does the sun rise and set?

A-33 The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

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