“BUT… when I thought about telling other people what I’d discovered

I knew that some people would say it’s much easier for me because I’m already a multi-millionaire…
So… I decided to get one of my students who just happens to be an ordinary English Church Minister,
up in Cambridge, to put my brand new system to the test…”
“Well, the results have been absolutely STAGGERING…
In just 7 months… with no special treatment or help from me (other than to show him how to use
it)… and having banked in excess of $189,000, he went onto bank $8,750 in just 2 days and will
probably pull in $1 Million Dollars within the year…”
“Now, because I believe this has got to be the simplest system ever created,
for anyone to go from zero to pulling in an easy $1,000 cash per day from
… I’m willing to give you the complete system…”

Having Already Banked
Over $14,000,000 Using
A Specic Money Making
System That I’ve Developed
Over The Last 9 years…
I Thought I Was ‘Set for Life’…

Spring 2010
“However JUST LAST YEAR, I Unearthed Something Entirely New That Is
Already Far Exceeding Anything I’ve Ever Done Previously…
… Something That Takes Just 24 Hours… And Is The Closest
Thing I’ve Ever Seen To Pulling Money Out Of ‘Thin Air!’
If You Act Now… there is NO Shipping,
NO Handling, NO VAT… you literally
PAY NOTHING to get started!”
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
My name is Tim Lowe and I’m
extremely excited to share
with you a completely
BRAND NEW business
system that I genuinely
believe to be the quickest
and easiest way for
anyone to start banking
an average extra $1,000
each and every day
from the comfort of your
own home… and could
potentially give you a
lifestyle of luxury and freedom most
people can only dream of!
This brand new system that I
have recently created, tested and
perfected, is so powerful it exceeds
everything I’ve done before… which
considering I’ve generated over $14
Million Dollars in the last 9 years…
is really saying something!
But not only is this system
completely new and dierent to the
little home-based business system
that has made me (and my group of
close inner circle students) very rich…
because of the way it allows
anyone… even someone with no
prior experience… to get started
in just 24 hours and create money
literally ‘out of thin air’… much
faster and easier than anything I’ve
ever seen or taught before!
It’s actually so amazing that when
I revealed the system to one of my
friends over a glass of vintage port in
my dining room one night recently
(this gentleman actually started o
attending a workshop by the way and
has now become a good friend)…
he commented that it “worked like
magic”… and I absolutely agree! (By
the way, he isn’t the only one who’s said
When just one part of this new
system was revealed to my special
group of personal inner circle JV
partners at a recent meeting… they
had never seen anything like it
and were astonished at how easy
it is to use for anyone to start
from scratch and create a sizeable
income in no time at all… using an
almost ‘magical’ new approach that
to my knowledge, has never been
taught before!
Now I know that sounds like a very
BOLD STATEMENT, but if you bear
with me a second I promise you
that once you’ve nished reading
this report, you’ll be in no doubt
at all. In fact you’ll be TOTALLY
...And I’ll even PROVE IT TO
YOU without you having to
pay me a single cent…
...This is how sure I am
that you’ll be as genuinely
excited as I am when you
see what this is all about…
and just how easy it is to
start pulling in an average
FROM HOME… creating
the success, income and
lifestyle you desire.
But rst, just in case you don’t know
me, let me take just a few moments
to ask you…
How would you like to be
free from nancial stress
forever… able to live a LIFE
OF LUXURY with all the
trimmings and no expense
.·.e ¬«+e ..es .+
n.....- c...«s. .-
t»e .«.t | +e«s.
«-+ . a«-t t. .».a
+.a t»e e«..e.t
a«+ . ·-.a t. -et
.t«ste+ +..-- t»e
“Works like
Get started in just
24hrs... create
prots literally
‘out of thin air’...
faster and easier
than anything
I’ve ever seen or
taught before!”
Special Money Making Report
3 - Please Turn Over
I don’t really like to brag or show o
but I think it’s important for you to
understand what you can achieve
with what I’m about to show you…

…and much faster and easier than
I was able to do it when I rst got
started working from a spare room in
my home just about 9 years ago!
You see, I’m able to live a life of luxury
that quite honestly, most people will
never get to experience and really,
I think it’s a shame when it’s just so
easy to pull in great prots when you
know how.
For example…
I could tell you about my luxury
in the exclusive stockbroker belt
of Surrey, where practically ever
other house is a listed building…
and how ‘travelling to work’ is as
easy for me as popping out to the
beautiful bespoke timber building,
hand built in Aberdeen, I had
erected in my garden at a cost of
approximately $45,000… complete
with patio area for working outside
in the sun… and even a nice big
HOT TUB and Spa Jacuzzi for taking
a break and relaxing whenever I feel
like it.
Or my two prestigious Jaguar
cars… one of which was a
beautiful XKR convertible (more of
this story in a moment) which I didn’t
even originally plan on buying,
but placed an order for on the
spot when the managing director
of the dealership enticed me into
borrowing one for the weekend to
see if I liked it…
Or how about the 7 OR 8
EVERY YEAR… always travelling
FIRST CLASS of course… and staying
in the most prestigious 5-Star
LUXURY HOTELS everywhere I go…
never having to worry about what
I spend! (Last year alone I visited
Cyprus - 3 times, Malta, America
– twice, Australia and a driving
tour through France to Monaco
on into Italy, through Switzerland,
up to Germany and home through
Belgium… just to give you a sense of
how your life could be!)
Once I teach you this brand
new 24-hour system I’ve
been using… to give you
everything you need to
HOME in the very near
future… there’s no reason
you can’t be enjoying these
sorts of comforts in your
life too!
And like me you’ll discover there’s all
sorts of ‘special’ things you can do
when you have that sort of money.
For example…
Last year I took my Dad to
We went to New York City and ‘saw
the sites’ before heading down to
Washington where we stayed in
what I believe is probably the most
expensive hotel in the whole of
the United States. Not only that,
but we enjoyed the “Presidential
Suite” overlooking the White
House. (This is the exact hotel where
President Obama stayed while he
was waiting for President Bush to
move out!)
And in September last year I went
to the Frankfurt Motor Show with a
good friend…
First we drove through Paris and
stopped in Lyon where we had
dinner at the world famous Paul
Bocuse, which has the distinction
of having the maximum number of
Yours truly in front of my
exclusive mansion and my
Jaguars. You can be living
and driving in luxury too!
This is a view from where
I stayed with my Dad... in
the “Presidential Suite”
overlooking the White
House... the same place
President Obama stayed.
Imagine being able to stay
in places like this yourself
in the very near future!
The Frankfurt Motor Show...
one of my many First-Class
trips last year. Where would
you go if you could holiday
anywhere whenever you
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
Michelin stars for the longest period
(something like 45 years). Then we
headed onto Monte Carlo and stayed
at the famous hotel with the tunnel
running through it that is an integral
feature of the Monaco Grand Prix.
Then we drove on through Italy,
Switzerland and ended up in
Frankfurt for the Motor Show
where I placed an order for 2
new cars – a new 510 brake
horsepower midnight blue
Jaguar XKR convertible (that I
have just taken delivery of and
which replaced the original XKR
that I’ve just told you about.)
and the brand-new long
wheelbase Jaguar XJ which
was just launched at the
show but isn’t available to
the public until Spring of
this year.
Oh by the way… I was
invited to the celebrity
launch party at the
Saatchi Gallery in London
recently… where various
famous people attended (I
can’t tell you who because I had to
agree not to say who was there in
order to get the invite… but I’m sure
you’d know at least a few of them).
And that’s just an example of the sort
of things that my business has made
possible and which I get to enjoy
doing each and every month!
When you have the freedom of time
and money to do whatever you
want… it’s amazing the things you
nd you like to get up to!
But to be honest… more
than the all the luxuries…
the most amazing and
enjoyable part to me is
how I’m able to live a life
It may feel amazing to have a driver
chaueur my wife and I out for
dinner and show… FIRST-CLASS all
the way… whenever I feel like it…
… but I don’t know that anything
can replace the feeling of relief and
satisfaction of paying o that last
bill and knowing I was free from the
shackles of worry that came from
being in debt and always having to
watch every cent we spent.
You see, for a while after I got started
with my rst business, a re alarm
company, we went deeply into
debt. I spent a lot of money getting
it going and despite considerable
eort, just wasn’t making enough in
So I eventually got rid of it… and all I
was really left with was a pile of debt.
I had quite a few credit cards and
they were all full. Juggling them was
a never-ending cycle of worry for us
as we battled to stay aoat.
Then one night, not long after
discovering the methods that
rst enabled me to become a
I came home and was able to sit
down and as a Christmas present
to my wife... write out cheques
It made my wife cry... and
she still cries when she
talks about it today. In fact,
She says even with all the
diamonds, gold watches,
luxury holidays and other
goodies since… it was the
greatest Christmas present
I ever gave her!
The new Jaguar XK an
Jaguar XJ... which I have
recently placed orders for.
What would you like to
Out on an adventure
in Monaco.
You can get access
to the celebrity life
too when you live a
life of luxury.
(-+ t»e »e.t ,«st...
Special Money Making Report
5 - Please Turn Over
And if you’re anything like me and
most people I meet… that rst day
you no longer have to worry, or
even think about how much you’re
spending… may just be the most
pleasurable and satisfying moment
of your life too.
And I can tell you from experience
that once you get there… you’ll
never look back... and the little (or
perhaps large) luxuries you‘ll be able
to enjoy will become very satisfying,
very fast! (To be honest, it’s amazing
how much you appreciate them when
at one time you could only dream of
such things!)
For example…
A bed that I recently purchased
for my wife and I… one of the most
luxurious money can buy… that I
paid over $10,000 cash for as soon as
I laid on it and enjoyed the amazing
feeling, I knew I just had to have it!
To be honest, I didn’t even realise
you could buy such “posh” beds… it
was only when placing my order and
nding out they would take 2 months
to make it to my exact specications
of size, pressure and material (I chose
silk and a luxury ne wool)… did I
understand just how special it was
going to be.
It really is sumptuous… with 5200
individual springs… actually, springs
inside springs… so you get two layers
of tension for the ultimate level of
comfort. I wish I never had to sleep
on another mattress again!
Or how about the beautiful pair
of hand-crafted bespoke shoes
I just took delivery of… made
completely to my own colour and
size specications.
In fact, I never buy any other types
of shoes these days except this
exclusive brand... I just pop in to see
my bootmaker in London (or have
him come to me)… pick what I like
and then have them delivered to me
about 7 months later… handcrafted
in every respect. (I know it sounds a bit
over the top… but if it’s something you
really enjoy and can aord it… isn’t
that what it’s all about?)
Whatever it is you desire in life… big
or small… you can have it! In fact…
I’m going to show you
how easy it is to nally
escape from the drudgery
of ordinary everyday
living so that YOU can
really experience the most
…a lifestyle that I myself have been
enjoying for the last nine years or so
and can show you how to achieve
quicker and easier than ever now…
… where you are
...where you NEVER have to worry
about paying bills… and where
you have the FREEDOM to pick and
choose when, where (or even if ) you
want to work!
In other words, I’m going to show you
a lifestyle where you can really spend
your time in any way you please…
and enjoy the best of everything for
yourself and your family along the
A lifestyle where you can
make a real dierence
…helping your family, friends and
others in ways you may never have
been able to before! Like giving
to charity or helping out someone
. a«-t t. .».a
+.a ».a +.a t..
:«- ...e « ..¡e
a»ese +.a :«-
»«.e a»«te.es
+.a a«-t...
...the nicest clothing or
whatever makes you
feel good...
...luxury items so you
and your family live in
total comfort...
...no money worries
ever again!
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
who’s in a tight spot and just needs
a helping hand.
I’ve never been one to brag about
giving to charity and I’ve never told
anyone else any of this before... so
I’m not going to talk much about the
various things I do.
But I want you to think for a
How it would feel to be
able to pop in to the
charity/cause of your
choice and WRITE OUT A
CHEQUE FOR $15,000 or
even $50,000 whenever
you felt like it?
Can you imagine how you’d feel
being able to do that?
Can you imagine the joy you could
bring to others with that ability?
I can tell you from experience it’s one
of the most rewarding things I’ve
ever done and maybe it would be for
you too.
For example, just one small thing
I will share is a cause I’ve become
involved in lately to help serve
healthy and nutritious breakfasts to
kids in underprivileged areas.
With the lifestyle and freedom I
have I’m able to give my time and
money to help out in an area that
I really know is needed… and give
young kids a chance at doing better
at school and making something of
themselves. A purpose that is close
to my heart and benets our whole
When you know how to
HOME… you too could
be helping out others in
whatever way you like…
while also enjoying a
much more luxurious
and enjoyable lifestyle
It’s really not hard… you just need
somebody to give you a “break” to
get you started and what I’m about
to share with you could denitely be
Okay, now I realise that you want
to know all about this immediately,
so let’s get into the specics of this.
I’ll tell you ALL the details in just a
moment but rst…
Let me tell you a bit about this new
system I’ve developed… because
I’ve never been as excited about
anything as I am about this right
now! You see…
f0f l00 l88l l0N 908f8
l`90 000ß 00Ml0fl80l9
08ßklß0 $l¥l8ßl Nllll08
00llß8$ F0f f08f N0fklß0
lf0M M9 00800l0l 08ß8
00lll llM00f 00ll8lß0 lß
l00 0f00ß88 0l M9 00fl08
00M0.I900 08ß 800 ll
090f l0 l00 l0lll
Just to give you an idea, across
the page you can see a shot of my
earnings from last year…
Now that’s during 2009 alone…
more than enough to continue living
the luxury lifestyle I’ve enjoyed for
the last 9 years… and to be honest, I
thought this was what I was going to
be doing for the next 10 years.
But here’s why I’m really so excited…
The lifestyle and
freedom to be able to
help anyone you want.
Imagine being able to
write out a cheque like this
for your choice of charity
or even a friend or loved
one who just needs your
My walk to “work” each
morning for the past few
years. Would this sort of
relaxed lifestyle suit you?
Special Money Making Report
7 - Please Turn Over
...that huge income was
substantially the result of
testing my new system...
for only a FEW MONTHS of
last year... and to top it all
o, this was in the middle
of the worst recession
and toughest business
conditions that anybody
can ever remember... yet
I still had my BEST YEAR
It’s not hard to see on those results
that this brand-new business system
far exceeds what I was previously
doing… and to tell you the truth, I’m
only just getting started!
Those results just came
from my initial testing and
by the time I actually apply
this simple new system in
all the ways I have planned
this year… I really expect
to be moving into 8-gure
prots in the near future!
Well as you can probably
understand, I was so excited when
I discovered and tested these
new methods I started making
immediate plans to put it all together
to share with my partners and
customers… so that they too could
start seeing the sorts of results I’ve
been getting.
Now just in case you’re
asking yourself why I’d want
to share this system... if it’s
so valuable and has made
me so much money...
Well, the answer is simple... once
you discover how this new system
works you’ll see there’s pretty much
NO LIMIT on the prots that can be
made… so I really don’t have any
worries sharing it with others so they
too can prot from what I’ve found.
In fact, I can’t stress this enough…
once you discover these new
strategies… this new concept that
allows you to get started in just
24hrs and have money starting
to appear in your bank account
within 30 days… you’ll see just how
limitless this is. I could not possibly
Start in just 24hrs...
I tested this brand new
system last - in the
middle of the worst
recession and toughest
business conditions in
recent memory... yet I
still had my best year
ever ($4.3 Million in
2009 alone)!
...make money in as
little as 30 days!
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
saturate this market if I taught it
to everyone I know… and you’ll
see that, once you discover this
new system for yourself... (Which
remember… you’re going to get
to do for free.)
After all, this system is by far
the easiest way I’ve ever seen
to make money and it can all
be done from home and run
by a single person without
ever needing to hire anyone
else to help out if you don’t
want to.
There’s NO
need for sta…
warehouses of stock or any of
the other hassles of regular
businesses… and it really is
extremely simple to run in a
few spare hours at any time
of day to suit you.

Surely, in these current
uncertain times, there’s
more people than ever
who could use this system
to start generating a
rst class income and
free themselves from the
world of worry and stress they’re
currently trapped in.
But then I realised…
A lot of people see me as
somebody that’s already
‘made it’… so you
may be thinking “as
a multi-millionaire
it’s so easy for him
as he has enough
money to buy success
and try new things out”…
So I decided to do a little test to see
if this revolutionary new system
I’d come up with was everything I
was thinking it was… the fastest
and easiest way EVER to get
started making incredible money
from home… even for someone
completely new to it.
So I had a chat with one of
my recent students…Kevin
Potts …who just happened
to be an ordinary English
Church Minister with NO
had done very well using my
existing system … making over
$189,000 in about 7 months
… so I thought he would be the
ideal person to test out my new
step-by-step system and put it
through its paces.
Once Kevin had spent a few
weeks getting himself set up
and running, he activated the
system and did OK (in 3 two day
promotions he made around
$1,200, then $2,400 and nally
about $3,000) but this wasn’t
good enough for me so I sat
down with him and ne tuned
the system then got him to try
again …
This time, doing the same
thing but with my ‘ne
tuning’ he made over
$8,750 in only two days.
So the results he got makes this
new system approximately 5 times
more eective than the system
he had previously been using…a
system which had already made me
a multi-millionaire don’t forget!!! …
by using this brand new system I
am condent he will now pull in
$1million within the year!
008`1 N088f
(or any of these other usual
business hassles)!
That’s all taken care of. In
fact, we’re going to show
you several ways to use
this amazing new system,
one of which allows you
to prot very handsomely
without needing to have
your own product ever! (So
please don’t worry about all
that stu now - we’ve got it
covered so it’s as simple as
possible for you!)
“Maybe you
think it’s
easier for
Special Money Making Report
9 - Please Turn Over
In fact, why don’t I let Kevin tell you
in his own words how it all happened
as I laid down the challenge to use
my new step by step system… and
how his life has dramatically changed
for the better as a result of what I’ve
taught him and applying these new
business methods and strategies I’ve
recently developed…
…a system that could have you
banking an average extra $1000
each and every day too!
Hello there!
As Tim has
said, my
name is
Kevin Potts
and I’m just
an ordinary
man who after eight years in a local
church in Cambridge felt a “calling”
to make a greater dierence to good
causes than could be achieved by
handing the “collection plate” around.
Upon meeting Tim, I took action on
what he showed me and I’ve done
very well as a result.
As you can see from the photos
of my little house on an estate in
Cambridge and my humble little
Peugeot 107… I’m no one special.
I didn’t have a business already, or
large amounts of cash to get
started with... so
I had no more
chance of success
than anyone else
In fact, up until
just a few months
after meeting Tim,
I was a practicing
Minister at my local
church... where I’d been active for
a full 8 years doing everything I could
as a Church Minister to have a truly
positive eect on those I served.
However, using this brand-new
system that Tim has developed and
shared with me… I’ve now been
able to help more people than ever
before… not to mention enjoy a
few little luxuries in my humble
lifestyle and have the freedom
to do more of the things that are
important to me.
As Tim has already mentioned…
I went from scratch
to pulling in just over
$189,000 in my rst 7
months and I’m now very
much on track for my rst
the year!
Not to mention, I’ve been able to
help hundreds of people… through
my own coaching business I’m now
running… discover how they too
can achieve wealth and freedom for
themselves and their families.
I can hardly believe it sometimes and
I can’t even begin to describe how
Above you can see emails
from my payment processor
showing the sales I made in
just three days...
"lM80lß0 l0l8...
...+.a a«·e a, .- t»e ¬.s-.--
«-+ +.a·.e «.se«++ ¬«+e
J-+-, a»..e +.a aese ..ee,.--.
·.a »«.e « +«+ .at ,.«--e+
a.t» t»e ·.+. «-+ ¡s.e-+. «-+
»+ t»e t.¬e +.a setas- ».¬e
.- t»e e.e-.-- +.a·.e ¬«+e
J-:: ¬.se.
(¡tes « +e..:..a. +.--es
«t +.as ¡«..as.te ..:«.
se.t«as«-t «-+ « -.«.. .¡ -.:e
a.-e «t ».¬e .- t»e ..a--e
+.a :»e:· .- »e¡.se »e+ t. .ee
+.a·.e :«.»e+ .- «-.t»es J.-:.
1»«t ¬e«-. .- « +«+ .¡¡ +.a·.e
,a..e+ .- « .es+ .aeet J.::-.
.. t».. ,....».e? (»...ate.+. .·.e
+.-e .t.
)a.t -..e a. t»e :»«-:e t. .».a
+.a ».a +.a :«- t..iº
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
wonderful this has been… let alone
what it’s allowed me to do in my life
that I could never have done before!
To give you a bit of an idea…
... I’ve been able to re-invest in my
business, building my own lm
studio where I’m going to help
other people create their own
products and businesses… so they
too can escape from the worry and
stresses of debt and the work-a-day
world… and live a much happier and
free lifestyle of their choice.
I’ve also been able to help my son
with a $50,000 deposit for his rst
apartment (and will doubtlessly
have to do the same for my daughter
soon )… and I have to confess, I also
treated myself to a nice new watch
I saw in the shops recently while
doing some shopping to replace my
20-year old black plastic one.
Perhaps most special to me, I was
nally able to treat my wife to a
dream weekend break in a hotel
that she’s wanted to visit for years. It
was a wonderful weekend of relaxing
and pampering for us both, that
quite frankly… I’d never been able
to aord to do before on a church
minister’s stipend!
Now these aren’t necessarily
excessive treats… but the key point
is… I didn’t even have to think about
80N M8ß9 0000l0 80 900
kß0N N00 0890 l00 f8ll00N
10 $Fl80 N08lf 0ß N08l090f
l009 llk0 Nll000l 089lß0 l0
l0lßk 0f N0ff9 8000l llF
10l8 l8 l00 l900 0l ßß8ß0l8l
lf0080M 1lM`8 ß0N 898l0M
08ß 0l90 900. 8ß8 l`M ll9lß0,
0f08l0lß0, 0K0ll08 0f00lI
And honestly, that’s just the start.
Once you experience this freedom
it’s amazing how a whole new world
and lifestyle opens up to you.
I’ve experienced things I would
never have been able to enjoy any
other way… like being a VIP guest
at the Wisely Music Festival recently,
watching ‘Killer Queen’ as Tim’s
guest… with his closest friends.
I don’t know if I should tell you but it
cost Tim many thousands of dollars
and was First-Class all the way…
rubbing shoulders with celebrities,
enjoying sumptuous food and the
very best champagne, wine, brandy
and entertainment money can buy
throughout the evening.
Again, this has all
happened for me as a
direct result of the brand-
new system Tim shared
with me and which you’re
about to discover…
...and that allowed
me to go from being
an ordinary, everyday
Church Minister who just
did the best I could to
help others with what I
...to being to able to help
many more people than
ever before whilst also
enjoying a new-found
freedom and lifestyle for
myself and my family!
Using these methods there’s nothing
in the way of you earning an
average extra $1,000 each day and
My new lm studio to
make more prots than
ever in my business and
help others like you
achieve their dreams!
I was able to help my
son out with a deposit
for his rst apartment...
wouldn’t you like to be
able to help out friends
and family too?
I was able to treat my
wife to a dream weekend
break to a luxury hotel
she’s wanted to visit for
years! You too will soon
be able to take holidays
you could only previously
dream of!
“I’ve been able
to do all this (and
I want the same
for you)…”
Special Money Making Report
living a luxurious and privileged
lifestyle yourself in just months too!
Just think for a moment how you’d
feel if you saw your bank account/
income looking like this…
It may seem extraordinary when
you see and hear others talking
about it… but now that I’ve done
and experienced it… I can tell you
it really is possible and denitely
worth taking action to make it
happen… no matter what your
current situation in life is.
And there really is nothing standing
in your way because…
You’re going to get the
exact same system that
Tim gave me to use…
that allowed me to be on
track for my rst MILLION
DOLLARS within the year!
And even more
amazingly… you’re going
to get given it for FREE!
(Yes, I genuinely mean completely
free… with no catches whatsoever
it simply won’t cost you a cent
now or ever… and we’ll tell you how
and why in just a few moments)
In addition, you’re going to get it
delivered to you in a brand-new
completely revolutionary way that
will all but GUARANTEE you will see
success… because we’ve designed it
to be simpler and easier to put into
action than anything before.
Even more exciting… since Tim
tweaked it for me, the system is
even better now than when he rst
revealed it! It really is possible for
you to start banking an average
extra $1,000 per day from home
very quickly indeed with what
you’re about to discover.
So here’s Tim again to personally tell
you all about this brand-new system
he’s developed that could really be
the key to giving you the life you
dream of…
Right ok, Kevin is absolutely
correct… when you see how this
system has been put together, I
genuinely believe there won’t be
any question in your mind that it can
help you see whatever success you
desire… and you’ll understand why
I’m just so excited about what we’re
going to be giving you. But rst…
This is just one of my
bank accounts - let’s get
yours looking like this
We’ve really made it
as easy as possible
to get going with the
minimal steps and
11 - Please Turn Over
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
So let me tell you a bit more about this system and how it can help you…
The rst thing you need to know is that it’s A COMPLETE
how to utilise my brand new formula for making an
average extra $1,000 CASH PER DAY… starting in just 24
hours… which can then build from there to take you to a
professional-level, 6-gure home income within the next
12-18 months!
And I genuinely mean that – you can be seeing quite astonishing results
extremely quickly… and this may just be the most impressive money-making
system I’ve ever released… and how I’ll tell you why.
You see, for the last year or so my business has been going through an
“evolution” below the surface. The world is changing… technology is
improving at an incredible speed… and there are opportunities and ways to
Don’t forget, I’ve generated over $14million since I started 9 years ago, but by adding this new system,
the last year has been the best year I’ve ever had pulling in over $4,391,128.36 in one 12-month period.
This new system is what I call “Recession Proof” because it overcomes all the restrictions of the
current uncertain economic times… in fact it tends to work even better when the economy is bad… and
allows you to tap into an almost limitless pool of potential prots that 99% of people have no idea
about! (Whilst most businesses are struggling just to stay aoat!)
This system has been PROVEN to work… not just for me, but for one of my students with no previous
experience who I asked to test it… having already made $189,000 in around 7 months and went onto
make $8,750 in a matter of days and is now on track to make over $1 MILLION DOLLARS within the year!
It’s the easiest to understand and best-value package I’ve ever put together… I’m condent it’s the
very best product I’ve ever created in terms of ease-of-use, speed of results and value-for-money… as
you’ll see in just a moment when we give you the details below. Not to mention it’s quite a lot of fun to use!
It really does work like “magic”… allowing you to be up and running in as little as 24 hours! This truly
is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to creating money out of thin air. (You won’t believe making money
could be so easy… it really is like pulling money out of the ether!)
So, if you’re interested in creating a very nice income… an average extra $1,000 per day working
from home… and living a lifestyle of wealth and freedom usually reserved for celebrities and free from
the usual worries of a job and money… then I genuinely believe this will give you the best possible chance.
And remember, I really am going to GIVE YOU THIS WHOLE FORMULA FOR FREE so you can get started
WITHOUT PAYING A CENT! (Just so there’s absolutely nothing standing in the way of you getting started just
as soon as you nish reading this letter.)
“Just follow the clear step-
by-step instructions to be
on your way to a 6-gure
income in the next 12-18

Special Money Making Report
do things (especially make money on
automatic) that have never existed
So for the last year or so I’ve been
testing out various new ideas,
business models and methods
to nd ways to make more money,
much quicker and with considerably
less work and eort… and make
it possible for all of my friends
and customers to do the same…
despite the apparent ‘crashing of the
economy’ and all the other negative
news we seem to hear constantly.
As part of this… I have quietly
developed one particular new
system which revolves around a
unique new approach... and after
seeing how well it worked for me, I
asked Kevin to use it… to prove that
it would work just as well for anyone.
After making a few adjustments
and then seeing his results… it was
clear this system was absolutely as
powerful as I’d thought and so I was
ready to let a small number of other
people in on it… so they too could
benet from what it could do.
But... I was so impressed with
Kevin’s success, how quickly and
easily he made my new formula work
and pull in cash… that I also decided
to look at what he did and what
he could bring to the system… to
ensure you could see the same rapid
success that he did.
After all, he’d taken my system with
simple, straight-forward directions
and with no special help from
me… and turned it into a business
that should bank over $1 Million
Dollars for him in the near future.
Obviously he was doing something
So together we sat down, took my
new approach and created the
simplest, fastest and easiest to
implement system of instructions
I’ve ever seen… revealing my
powerful new formula…
and adding additional
guidance from both
Kevin and myself… so
you can put the whole
system into action for
your own success quickly
and with an absolute
minimum amount of eort!
And that’s how this brand-new
system… the simplest, most exciting
and powerful I’ve ever put together…
was created.
I call it…
100 Z4·800f
N08ll0 0f08ll0ß
First, let me establish something very
clearly. As you will quickly see for
13 - Please Turn Over
"ll`8 ßß l90l0ll0ßI¨
“For years I’ve run my business
following a proven system. But now
with more people than ever globally
connected to the internet... we’re
seeing new trends and massive
changes... and my business is evolving into
a global operation with all the amazing benets, advancements in
technology and more.”
“So forget what you’ve seen before... forget the way things used
to be done... don’t expect to see the same stu as last year or even
what other people are still oering now. Prepare yourself for
“You may be thinking you have an idea of what I’m going to show
you next… but I can assure you… YOU DON’T... because this truly
“I poured all of my
expertise and new-found
methods into this… but
I also got Kevin’s help
to make these the very
best and easy-to-follow
instructions possible”
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
We’ve made it as easy as ever for
you to take my new system and
be able to put it into immediate
action… to get started IN JUST 24
Part of the reason this was possible
is the unique and stunningly
powerful approach the system
contains… which makes it possible
for anyone to start from scratch and
be up making money in as little as 24
(Of course, let’s be clear you won’t
be suddenly making thousands
of dollars in this immediate
timeframe… but you could
denitely start the ow to that
$1,000 per day average… and
you will be surprised how quickly
it builds once you get the system
working for you!)
But it’s also the way that we’re
delivering this brand-new
information to you… which includes
a very special new format Kevin will
tell you about in just a few moments.
You see, I thought about holding an
intimate, personal workshop to teach
this new system to you because of
course, there are steps you have to
go through… instructions that you
have to follow (naturally all quite
simple and easy to do.) So logically,
doing it in person with me would
make sense.
But I quickly realised that a lot of
people… especially in the current
uncertain economic climate…
simply can’t aord the $8,000-
$10,000 that people pay for my
personal workshops.
And as Kevin pointed out, many
of the people who could benet
from this the most… apart from
maybe not having access to that
sort of money any time soon… are
also perhaps not going to have the
time or freedom to travel and come
to meet me in person just at the
So apart from making this
completely new, revolutionary
wealth-creation formula
available… I’ve decided to deliver
it in a way that gives you access
to a similar high level of quality
instruction you’d get from a face-
to-face, one-to-one workshop with
me… with the convenience of being
able to use my new system from the
comfort of your own home… and for
a price which I’m sure you will agree
is truly amazing!
As I’ve already mentioned… just
to make it accessible to absolutely
anyone… I actually want to give it to
you for FREE so you can get started
without paying a single cent!
(But I’ll tell you more about that…
along with why I’m willing to literally
“give this information away”.)
Right now, I want Kevin to give you
some more details about…
80N N0`f0 00lß0 l0 80ll90f
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$1000 00f 889 Nl18l8 l0$1
Z4 8008$ 0l f000l9lß0 900f
898l0M lß8lf00ll0ß8I
Ok, I know you’re excited by what
Tim has shared so far!
I can tell you from
personal experience
that it’s everything
he’s promising
and more…







this is Incredible value
- better than anything I’ve
oered before!
Here’s why…


Special Money Making Report
15 - Please Turn Over
and with the way we’re going to
deliver it… there is nothing standing
in your way of you enjoying the same
success that I have!
As Tim mentioned, I’m going to ll
you in on all the details of the new
system… that’s going to give you
the same sort of high-level money-
making system as a face-to-face
workshop… but in a way that can
be done right from within your own
So let’s get into it… (because I am sure
you must be buzzing with excitement
and in a moment you’ll be even more
ecstatic once you get the details of
what we have in store for you)!
First, is the 24-Hour Wealth Creation
Formula that Tim’s already talked
about. It’s so simple and powerful
that it comes in one short, easy-
to-understand report that you will
receive immediately.
The instructions will
centre around the new
approach and method
that Tim discovered…
the same system that’s
helped him bank
more money than ever
before… $4,391,128.36,
his best year ever in
2009… and shared with
me so that I’m on track for
my rst $1 Million Dollars
within the year!
But apart from being designed
to share Tim’s new system… this
programme will give you a whole lot
more because it has been designed
from the ground up to address one
other very critical issue.
You see, Tim knew he had
a great new system here.
As he’s told you, it’s unlike
anything he’s done
before… works better
and faster… and is the
closest thing to pulling
money out of thin air.
(Trust me, I was shocked
when he rst showed it to
me and I know you will be
But even as good as the
system itself was… he was
still impressed with how
I was able to put it to use and see
great results. That led Tim to ask…
Well, after many hours together…
what we came up with was some
of the most advanced and proven
cash-generating material I’ve
ever seen… and this led Tim to feel
this quality of system would need
to be oered as a 2-day personal
Right in the initial FREE materials you
will receive the whole formula and
instructions that explain how this new
system works...
...so you can start proting right away.
This is the key to creating an average
$1,000 per day cashow from home and
will give you exactly what you need to
get started immediately.
ce., . ·-.a t»«t ,e.,.e ¬«+ t».-· t».. .ta¡¡ .. e«.+ ¡.s ¬e, »at +.a
.ee¬ t. »«.e ,a.t »seete+ t»s.a-» t».. ,s.:e.. «. ae... n»«t +. +.a
t».-· a.a«..+ »..+. ,e.,.e .- t»e dc »«:· ¡s.¬ e-,.+.-- t»e .«¬e ·.-+
.¡ .a::e.. +.a »«.e «tt«.-e+ «-+ +. +.a t».-· ae :«- ..¬e».a ·».tt.e·
a»«te.es .t .. t»«t ¬«·e. t»e ¬.e +.¡¡ese-:e?º
So he really pushed me on this one… and TOGETHER we put his
new system into a format that addresses and then eliminates
everything that could possibly get in the way of you being able
to plug in and start proting from his new formula as quickly as
In addition… after my initial success with the formula where
I brought in $8,750 in just a couple of days adding to the
$189,000 in around my rst 7 months… Tim shared some further
enhancements he’d been working on… that have allowed my
success and income to explode and put me on track for
$1 Million within the year.
Tim also wanted to make sure that YOU get the exact formula…
with all the add-ons and enhancements as well... to constantly
take it to new levels and make more and more prots with it over
time. (He really has been testing a lot of new ideas and methods over
the last year and has some fantastic new stu to share!)
We worked around a table
together for days making
this the best we could!
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
But when we discussed how
we could do it in a format
that would allow practically
everyone to have access to
this incredible new money-
making system… because
it really is just so simple that
it’s perfect for anyone... a new
programme, that enhances the 24
Hour Wealth Creation Formula and
makes it even more powerful… was
It’s called the Home Business
Accelerator and is a step-by-step,
online monthly programme…
designed to take you from plugging
in Tim’s new 24 Hour Wealth Creation
Formula… and enhancing it until
you have a full-blown professional
level home-based business
making you at least an average
$1,000 PER DAY… and allowing you
to enjoy every bit of freedom and
wealth you desire in life.
In each monthly edition of the
Home Business Accelerator, we’ll
cover a new aspect of running a
home-based business… specically
using Tim’s special new formula… in
much greater detail, and raise your
performance to the professional
level... so that over 12 months you’ll
have more and more techniques to
add additional income and revenue
to your business.
Putting these together required a lot
of work and a LOT of implementation
on our part… but the end result has
been worth it… as we’ve developed
what Tim, myself and the rest of his
“Inner Circle” who have seen this
material believe to be…
The simplest, most eective
wealth creation formula ever
developed for UK-based
And let me just clarify… this is NOT
something you could have seen
before. This in NOT just a bunch of
last year’s repackaged DVDs… this
IS a brand-new approach using
Tim’s unique new formula that’s
been proven to make millions!
So, there’s plenty to share about it
and I’m going to go into detail for
you in just a second, but rst I must
tell you…
â 8l0 80ß0ßl8 0l
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0f08ll0ß f0fM0l8
8 80M0 808lß088
Big Benet #1 - Tim’s
Brand-New, Almost
“Magical” Formula
As Tim has already mentioned , it
is quite simply the best system he’s
ever developed and has already
been responsible for him banking
over $4,391,000 in 2009 which
is the best year he’s ever had.
Not to mention… as you’ll see for
yourself… it’s by far the easiest way
to make money any of us in Tim’s
“Inner Circle” have ever seen! I know
you’ll agree which is why I persuaded
Tim to let you use the system for
yourself for FREE!
, +.-·t ¡.s
...ae·se -..-- t. .».a +.a t»e naecc
:+ a.as ne«.t» (se«t..- r.s¬a.« s.-»t
«a«+ ¡.s rscc, .. +.a :«- ¬«·e « .t«st
.¬¬e+.«te.+ a.t».at ,«+.-- « :e-ti
¬at a»«t +.a·.. se«...e .. .-:e +.a -et -..--
+.a·.. »e ...·.-- ¡.s ¡ast»es .--+e,t»
te:»-..ae. t»«t t«·e +.as -ea »a..-e.. t. t»e
-e:t .e.e. «-+ t»«t·. e:«:t.+ a»«t t»e a.¬e
¬a..-e.. (::e.es«t.s a... +.i
“You get all the
enhancements and tricks
Tim showed me too… so
you can get started fast
and then build up to a
professional level!”
Each month you will be
provided with simple
instructions to take your
business to the next level
with the brand-new Home
Business Accelerator
* materials will be delivered online
Special Money Making Report
Big Benet #2 - High-
Level Personal “One-
to-One” Style Training
without the $10,000
Don’t forget this is a brand new
formula… but the calibre and
quality of what Tim reveals is the sort
of thing he usually reserves for his
personal students at his high-end
As he’s already said, he was
originally planning on revealing
this new formula at a $10,000 a
head workshop… but after talking
it over, together we decided to do
something really special and deliver
it in this incredibly-aordable format.
Let me explain why…
Tim’s no fool. You don’t get to be
a multi-millionaire by making
poor business decisions. What he
has here with the 24 Hour Wealth
Creation Formula and Home Business
Accelerator is easily enough to form
the basis of a 2-day personal training
workshop that people normally pay
him $8,000 - $10,000 to attend.
But due to the nature of this special
new formula and the current
uncertain times this system could
do the most good by being released
to as many people as possible.
(Remember, the way this system
works means it will never become
any less eective as a result of more
people using it… unlike some other
peoples’ systems… so it’s perfect for
sharing with thousands of people to
help them quickly and easily increase
their income and lifestyle!)
So instead of making his money by
releasing this in a high-end workshop
format to a very limited number of
people… Tim has decided we should
oer it as a monthly package to
a much wider audience at a very
low price where he can still do OK,
but help many more people in the
process. It really is a win-win!
However, don’t let that fool you into
thinking you’re getting any less! The
programme still contains precisely
detailed expanded step-by-step
instructions that Tim could have
taught at a $10,000 workshop
about the system and will cover
EVERYTHING about Tim’s new
formula… in a way that will have
you ready to plug it in and get
going straight away.
Big Benet #3 - A Totally
Complete Package (like
nothing you have ever
seen before!)
As you’ll see in just a moment, the 24
Hour Wealth Creation Formula allows
you to immediately “plug in” a system
that will allow you to start on the
path to creating an average $1,000
per day cash ow and then continue
to build – through the continuing
Home Business Accelerator online
monthly system – each aspect to a
professional level… and considerably
increase your daily and weekly prots
over time.
So not only will you get the “HOW-
TO” of Tim’s brand-new system, but
you’ll get everything else you need to
start using it and achieve the kind of
success I have. In fact, we can pretty
much GUARANTEE you haven’t seen
anything like this ever before.
Big Benet #4 - Step-By-
Step Formula Delivered
Simply, Easily, Eectively
As I’ve already pointed out… you
get the whole formula immediately
so you can just plug it in and start
proting right away.
17 - Please Turn Over
f00 00l l0080
.) 1.¬·. »s«-+--ea, «.¬..t
¬«-.:«.º ¡.s¬a.«... +.as.
.¬¬e+.«te.+ «-+ :.¬,.ete.+ rscc
:) ( :.¬,.ete .+.te¬ ..·e -.t».--
1.¬·. e.es se.e«.e+ »e¡.se t.
t«·e +.as -ea »a..-e.. t. t»e
,s.¡e....-«. .e.e. .- t»e :.¬.--
-) --¡.-ase a.s·.»., .e.e.,
,es..-«. .-e-t.-.-eº .t+.e
ts«.-.-- a.t».at t»e .-.e.t¬e-t
+) ste,-»+-.te, .-.tsa:t..-.
+e...ese+ .- ..¬,.e, e«.+-t.-
a-+es.t«-+ ».te-..te+ ,.e:e.
-) st«te-.¡-t»e-«st ¬a.t.¬e+.«
.-.tsa:t..- .. +.a e¡¡.st.e...+
a-+es.t«-+ «-+ :«- «,,.+ a»«t
+.a +..:..es t. :«.» .- ¡«.t
Specially designed with UK
entrepreneurs in mind
Tim decided to not
limit sharing this as
a seminar to make it
accessible to everyone.
This benets you!
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
But having listened to feedback from
past customers, who prefer very
specic, step-by-step instructions
in an easy-to-digest format…
we’ve made it into a special online
monthly programme where you
get the entire formula right up
front… but then over future
months get in-depth additional
strategies and enhancements to
each part of the formula… which
of course allows you to constantly
increase your cashow each and
every month thereafter at whatever
pace suits you.
Big Benet #5 - State-
of-the-Art Multi-Media
Look, Tim was certainly tired of
seeing the same old presentation
of products getting used constantly
and continually by other marketers.
The world has evolved and we’ve
gone all out to make sure you have
access to the latest cutting-edge
material & presentation. In fact,
we’ve gone all out to make it the
best quality product you’ve ever
You’ll get the instructions in various
formats such as video, audio, online
manuals and PDFs... so it makes it
easy and fun for you to be able to
understand... and we’ve designed
it as a set of detailed and extremely
easy to follow instructions... more of
an operating manual than anything
What you will get access to and will
be able to view in your PRIVATE
MEMBERS AREA right away are
the exact instructions detailing
how to plug in the formula and
then how to constantly improve
it month by month with the
minimum of eort.
Can I be absolutely clear, that
there’s no having to sit down and
read hundreds of pages or study
50hrs of video or audio before
you can get started in less than
an hour from getting access to
your completely FREE materials…
there’s NO WAIT and NO COST!
Everything is in small, highly-specic
lessons that take only a few minutes
to digest and which are supplied
in multiple formats to make it easy
and enjoyable to review in whatever
manner appeals to you at the time.
(You have to admit it’s nice to be able
sit back and watch a video or listen to
an audio rather than having to read
big, thick manuals all the time!)
And Remember… You Can Get
Started And Begin Proting
Even though this system has been
designed to be delivered in easy
and eective formats that anyone
can nd time to use… we know that
some people will want to get started
at 100 miles an hour and really get
moving in a matter of days.
So, Tim suggested… in fact
he absolutely insisted… that
we ensure you receive the
complete system on DAY 1
so that you can start making
great money just a soon as you
receive the system in a day or
two from now.
Ok, so now you know the key
benets to this evolutionary new
We listened to your
s. +.a -et t»e e:«:t .te,. +.a -ee+... t»e c{((1
¡.s¬a.«... a.t» :.-t.-a.-- e-»«-:e¬e-t, »at a.t».at
..esa»e.¬.-- .s a--e:e..«s+ «++.t..-., «.. .¡ a».:»
¬e«-. +.a a... »e ae.. .- +.as a«+... t. «- «.es«-e
$.,::: ,es +«+ :«.»¡c.a .- t»e -.t t.. +..t«-t ¡atasei
* materials will be delivered online
Special Money Making Report
system... I’m going to hand back to
Tim to let him share with you the
really exciting details about how you
will be able start making money very
Here’s Exactly What You’ll
Receive When You Apply
For Your Own Free Edition
Of The 24 Hour Wealth
Creation Formula (And Pay
Absolutely NOTHING For
It… Not Even Shipping Or
Thank you Kevin…
and well, I hope you’re
stunned with everything
you’ve heard so far and as
immensely excited and keen to get
going as we are to be oering this to
As Kevin has just mentioned I’m
going to reveal what is perhaps the
most exciting part of this whole new
system… exactly how it all works and
what you’ll get when you request
your complimentary copy today.
Let’s start with…
The 24 Hour Wealth
Creation Formula
This is most certainly
the part that reveals
the essence or “magic”
of the system and that
I genuinely believe
gives anyone who
has discovered it, the
ability to create money
almost out of thin air… it’s so
amazing and easy to do! (And, as
you’ll see by the time you’ve read
this letter… it literally allows you to
get started in just 24 hours!)
I was so excited about this new
system… the “magical” way it works
and how it gives anyone the ability
to create an average $1000 per day
cashow… that I wanted to reveal
it ALL to you just as soon as you
request your own copy.
This is the exact system as it was
presented to a group of my “Inner
Circle” private clients… who paid
nearly $10,000 to be in the room
where it was delivered I might add…
and who were the rst to get a small
glimpse of this new system in action
when we revealed it for the rst time.
It’s all contained in one quick and
easy-to-understand report with
clear and direct instructions on
how the formula works and the
“magical” aspect of the system I
keep mentioning. It provides exactly
what you need to know - with no
confusing extras just to “ll it out”
- so you have exactly what you
need to start using the formula
“IMMEDIATELY” to get on track to an
average extra $1,000 cashow per
19 - Please Turn Over
I was also aware that in these current uncertain times you will
want to be able to get started immediately and make money
quickly and you’ll certainly be able to do that right from the
…there will be no waiting for months before you have enough
information to actually be able to do something like some
other monthly programmes I’ve seen!
So I put together a very straightforward, simple set of
precise step by step instructions which cover every part of
my new formula… piece by piece giving you the complete
picture… which can get you going from 0-100mph in just a
day if you choose. I’ve made it incredibly simple!
You get the exact system
as it was presented to my
Inner Circle Private Clients!
You get the entire formula
and instructions right on
Day 1 - for FREE!
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
This is the presentation that
created SHOCK and AWE and
had some of my very own
personal JV partners literally
gasping at the sheer power
of this new system and what
it could do!
As you will see when you get your
hands on this formula… it literally
gives you the power to get going in
just 24 hours… which is why I’m so
excited and decided you just had
to have this as part of the very rst
materials you get access to.
But that’s just the rst part of this
special COMPLIMENTARY oer and
you’re going to be even more excited
when you see what else you will be
getting… so here’s Kevin to tell you
all about it.
The Home Business
Hi again, Kevin here, and
as Tim’s already said…
the idea here is that
you absolutely can
get going straight
away and pulling in money right in
Month 1… without having to wait
for further materials… using the 24
Hour Wealth Creation Formula.
But that is just the very beginning of
some of the amazing advances Tim
has made in his business in the last
year… advances he shared with me...
and also wanted to share with you.
As we’ve already discussed, rather
than run a 2-day personal workshop
to pass on this system including all
these new strategies and tools for
constantly increasing the prots
you make from the 24 Hour Wealth
Creation Formula… we’re going to
oer it as a powerful, step-by-step
monthly membership… providing
you with a smooth, easy to follow,
complete and total solution.
While you could just
take the 24 Hour Wealth
Creation Formula, plug it
in and start pulling in more
cash every day… you will
not want to stop there.
So in addition to getting
access to the Formula
for FREE… you’ll also get
Month 1 of our brand new
Home Business Accelerator
FREE as well.
Starting with this rst package and
then from Month 2 onwards… you
will get continuing instructions
… in a step-by-step formula with
additional essential elements…
each focusing on a dierent aspect
or area of your very own business...
to enhance and build your business
more powerfully with each new
The idea is that this allows you
to get started with the formula
very fast indeed and then go
on to improve it constantly...
making more and more money as
you progress through the Home
Business Accelerator programme.
Each month we will present clear,
precise, essential enhancements
to the formula and will help you
to build your business up to the
professional level where you can be
banking impressive money each and
every week!
I’ve already mapped out the
programme with Tim and to say
it’s some of the best stu he’s ever
produced is an understatement. The
content is electrifying and I am sure
it will really amaze you… so let me
Your income can look
like this once you start
using the 24 Hour Wealth
Creation Formula!
You will be able to
get started as soon as
you get access to your
rst completely FREE
* materials will be delivered online
Special Money Making Report
give you a taste of just a few of the
secrets you’ll discover in the new
Home Business Accelerator monthly
A tool that automates your entire
business for you and has enabled
Kevin to build a phenomenal
relationship with 15,187 people in
just a couple of months since testing
this system! All he does is look at it
perhaps 10 minutes every other
day and the tool does the rest.
Get this tool which allows amazing
results, far greater prots and plenty
of time to enjoy life instead of being
stuck in your business!
How one of our friends started o
with a couple of products he didn’t
even buy or create himself and with
just an hour or so a day turned these
into his rst MILLION! (Once you nd
out how you will quickly be able to
start using this exact strategy yourself.)
A tool we’ll provide you with FREE
OF CHARGE that will get you started
with perhaps the most important and
powerful prot-increasing technique
we know... that has typically cost
Tim and I more than $10,000 in the
past... and involved us in hundreds of
hours of work.
In fact, last year just one result of
applying this precision-engineered
strategy pulled in over $1,500,000
for Tim alone. This special tool will
allow you to get started using this
technique in the easiest way possible
just by plugging in the tool, spending
no more than 30 minutes pressing
a couple of buttons and massively
increasing your prots with minimal
The exact 5 words Tim and I only
ever use to identify what business we
should be building next... and how
knowing these almost guarantees
that you will start on the right path
to very large prots. (For example, this
knowledge has allowed Tim to build
a new list of over 25,000 highly-
responsive customers in just 12
months and myself 15,187 in an even
shorter period of time!)
2 automatic tools we’ll provide that
plug into your new system and make
setting up new income streams a
breeze (literally saving you from many
hours of work each time). These tools
are so simple they could be used
by a 7 year old child and yet they
contributed to over $1.7 Million
prot for Tim last year!
Your own back door key to the most
important tool of one of world’s
greatest business marketers. Through
our friendship, he has provided us
with permission to give you complete
and direct access to his own tool he
created which you can start using
instantly to grow your business and
prot from it so much quicker.
The method I used to pull in 1,092
new customers in just 4 days and
special voucher from us so you can
get started using this system for FREE
and get your new business screaming
out of the blocks without having
to spend a cent to begin with this
powerful method.
Direct access to the most secretive
business comparison tool we
have ever come across. Within 2
minutes you can compare all your
competitors services and products
and know exactly what their
weaknesses are so you can easily
outdo them and take a much larger
share of the prots.
Another simple automatic tool,
that you will be able to use straight
out of the box and with just 10
minutes of your time, will have
your business known by quite
literally over 1201 major business
reference companies and have tens
of thousands of customers crawling
over broken glass to get to you.
21 - Please Turn Over
Unique little-known
Secret backdoor
Special inner-circle
tactics and strategies
Your monthly
Home Business
packages will
* materials will be delivered online
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
One strategy that Tim and I (and Tim’s
“Inner Circle”) use which takes just
30 minutes or so a day and was
used by one of our friends to get
over 1 million potential customers
knocking on his door within just
12 months as a direct result.
And that really is just a very small
glimpse of everything you are going
to discover!
But we’ve even gone another step
further… since we want to make
sure you can easily digest and put
these essential enhancements to
immediate USE!
So you’ll be accessing each month’s
enhancements in the form of
an online instruction manual
accompanied by cutting-edge
videos... so that each package is
light and easy... designed to make
its use like a walk in the park.
Nothing will be hard to
understand or dicult... but
short, simple, precise instructions
that are a breeze to quickly apply
in your very own business.
What’s more, doing business in the
UK is often a dierent kettle of sh
and we like to make sure our training
is very specic to that… rather
than just the same old tired stu
from America thrown together for a
British audience. I know that when
I started out... wading through this
old regurgitated stu was just so
So we’ve taken extra special care to
ensure that everything
you receive can be
immediately applied
and is eective for
you to you make
money in the UK…
although as you’ll
see, for the FIRST TIME, Tim will
be showing you how to take your
business beyond the UK and make
even more money and since you
don’t need to ship any of your own
products, you will be accessing a
massive global market. (For more on
that you’ll have to wait to access your
very own complimentary copy.)
These 2 programmes – the 24
Hour Wealth Creation Formula
and Home Business Accelerator
will give you EXACTLY WHAT YOU
NEED – and nothing you don’t - to
start banking an average extra
$1000 per day!
But as Tim said, this is
truly the most amazing
programme he’s ever
oered and here’s why…
80l 0ßl9 80 900 00l 0l8
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900 8l80 00l l00 l0ll0Nlß0
N0818lf 00ß0808 8l 80
888lll0ß8l 008f00.
Have you ever had
trouble getting started?
Don’t worry. We’ve made
it easier than ever... you
will just plug it in and get
going immediately.
This programme is where you take Tim’s
new 24 Hour Wealth Creation Formula to
a professional level and can start to really
generated almost automatically day in and day
out… giving you all the freedom you could want to
live the life you dream of!
Most of these simple, but oh-so-powerful
strategies and enhancements to the
formula are plug-ins I didn’t even have
when I was testing Tim’s new system for
the rst time! So they’re really going to put
you in an incredible position to have this new
formula making big prots for you.
* materials will be delivered online
Special Money Making Report
Home Business
Accelerator - FREE
Monthly Bonus #1
100 Nllll0ß8lf0
N8fk0l0f`8 100l00K
already told
you that
we want to
give you
EVERYTHING I had when I was testing
and applying Tim’s new system so
you can do exactly the same.
Well, apart from Tim’s new formula
and the professional enhancements
in the Home Business Accelerator
monthly modules… the other
element of my success was the
right TOOLS!
So when I told Tim how much certain
tools helped me in applying his
new business system… he said he
wanted to make sure you have
exactly what I had… so that is
exactly what we’ve arranged to do.
These were tools that Tim used in
putting his new system into action
and were responsible for helping
him bank over $4,391,128.36 in 2009,
(which as you know was Tim’s best year
But there were also other tools that
I discovered and started using as I
put Tim’s new methods into practise
for myself… and they were a large
part of why I did so well with no real
additional help from him.
We’re already giving you
his formula and strategies
for constantly making
more money… but now
we’re going to GIVE YOU all
of the tools and resources
you will need so you have
to do exactly the same as
me… and become a success
in double quick time,
banking an average extra
$1,000 each and every day!
And remember, having already
made over $189,000 in my rst 7
months online, I went onto test
Tim’s system and banked $8,750 in
just a couple of days (and I was only
a Church Minister) so I’m proof that
it’s very possible for you to do the
same using Tim’s new formula!
The Millionaire Marketer’s Toolbox
contains just the right tools to ensure
you have precisely what you need.
Each month you’ll get online access
to the exact tools you need to
23 - Please Turn Over
100 8l00l 100l8...
Can you imagine trying to adjust a watch with a hammer
(not something I’d recommend)? ...it’s pretty much
impossible. You absolutely need the right tool engineered
for the job.
In much the same way... our “precision engineered tool” is the Millionaire
Marketer’s Toolbox. You simply open it up and use the tool we will provide you for
that month.
That’s why we’ve made it so simple for you with this special Millionaire
Marketer’s Toolbox Bonus so you have the essential “calibrated tool” you
absolutely need to use... right at your ngertips... ready to make that small but
vital adjustment and start generating your prots!
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
implement the precise strategies
and enhancements covered in
that month’s edition of the Home
Business Accelerator.
Quite simply, this means you won’t
have to go looking anywhere else
to get started doing EXACTLY what
you need to massively increase your
income using Tim’s powerful formula.
You just open the package and it will
be there for you… saving you time,
energy and most of all hassle.
In fact, we’ll
even be
providing you
with OUR OWN
contacts and highly
regarded companies and sites that
we’ve used to build our businesses
up to the point where Tim alone
has pulled in over $14,000,000
within the last 9 years!
We’ve never released these before
and several of Tim’s other “Inner
Circle” members strongly advised
him not to do so on this occasion
because of the hard work he
personally put in to obtain them.
We thought long and hard together
about this to make sure we wanted
to do this… as it’s literally giving you
a lot of what we’ve worked so hard to
discover on our own!
But as you’re hopefully realising,
both Tim and I have a real drive and
a desire to help you… just like Tim
helped me… to see real success. And
this is one of the best ways we could
do this.
So with these precision tools, you
quite literally will have a valuable
plug in to Tim’s amazing new
formula… the exact “precision
calibrated tool” you will need to fast-
track your success… all in one easy-
to-absorb monthly package.
Home Business
Accelerator – FREE
Monthly Bonus #2
f0ll ß00088 10 100 "80M0
808lß088 ß000l0f8l0f Fl8$08ßl
00800lß0 8 $0000fl 008k¨.
... to ensure you have ALL THE
HELP YOU NEED to understand
exactly what you need to
Tim has NEVER done this before for
anyone except his $8000-$10,000
workshop clients and “Inner Circle”
JV partners… who pay over $100
per month (in addition to the up front
fee)… and he doesn’t know if he’ll
EVER do it again as the personal
demands on his time are absolutely
…but when you become a member
of the Home Business Accelerator
while this bonus lasts… you’ll gain
a truly unprecedented level of
personal access and guidance from
both Tim and myself, along with
our private team of hand-chosen
We know for a fact that
the BIGGEST thing holding
most people back from
home-based business
success is a lack of
someone guiding them,
literally leading them, by
the hand…
That’s why we have created this
incredible support system. If you
have a question, all you have to do
is ask and it will be answered very
Access to Tim
and Kevin’s
own personal
and private
database of
contacts and
companies -
yours FREE!
We’ve never released
many of these secret
contacts and tools
before except to our
Inner Circles… but
you can have them!
Special Money Making Report
I have been personally testing this
special support system for a few
months… and I can tell you that the
average reply occurs within 48 hours.
And each response will consider
your particular question and
provide you with a completely
personalised answer, tailor-made
just for you.
Home Business
Accelerator - FREE
Monthly Bonus #3
Additional Bonus
For Fast Action
Takers Only
A 30-Minute
Personal 1-on-1
Consultation With Us
To be honest, Tim has mentioned to
me he would never do a consulting
session for less than $10,000… not
because he doesn’t want to help…
but because the time would be much
better spent in his own business
where a few hours work can mean
tens of thousands of dollars in his
wallet (and that’s being conservative
with the kind of prots he makes).
Realistically, there’s really nothing
someone could oer under 5 gures
for Tim’s time that would make it
worth it… so he’s just not normally
able to do it.
However, he’s just so excited about
the launch of this brand-new system
(that really represents a massive
change in direction for his business)
that he suggested we oer a very
limited amount of these for the rst
people who join when they request
their FREE package.
So here’s the deal…
25 - Please Turn Over
Our response will
be personal and
specic to you
80N 10 lß80f0 f00 60l f00f
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t.¬e... +.a a... -et « rcsse·(c .-.--. (.-.a.t«t..-
a.t» a. t. -. ..es «-+t».-- +.a ..·e .- se-«s+. t.
t»e ¡.s¬a.« «-+ +.as -ea »a..-e...
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t. +. e«:» .-e) ...ae a... a-¡.sta-«te.+ »«.e t.
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et in
CertiIicate OI Entitlement to
ThIs certIñcate entItIes the hoIder to one emaII or phone marketIng consuItatIon, oI up to 30 mInutes.
·» »···
.·· ·».··, ·.·
TIm Lowe
KevIn Potts
Conditions of Ìssue: 1. This Entitlement must be used within 6 months of purchase of the date of this Certificate. 2. The consultation must be booked via support@CambridgeBusinessAcademy.com 3. Consultations are limited to 30 minutes spent in consideration and response.
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
So, after many hours of putting it
all together… I really can’t think of
anything else we could do to make
this truly amazing new system any
simpler or easier to follow!
With my brand-
new 24 Hour
Wealth Creation
Formula & Home
Business Accelerator…
there’s simply not going
to be anything standing
in the way of you creating
a highly-protable home-
based business… and
banking an average extra
$1,000 per day!
As I’ve already shared with you… I
get to live a life that most people will
never get to experience…
Living in my beautiful period
home in the most exclusive area of
Driving my top-of-the-line
prestige Jaguar cars tted out
with every comfort I could possibly
Taking last year alone 8 luxury
holidays to all corners of the globe
which last year included Cyprus,
Malta, USA and Australia to name
just a few… of course, FIRST
CLASS all the way…
Having the nest clothing,
jewellery and other luxury goods
delivered to me on request…
without even having to leave home
if I don’t want to…
Being able to watch the best
shows, dine in the nest
restaurants and enjoy the very
best wines money can buy…
never having to watch what I
spend because I know I’m making
more on autopilot whilst I’m
enjoying myself however I please.
Now, I realise this could sound a little
crass and I really hope you don’t take
it that way because it’s certainly not
meant to be. You see, I don’t say any
of this to impress you or to gloat… I
just need to make very clear exactly
what this formula could allow you to
do with your own life!
Because as
I’ve already
shown you
with my
good friend
Kevin… who was just an
ordinary English Church
Minister before meeting
me remember… this
formula really does work
for anybody and will allow
YOU to create the life you
dream of!
Would you like to never have to
get up and go to a job again? Say
goodbye to your boss and work
from home close to your family
and friends… all whilst making
more money than ever before?
Would you like to decide your
own working hours so that you
can make outstanding amounts
of money whilst still doing what’s
really important… spending time
with your children and enjoying all
the luxuries life has to oer with
Would you like to have the time
and money to take First Class
holidays throughout the year…
whenever you feel like it of
course… and know that you’re
still banking $7,000 - $15,000 a
week even whilst you’re away?
Nothing stands in the
way of you creating a
highly-protable home-
based business… and
banking an average extra
$1,000 per day... starting
Special Money Making Report
Well, I am sure you’ll probably
want this and a whole lot more,
so I really don’t know of a better
way to get you started than with
my new 24 Hour Wealth Creation
Formula and the Home Business
And as I’ve already mentioned I’ve
come up with a way to make that
possible for everyone… especially
the people who could use this
wealth creation system the most!
Now, each of the separate elements
that make up the 24 Hour Wealth
Creation Formula and the Home
Business Accelerator are extremely
valuable, so let’s quickly summarise
the 5 crucial and essential elements
that you’ll be getting...

My brand new 24 Hour
Wealth Creation Formula…
which has already helped
me bank over $4,391,128.36 in
2009 giving me my best year ever…
and enabled Kevin in just a couple of
days to generate $8,750… and will
allow you to get started on track to
an average extra $1000 cashow in
just 24 hours!

My brand new Home
Business Accelerator…
that contains essential
simple enhancements
that put Kevin on track for
his rst $1 Million Dollars within the
year and will help you take my new
formula… enhance and improve it
month by month… so your business
is constantly growing and your
prots are increasing in the quickest
and easiest way possible!

BONUS: The Millionaire
Marketer’s Toolbox… which will
provide you with just the right
“precision engineered tools” you
need each month to plug in and
power your own business. This is
going to save you time, eort and
money by putting exactly what
you need in one place so you can
just make money with no fuss

Full Access To The “Home Business
Accelerator PERSONAL Coaching &
Support Desk”… which makes sure
you always have access to us and our
personal expert sta to answer your
questions and make sure you know
exactly what to do to start making
an average extra $1000 per day from
home as quickly as possible.
Now if I wanted to do nothing else
I could easily have just sold the
manual of my brand new system…
with nothing else included… for at
least $397… and that would be a
terric bargain.
I know for a fact that plenty of people
would pay that just to discover this
formula that has helped me bank
millions of dollars… with no other
help or information about how to
apply it most eectively.
Then there’s the value of the Home
Business Accelerator. To give you an
insight… the only other people who
get this sort of access have already
paid me $8,000+ to attend one of
my personal workshops… and then
pay me over $100 per month for the
additional monthly programme.
Realistically, the Millionaire
Marketer’s Toolbox will vary in value
depending on which “calibrated tool”
is included in each month’s package,
but it’s safe to say the entire package
is worth well over $1000.
Then there’s the PERSONAL
Coaching & Support Desk. If you
wanted access to any one of our
27 - Please Turn Over
The ingredients to
your success…
Brand-new PROVEN
Million-Dollar Formula
and instructions
Revolutionary new
Accelerator materials to
make it easier
than ever to use
Millionaire Toolbox
so it’s all right there
for you at a glance
Personal 1-on-1
Consultation with us for
Millionaire advice
Personal Coaching
& Support on demand
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
expert sta to answer your
questions personally… you’d
be looking at a minimum of
$50 per hour for their help.
Let-alone Kevin or myself who’s
fees would be considerably
higher as you can imagine (if we
were even able and willing to do it
which normally we just couldn’t).
And I haven’t even mentioned…

The PERSONAL 1-on-1
Consultation with us which
is the rst time I’m oering my
personal time to anyone other
than my “Inner Circle” members
and private workshop attendees!
Considering that just last year I
averaged over $19,000 PER WORKING
DAY in my business and wouldn’t
do a consultation for less than
$10,000… it’s practically PRICELESS
in terms of the value it will provide to
you as you get started with my new
So taking all that into account… if I
were to price this programme at $99
up-front and then $99 per month
afterward it would be extremely
reasonable to say the very least.
I mean, this is a brand new formula
that has allowed me to bank over
$4,391,128.36 last year... my best
year ever and enabled Kevin to go
from scratch to being on track for
his rst $1 Million Dollars within the
year… and could easily be oered
as a $10,000 workshop that is strictly
limited to a very small number of
people... where I would reveal the
formula and instructions for using it
in only that sort of personal setting.
But because I believe this
has got to be the simplest
system ever created, for
anyone to go from zero to
pulling in an average extra
$1,000 a day from home…
I want to make it available
to everyone… like I’ve
already said… for a price
you can aord.
I was quickly able to see that instead
of helping a small amount of people
in a costly personal seminar format…
I could help a lot more people and
charge a lot less… and still make a
reasonable prot for myself.
Please understand… my time is
more valuable to me than anything
else, so if I had to run a seminar
and be there in person it would be
much more expensive. But because
of the format we’re using… where
I can just make a video once and
help as many people as possible…
I can be everywhere teaching a
considerably larger number of
people for far less cost to me…
which means technology has
allowed me to make it far more
aordable for you!
And remember, as I said before…
this brand new system literally has
NO LIMITS. No matter how many
people know this formula, it’s power
and money-making potential will
NEVER be lessened… so it really is
the perfect system to allow a large
amount of people access for a very
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This may be absolutely ridiculous
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robbed blind with this oer. And I
have to acknowledge they may be
right, but I’m prepared to trust in
human nature and that people who
29 - Please Turn Over
“Things really
aren’t that
… and this is your chance to
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“In fact I was reading on the
BBC’s News website just today
that the UK economy has
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think about it... while that may
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level... if we’re all only 2.4%
worse o then it’s not really
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Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
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But while I’m of course still trusting
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A Fair Warning To Those
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Now please understand, I promise
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It’s not my style to put pressure on…
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But I really should remind you that
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Get the whole
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f0fM0l8 8 80M0 808lß088 ß000l0f8l0f
To get hold of your FREE system immediately,
just move your mouse to the top of this page
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Once you’ve completed entering your details...
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Special Money Making Report
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80M0M00f, 900 08ß
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8018l86 l0889. ß0l
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¥ß1. 80 900 0890
8080l0l0l9 ß0l0lß0 l0
If you only just make
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rst few weeks...
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Tim Lowe & Kevin Potts
P.S. This really is a genuine chance
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Remember that an ordinary Church
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31 - Please Turn Over
Markiteer Ltd & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd
So if you’d like to have the chance to
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Fast-Action Bonus…
Kevin just mentioned he was just looking in his vault of
products yesterday and noticed he has what he calls “3
great businesses in a box”, which he has now digitized
and included in the private members area... so for the
rst 100 people to order we’ll also give you all 3 of these...
But once the 1-to-1 consultations are closed we will also
remove this bonus, as it is important to us that we can
This special bonus of 3 ready-to-go businesses comes
complete with products to sell, all the marketing
already done and a whole lot more. They’re literally
ready for you to just “plug in” with the 24 Wealth Creation
Formula and Home Business Accelerator enhancements
and start making money with almost no set up on your
YOU MAY GET THIS LIMITED BONUS and if you do it will be
included in your private members area. (Of course, if you
don’t see it there, then please understand the rst 100 charter
members have already signed up and this bonus is therefore
Request your FREE package now to get one!
Markiteer Limited, Waverley Farm, Waverley Lane,
Farnham, Surrey, GU29 8EP
Email: timlowe@markiteer.com
Registered in England & Wales - Company No. 3683874
VAT No. 730 0305 95
CertiIicate OI Entitlement to
ThIs certIñcate entItIes the hoIder to one emaII or phone
marketIng consuItatIon, oI up to 30 mInutes.
·» »···
.·· ·».··, ·.·
TIm Lowe
KevIn Potts
Conditions of Ìssue:
1. This Entitlement must be used within 6 months of
purchase of the date of this Certificate.
2. The consultation must be booked via
3. Consultations are limited to 30 minutes spent in
consideration and response.

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