Maleesh Prasan

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Personal Profile
I am a final year undergraduate of B.Sc(Hons) Engineering Degree in the field of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Moratuwa. I can accomplish any given challengeable task while carrying responsibilities. During my life in the university I have gained a noteworthy amount of team working, communication and R&D skills and anticipating to apply my knowledge in the Open-Source environment.

Educational Qualifications

 B.Sc. Engineering (HONS) (2006 May to 2010) –Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.  Was in Dean’s List for 2 consecutive semesters in 2006.  Passed G.C.E. Advanced Level 2005 examination with 3 ‘A’s with rank 7. – Bandaranayake College, Gampaha, Sri Lanka  Passed G.C.E. Ordinary Level 2002 examination with 7 ‘A’s and 3 ‘B’s - Bandaranayake College, Gampaha, Sri Lanka

Industrial Exposure
 Gained six months of working experience as a trainee at WSO2 Inc; during the internship period (October 2008– April 2009).

Familiarized technologies
 C/C++  OpenGL  Python  Qt  SDL  OpenCV

Projects involved
 CS 4200 – Final Year Project Currently engaged in developing Coyote, a traffic surveillance system which is intend to capture high speed vehicles by using image processing techniques with OpenCV(Open Source Computer Vision), C/ C++, and Qt.  FreeEmpires Involving in active development of, an open-source, cross platform, 3D RTS (Real Time Strategy) game.  Axis2/C Involved in developing, Apache Axis2-C (Web Services/SOAP/WSDL engine) for Symbian OS.  CS 3200 – Programming Project Developed a 3D RTS (Real Time Strategy) game, called “Commandos – the Gears of War” in C/C++ Language.  CS 201 – Object Oriented Programming Project Developed a TBS (Turn Based Strategy) game, called “Blast Off” in C/C++ Language.  CS 4420 – Advanced Database Systems Developed a Bus Company Management System, Using and MSSQL.  Programming Competition 2007 Developed a game client for a server based game called “Treasure Hunt” in C++ language.

Extra Curricular Activities
At University    Participated in the drama “Poos In Boots” in CSE Drama Fest 2008. Participated for organizing CSE OutBoundz 2008. Robot Design Competition A group project for EN 2060 – Robotics module. Developed an automated robot which was intended to go to a given destination using GPS tracking sensors. Formula CSE 2007 Developed a remote control car for CS1960 module. Won the two prizes for, “The fastest car” and “The Most attractive car” out of three prizes.

At School   Member of the school Chess team in year 2003-2005. Member of the school Scouts.

Personnel Details
Full Name Date of Birth Gender Civil Status NIC Number School Attended : A.D. Maleesh Prasan Rathnayaka : 21st of December, 1986. : Male : Single : 863563496V. : Bandaranayaka College Gampaha, Sri Lanka.

1) Dr. Amal Shehan Perera

Ph.D. / MSc. (NDSU, USA), BSc Sp. (Hons) (Colombo, SL) Senior Lecturer Department of Compuer Science & Engineering University of Moratuwa Moratuwa, 10400, Sri Lanka Tel: +94 11 2640380 Ext. 3116 Email:

2) Dr. Chathura De Silva [BSc Eng (Moratuwa), PhD (NUS), MEng(NTU)] Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Engineering University of Moratuwa, Moratuwa 10400, Sri Lanka Tel - +94 11 2340385 E-mail – I hereby certify that the above given details are true and correct to the best of my Knowledge.

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