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Conscious Recall (…this is to the conscious…)

Consciousness strikes a familiarity within my mind,

Regarding a similarity with angelic gnosis and I find,
Benign teachings of a lascivious god within, formless,
Always there she teaches, she makes me conscious.

Recalling that my surroundings reflect my conviction,

So what did I think before I found my self in this condition?
What did I feel that fueled fates free fall?
And can I weave my own 3 threads if at all I do recall.

Consciousness is the realization that I call my soul,

But does this separation in identity really make me whole,
When I dream am I still not an awareness able to focus,
My will and intent into reality perceived by the conscious.

Recalling I am the awareness and not the multiple dualities I sense,

Where my experience creates an illusion of separation so intense,
And here I am awaiting a part of me to answer my call,
While the voice of the ever present eternity echoes of conscious recall.

And now I sense…The Calling

I think I see what I think you saw,

But is this reality or some kind of flaw
I see what should be and for me that’s the law,
Maybe later then we can recall and redraw,

A Devil in disguise through a history revised,

Slaves of commitment to self loathing compromise,
Ghosts of perdition telling fear’s sumptuous sedition,
And I am left silenced in a deep felt rendition,

A misfit generation coalesces in a demented society,

An ill fit ideology which faced with truth breeds brutality,
Inebriated with falsehood of power I watch as they fall,
And in silence I listen to the darkness and await my call,

Understand yesterday to find today and illuminate all tomorrows,

I recall past and present error and face my fears and my sorrows,
I see what should be so now I create,
Harmonies of desires to which I can relate.

Inspiration is the affirmation of the revelation,

A cessation of confusion and gate way to creation,
A moment of certainty to Universal wisdom,
A sanctum of clarity and true freedom,

A glimpse at the true identity of emanation,

An embrace of the whole beauty of completion,
A possibility of a reality that could be,
A glimpse of what the higher intelligence can see,

A light that allows you to see a future that is pure,

A moment in time where your success is for sure,
A recurring gnaw that pushes you to full potential,
A telling of how and where you are most essential,

A grasping of the faculties that were once hidden,

A release from what you were told was forbidden,
A dare for the mind to become the star that sparkles,
Inspiration is the triumphant break from your shackles.

Conflicting Convictions…

Conflicting sides reside within the confines of the mind,

The blue print reasons that you and I really are the same of a kind,

Restricting my thoughts with your myopic concepts and malnourished convictions

You ensure I am crippled with fear and a dystrophic tendency towards suicidal addiction,
You dictate that I give up my freedom of essence in being and conform,
To a flawed shared creed of intolerance and hate for those we deem out of our norm,

But really think about it, the only good that comes from a herd mentality,
Is lots of meat for predators and a butcher’s knife that slaughters without sentimentality,
To feed carnality, the base instinct of survival and life’s continuity.

So by nature, if humanity is both a social and predatory creature of habit,

Then you have created the impression that amongst us there is the fox and the rabbit,
But take heed for though now in your sphere of ignorance you may have the upper hand,
The packs of wolves in accordance find their kind and take a stand,

And try as you might to quell the masses and sages of the ages,
A realization draws nigh of all your farces spread upon the pages,
History rewrites its self ignoring or learning from past affliction,
I see now how my history’s been bleak so I seek a new conviction.

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