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An Bella and Jacob story by:Jada James
Summary:Izabela Swan lives In a little cottage in Maine.When her and her adopted mom makes her move to Forks and she meets a player named Edward Mansen Cullen,she thinks she is in love.But when she meets Jacob Black,she feels the pull of imprinting.She's not sure who she loves,but whoever she DOES love,does she have to change his mind as well as hers?

Chapter 1:No way,Mom(Rockin Party)

I wasn't a fussy eater,really I wasn't.But this,this toed the line a little too much. "Mom,you know I'm allergic to beans!"I wailed. "You are not allergic to anything exept for what you don't want to eat.Now Izzy,calm down."My adopted mom,Heather said patiently. Oh,yeah.I forgot to mention that sixteen year old party girl Izabela,call me Iz or Izzy or Izzy-Bell or...well,you get the point,is adopted.My mom died in a car-crash-hit-and-run when I was five,and since then I've been bouncing from mom to mom to mom.I cracked em' all in a matter of months.But Heated Heather wouldn't quit.Yet. "Nope.I guess I'll starve to death!"I said brightly."Well,see ya! Gotta go!"I walked out the door. "Ughhhh!"my 'mom' sighed and cleaned my full plate off the table. *Party at Emmi's house* "Woo!Rockin' part-ayyy!Yea!"I said to nobody in paticular.Like

about five other people,me and my BFF Emmi were falling down drunk. "Hehe.Where is my shoe?"Emmi asked.We searched the house for half an hour before coming to the conclusion it was on her foot the entire time.Wow. "Where is my pants?" "Where are my shirt?" "Why are you upside down?" "Why is your pink?" I heard mumbled and slurred comments all throughout the room.I laughed out loud,and then tripped onto some fourteen year-old little kid,who laughed and said, "Heyyyy beyyyybeee!Dont you lovvve meee!" Oh my friking God.A drunk fourteen year old.Ha. "Ha.Noooope.I.Gotta boyyeefrendy!"I was drunker than I thought.Ha.Drunker. "Ohhhh.Okeydokey..."he mumbled before falling down unconcious. I was laughing so hard I swear I cried.I was so pee-my-pantslaughing that I stumbled upstairs to a bathroom so I could puke know.So while I was on the toilet singing the Elmos' World song,my phone goes off.I laugh cause it says 'Incoming Call:Heather Stevanser. I open the phone while pulling my pants up,and i'm holding the

phone to my ear while I wash my hands with the empty soap box on the counter. "Hewwo?" "Hello?Isabella Stevanser,get home NOW."If it was written I could imagine it being capital,underlined,bold and in italics. "Soorery.It's Elmo.Wrong number Grover.Tell Cookie Monster I saided hi,and to try the sushi!"I hung up giggling. I ran back down stairs,jumped on the couch in the living room,and screamed, "HI GROVER,YOU PERVERT!IT'S ELMO!BYE GASPACHO!" Then I ran off the couch into clapping and cheering drunks. *5:27am* At least,thats what I was told later.I couldn't remember anything. "Isabella Stevanser,where have you been?"Heather asked. "Sesame Street!" "Can you tell me why it took you so long to get home?" "Err...ask Grover,the pervert."I remembered Grover and Elmo,and a pervert,and something about Sesame Street,or sesame buns,or something. "Uhhuh.Sure." I think mom was overreacting.I was not drunk.Tipsy.The word for

it is tipsy. "Heather!God,your not even my mom!You can't tell me where to go,when I come home,and I don't have to tell you a thing!"I was suddenly sober as a bottle of water. "Oh,honey,sweetie,Izza,I'm not your mom,I know.But,I care about you.What if a 35 year old guy gives you beer with sedatives in it?Honey,I don't want anything to happen to you!I don't want you to hate me." I knew she didn't say that last part because she cared. "Hate you?I'd never hate you,Heather." "Well...." "Well what?" "Were muvvind der ferks in wishting."She mumbled. "Huh..." "We are moving to Forks in Washington."She said looking down. "What the fu"I started but she gave me that,'Exuse me?'looks. "Fudge."I said sweetly.

*2 months later* I had packed all my things,thrown four tantrums,gotten drunk eight times,and shared a tearfull goodbye with Emmi.After promising to call twice a week,I borded my flight.

Two isles away from the first class section,I saw the hottest boy ever.I checked my ticket and saw I was supposed to sit next to him.Oh goody. He seemed suprised by my good looks. "Heyyy.I'm Izza Stevanser"I said,kind of flirting,not really. "Um,hi.Edward Mansen.Or...Cullen,now." Then I noticed his eyes.Ugh.They were green.Gross.He has puke vision. "Heeeh."This was gonna be a long flight. "Where ya headed?"I asked. "Forks."His voice was a sneer. Oh God."Me too.Why are you going there?" He kept sneering."Wouldn't you like to know." Okay,now I was mad. "Yes,I would!Why else would I ask?And what's your problem? What killed your attitude?God,guys are really rude." That wiped the smile off his face."Oh,sorry.My real parents died and I'm an orphan.I'm going to live with my Aunt and her husband,Esme and Carlisile." "Oh,I am sooo sorry!I...where are you living?" "Only,the biggest house in Forks!I don't like all the attention,though,so I don't talk about where I live much."He

grinned sheepishly. "I'm going to live a couple of miles from there.I came here with my adopted mom.We got in a fight and she thought we should move away from all that 'negtive energy' or somthing."I rolled my eyes and grabbed a mini water bottle out of my carry on. "Want some?"I asked. He smirked and pulled out the same kind of waterbottle from his backpack and said, "I'm good." We talked for the rest of the flight,me always avoiding his puke vision eyes.At the end of the flight he said, "Why won't you look me in the eyes?I mean,did I do somthing wrong?"He obviously thought we had something going here.Hmmm... "Well",i said sweetly,"I'm sorry.Maybe we can go to a movie or something.Give me your number.I'll call you."I smiled at him. It took him a minute to gather his senses. "Oh.Okay,Um..."He scribbled something on a napkin. Score! I got off the plane and waited for my mom,eager now to get to Forks.

Chapter 2:Hey,who's the hot Quileute? *three months later*

"Iz!" "Iza!" "IzaBee!" "Izzy!" I heard shouts coming from my clique in the corner of the cafe.It was 4:30,and we met here everyday at the same time.I was the cheerleader and the quarterback Edward,my boyfriend,and my bffs were sitting in the corner.He calls me IzaBee.The only one who calls me IzaBee.I won't let the others,not even Trey,and everybody knows he likes me.I went to sit at the table,and ordered a root beer and a salad with extra crutons.Mmm.Crutons. "Hey you guys!Whats up?"I kissed Ed on the cheek. A chorus of 'nothings' issued from the table. Just then the bell above the door went off,and a really hot,tan guy who must have been Quileute came in.I would drop Edward in a second if I had to,I wanted this guy. "Who.Is.That?"I demanded of my friends. They giggled."Jaaacob!"my friend Mariah called. I was horrified.He was hot,and a complete stranger,and coming to my table.I did a quick makeup check. "Hey,Mariah."then he looked at me."Who's this?"he asked. "Hiii.I'm IzaBel Stevanser.I haven't seen you in our school.Do you live on the rez?You are Quileute,right?"I asked.I actually felt better around him.I didn't know I felt bad.Hmmm. "I don't go to Forks High,yes,and yes.He said."Jacob Black."He held out his hand."You can call me Jake."

My friends squealed. He handed me a peice of paper."Call me." Ed stood up,and he was not very tall but very menacing. "She's my girl."He took the paper from me. "No!Give me that!He gave it to me!And I am not your girl.I am a girl,and your girlfriend."I grabbed for the paper,only to have it jerked away by Ed again. "No."He smiled,and started shredding it. "We are done,Edward Cullen.Done,you hear me?Done." He frowned."But i'm the Quarterback,and your the cheerleader.We're supposed to be together. It's like,a rule.You can't do this." "Watch me."I dumped my rootbeer and my salad over his headand smiled."You were saying?" He marched out the door.

*eight days later-* "Jake!Look what you did!"I was at Jakes house on the rez and he had squirted me with a water gun.I was now very wet,and my phone was in my pocket. "My phone!Jake!Great,just perfect.Wonderful." He grinned sheepishly and shoved the water squirter in his pocket.Guys."Sorry IzzyBee."I pushed him and said,"Shut up,Bigfoot." "Bumble Bee."He said.

"Giant." "Fairy." "Wow.Fairy?That's just mean."I smirked. He laughed and started dancing with me instead of calling me something else.He was NOT a very good dancer. "Who taught you to dance?Wolves?Hyenas?Bears?"I asked.He suddenly stopped smiling,and I thought I heard him mumble,"You have no idea." "Jake?What do you mean I have no idea?What does that mean?"I asked. He shifted his weight to his other foot and mumbled,"Um,I shudt beatleing youthisbut...." "Jake,slow down.I can't understand you." "Um,I shouldn't be telling you this,but....well,maybe we should talk to Sam first." "Sam?Sam Uley?Ugh.I hate him so much.Is he who you're spending all your time with now?Mr.Uley.Ick.Thats what my mom calls him.Mr.Uley." "He's not like that!DON'T SAY THAT AGAIN!"He started shaking rapidly,his shape blurred,and....and he stopped.He just stopped.He looked very mad at himself. "S-sorry,Jake.I-didn't know.I guess you guys are friends now.I am sorry."I said. "It's okay!My fault.Um,so I guess we should go."He started walking fastly to his Rabbit,pulling me with him. As he drove toward the border,I noticed a Volvo that was a

silverish yellow.Ugh,Edward. "Hey.Jake look.It's Ed Cullens car.He's my ex-boyfriend.He can't keep a girl,really.He was with Lauren for like,a week before she dumped him.And Jessica...."I was talking trash about Edward the whole drive there.

Chapter 2:The Legends of the Tribe
"I am sure that by now,Jacob,you know the Legends of our Tribe.Bella,I am sure that the only thing you know about our Tribe is that we are Quileute."Sam grinned,and almost looked like Jacob. "But there are things that you need to know,things that I never thought you would need to know.And there are things that you need to know,things that are not in my place to tell.But what I can tell you,I will." "Bella,we are desended from wolves,apparently.Our Elders,including Taha Aki,Ephriam Black,Hariem Qahla,and others.To give you our full ansestry would be impossible.They were not wolves,but wolf men.Your kind would call them them werewolves."He grinned,thinking,and the his face became grave. "I wouldn't call us werewolves,more like shapeshifters." I stood and realized that my mouth was gaping.Wow.Jacob caught me before I could hit the ground,before I could even realize I was fainting.The last thing I remember was Jacob saying"Great.I bet she really hates me now.Should we tell her about the Cull..."And I gave in to the blackness.

I had the strangest dream while I was passed out.

I was running through the woods,lost.I stumbled.I looked up and saw four beautiful pale girls sitting on the ground.They said,all at the same time,"We have found you.You are a very special being,Izzy.You are like us.Not human,nor wolf nor witch nor blood-drinker.You will need the wolf,Jacob.But don't take advantage of him.Follow your heart!You will meet us soon,this time for real." As they finished speaking,they all grew beautiful 13 foot long wings,and took flight.I screamed out,"Wait,what am I?"But they were gone.

*2 weeks later* I walked into school,glaring at my Ex,Edward.I walked over to him. "I know.And Jacob knows.Might wanna skip today.We're doing blood samples."I smirked.I was different.More outgoing,and I had the hourglass body that I was showing off today. I was wearing a knee-length hot pink and black pencilskirt,with a tight scoop neck,elbow length sleeves,black shirt to match.I had a Gucci handbag,and 3 inch pink pumps. He looked shocked."How?"he hissed.I laughed and walked away.Or almost away. The door opened and four pale,perfect girls walked in.They immediately walked over to me and introduced themselves. The blond tall girl said,"Hey.I'm Malena." The first brunnett said,"Hey,I'm Josie!"

The second brunnett said."Hi,I'm Jodie."Twins? The redhead said."Hey!I am Hayley." I introduced myself and said,"I know you.You were in my dream.Explain!"I hissed,my voice lower than I could imagine. "Not here.Later.You know where."The redhead said.She seemed to be the leader.And she was right.I did know.The forest in LaPush.Wow. "When?" "You know."And I did.At....twilight.