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My name is Nurdin Hariyadi, I am student in Chemical engineering Diponegoro

University Batch 2015. As a university student I must have a hardskill and softskill. When Im in
Senior High School Im not join organization bur after I study University I join some
organization like HMTK and Al-Fikri and some join a committee to increase my softskill and I
have relation with other people. Beside increase softskill I want to join organization that can also
increase knowledge about oil and gas and can support my study in Chemical engineering

After I finished my organization in HMTK and Al-Fikri ,I choose to join SPE because I
want to study about oil and gas to increase my knowledge about oil and gas, in chemical
engineering department I want to study more about oil and gas and I wish after I graduation I can
work in oil and gas company like a Pertamina, Chevron, Schulmberger and many other and also I
can improve my softskill in SPE like a good communication, can work with team, and can work
under pressure.