Delvia Kantorski

Brasilian, single, 31 years old Phone: +55 55 9922.8747 E-mail:

PERSONAL PROFILE o Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and ability to deal well with diversity after over 10 years of multicultural experiences o Flexible and open to change, I’m driven by learning new things and have developed facilitating/teaching skills; o Good negotiation and conflict resolution skills, I see myself as simple, objective and goal oriented although sensitive to people’s needs; o I am genuinely interested in people development and I trust individuals to be capable of major change in their lives and communities. This has made me a volunteer coach and mentor for several youngsters over the years. PROFESSIONAL CAREER COCA-COLA/Grupo CVI – Santa Maria/RS - Dec/07 to Feb/10 Internal Communication and Social Responsibility Coordinator · Structuring and Managing the Internal Communication department · Monitoring organizational climate and developing motivational programs · Planning and Coordinating Social Responsibility Programs Achievements: co-creating processes, tools and channels to improve employee communication and relationship together with internal clients. Monitoring organizational climate thru surveys and developing action plans for improvement of weaknesses. Coordinating social responsibility programs internally (rewards, recognition, quality of working life) and externally (recruiting volunteers, partnering with organizations, training NGOs to develop managers skills). Working directly with several stakeholders, including government and the private sector. VARIG AIRLINES ( – São Paulo/SP - Feb/07 to Jun/07 Quality Management Coordinator · Defining company global objectives and department specific goals, using the BSC methodology; · Tracking and measuring performance indicators for performance improvement (using the PDCA methodology). Achievements: creating a database with previous performance marks, goal setting and training employees on the new methodologies. The company was sold to GOL Airlines shortly after the work started, adopting a different system. VALE ( Quality Management Analyst - Logistics Department - Vitória/ES - Feb/2006 to Feb/2007: · Creating and managing a Logistics Excellence Program, based on the Malcolm Baldrige/ASQ criteria, engaging 30 business units with over 10.000 employees; · Training certified internal auditors, coordinating auditing processes and awarding best performers. Achievements: certifying 40 new internal auditors, managing 2 cycles of processes evaluation, coordinating the work of internal and external auditing teams, promoting award ceremonies, leading multidiscipinary groups to evaluate and revise the program’s evaluation criteria. Trainee – Logistics Department - Belo Horizonte/MG - Apr/05 to Feb/06: · Developing a project to optimize railway operations in areas that were illegally occupied by poor communities. Achievements: mapping imminent threats caused by illegal occupation on company’s property around the railway, performing a risk and impact analysis, preparing reports on the problem, suggesting alternatives for mitigating risk with cost effective measures and thru partnerships with communities and government.

AIESEC ( People Development Vice President - AIESEC in Brasil – São Paulo/SP - Jun/99 to Jul/00: · National HR Management and Coaching for the Belo Horizonte, Vitória e Salvador offices. · Agenda planning and management for training sessions at the AIESEC National Conferences. · Member of the Global HR task forces and delegate in several international congresses. Reception Team Leader - International Congress – AIESEC in Canada – Calgary – AB - Jun - Sep/02 · Coordinating delegate reception, from visa issuing procedures thru transport and accommodation for 650 people coming from 96 countries. · Managing a 14 people (representing 10 different countries) team. Achievements: leading the local HR managers of the 12 local AIESEC in Brasil offices, implementing talent recruitment and retention strategies for over 300 volunteers and exchange participants. Creating successful workflows for 3 national congresses, focusing on strengthening value comprehension and skills/competence development. Mapping and preparing future leaders. Working on global taskforces to create an ideal Member Educational Cycle, and as a facilitator/trainer on the main concepts of the methodology. Delivering a first class international event, providing quality services to stakeholders and optimal resource management.

OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION o INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE: went to the US on a 6-month cultural exchange (Jul/97 - Feb/98), have visited over 20 countries. o LANGUAGE SKILLS: Native in Portuguese, fluent in both English and Spanish. o COMPUTER SKILLS: Windows, MS Office/Open Office, Internet, E-mail o ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Bachelor in Business Administration – UFSM/RS Masters in Production Engineering/Quality Management – UFSM/RS Executive training in HR Management, Consulting, Process Auditing, Communications and Sustainability.