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Yogeshwar: A Heartless Yogi

As the consecration of the Yogeshwar Linga is unfolding in a phenomenal way, Sadhguru
discloses more about the unique qualities of the linga, and how to approach it. He says, The
Yogeshwar Linga is a combination of ascetic discipline and exuberant ecstasy. Also enjoy our
slideshow with images of the consecration.

Blog Home Sadhguru Sadhguru Spot Feb 22, 2017 | 2 Comments

Sadhguru completing the consecration of the Yogeshwar Linga on the night of

21 February 2017


When a formless dimension of existence assumes a form, its geometry

determines how that particular form is going to function. To put it simply
a form or dimension that has geometric perfection and enormous
complexity is inevitably seen as divine, in human experience. That which
has a certain geometric perfection but a very simple composition is
considered as cute, but thats about it. Whatever is of a discordant
geometry whether it is a sound, form, smell, taste, or touch is
perceived as nasty. If you want to create an entity that will be perceived
and experienced as divine, it needs complexity and geometric perfection.
Perfection of geometry allows a physical form to function smoothly, with
least amount of friction, and at the highest level of efficiency and
competence of what it is designed for. It also determines how long it will
last. This does not only apply to mechanical machines but also to a linga.
The Yogeshwar Linga is a live energy form, and anything that is alive is
moving in some way. This linga is designed to last for thousands of

The Yogeshwar Linga has five chakras

muladhara, swadhishthana, manipura,
vishuddhi, and agna. Each one of them
This yogi is sheer has sixteen dimensions. No anahata a
Intensity and heartless yogi. One reason is the linga is
essentially created for sadhana, not
Inclusiveness no worship. Of course, people are going to
worship him, but that is not the main
love affair. purpose. Everyone loves Linga Bhairavi
because she has a strong anahata, even
though she only has one half of it, or Im here to serve life. I
half a heart. Dhyanalinga has a full dont have a mission of
heart, but it is a yogis heart. It beats so my own.
steadily that no one notices it. If you are subtle and steady, people think
you are not in love they expect you to pant. I decided to pull the heart
out of the Yogeshwar Linga because anahata sadhana is too confusing for
most people. This yogi is sheer Intensity and Inclusiveness no love
affair. If you have already included something as a part of yourself, why Sadhguru
Todays Mystic Quote
would you need to love it?

There are two approaches to the Yogeshwar Linga yogaratova,

bhogaratova. Either you can approach it in discipline or in abandon. Most
people will claim they prefer to be in abandon and ecstasy rather than
discipline. Conditional abandon is okay for domestic life, but it is not
enough if you want to know the Divine. To cross the boundaries of your
existence, you need a different level of abandon. The Yogeshwar Linga is
a combination of ascetic discipline and exuberant ecstasy. He will ensure
that you approach him according to your prarabdha or karmic imprints.
Without dismantling your prarabdha karma, at least to a certain extent,
there is no way to break barriers and know a sense of yoga or union. If
you hang on to your prarabdha as if it was some valuable property, there
is no way for you to breach the boundaries. The cyclical nature of your
existence will repeat itself endlessly. If you want to cross the limits in a
way that will make a big difference in your life, you have to dismantle
some aspect of your prarabdha. Otherwise, spiritual process will be like
eating a nut with the shell not a pleasant experience. First you must
break the shell then the nut will taste sweet.

The Yogeshwar Linga is designed to

bring sheer Intensity and Inclusiveness
that will lead to union. For most human
As beautiful as it beings, the sweetest moments they
seems, a love affair have known in life are moments of love,
when they were somewhat in sync with
only gives a small someone emotionally. Unfortunately,
this is all most people tasted. Intensity
taste of of inclusiveness need not be emotional
it is a fundamental life affair. As
inclusiveness. beautiful as it seems, a love affair only
gives a small taste of inclusiveness. This
shows poverty of profound experience
of life.

If you approach the Yogeshwar Linga in the right way, it brings sheer
inclusiveness without emotion. A heartless yogi is not brutal but pure. He
has neither positive nor negative emotion. He knows only Yoga,
Inclusion, Union. If you have a positive emotion, you can also have a
negative emotion. If you have a positive thought, you can also have a
negative thought. This is the nature of existence everything has an
opposite. It takes a lot of management to constantly maintain a positive
emotion. With an entity of his nature, we wanted to leave out such
unnecessary difficulties.

Through the ages, since Adiyogi, there have been only a few dozen yogis
who have had all the seven chakras with all their dimensions on. Such
yogis who had total mastery over all the chakras and their dimensions
were referred to as chakreshwaras. A famous one was Matsyendranath
Sri Brahma was another. Only a few dozen chakreshwaras in the last ten
to fifteen thousand years that does not speak well of humanity. If you
just have a bleeding heart, a lot of people fall for that and think you are a
great saint. That is why teachings like Love is the core of the universe
or God is love are so popular in the world.

There are more dimensions to what you

refer to as God than sappy love. If love is
all you are looking for, a dog is the best
Through the ages, companion. Only a dog can pretend to
since Adiyogi, there love you all the time. There is a lot more
complexity to human existence. Only a
have been only a silly mind will think sappy love is
divine. It is very human to have sweet
few dozen yogis who emotions towards someone. Sweet
emotions are good, but they will not
have had all the make you rise. Using your heart to rise
seven chakras with is hard. First of all, it requires you to
give yourself up, which most human
all their dimensions beings are not capable of.

This heartless yogi is so absolutely
Inclusive he doesnt need emotion.
When you include everything as a part
of you, where is the need to fall in love
with anyone? Only if you stand like a wall, one day you have to fall.
Saying this may make me unpopular, but we want to cure you of love so
that you learn to be inclusive. To love, you need two. Inclusiveness means
there is only one. When Shiva found his woman, he simply took her and
made her a part of himself one half of him. People misunderstand
being heartless as being insensitive, because they have never considered
inclusiveness as a way to exist. Two people play around with love if it is
convenient for both of them. If it is not convenient, they will fall out.

This yogi who is going to live well beyond us could see a few million
people of this generation and many, many more of future generations.
Human intelligence is going to take precedence over everything else.
Both good things and ugly things will happen out of this. It is time we
use our intelligence and energy to work towards inclusiveness. The
muladhara, swadhishthana and manipura of the Yogeshwar Linga will
give you health, wellbeing, and a deep sense of ecstasy. It is easy to make
a joyful human being inclusive. I think you have a right to be healthy, to
be joyful, and to live ecstatically. This life is a phenomenal process that
you didnt create. It is for you to keep it well and take it to its peak. The
Yogeshwar Linga is there for you to experientially explore dimensions
beyond the senses.

Come, know the Grace of Adiyogi and let your life blossom.

Love & Grace,


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